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No subsystemBugRUBY-24254RakeBeforeRunTaskProvider : ERROR - plication.impl.ApplicationImpl - EventQueue.isDispatchThread()=false
BugRUBY-23915Parameter info for `@overload` YARD tag
BugRUBY-23916Correct return value type recognition for `@overload` YARD tag
BugRUBY-24247true negative missing argument inspection for key required argument
BugRUBY-24303Wrong type description in `Inspection results` tab
BugRUBY-23933`Boolean` string must be shown in suggestion variants in YARD tags
ExceptionRUBY-24266Already disposed: Module: 'disapora'
Code InsightFeatureRUBY-21282Sort text-based resolve results as "user/non-user code"
BugRUBY-24260Allow string interpolation in factorybot element names
BugRUBY-17697attr_writer/ attr_reader detection is wrong in some cases.
TaskRUBY-24293Rewrite Nil Analysis to give possibility of expression to be nil
CucumberFeatureRUBY-23129Support Cucumber v 4.0.0
DockerBugRUBY-24288docker-compose exec mode doesn't refresh sdk after bundle install
IDEBugRUBY-24145implementations of method search results are not marked invalid when the method is deleted, instead start showing the following method in the file
InspectionsFeatureRUBY-23063Add support of useless safe navigation usages in Nil Analysis
FeatureRUBY-23875YARD - add inspection for correct @param match
BugRUBY-24304False positive of 'YARD return type match' inspection
BugRUBY-24305Make type names in the tooltip more readable
BugRUBY-24228False positive expression can be simplified expression for boolean expression
BugRUBY-24018Wrong simplification of expression with boolean equality
BugRUBY-24270Redundant parentheses after method call. False Positive. super() call.
BugRUBY-23072Running Nil dereference inspection by name will show nothing if it's disabled in inspections settings
BugRUBY-24307False positive `YARD return type match` inspection
TaskRUBY-24294Rewrite warning of nil dereference
RailsTaskRUBY-22809Deprecate support for Rails 2.3, 3.0, 3.1. Keep support for 3.2+.
Rails. Code InsightFeatureRUBY-24117Update enum support for rails 6
BugRUBY-24344Support `.freeze` calls in constant string inference
Ruby Version ManagersBugRUBY-24349Gemset selection in Settings causes Updating spinner
Code Analysis. InspectionExceptionIDEA-211319Inspect all sometimes throws "Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only"
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBugIDEA-214637Structural search doesn't find lambda with statement body and $statement$ expression inside
BugIDEA-215017New pattern cannot be added to Structural Search Inspection
BugIDEA-215457Allow to search Java methods and constructors in a single query
UsabilityIDEA-193706SSR: provide more information about how to fix "malformed pattern" error
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-215089unable to get Update
PerformanceIDEA-215475Report settings data to FUS asynchronously
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-215360Ctrl-s doesn't repeat find
Core. Platform APIExceptionIDEA-215230"Project opening should be done in a transaction" exception appears during reopening of LearnProject via "Learn AppCode" on "Welcome to AppCode" window
Core. Plugin ManagementUsabilityIDEA-215108Plugin manager UI - Include modification date
UsabilityIDEA-214551Plugins: typed input is lost on tabs switch
CosmeticsIDEA-215084Fix error message on Plugins page
Core. ProfilerBugIDEA-215597Part of tree renderer overlaps table renderer
Core. Quick DocumentationPerformanceIDEA-214615Memory leak in DocumentationComponent through a blinking caret
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-215278"Hand" cursor "stuck" in editor
BugIDEA-214755Folded Javadoc shows the 2nd line when the text starts on the line with /**
BugIDEA-211304IntelliJ cuts links after parens
BugIDEA-215776Plain text file is missing in Create scratch list
BugIDEA-211246Uncollapsing unchanged framgents should keep scroll position
BugIDEA-211590Selection highlighting background under inlay vertical when scrollbar is flipped
BugIDEA-211466Printing (at least on Linux) produces so many artifacts
BugIDEA-211398Not all ligatures are activated when printing a file
PerformanceIDEA-211672Editing of big file with search result Live Preview on is quadratically slow
CosmeticsIDEA-215726Cosmetics for folded property text editing
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleUsabilityIDEA-215787Do not show notification about EditorConfig
ExceptionIDEA-215353AE at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.assertValidSeparators
Editor. Intention ActionsExceptionIDEA-211266Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.NoSwingUnderWriteAction.lambda$watchForEvents$0
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationExceptionIDEA-205954[Boot JDK11] When staring IDEA from terminal - warnings are shown "OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: Option UseConcMarkSweepGC was deprecated"
Plugin Development (DevKit)FeatureIDEA-215242Show warning for <group> elements with class specified and ID not specified
Plugin. Shell ScriptFeatureIDEA-215578[Shell script] add Run Debug configuration support
BugIDEA-215361ShellScript plugin: correct shfmt download link for windows
BugIDEA-215398[IntelliJ Shell plugin] Reuse Terminal tabs when launching script
UsabilityIDEA-215355ShellScript plugin: if attempt to download the shfmt formatter in "Settings | Editor | Code Style | Shell Script" fails, display error in the dialog itself
CosmeticsIDEA-215367[Shell Script] Settings | Editor | Code Style - incorrect symbol in the first option about Binary ops
Plugin. TerminalFeatureIDEA-204536Terminal: Add support for hyperlinks
BugIDEA-215394Terminal tab crashes with Ion shell
BugIDEA-212321Terminal focuses itself on startup
ServicesBugIDEA-215088Services view: run configuration output is shown for the incorrect RC node in case of changed RC types available in Services list
BugIDEA-215345Services view: if GroupByType is true, all services splitting to new tabs leaves the empty AllServices tab with group node
BugIDEA-215427Services. Database. by the remained "console" item
BugIDEA-215370Services view: SplitToNewTabs should be disabled if nothing is selected
Services. DockerBugIDEA-188377Docker Run/Debug configuration doesn't parse port range
BugIDEA-215704Docker. Container. Save fails if "Publish all ports" in case of port range: port is already allocated
BugIDEA-215636Docker. Docker-machine: Idea freezes at choosing Files tab
BugIDEA-215227Services View. Docker: docker stops working after few hours.
BugIDEA-215204Services View. Docker: Impossible to save port/volume bindings for a container
BugIDEA-215707Docker. RunConfig. java.lang.NumberFormatException at changing ports to anything invalid in "Run options" field
BugIDEA-215186ServicesView. Docker. Jump to source/F4 from a container doesn't work
BugIDEA-215621Services. Docker. Impossible to split any set of parent nodes
BugIDEA-215185ServicesView. Docker. Delete from keyboard doesn’t work
UsabilityIDEA-209884ServicesView. Docker. The corresponding item should be selected in the ServiceView after running docker run configuration
User InterfaceBugIDEA-214477Invalid background color in plugin settings header's labels
ExceptionIDEA-215340org.jetbrains.concurrency.InternalPromiseUtil$MessageError: Service not found
User Interface. Console ViewExceptionIDEA-214526isDumb should be used only under read action: ConsoleViewImpl
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-215589Disabled action in the popup should not be selectable
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-215976IDEA 192.5118.1 hangs after start on macOs
ExceptionIDEA-215495AssertionError: Already disposed: Project (Disposed) on almost every action in IDE
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-215462Can't use custom theme
UsabilityIDEA-204653Color Scheme reverts to Darcula from *Default* light color theme after restart if IDE theme is Darcula
CosmeticsIDEA-215271Weird line between items in Inspection settings
CosmeticsIDEA-215545Plugins settings: Tabs bar has dark purple color in High Contrast theme
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-212385Recent files action in splitted windows
BugIDEA-215299Search Everywhere: results not filtered for command
UsabilityIDEA-215418Clearing `Toggle Changed Only Files` should disable checkbox toggling behavior
Version ControlBugIDEA-130903Detaching 2nd project from project window not removes its version control dir from main project settings
BugIDEA-215701.hgignore is created under project configuration files
PerformanceIDEA-208591Do not load shelve file content in EDT
UsabilityIDEA-212624Rename action button in Ignore files dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-206878'Add Files to VCS': missing window title
ExceptionIDEA-215307.ignore: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-215673Show Diff called from Annotations context menu opens wrong file
BugIDEA-215904Git Config parsing breaks if config file includes option without a value
ExceptionIDEA-215869Synchronous execution on EDT: "Git | Merge Changes"
No subsystemFeatureWEB-30215SQL injected in JS string should use user parameter as placeholder
FeatureWEB-39194Enable esnext private-#-field syntax for TypeScript
FeatureWEB-39248Method chain type hints for JS/TS
FeatureWEB-33676Support inline inferred type hints for Javascript and TypeScript
BugWEB-39197'Create function' fix should create an async function when invoked from an await-expression
BugWEB-35169Reference injections don't work in JavaScript
PerformanceWEB-39162IDE freeze when stepping in angular cli 8 project
UsabilityWEB-27539Don't suggest 'Annotate injection with comment' intention for Jquery-CSS
TaskWEB-33679Improve 'Promise returned from ... is ignored' inspection for unit tests ('beforeEach', etc.)
TaskWEB-39215Enable 'Missing await' inspection by default, and don't show 'Promise is ignored' for async functions
CSSBugWEB-39217Ignore duplicates among LESS/SASS/SCSS and CSS files generated by File Watcher.
DebuggerBugWEB-27630'Hide Frames from Libraries' does nothing
BugWEB-39117Karma doesn't handle correct tab in debug mode with '--remote-debugging-port' param
BugWEB-39161ClassCastException when expand node in debugger console
ExceptionWEB-39331Throwable when debug 'JavaScript Debug' configuration
JSONBugWEB-39123x-intellij-language-injection doesn't function in schema using anyOf
JavaScriptBugWEB-38743Split declaration and initialization removes export
BugWEB-35094Invalid 'Duplicate character inside regexp class' warning when using template string with arguments
BugWEB-23410Find usages of exported function
BugWEB-39147Resolve indexed properties with dot in name
BugWEB-39270JavaScript: Wrong names for arguments when using fn(...spread)
BugWEB-39272Fix intentions availability for #-private and ?.-elvis access operators
BugWEB-39321Annotator marks injected in string code as red in master
BugWEB-34200Fix capitalization of some Intentions/Quick Fixes
BugWEB-39146Suggest correct quick-fix for async/await inside forEach
BugWEB-39288neverending indexing on parsing Figlet Font definition embedded in template string
BugWEB-33985Cypress assertion chains autocomplete not working
BugWEB-39145JavaScript/TypeScript: do not show completion after export keyword inside class
BugWEB-39144JavaScript/TypeScript: add async keyword into the completion after export and export default
BugWEB-35656JavaScript RegExp multiple named capture groups in template literal
UsabilityWEB-39023Improve completion behavior for switch and if
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-38855Angular @Attribute decorator not recognized
BugWEB-39128Angular: no support for "spread" expression in metadata.
BugWEB-39115Angular: slow code completion on large projects
PerformanceWEB-39085Editing HTML in Angular is slow
UsabilityWEB-8191Add option to disable injection of CSS in jQuery selectors
UsabilityWEB-39203Parameter hints: remove "Show name for tagged template arguments" for "Angular HTML Template"
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-27401Add intention to convert independent `await` calls to `await Promise.all([])`
FeatureWEB-32926"Add 'then' clause" as a QuickFix for "Promise returned from ... is ignored"
FeatureWEB-39166TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for null/undefined
FeatureWEB-39213TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for typeof/instanceof
FeatureWEB-35028TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action
FeatureWEB-39165TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for equality operators
FeatureWEB-39224TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action. If, While, DoWhile
BugWEB-39143redundant 'return await..' is wrong when using catch decorators
BugWEB-30455Improve "suspicious variable/parameter name combination" inspection for JavaScript and Flex
BugWEB-39249TypeScript / JavaScript: Report only simplifiable part of the expression
BugWEB-38059False positive 'Function statement not at top level of a program or function is prohibited' in TypeScript
BugWEB-18867Block level function declaration is not supported
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-37242Inline JS variable with template literals should avoid producing nested template literals
BugWEB-39290'Replace destructuring with property and index access' doesn't respect shorthand properties
BugWEB-36958Add local variable Typescript intention applies to second outermost function instead of function's return value on same line
LESSFeatureWEB-11539Support align values code style setting
LintersBugWEB-39118ESLint fails with error if @typescript-eslint with 'project' option is configured in monorepo
Node.jsFeatureWEB-23906per-project nvm support via nvmrc
FeatureWEB-39006Node Interpreter on WSL (Arch Linux): No distribution available
SASSFeatureWEB-9211SCSS align $variable on colon as in CSS
BugWEB-39261Duplicates should not be set between source and generated file
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-39285Typescript - Support for actions on literals in discriminated unions
BugWEB-39127TypeScript - parameter info (CTRL+P) fails on rest parameters
BugWEB-38092In TypeScript, renaming a class function (via Refactor) causes wrong changes
BugWEB-39081'Create function' breaks code when tries to create new function with spread parameters in typescript
BugWEB-39122Wrong autocomplete list for `typeof` expression inside type definition in TypeScript
BugWEB-39107Potentially invalid 'this' when using OnChange decorator with Angular
BugWEB-35855Incorrect property rename/find usages
BugWEB-39188TS: type guards are not applied to property-accessors
BugWEB-39159TypeScript - add abstract keyword suggestion after export
Unit TestsBugWEB-39245Jest "update snapshot" link no longer displayed for inline snapshots
BugWEB-39201'Unrecognized option "runTestsByPath"' when running Jest with jest-cli < 21.x
Data ViewsBugDBE-8470Db2: can't edit `decfloat(16)` grid value
SQL CompletionFeatureDBE-8410IS NULL and IS NOT NULL as combined completion items
SQL GeneralBugDBE-8314Endless inspection
SQL GenerationBugDBE-8400Db2: support SQL Generation for generated columns with identity options
BugDBE-8404Db2: support SQL Generator 'CREATE OR REPLACE' option
BugDBE-8401Db2: support SQL Generation for table's distribution clause
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-8399Unused subquery item inspection isn't triggered
BugDBE-8396Redundant alias inspection
BugDBE-8306Inspection: Unable to resolve variable
BugDBE-8294Oracle false positive sql inspection: Nested aggregate calls are not allowed
BugDBE-8416Postgres inspector does not recognize grouping() function
BugDBE-8394Inspection for implicit string truncation
BugDBE-8397Editor incorrectly reports "JSON standard does not allow such tokens" and other errors for postgres sql file
BugDBE-8281Inspection: Adding not null column without default value
BugDBE-8289MariaDB syntax error - ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS
SQL RefactoringFeatureDBE-8207Suggest to refactor several INSERTs into one INSERT
UsabilityDBE-8325SQL: add refactoring: introduce table alias
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