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No subsystemBug WEB-40084 Please add "checksums" to the built-in dictionary
Performance WEB-40851 Computing enum values for a huge enum doesn't reuse the cache of already computed values
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-40447 Issues with CoffeeScript editor in RubyMine 2019.2
DartFeature WEB-40471 New Dart folding: content between {...} in if and if-else statements
Feature WEB-39626 Enable 'in-place' mode for Dart local vars renaming.
Feature WEB-40542 'Go To Test' feature for Dart
Bug WEB-40669 Dart parser handling of question mark
Bug WEB-40465 Dart parameter info: improvements needed in case of optional parameters.
DebuggerBug WEB-30191 CORS problem when debugging because of "x-ijt" header being sent
Bug WEB-40437 JS debug requires remote URL mapping in 2019.2
Exception WEB-40379 Cannot add an action twice: Smart Step Into (Step into the particular method)
File WatchersBug WEB-33502 Prettier File Watcher: inconsistent behavior with Refactoring > Rename
JavaScriptBug WEB-40392 Cannot find declaration to go to in JavaScript strings
Performance WEB-40534 Implicit elements from qualifier of JSDoc-based elements cause performance problem
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-40822 'Insert await' quick fix should insert await for the variable initializer if there are no valid references featuring that variable
Bug WEB-40600 No variable name in conflicts dialog when moving variable from tsx to tx
Bug WEB-40377 "Replace if-else with ?:" in Vue SFC breaks code
LintersBug WEB-40563 Code style settings not updated when 'standard' package is detected
Bug WEB-40459 Configuring 'standard' package as linter does not work with upcoming version of babel-eslint (v11) (No Babel config file detected error)
Node.jsBug WEB-38037 working directory in run configuration for scratch file
Bug WEB-40692 Can't import "kotlinx-coroutines-core" library if it is located under "node_modules"
TypeScriptBug WEB-40368 Readonly array of tuples is incorrectly parsed as readonly tuple + error
Bug WEB-40567 highlights wrong for value of enum in switch case of TypeScript
Bug WEB-40519 No completion for `export` keyword after `export {}`
Bug WEB-40714 Intellisense doesn't resolve return types in async methods
Usability WEB-40482 Properties are not suggested when using Omit
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-219976 False alarm "class, interface, or method should not be extended"
CorePerformance IDEA-220475 Freeze on project opening
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-219943 PsiModificationTrackerImpl.incLanguageModificationCount() does not always attribute a PSI change to the correct language
Exception IDEA-121210 "VirtualDirectoryImpl#compare: PersistentFS returned duplicate file names ..." on case-insensitive FS
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-211731 Settings for New Project aren't saved
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-220367 Deprecate and avoid usage of `UElement.getLanguagePlugin()`
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-220302 Regression in 2019.2: CacheDiffRequestChainProcessor does not honor myRequestChain.getIndex()
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-220351 Expandin collapsed blocks dont setup cursor to correct position
Bug IDEA-219192 Can't see hard wrap guide.
Cosmetics IDEA-208775 "Enable font ligatures" unable to click on popup
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-219214 Patch update from 2018.3 to 2019.2 doesn't work
Plugin. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-219928 Builtin Shell Script plugin causes color syntax error after bash variable substitution using escape character as last character in replacement string
Bug IDEA-220072 Bash functions missing in the Structure view
Plugin. TerminalBug IDEA-221853 Terminal crashes
Services. DockerFeature IDEA-210768 Docker. Support --ulimit command line option
Feature IDEA-218179 --network is not a recognized docker build option
Bug IDEA-207582 Cannot use more than one terminal in container using exec `/bin/bash`.
Bug IDEA-179900 Docker exec tab does not correctly wrap
Bug IDEA-217917 Services. Docker. Two "Jump to Source" navigation items from the deployed containers/compose apps
Exception IDEA-219940 Docker: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.NotFoundException: {"message":"no such exec"} at attempt to edit some exec tabs
Services. SSHBug IDEA-220121 SSHJ: SSH authentication fails when the only authentication method is a One-Time Password via keyboard-interactive
Bug IDEA-220693 SSHJ: Authentication process terminates if kerberos authentication fails
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-218792 Skip minimised and fullscreen windows in Activate Next Window action
Bug IDEA-219898 Double shift on modal makes it no responsible
Bug IDEA-153291 IDE opens on a last known location when external monitor is detached: outside of screen
Bug IDEA-192504 Enter Full Screen & Exit Full Screen does not execute when invoked via find action
Bug IDEA-199472 Tool windows broken when opening project
Exception IDEA-202927 Exception occurs on applying "Show F1, F2, etc. keys on the Touch Bar" option
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-219939 Missing scrollbars don't allow to properly edit Run Debug configurations
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeature IDEA-109899 Automatically escape special symbols for "Find" and "Find in Path" dialogs if "Regex" ("Regular Expression") is checked
Bug IDEA-219877 Shortcut for Open in Find Window in Find in Path on Mac is Ctrl+Enter although tip says Cmd+Enter
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-221400 Projects stop switching using Cmd+` after exiting full screen
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-218926 Stretch left keybinding doesn't work
Bug IDEA-219266 Navigation Bar dropdown doesn't show up on ⏎ key in 2019.2
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-219715 Borderless: ellipsis in window title when moving between displays with different DPI
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-200255 New 'Go to Class' dialog sometimes doesn't show anything
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-215752 Nested sources folder not showing in Project view after updating to 2019.1
Version Control. GitUsability IDEA-219644 For multi-module project - single module branch compare shows multiple module diffs
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