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No subsystemBugWEB-37871js: confusing warning message "Binary operation argument types are not compatible"
BugWEB-38068Code Highlight for HTML stops working
BugWEB-36066[angular] IDEA navigates to wrong component declaraction
BugWEB-38043convert to async function deletes nested functions in conversion process
PerformanceWEB-38200IDE hangs on Angular metadata resolving
UsabilityWEB-38205Angular: allow running `ng new` with `--defaults=false`
CSSFeatureWEB-37256Instant image preview of encoded SVG data
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-33882CoffeeScript: JSX: "Remove attribute" intention breaks tag if an attribute contains an expression
DebuggerFeatureWEB-26400Javascript Debug: Rerun to current URL
FeatureWEB-38040JavaFx availability check before webconsole usage
JSONBugWEB-38054File types configuration: removing *.json from JSON and adding it to JSON5 file type lets code analysis run forever
ExceptionWEB-38123Argument for @NotNull parameter 'schemaObject' of com/intellij/json/json5/Json5PsiWalkerFactory.create must not be null
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-6907Provide fixes to create object literal properties from unresolved usage
FeatureWEB-37931JS/TS: add postfix template to surround expression with call
FeatureWEB-27639Support Unicode property escapes
FeatureWEB-37448Missing color for the name of a function expression
BugWEB-36623Incorrect warning in javascript
BugWEB-38021Call hierarchy does not work for property getter methods
BugWEB-36155Don't resolve unqualified references to nested classes in JS
BugWEB-18051React: create method inside the object
BugWEB-37986Flow: 'duplicate declaration' error is shown for unnamed function parameters
BugWEB-32868Move caret to the block end doesn't work in JSX when caret is in the tag name
BugWEB-37670Unreachable code inspection false positive when breaking from the label-ed block.
BugWEB-37912False positive unused variable on writing new code
BugWEB-37860Do not use LSP with older Flow versions
BugWEB-32065@type is ignored for requires of packages with typings (index.d.ts) (2018.1 regression)
BugWEB-32066resulting typing of axios from index.d.ts is incorrect
BugWEB-36469Imports with relative paths instead of webpack aliases after file being moved
ExceptionWEB-37331Flow: LSP: Server crashing on Windows
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-38146Allow a way to override package.json check for Angular 2+
FeatureWEB-31541Generate debug configuration for @angular/cli
BugWEB-38183Angular: wrong type for ngFor items if async pipe is used
BugWEB-37838Ionic events not recognized by angular inspection
BugWEB-38034Angular: issues with NgModule import quick-fix for [ngValue]
BugWEB-38128Angular inspection false positive "Component or directive matching ... element is out of the current Angular module's scope"
BugWEB-38154Angular: Inspection "Component or directive matching ... out of current scope"
BugWEB-38150Please support in angular template
BugWEB-38080Parser works wrong when deleting some tags in angular templates
BugWEB-38085Angular: no support for NgModule decorator initialized with const
BugWEB-37915False positive 'File reference problem' for angular template
BugWEB-37991Regression in 2019.1: Webstorm complains about [ngValue] on <option>
BugWEB-37963Angular: code should be colored according to TypeScript color settings
BugWEB-37970Regression in 2019.1: Components and Directives used from imported Angular library show up as errors
BugWEB-38075Suggest to import FormsModule
BugWEB-37877Angular: issues with union types
BugWEB-37943Angular. Can't resolve the variable name for ngFor items of type 'any'
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-36833finally { ... } code incorrectly flagged as unreachable
BugWEB-31327"Unreachable code" inspection false positive
BugWEB-33988Infinite while loop incorrectly flags outer try block as unreachable
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-37884'Convert parameters to object' should support rest/spread
BugWEB-37888'Introduce object destructuring' should warn if breaking type guard narrowing
BugWEB-38013Convert to async function doesn't play well with destructuring
LintersBugWEB-38038"Apply Linter Code Style Rules" doesn't apply rules if application code style scheme is set until project is reopened
BugWEB-37019ESLint error tooltip shouldn't evaluate HTML if messages contain fragments of HTML/JSX from current file
BugWEB-38096Difficult to turn off TSLint for javascript in 2019.1
BugWEB-37862Linter errors thrown on initialization should show stacktrace
Node.jsBugWEB-37990Node.js: newly added npm package should become available immediately after npm install
UsabilityWEB-37992The tool window clear buffer icon (garbage bin) is gone
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-38161Update bundled TypeScript to 3.4
FeatureWEB-31972TypeScript / JavaScript: allow relative imports for files under path mappings
FeatureWEB-37610Syntax highlighting in the quick navigate tooltip
BugWEB-37956strictBindCallApply inference for 'bind' is broken because of incorrect comparison of conditional types
BugWEB-38033TypeScript: Record type is not correctly inferred
BugWEB-37802Type inference for arguments is not performed sequentially
BugWEB-38058Code analysis never completes
BugWEB-37928Angular template - allow to choose which source of binding to navigate to.
BugWEB-38024rxjs 6 imports point to "internal" path (again)
BugWEB-38022Angular: Short typescript imports are not working
BugWEB-37987TypeScript: Path mappings: correctly process mapping of asterisk into asterisk
BugWEB-35864Typescript - smart statement completion not working
BugWEB-37894bug about unreachable 'case' branch
PerformanceWEB-37920TypeScript type evaluator accesses AST for JSDoc comments
UsabilityWEB-37918Bad completion suggestion for type alias containing platform primitives
Unit TestsBugWEB-37982Jest: avoid duplicating of expected and actual values for failed assertions
BugWEB-38089Running single Karma test results in running all the tests
BugWEB-37940Jest: show diff dialog for failed Chai assertions
Code Analysis. InspectionCosmeticsIDEA-207817Typo in rule description for "Excessive range check" inspection
Code Formatting and Code StyleCosmeticsIDEA-207230Tab width in Definition window differs from tab width in editor
DockerBugIDEA-207875DockerDebug. DockerRunConfig rename changes "launch" target in the remoteRunConfig to the first in the list.
BugIDEA-207868DockerDebug. Compose. "Custom Command" field changes are not saved.
BugIDEA-209993DockerDebug. The debug port in the "custom command" field is not changed after changing it in the remote configuration.
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-208508Wrong size of quick navigation popup hides part of the popup text
BugIDEA-209779Escape key in insert mode closes autocomplete dropdown without exiting insert mode
BugIDEA-208853Changing scratch language causes IntelliJ to lose scratches
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-209415“Start Failed” on closing the import-settings dialog
Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-210310Quick Documentation pop-up closes when moving between items in File View
RegExpBugIDEA-208559Invalid 'redundant character escape' in JS regex
Run | Debug configurationUsabilityIDEA-206952Environment Variables doesn't allow to paste Name or Value separately for variable
CosmeticsIDEA-200261[Run anything] Completion popup hides and shows after each key press (i.e. flickers)
TerminalBugIDEA-208008Terminal window is scrolled to bottom and has no cursor on initial opening until enter is pressed
BugIDEA-208829Start SSH Session: if connection fails, the not-editable Terminal tab is opened
BugIDEA-208328CTRL-C in terminal does not work in IDEA JDK 11 but works fine on IDEA JDK 8 (Mac)
UsabilityIDEA-116221Escape doesn't move focus back to the Editor from Terminal tool window
UsabilityIDEA-205690Terminal without running processes shows confirmation dialog on attempt to close it
User InterfaceBugIDEA-158850Bookmarks navigation list shows two dots instead of bookmark mnemonic
UsabilityIDEA-209229When project is opened via launcher script Welcome screen is shown for a second
UsabilityIDEA-207735"Show file at revision" invoked from git log-based history does not show hash in editor tab title when "Show directory for non-unique file names" is enabled
User Interface. ControlsFeatureIDEA-208143Find and Find-in-path to select word under the caret automatically.
BugIDEA-208708JVM crashes when creating vcs diff window
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-209224Can't use "Injected Language" feature because popup doesn't appear
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-199673[Run config in the new SE] run config in a folder could not be found
TaskIDEA-209217Fixed size RL popup
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-209330Pinned mode in 'project tree' always closes by switching windows.
Version ControlPerformanceIDEA-208067Project leak via EditorImpl -> InlayModelImpl -> AnnotateRevisionAction$MyVcsVirtualFile
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-177665Add option to override git credential.helper.
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-209262VCS refresh is taking a very long time with Mercurial
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