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No subsystemFeature WEB-39958 React auto import ignore "allowSyntheticDefaultImports"
Feature WEB-40006 Add 'insert await' quick fix for type assignability errors of 'Promise<T> vs T' and for property access on `Promise<T>` for a property that exists in T
Feature WEB-39817 JS. Console live templates
Bug WEB-39612 "Invalid" in suggest popup
Bug WEB-40287 'Generate destructuring pattern' should handle computed property names properly
Bug WEB-40196 No syntax highlighting for JSP files
Bug WEB-39596 Choose better overload for document.createEvent()
Bug WEB-40173 Redundant default attribute in SVG changes image in preview when removed
Bug WEB-40355 No SVG preview pane after 2019.2 update
Usability WEB-39990 Improve availability for intention action of editing object literal property values
CSSFeature WEB-36265 CSS Media Queries Level 5 support
Bug WEB-40049 postcss-simple-vars: variable reference as a part of a property name is not resolved
Bug WEB-40241 "Mismatched property value" errors when using functions in SCSS/Sass files
DartBug WEB-40308 2019.2 regression: Postfix completion not working in Dart Plugin, v2019.2
Bug WEB-40544 IDE may freeze when editing a Dart file and Structure tool window is open
Bug WEB-40354 Dart completion: selecting constructor should insert parentheses and optionally argument placeholders
DebuggerBug WEB-11399 Debugger Console: variables defined in the console are not autocompleted (global context)
Bug WEB-38541 Karma: debugger stops on breakpoints only after restart or reload
Bug WEB-38656 Node.js vm lineOffset
Bug WEB-40409 Electron 6 App does not start up corretly in DebugMode
Bug WEB-39787 Live Edit does not work with node 10.16
Bug WEB-29329 Lambda Kotlin breakpoints are handled incorrectly during JS debug
Bug WEB-39342 Provide completion for console methods in JavaScript debugger console
Usability WEB-40014 Show a meaningful error message when starting a debugger with node.js < 8.x set up as remote docker compose interpreter
File WatchersBug WEB-39703 File watcher file type reverts back to unknown when I save it (Jsonnet, Blade)
HTMLBug WEB-25670 WebStorm complains that some browsers don't like empty tags
Bug WEB-38718 'Deprecated HTML attribute' shouldn't be shown for attributes resolved to React component props
Bug WEB-40047 Invalid "deprecated HTML attribute" warning on React's onError attribute
JavaScriptFeature WEB-39619 JavaScript: additional completion for "length" and "size" methods
Bug WEB-40175 Flow error ranges don't update with the content
Bug WEB-40055 es6: do not apply jsdoc namespace to class members
Bug WEB-39917 Operating on comments breaks indents for items around the comment
Bug WEB-14774 JSDoc: Show description for function in nested class (inherit description for function from parent)
Bug WEB-40254 Broken auto-completions for relative paths for node.js require
Bug WEB-39836 No completion for `instanceof` in conditions with NOT
Bug WEB-40432 Flow: Support explicit inexact object syntax
Bug WEB-38654 Imported functions mistaken for global functions
Bug WEB-40046 Rename doesn't update @callback name is JSDoc
Bug WEB-22701 Include enclosing functions in call hierarchy
Bug WEB-40273 Method chain type hints are shown with several consequent 'Promise<some_type>' for the same some_type
Bug WEB-37739 WebStorm doesn't understand Flow type annotation in array destructuring assignment
Bug WEB-39923 ES6: use directory import for index.js.flow
Bug WEB-39938 Custom postfix templates for JavaScript and TypeScript don't work in TypeScript files
Bug WEB-40280 Javascript: Code-completion for setters in closure/function-based classes is not working correctly
Bug WEB-40074 Gutter icon placed over documentation comment for implementations with computed property names
Bug WEB-33474 Create variable from usage: no possibility to choose keyword
Bug WEB-37587 IntelliJ IDE Autocomplete for multiple extend not working in ES6 classes
Bug WEB-39982 'Сonvert to const' in for loop with usages after the loop breaks the code
Bug WEB-39805 Add other properties to Dynamic usages group
Bug WEB-38661 Javascript : auto-complete not working for multiple levels of Object.create() and Object.Assign()
Bug WEB-40036 JSDoc should be inherited from super methods
Cosmetics WEB-40170 'Replace destructuring with index access' when variable is unused shouldn't just drop the destructuring
Exception WEB-39892 Throwable is thrown for the JSUnusedGlobalSymbolsPass
Exception WEB-40533 Flow: exception for array destructuring with object literal
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-40326 Incorrect indent for `debugger;` statement after code reformat (one less)
Bug WEB-39993 Wrong indent before computed property name in TS interface
Bug WEB-15618 Formatting inside JavaScript doc comments - spaces inserted instead of tabs
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-38539 Editor not detecting invalid Vue.js syntax for error, "v-bind expression cannot be empty"
Feature WEB-31693 Vue: support details of components defined with @Component syntax
Feature WEB-40617 Vue.js: support source resolution for web-types
Feature WEB-40022 Angular 8: support new recommended way of importing Angular Material components
Feature WEB-40094 Unresolved symbol ReactComponent when importing svg in React
Feature WEB-40349 Vue.js: support web-types linked from the project's own package.json
Bug WEB-39725 JS icon is shown instead of VUE in 'File | New' pop up
Bug WEB-40051 'Convert to functional component' should be available if constructor contains only super call or 'state' assignment that is not used anywhere
Bug WEB-39865 IDE hangs when fixing formatting of particular vue.js code
Bug WEB-39381 Vue tags are not resolved in case of indirect dependency (f.e. @nuxtjs/vuetify)
Bug WEB-37218 Vue: Component props should be at the top of completion list in template
Bug WEB-40214 Missing resolve of private props in vue components
Bug WEB-40226 Angular component definition inspections should check if it's an Angular component
Bug WEB-40304 Angular: Improve support for multi-slots
Bug WEB-39967 VueJS plugin + boolean prop = Wrong attribute value
Bug WEB-39680 [vue] False positive when boolean true is used in a class binding
Bug WEB-40591 System collation causes issues with lowercase letters in code
Bug WEB-40515 False 'Missing required attribute' shown for Material components
Bug WEB-38846 JSX Incorrect inspection "value assigned is never used"
Bug WEB-40224 Vue.js: improve HTML and expression parsing and lexing
Bug WEB-39829 Set JavaScript version to ECMAScript 6 when Vue.js project is created
Performance WEB-39910 Angular: migrate file type factories to new API
Performance WEB-39909 Vue.js: migrate file type factories to new API
Performance WEB-40417 Angular: performance problem with NgModule cyclic dependencies check
Task WEB-33709 Add auto-completion and auto-import for styled components
Exception WEB-39906 PsiInvalidElementAccessException in Angular project
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-19878 Add an inspection to show duplicated import statements
Feature WEB-38437 Unused variables & parameters beginning with _ should be ignored
Bug WEB-40388 Invalid 'Duplicate JavaScript declaration' warning when using unnamed 'class'
Bug WEB-39939 Method can be static inspection: by default use only for private methods
Bug WEB-40213 Simplify incorrectly assumes variable inside catch block is always null.
Bug WEB-40350 False positive 'Missing await' inspection for direct variable/expression assignments
Exception WEB-39835 Quick Fix: JS : Plugin Intention Power Pack: Replacement if else with conditional caused an exception
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-29039 Typescript, also allow to move Symbols between .ts and .tsx files
Bug WEB-38241 'Extract interface'/'Extract superclass' refactoring doesn't process all generics
Bug WEB-40263 Extract Method in typescript fails with exception in specific case
Bug WEB-40071 Propagate to destructing declaration works incorrectly for rest-properties, rest-array-elements and rest-parameters
Bug WEB-40005 Bug in convert promise to async with destructuring and binary expression / object literals
Bug WEB-39229 Don't suggest 'destruct' postfix template for arrays
Bug WEB-36377 'Move module member' doesn't work in vue files
Bug WEB-39309 Moving module member exported with `export *` in 'index.ts' adds unnecessary export
Bug WEB-40075 Self references (name of class) shouldn't be considered dynamic usages
Usability WEB-39069 'Propagate to destructuring': make available to the right of the identifier
JavaScript. TemplatesBug WEB-40178 Mustache Plugin doesn't respect configured indent sizing.
LintersFeature WEB-33171 Enable support for a different tslint configuration for *.spec.ts files
Bug WEB-39071 Editing .eslintrc.js triggers save immediately (triggering file watchers) regardless of settings
Node.jsBug WEB-39985 No completion for some packages in package.json
Bug WEB-39780 Can't select and copy link in npm tool window
Bug WEB-34628 Add completion for scoped packages in package.json
Task WEB-35908 Node.js console: URLs with `file://` protocol can't be opened
SASSFeature WEB-37969 baseUrl in tsconfig.json is ignored when resolving Sass imports via ~file.scss
Performance WEB-40135 Severe lag when typing a quoted string in a large SCSS file
TypeScriptFeature WEB-40270 Support TS 3.6 improved type checking for generators
Feature WEB-40201 Enable duplicate declaration inspection in TypeScript files for TS properties
Feature WEB-40157 Enable duplicate declaration inspection in TypeScript files for classes/enums
Feature WEB-37052 Support TypeScript 3.4 non-widening literal contexts ('as const')
Feature WEB-40037 Enable duplicate declaration inspection in TypeScript files
Bug WEB-39984 Show line markers for overriden fields in derived classes
Bug WEB-39860 'Specify type explicitly' breaks code when specifying type for a single-parameter lambda without parentheses
Bug WEB-40101 unexpected type resolution: optionality is not properly computed after applying type operations
Bug WEB-39827 TypeScript - specify types explicitly - not using aliased type in certain cases.
Bug WEB-39989 Implementation not found for property getter if class field is used
Bug WEB-40319 No autocompletion for keyof when type is defined in same not-toplevel scope
Bug WEB-40064 Line markers for parameter field -> parameter field + parameter field -> field
Bug WEB-40025 typescript auto-import causes circular dependency
Bug WEB-40107 Computed property ["constructor"] is parsed as constructor
Bug WEB-39823 TypeScript - Support for specifying inferred function parameters explicitly
Bug WEB-39988 Gutter icon - navigate to definition (implements) not working on constructor shorthands
Bug WEB-39994 color error when use `[enum.key]` in `interface`
Bug WEB-39974 False positive for unreachable switch branch in TS with const-context types
Bug WEB-39868 'Specify type explicitly' is available in for-of, breaking the code
Bug WEB-39999 Show line markers for implemented class fields
Bug WEB-40320 typescript import from shows doesn't suggest installed packages
Bug WEB-39867 Typescript import mapping "Only in files outside specified paths" not working correctly
Bug WEB-39866 When I choose an item from completion as a parameter, an arrow function disappears
Bug WEB-40116 wrong Inlay Hints with nest Promise like
Bug WEB-39818 Incorrectly inferred type in quick documentation for TypeScript for ternary operators and (some) conditionals
Bug WEB-38817 should not check literal initializers for readonly/const values in .d.ts
Bug WEB-40385 Create derived class / implement interface" intention action. Wrong insert order
Bug WEB-40105 TypeScript 3.3.3+: Trailing comma in tuple types is marked as an error ("type name expected")
Bug WEB-40505 False positive Duplicate declaration for angular templates
Bug WEB-40168 Save type when applying 'Replace destructuring...'
Bug WEB-39747 "Method can be static" should not be shown for overrides in a derived class (TypeScript)
Bug WEB-39864 auto comp with readonly string array
Usability WEB-40057 Search Everywhere - impossible to understand where external declaration is coming from
Usability WEB-40334 Implement required members in Typescript
Task WEB-39897 Check for readonly assignments with dynamically inferred properties (const contexts, readonly props of object types, readonly mapped types)
Exception WEB-39916 Non-idempotent computation: it returns different results when invoked multiple times or on different threads: 7 != 4 which is length of CachedValue dependencies: [file://C:/dev/mainline/src/Pri...
Unit TestsFeature WEB-35244 cucumber-js defineSupportCode is deprecated in generated code
Feature WEB-39905 Support navigating to the test files without .test. or .spec. in the name located in the test folder next to the feature
Bug WEB-40160 `Rerun failed tests` returns incorrect result with duplicates
Code Analysis. Language InjectionCosmetics IDEA-214467 (un)Inject language or reference action text is not consistent
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-219398 '${DATE}' variable expansion doesn't respect system date format
Bug IDEA-218545 Completion for variables in Files And Code templates: no suggestions are shown until some symbols are entered
Bug IDEA-212194 Windows launcher reports "MaxJavaStackTraceDepth=-1 is outside the allowed range" for any invalid VM option
Bug IDEA-215102 Services view: Run Maven Build action output appears incorrectly in case of Maven run configurations including to the list of RC templates available in services
Bug IDEA-219090 IdeaVim causes IDEA to crash on startup
Usability IDEA-217435 Rename "Custom" page in Settings | Editor | Color Scheme to "User-defined file types"
Cosmetics IDEA-217590 Redundant group headers in Settings | Editor | Code Style
Core. IndicesBug IDEA-218036 `java.lang.IllegalStateException: psiFile is null` ERROR causes editor to break in various ways
Bug IDEA-216640 cannot resolve symbol for some class.
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-218265 Floating ticket cache isn't removed on IDE shutdown.
Core. Navigation and SearchUsability IDEA-219832 Emoji search doesn't work in "Find in path"
Usability IDEA-219563 "Go to Class" search results vary depending on the way you type them
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-217000 Provide an API to hide editor notification from Alt-Enter
Bug IDEA-218940 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/util/ui/JBScalableIcon when installing plugin built with 2019.2 in pre-2019.2 IDE
Bug IDEA-217883 PsiElement.parentOfType extension function fails when called from a plugin which bundles its own version of kotlin-stdlib
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-219030 Unable to access Custom Repository in 2019.2 Version of IntelliJ Ultimate Edition
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-192893 Project file encoding settings: the 'BOM for new UTF-8 files' option settings are not preserved on project reopening
EditorBug IDEA-216997 Method chain parameter hints rendering artifact
Cosmetics IDEA-218101 Rich copy configurable shows wrong scheme names
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-218227 Autocomplete pulldown menu does not move with the IntelliJ IDEA main window
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-218424 Dialog 'Map Action' is not usable via keyboard
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleUsability IDEA-219423 'Always keep trailing space on caret line' is controlled via editorconfig in 2019.2
Exception IDEA-217454 NPE at org.editorconfig.configmanagement.editor.EditorConfigPreviewMarkerProvider.getRootDir
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-218394 "IDE and Plugin Updates" doesn't show a warning if there is no compatible plugin with the newer IDE version
Bug IDEA-217164 Installing IntelliJIdea and Android Studio Missing Reg Entries
Usability IDEA-218032 Windows: Prevent IDEA to prepend its own PATH entries
Plugin Development (DevKit)Cosmetics IDEA-215768 where is `Machine Learning Assistant Code Completion` ?
Plugin. Shell ScriptCosmetics IDEA-215998 [Shell Script Run config] space is missing in Run Anything dialog
Plugin. TerminalBug IDEA-219391 JetBrains Runtime Path is incorrectly added to PATH in built-in terminal
Bug IDEA-208433 Terminal environment variables settings are not per project
Bug IDEA-218875 Connector-TtyConnector threads are leaked
Performance IDEA-218535 Freezes in com.jediterm.terminal.model.hyperlinks.TextProcessing
Plugin. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-219368 IndexOutOfBoundsException when use "Replace All"
ServicesBug IDEA-215458 Services View: GroupConfigurations... action results are not reflected in the Services Toolwindow UI
Bug IDEA-218447 Services tool window shall have a quick shortcut
Usability IDEA-215692 No distinction between running Spring Boot Application in new Services Toolbar
Usability IDEA-218441 Services View: Sort By options are confusing
Services. DockerBug IDEA-217480 Docker: Building image results in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'client' of com/intellij/docker/agent/DockerAgentDeploymentImpl$BuildImageCmdWithCleanup.forConfig must not be null
Bug IDEA-205733 docker-compose: red code `scalar value is not allowed` for network's `ipam.config.subnet`
Usability IDEA-217908 Docker: Service view is collapsed after container start / restart if there are more than one docker connections
User InterfaceBug IDEA-218766 Internal error when trying to open a project from Finder via "Open With"
Bug IDEA-194702 moving a floating mode window from a screen to another freezes intellij
Bug IDEA-218645 Tab scrolling with touchpad has inverse axis
Cosmetics IDEA-156617 Menu icons are blurry on Retina screen
Exception IDEA-217899 Exception occurs on accessing "Show Image Thumbnails" context menu item
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-215616 Pipette in Color Picker is missing
Usability IDEA-199407 No ability to call "Export File Location" dialog from export settings window
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-205551 Memory leak: project via UsageInfo2UsageAdapter via ThreadLocal
Bug IDEA-216434 Selected Files scope is missing
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-217895 DND in trees on macOS shows doubled image on HiDPI
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-219679 Keymaps plugins don't work in AppCode and DataGrip
User Interface. Project ViewPerformance IDEA-218590 AutoScrollFromSourceHandler may lead to freezes
Version ControlBug IDEA-218141 Upsource Integration plugin do not create review after commit in IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 beta
Bug IDEA-215708 Project configuration files are treated as external files
Bug IDEA-217487 View Files from Add Project Configuration Files notification does not list some project files.
Bug IDEA-217562 .gitignore completion: *. proposes weird results
Bug IDEA-218028 Cannot change the global paths filter in the Update Info tab
Bug IDEA-217608 Changed File Tree are not updated on a second opening of updated
Usability IDEA-217486 "Add file to .gitignore" should create .gitignore if it doesn't exist yet
Task IDEA-219688 Non-modal commit: Remove "Commit" action from "Local Changes" tab toolbar and popup
Exception IDEA-218807 UnsatisfiableDependenciesException on changing path to git executable from Welcome screen
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-218129 Support interactive prompts from all Git commands
Bug IDEA-217573 Comments are not properly highlighted in .gitignore
Bug IDEA-217398 Synchronous execution on EDT: Resolve from the Notification after rebasing with conflicts
Bug IDEA-217208 Git | Pull hangs if pull.rebase is set to interactive
Bug IDEA-219235 Add to gitignore on a folder in Unveresioned files node adds all its children to the gitingore
Bug IDEA-219276 Commit-dialog: Git options are misisng in project with mixed vcs
Performance IDEA-218198 UI hanging due to Git filesystem access on main event queue thread (GitRootConverter.convertRoots)
Usability IDEA-83415 IDEA should "git commit" when possible instead of always calling "git commit --only" with paths
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-209405 Github Integration forces HTTPS
Version Control. LogUsability IDEA-219083 Commit details: soft-wrap doesn't wrap if there are long words in the text
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