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No subsystemFeatureCPP-16462Bundle Shell Script plugin in CLion
FeatureCPP-16191Support Leading_upper_snake_case naming convention
BugCPP-16403Prohibit saving Naming Convention settings with illegal prefix/suffix
DebuggerUsabilityCPP-8607Debugger: Mark pending/resolved/invalid breakpoints in gutter
UsabilityCPP-9131Debugger: Tab completion in GDB/LLDB console
EmbeddedBugCPP-16383"OpenOCD Download & Run" configuration: Reset option is changed spontaneously
IDE PreferencesCosmeticsCPP-16391Compilation database setting page looks bad
Code FormattingBugCPP-15586Freeze when rename function parameter
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBugIDEA-215457Allow to search Java methods and constructors in a single query
UsabilityIDEA-193706SSR: provide more information about how to fix "malformed pattern" error
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-215360Ctrl-s doesn't repeat find
Core. Plugin ManagementUsabilityIDEA-214551Plugins: typed input is lost on tabs switch
Core. ProfilerBugIDEA-215597Part of tree renderer overlaps table renderer
Core. Quick DocumentationPerformanceIDEA-214615Memory leak in DocumentationComponent through a blinking caret
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-215776Plain text file is missing in Create scratch list
BugIDEA-211246Uncollapsing unchanged framgents should keep scroll position
CosmeticsIDEA-215726Cosmetics for folded property text editing
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleUsabilityIDEA-215787Do not show notification about EditorConfig
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationExceptionIDEA-205954[Boot JDK11] When staring IDEA from terminal - warnings are shown "OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM warning: Option UseConcMarkSweepGC was deprecated"
Plugin Development (DevKit)FeatureIDEA-215242Show warning for <group> elements with class specified and ID not specified
Plugin. Shell ScriptFeatureIDEA-215578[Shell script] add Run Debug configuration support
BugIDEA-215398[IntelliJ Shell plugin] Reuse Terminal tabs when launching script
Services. DockerBugIDEA-215707Docker. RunConfig. java.lang.NumberFormatException at changing ports to anything invalid in "Run options" field
BugIDEA-215204Services View. Docker: Impossible to save port/volume bindings for a container
BugIDEA-215227Services View. Docker: docker stops working after few hours.
BugIDEA-215704Docker. Container. Save fails if "Publish all ports" in case of port range: port is already allocated
BugIDEA-215621Services. Docker. Impossible to split any set of parent nodes
BugIDEA-215636Docker. Docker-machine: Idea freezes at choosing Files tab
UsabilityIDEA-209884ServicesView. Docker. The corresponding item should be selected in the ServiceView after running docker run configuration
User InterfaceBugIDEA-214477Invalid background color in plugin settings header's labels
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-215589Disabled action in the popup should not be selectable
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-215976IDEA 192.5118.1 hangs after start on macOs
User Interface. Look and FeelUsabilityIDEA-204653Color Scheme reverts to Darcula from *Default* light color theme after restart if IDE theme is Darcula
CosmeticsIDEA-215545Plugins settings: Tabs bar has dark purple color in High Contrast theme
Version ControlBugIDEA-215701.hgignore is created under project configuration files
BugIDEA-130903Detaching 2nd project from project window not removes its version control dir from main project settings
PerformanceIDEA-208591Do not load shelve file content in EDT
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-215673Show Diff called from Annotations context menu opens wrong file
BugIDEA-215904Git Config parsing breaks if config file includes option without a value
ExceptionIDEA-215869Synchronous execution on EDT: "Git | Merge Changes"
Code InsightFeaturePY-35512Support PEP 570 -- Python Positional-Only Parameters
DebuggerBugPY-35915Evaluation error when evaluating list comprehension loop variable
Interpreters SettingsUsabilityPY-35588Updating the list of existing Conda interpreters results in changing the size of the Add Python Interpreter window
UsabilityPY-34932Loading the list of conda interpreters is done without any progress indication
RunBugPY-28866GDAL_DATA env variable not set when running script
Data ViewsBugDBE-8470Db2: can't edit `decfloat(16)` grid value
SQL CompletionFeatureDBE-8410IS NULL and IS NOT NULL as combined completion items
SQL GeneralBugDBE-8314Endless inspection
SQL GenerationBugDBE-8404Db2: support SQL Generator 'CREATE OR REPLACE' option
BugDBE-8400Db2: support SQL Generation for generated columns with identity options
BugDBE-8401Db2: support SQL Generation for table's distribution clause
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-8397Editor incorrectly reports "JSON standard does not allow such tokens" and other errors for postgres sql file
BugDBE-8399Unused subquery item inspection isn't triggered
SQL RefactoringFeatureDBE-8207Suggest to refactor several INSERTs into one INSERT
UsabilityDBE-8325SQL: add refactoring: introduce table alias
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