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No subsystemTask CPP-16432 Analyze new clang-tidy checks after merge
Code: ClangdPerformance CPP-16494 Get hint info may lead the freeze in EDT
Code: FormattingBug CPP-16244 Macro replacement in documentation is not working when ClangFormat is enabled
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBug CPP-15067 Constructor is marked unused if created via `std::make_shared`
DebuggerCosmetics CPP-16446 Make the message about read only state of Memory View and Disassembly more friendly
Debugger: GDBBug CPP-7358 GDB: "Evaluate Expression..." reevaluates it on every step afterward
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-204092 ExternalSystemApiUtil#findProjectTasks not static
Core. ProfilerBug IDEA-216163 Flame graph based on JFR data not properly rendered
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-215451 Misspelled keyword messes up following identifier completion
Plugin. FreeMarkerBug IDEA-215153 Freemarker inspections "Type mismatch: built-in 'long' is not applicable to 'date'"
Plugin. MarkdownBug IDEA-213108 Exception while editing go snippet in markdown file
Plugin. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-216406 Shell Script plugin: Exception on quick documentation
User InterfaceBug IDEA-215945 Editor notification actions can't be triggered from Alt-Enter menu
Bug IDEA-210532 "New HTTP request" action looks bad with new popup design
Performance IDEA-215642 Many seemingly random freezes soon after one another
Cosmetics IDEA-215990 Wrong capitalization in Settings > Editor > File Types
Exception IDEA-216197 Kubernetes: com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Icon cannot be found in 'KubernetesIcons.Kubernetes_Y' at calling context menu on helm template file
User Interface. Console ViewUsability IDEA-205899 Allow to restart IDE scripting console
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-216227 Show Diff with Working Tree: when action as invoked, focus stays in previous location
Version ControlBug IDEA-195923 Alt key does nothing on "Files Merged with Conflicts" dialog
Bug IDEA-215922 Non-modal commit: Commit button is disabled in project after git repository is initiated there until reopening
Bug IDEA-215920 Non-modal commit: file name completion in comment doesn't work
Usability IDEA-216299 Do not show first changed file in the Diff Preview of the Local Changes view if nothing is selected
Task IDEA-216383 Change "Amend Commit" action shortcut not to conflict with "Group By -> Module" action
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-216387 "Show repository at Revision" fails to load file contents
Code InsightFeature PY-33886 Support PEP 572 -- Assignment Expressions
Feature PY-36009 Support = expressions in f-strings: f'{expr=}' in Python 3.8
DebuggerBug PY-36350 Debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints in IronPython
Bug PY-36252 Syntax warnings in debugger console
InspectionsFeature PY-34945 Support PEP 591 -- Adding a final qualifier to typing
RefactoringFeature PY-21287 Inline method/function refactoring
Bug PY-35975 Reformat code action doesn't doesn't work in case with assignment expression
Bug PY-27749 Bogus 'String occurrences found" when renaming variable used in f-strings
DB ConsoleBug DBE-8316 Changes to SQL Script on shortcut in Database view aren't detected. PyCharm seems to cache the SQL Script.
Bug DBE-8525 Vertica: Explain Plan Diagram Fail
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-7342 AWS Aurora MySQL: procedures sync fails with `PROCEDURE lambda does not exist`
Bug DBE-7588 Cannot Connect to PostgreSQL instance. ERROR: column n.xmin does not exist
Bug DBE-8503 MariaDB Schema error with disabled event scheduler
DB RefactoringBug DBE-8303 MySQL create index: Column ordering is always defaulted to ASC
DB Schema ViewsBug DBE-8463 Create new schema by right clicking on schemas for MySQL
Usability DBE-8483 MySQL: Database Connections tree shows character sets instead of databases
SQL GenerationUsability DBE-8430 Add pre-selection when creating new objects
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-8482 Snowflake Recursive CTE Parsing Error
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