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No subsystemTask CPP-16082 Bundle CMake 3.14.3
Dynamic Analysis ToolsBug CPP-15703 Exception when launch CLion with Sanitizer
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-210104 Move Caret to Matching Brace moves to wrong position
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBug IDEA-208622 Find Usages for a class doesn't report instances created via method references (ClassName::new)
Packaging and InstallationFeature IDEA-194151 Publish modules required to build IntelliJ IDEA from sources as Maven artifacts
Task IDEA-210116 We wan't to add custom uninstall step.
Platform APIFeature IDEA-211175 Provide an annotation which may be used to mark public elements which must not be used from external plugins
Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-210955 Plugin deduplication on load should compare id, not name
TerminalBug IDEA-210461 Sometimes Escape should not switch from the Terminal tool window to the editor
Bug IDEA-202809 Terminal tabs can't be reordered
User InterfaceBug IDEA-210678 Background image resets after exit when using custom theme plugin
Usability IDEA-168223 Open recent menu doesn't display project group if any
Usability IDEA-208922 Run Anything: no highlighting of matched text
Task IDEA-210932 Borderless UI: ERROR - llij.ide.plugins.PluginManager - null cannot be cast to non-null type java.awt.Color
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-206829 JBLabel renders "..." in copyable mode regardless if autowrap is enabled.
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-210915 Scrollbar transparency in color scheme loses after changes
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-210716 Run anything shows no suggestions on first run
Bug IDEA-209286 Recent Locations: Only first selected location is opened if several locations are selected in popup
Version ControlBug IDEA-209149 File Status colors COPIED and RENAMED always appear in editor color scheme
XMLBug IDEA-210622 Good code is red: No-namespace element incorrectly reported as "not allowed here" in XML file with XML Schema
Bug IDEA-206686 Where is "Collapse empty tag" > "fix all in file" option?
DebuggerBug PY-34436 Problem when closing pool in debug mode, python 3.7.2
Bug PY-24668 Calling subprocess with python -c argument and "Attach to subprocess automatically while debugging" hangs debugger
InspectionsBug PY-35150 PEP-8: over-indented warning on correct indentation when using tabs
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-8124 Idea. New DataSource from ProjectView. Make DB url with one side directed slashes
Usability DBE-3103 Incorrect folder redirection when choosing ssl keys on data source creation
DB DiffUsability DBE-8102 Full schema path not showing in Schema Diff
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-7832 Large Schema introspection crashes after ~ 1h with ORA-1652 on retrieving sources
Bug DBE-8076 Unknown table 'check_constraints' in information_schema
DB RefactoringCosmetics DBE-6980 UI inconsistency, data editor icon
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-8133 Export table as SQL inserts produces invalid SQL for Cassandra
Data ViewsFeature DBE-2056 Show SQLite ROWID field in Table Editor
Bug DBE-8042 clickhouse array support
Bug DBE-3315 SQL Server - Unable to calculate count in a join query having order by
Bug DBE-8122 Database table filter is restored even when closing and reopening table
Performance DBE-4533 Access to the last page of the query is incredibly slow
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-8078 Misaligned formatting for procedure variables
Bug DBE-8148 Formatter is called after typing round bracket
SQL GeneralFeature DBE-8093 Mysql function LATERAL is regarded to as unknown
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-3785 PostgreSQL: expressions at having not from group by or aggregate functions are green
Feature DBE-3784 PostgreSQL: aggregate functions not at select result list or having clause are green
Feature DBE-3778 SQL Inspection: group by and aggregate functions — bad code is green
Bug DBE-8240 MySQL 8 UUID_TO_BIN() function is not recognized
Bug DBE-8162 redshift syntax doesn't support zstd for unload operations
Bug DBE-8084 Support EXECUTE AS Clause (Transact-SQL)
Bug DBE-8187 Oracle: EDITIONABLE keyword not handled in function definition
Bug DBE-8241 Alter tablespace statement: "rename datafile" clause parsing error
Bug DBE-8164 Introspection does not accept all valid transaction_characteristics of START TRANSACTION statement
Bug DBE-8166 Please add support for mysql alter algorithm=instant type
Bug DBE-8217 Apache Cassandra lightweight transactions
Bug DBE-8163 Faulty signature check of SYSDATE() function
Bug DBE-8263 Snowflake: LIKE ANY clause not recognized
Bug DBE-8107 Keyword NULLSEQUAL and Operator "::!" are missing in Vertica's Dialect
Bug DBE-3783 PostgreSQL: nested aggregate function calls are green
Bug DBE-8029 Clickhouse ON CLUSTER clause is not recognized
SQL ResolveBug DBE-8037 SQL -> JSON_TABLE() shows "unresolved symbol/column"
Bug DBE-8213 Problems with resolve in dynamic SQL
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