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Code: ClangdFeature CPP-17934 Concepts: Add operators as completions
Bug CPP-16330 Support for /std:c++latest flag when using Visual Studio toolchain
Bug CPP-18226 Wrong namehint
Bug CPP-17912 Concepts: semicolon sometimes not inserted automatically
Code: CompletionBug CPP-18405 Jump outside closing bracket is not working for function () when clangd completion is on
Bug CPP-17931 clangd completion only: some keywords are missed in completion list
Bug CPP-18448 Clangd completions are shown too high in the list
Code: DocumentationBug CPP-18162 Namehint incorrectly shown for designated init
Bug CPP-18439 Namehints for member expressions
Bug CPP-18170 Namehint present when bitwise operation is used
Bug CPP-17525 Incorrect name hint for template variadic template function
Code: Find UsagesUsability CPP-18342 Find Usages command is useless for writes
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBug CPP-18486 Designated Initializer Highlighting
Bug CPP-18336 Incorrect highlighting of std namespace in usages from concepts library
Bug CPP-18330 Clang Tidy gives erroneous inspection warnings when evaluating an expression in the debugger 2019.3
Code: ParsingBug CPP-17936 Throwable: Tokens [OCPunctuator on editing/completing requirement
Bug CPP-18104 Concepts: Missing completion for nested types of constrained type in some contexts
Bug CPP-9772 Recognize raw string as literal in macro calls
Code: RefactoringsBug CPP-17970 Extract parameter is totally broken
Bug CPP-18442 Wrong inline result for macro in refactoring and quick documentation
DebuggerBug CPP-18126 Debugger: Flickering "Evaluating Expression Information..." in status bar
IDE PreferencesFeature CPP-18172 Allow default build directory to be outside of project root
Unit Testing: Google TestBug CPP-18169 K/N plugin is blocking running GTest
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-229184 @Contract falsely report warning for methods that contain unchecked casts
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-225633 matching multiple fields in single declaration fails
Bug IDEA-227210 Extra semicolon inserted on replace
Bug IDEA-224957 Searching for javadoc with text and doc tag ignores text
Bug IDEA-196360 Replace structurally removes spaces between repeated elements
Bug IDEA-227675 Structural search doesn't work with JSX
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-228441 "Must not intern long path" exception when importing a Maven project
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-222803 Customize Menus - Navigation Bar popup menu items are not saving
Core. InstallationUsability IDEA-206803 Restart WildFly server after update despite canceling
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-229061 WinProcessListHelper.exe crashes on Windows 7
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-227598 Editor - Duplicates - settings for Kotlin, Javascript, Typescript and Actionscript reset after reopening Phpstorm in default settings and in project settings
Editor. Intention ActionsPerformance IDEA-227453 Freeze on showing available intentions
Lang. JSONBug IDEA-228283 Ability to set a custom value for a max JSON schema file size
Bug IDEA-226522 Sort properties alphabetically breaks indentation in JSON
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-228861 Docker: connection Url is not checked if contains spaces
Bug IDEA-218353 False positive on external network name in docker compose
Bug IDEA-227717 Packages added in remote Python interpreter are not available for code completion
Bug IDEA-226460 Docker. FileChooser. F1 should lead to `Docker` section instead of `Services Tool Window` .
Usability IDEA-218156 Extra spaces are not trimmed in the API URL in Docker server settings
Usability IDEA-226393 Docker. Root node it selected instead of the container, which run via image/Dockerfile
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-226761 Switch tab shortcut skips one file with Tab limit = 1
Bug IDEA-229306 Goto Class should prefer start matches
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-223834 Add ability to "Copy path" relative to repository root
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-226737 Services: RestoreHiddenConfigurations action should be available always when some configurations are hidden
Bug IDEA-227195 Unable to remove Services tool window from panel
Version Control. GitUsability IDEA-228776 Do not propose Force Add for directories
Version Control. Local HistoryBug IDEA-229351 Undo doesn't work for "copy file" action
Version Control. MercurialBug IDEA-228035 Authentication script does not work with pyhton 3
ConsoleBug PY-39332 Selection/Cell is shown ill-aligned in python console
DebuggerBug PY-38963 Formatting string exception in debugger
Bug PY-39414 "TypeError: isinstance() arg 2 must be a type or tuple of types" running Concurrency Diagram
Bug PY-38347 PyCharm ignoring breakpoints in modules
InspectionsBug PY-7251 Inconstant severity for unresolved reference in import statements
SkeletonsUsability PY-39293 PyCharm no longer complain when building skeletons for the remote interpreter failed
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-1734 Need a way to execute stored procedures
DB RefactoringBug DBE-9892 Using DELETE statement instead of TRUNCATE with Cassandra Table
DB Schema ViewsUsability DBE-9928 Collapse descendant nodes in the DB tree
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-9901 JSON-Groovy fails on MongoDB database
Bug DBE-9499 CSV export exports Minus sign as html code
Data ViewsFeature DBE-2516 Use Data Editor for editable views
Bug DBE-985 Select on Zerofill column
Bug DBE-9873 Table Editor Go to related data F4 not working
Performance DBE-9835 "Copy" command in right-click menu (right click on a cell) freezes Datagrip 2019.3.1
Performance DBE-9886 IDE hangs when opening table with lots of columns ~4000 (important for MongoDB)
SQL CompletionBug DBE-9800 Postgres: bad completion
Bug DBE-9759 Insert code template
Bug DBE-9757 Add new auto fix for `Insertion into identity/autoincrement column is not supported`.
Bug DBE-9912 MS SQL: useless autocompletion of type name in declare @variable
Bug DBE-9829 Bad completion for table aliases in DDL commands
Bug DBE-9869 Snowflake syntax doesn't recognize EXCEPT
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-9888 Semicolon is placed on a new line after 'go'
SQL GeneralFeature DBE-9871 Add in-line variable names for scripts
Bug DBE-9877 SQL PostgreSQL dialect doesn't recognize \gset in sql-scripts
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-9735 Support MySQL 8 SRID argument on GEOMETRY columns
Feature DBE-9734 Support MySQL new grants (SESSION_VARIABLES_ADMIN)
Feature DBE-9944 Inspection about ROLLBACK and COMMIT in triggers
Bug DBE-9905 SQLite INSTR function is not supported
Bug DBE-9890 Redundant argument name hint
Bug DBE-9771 Bad inspection ("select from procedure call") for jsonb_to_recordset
Bug DBE-9913 Error message near 'cross join ... on' is not very user-friendly
Bug DBE-9902 Confusing folding for injected SQL queries
Bug DBE-9931 MySQL - MEMBER OF unexpected keyword
Bug DBE-9827 Add support for AggregateFunction with parameters in ClickHouse dialect
Bug DBE-9019 Code error in valid mysql 8+ regarding functional indexes
SQL ResolveBug DBE-9880 PostgreSQL-dialect doesn't recognize jsonb_ops for gin-index
Bug DBE-9803 Asterisk behavior inside aggregate functions
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