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Code: ClangdBugCPP-19195Duplicated messages from clang-tidy (cppcoreguidelines)
Code: CompletionBugCPP-14719Auto complete of 'right coast' definition missing the return part
Code: FormattingBugCPP-18363Three way comparison operator reformatted incorrectly
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-19086clang DFA: Invalid range of Endless Loop in C project
DebuggerBugCPP-17259Debugger: Add message popup when debugger crashes
Code: RefactoringsUsabilityCPP-11683Default value for new parameters of method upon refactoring
TaskCPP-18893Focus on row when Change Signature Dialog is opened during `Create Parameter` from usage intention
EmbeddedBugCPP-15509Improve first experience when STM32CubeMX isn't installed
ToolchainsFeatureCPP-14192Support IAR toolchain
TaskCPP-19057When running vcvarsall.bat, increase the default timeout and make it configurable
Core. IDE Settings. SharingExceptionIDEA-234617java.lang.Throwable at com.intellij.cloudConfig.CloudConfigManager.connectThisInstanceOperation
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-234528Can't execute shell script after enabling shell plugin without restart
BugIDEA-234729Restart suggestion not always shown on plugin unload failure
ExceptionIDEA-234123Exception on enabling Commander plugin
ExceptionIDEA-234030Exceptions when invoking Search everywhere after disabling HTTP Client plugin
Core. StatisticsBugIDEA-233990Data sharing dialog is shown twice
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-233784Intention preview: Infinite loading and exception(Should be invoked only when having a document)
Tools. DockerBugIDEA-234250Docker. Image Console: the old Pull dialog is called from context menus and via buttons
BugIDEA-234233Docker: Don't pull all the images by "tomcat: "
BugIDEA-234261DockerCompose: completion should work for images in quotes
BugIDEA-234265DockerCompose: provide inspection errors for invalid images format
Tools. HTTP ClientBugIDEA-234388Provide more fast way to create HTTP Request via gutter.
User Interface. Action SystemExceptionIDEA-234033NPE at com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.impl.ActionManagerImpl.unregisterAction
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-234426AssertionError when opening changed project file in light mode on Windows
BugIDEA-234374Strange sorting when "Group by directory" is enabled
Code InsightBugPY-38434PyCharm doesn't recognise namespace package properly if __init__ file contains comments
FormatterBugPY-23968Respect 'Sort imported names in "from" imports' when adding imports via inspection popup
RefactoringUsabilityPY-34818No "Import this name" intention action in f-strings
No subsystemBugDBE-10189"Preview update" does not work when table is not introspected
DB RefactoringBugDBE-10185"Preview update" does not work when using alias
Data Import & ExportBugDBE-10172CSV Formats settings are reset on restart
BugDBE-9654CSV/TXT Import to MSSQL Database without importing an id value
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