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Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-16360Clang-tidy: Pass by value and use std::move fix doesn't insert line feed
BugCPP-16069Detect unused #includes
BugCPP-16569Clangd quick-fixes (fix-its) don't work
DebuggerFeatureCPP-15683Memory view ASCII view
UsabilityCPP-14164Hotkey or action for quick switching to debugger console
FeatureCPP-16466Debugger: Declare hex variable view as experimental feature
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-16353"OpenOCD Download & Run" configuration does not work
Debugger: LLDBBugCPP-16395Error messages and exceptions from LLDB & scripts are shown in target output
Code: ClangdBugCPP-16521Clangd: Code analisys is too long for non-self-contained header
Code: CompletionBugCPP-16406Slow completion for qualified expressions
Core. DebuggerBugIDEA-212608Make debugger colors customizable
Core. JSONExceptionIDEA-212654strange behaviour when working with file name function.json
Core. Navigation and SearchPerformanceIDEA-188959Calculate line marker tooltip in background thread
Core. ProfilerBugIDEA-216125profiler tree speed search freezes EDT
UsabilityIDEA-216477Do not use three rows of tabs in profiler UI
EditorBugIDEA-216417Clicking on icons in gutter (e.g. overrides/implements) doesn't work if caret is over the folded property value
BugIDEA-216456In-place editing of property values doesn't work in Kotlin files
BugIDEA-211720Make brace highlighting consistent with move to matching brace action behavior
Editor. Diff and MergeBugIDEA-215972Diff viewer uses general hard-wrap margin instead of language-specific
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-216359Code vision selection doesn't cover the lines sometimes
UsabilityIDEA-212086Tooltips for bookmarks should show keyboard shortcuts for navigating to a bookmark and toggling it
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleBugIDEA-216085New EditorConfig file: Selectively disable languages for which no properties (empty sections) are produced
BugIDEA-202587No possibility to configure indentations for Scala, Kotlin, etc files
BugIDEA-215771When new .editorconfig file is created in the versioned project using New | EditorConfigFile, the prompt to add appears as if it is 'externally added file'
UsabilityIDEA-215728EditorConfig: preview can be opened only once, it is impossible to open different file as preview
UsabilityIDEA-216086EditorConfig: not clear what Open Preview... means
Editor. Large FilesBugIDEA-216257Large file editor: Status bar widget is painted incorrectly with hidpi screen
BugIDEA-216267Large file editor: no context menu
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationTaskIDEA-209379Bundle Kotlin 1.3.40 with IntelliJ IDEA
Services. DockerBugIDEA-178818Docker - Client is newer than server (client API version 1.24, server API version 1.23)
Services. SSHBugIDEA-2166552019.2: SSH tunnel with ssh-agent no longer understands "~" in IdentifyFile spec
BugIDEA-216800SSH tunnel does not work
User InterfaceBugIDEA-216203Splash screen doesn't gets hidden after loading
PerformanceIDEA-216525Do not request Windows ReleaseId for every window
CosmeticsIDEA-216437"Low Memory" message has the wrong text and link is broken
CosmeticsIDEA-212649Borderless UI: Several dialogs have cropped input fields on appearance
CosmeticsIDEA-215341Rename Search Everywhere tab heading in Tool Window
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-215905Update 'Open in Find Tool Window' for Documentation pop-up
BugIDEA-215902Replace icon for 'Open in Find Tool Window' in 4 popups
BugIDEA-215907Update the appearance of the pin icon in Find in Path pop-up
User Interface. Look and FeelUsabilityIDEA-102320The darcula scrollbar thumb is hard to see
Version ControlBugIDEA-215906Update project counts locally modified files as updated
BugIDEA-216506Shelf SIlently doesn't rollback changes if partial changelists option enabled and non modal commit is used
BugIDEA-216285Missing tooltip when selecting hunks for partial commit
UsabilityIDEA-216910New commit flow: please, allow me to revert changes from diff without checking changed files
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-216114Related files computation fails with VcsException: bad object
BugIDEA-216661Update Info Tab: don't remember the branch filter
BugIDEA-216783Creating new tag with existing name silently fails (git)
BugIDEA-216462Show Diff with Working Tree: don't let focus the label at the top of the dialog
BugIDEA-216785Vcs Log: hash range doesn't work in multi-repository projects
Web. Flash and FlexFeatureIDEA-216599AIR SDK 33 Android 64-bit arch
DebuggerBugPY-36415Jupyter debugger prints warnings to output after PyDev merge
DB ConsoleUsabilityDBE-8145Inconsistency in read-only mode
DB Schema ViewsUsabilityDBE-1476Change shortcut for Refresh action in Database Tool Window
Data ViewsBugDBE-7701While creating a new row, any boolean column with a default value set cannot be editted before the row is comitted to the database
SQL GeneralBugDBE-8499DataGrip UI hangs when (or right after) introspecting Oracle DB.
BugDBE-7941Todo-comments in the text of database server stored objects
SQL GenerationFeatureDBE-8466Db2: support xml index specification generation
FeatureDBE-8467Db2: support index key expression generation
BugDBE-8527afrom generates wrong code with reserved column name
BugDBE-8468Db2: support type hierarchy
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-8513Missing support for UPDATE mutation syntax in ClickHouse
FeatureDBE-8514Missing support for IP types in ClickHouse
FeatureDBE-1197Highlight values in insert statement with select clause
BugDBE-6327TODO colors doesn't work in console
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