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  • TeamCity 2019.2.2 (build 71923) Release Notes
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TeamCity 2019.2.1 (build 71758) Release Notes
TeamCity 2019.2 Release Notes


  • TW-58876 — Add multiple docker accounts to Teamcity Docker Support Feature
  • TW-64040 — Make it possible to distinguish between regular and project agent pool in the `/app/rest/ui/agentPools`
  • TW-64161 — Update UI when build problem investigation is updated

Usability Problem

  • TW-62413 — Provide a compact presentation for a build configuration based on multiple templates in React based Clean-up settings page.
  • TW-62518 — Don't shorten names if there is space on the right
  • TW-62977 — Information about build results is not updated automatically after finishing the build


  • TW-49537 — No error is displayed in UI on error retrieving branches for drop-down
  • TW-56782 — Report server (REST API) error responses affecting react UI
  • TW-60060 — Unexpected branch parameter in custom run when build is started for build with no branches on project overview.
  • TW-62067 — Compare builds: better presentation for multi-line parameters
  • TW-62070 — Compare builds: add progress icon to "Show changed only" radio button
  • TW-62323 — Maven build step should pass correct maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory to Maven Launcher
  • TW-62742 — It's impossible to refresh pull request information using new build page
  • TW-63125 — Show all build problems button on the build page does nothing.
  • TW-63158 — Sub-projects can be not shown when user clicks on Expand button on the Overview page
  • TW-63176 — Extensive patch is generated when settings for project report tab are changed
  • TW-63181 — Git plugin public sources are outdated
  • TW-63465 — New UI fails to show stacktrace of failed test
  • TW-63948 — Download settings in Kotlin format "Close dialog window" button doesn't close the dialog window
  • TW-63952 — Chart is broken when single value type is used twice and there are filtered out personal builds in the history
  • TW-64149 — ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in MetricId.getTagsList
  • TW-64159 — ConcurrentModificationException in /app/metrics (MetricsRegistry$
  • TW-64168 — NullPointerException in BaseRunningBuild.doBuildFinish
  • TW-64175 — Thread security context may not be cleared properly causing subsequent problems with artifacts uploading
  • TW-64184 — Commit Status Publisher needs to lowercase VCS URLs for Bitbucket Cloud Usage
  • TW-64190 — 2019.2.1 - Caused an error with sqljdbc_auth.dll
  • TW-64199 — Unnecessary commit to project with enabled versioned settings and disabled UI when generating new token
  • TW-64221 — Excessive logging into auth log related to tokens
  • TW-64222 — Sometimes build overview page doesn't get loaded due some error connections with the server
  • TW-64232 — java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class sun.nio.fs.LinuxNativeDispatcher with openjdk version "1.8.0_242"
  • TW-64260 — SVN checkout with externals fails
  • TW-64261 — Show a mirror path on an agent for sub-modules
  • TW-64267 — Job configured with "Clean build" enabled does not respect setting if manually triggered as a dependency of a composite build configuration
  • TW-64272 — IndexOutOfBoundsException in BuildStatisticsBuilder$BaseProcessor.markProcessed(
  • TW-64291 — Automatic upgrade fails when teamcity-server.bat is started during an upgrade
  • TW-64295 — Cleanup should not remove logs of snapshot dependency build
  • TW-64330 — Fixed in TW-63892 does not work for manual labeling /merging sources
  • TW-64351 — Page "TeamCity First Start" is refreshed automatically during typing the Data Directory location
  • TW-64352 — BuildMessage1 sequence id is not taken into account in case of service messages
  • TW-64393 — Run custom dialog shows the wrong branch name under certain conditions
  • TW-64421 — Build might not be reused in a chain (empty settings hash/digest case)
  • TW-64428 — docker logout command is executed after a build even when Docker Feature is disabled
  • TW-64442 — VS Add in installer fails with - Failed to download <file> - Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream.
  • TW-64522 — Investigation auto-assigner: improve logging message when no artifact directory
  • TW-64538 — Incorrect remote run message on TC server
  • TW-64556 — BuildType.copySettingsTo method can throw if original build type has compound parameters

Performance Problem

  • TW-47781 — Login with built-in username/password can be slow if there are other authentication modules available.
  • TW-57065 — Extend DB layer to support limit like queries for Oracle and MSSQL
  • TW-58530 — Server with many cores can stall with "Database connections pool exhausted" when disk becomes slow due to many threads writing load
  • TW-62984 — "Show queued" action on build type page hangs up the page
  • TW-64058 — Too many pooled threads are created by TeamCity plugin
  • TW-64206 — TeamCity is very slow after upgrading to 2019.2.1 (testOccurrences requests from experimental UI)
  • TW-64214 — Optimize requests to testOccurrences for a running build
  • TW-64215 — Enabled thread perf stat with memory allocation statistics causes significant delays in case of many messages coming from agents
  • TW-64219 — REST API call for /app/builds with filter by build configuration can occupy a lot of memory if build configuration history is large
  • TW-64220 — Memory leak in DefaultTopicsRegistry for running builds related topics and probably others
  • TW-64237 — Allow to unload unused DAGs from memory
  • TW-64238 — Build configuration history page of the new UI sends quite expensive REST API call asking to count build artifacts for every build in history
  • TW-64239 — Several expensive /overview?statuses=true POST requests are sent by the sidebar on each scroll while favorite projects are visible
  • TW-64350 — Inefficient implementation of BuildDurationTimes.isAvailable slows down retrieving of build statistic values
  • TW-64353 — Slow processing of build statistic value service messages
  • TW-64409 — Slow finding test metadata via REST (testOccurrences/id:NNN,build:(id:XXX)?fields=metadata)
  • TW-64424 — Where possible web UI should check user permissions in a specific project instead of asking for all projects where current user has some permission
  • TW-64523 — SQL query updating group_id in build_type_group_vcs_change table works too slow on MySQL
  • TW-64563 — Table custom_data_body can constantly grow (MySQL)

Security Problem

2 security-related issues have been fixed.

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