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DartFeatureWEB-23645Show package info in Dart code completion.
FeatureWEB-35830Dart code folding does not support optional `new`
BugWEB-36853Dart web debugging: breakpoints that are set before debug session starting are not resolved when using SDK 2.1
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-36722Angular template files are not recognized if "@angular/core" is not a direct dependency
BugWEB-37343Syntax highlighting and code completion for Angular template language stopped working
BugWEB-36089ng-template is listed twitce in the completion list
BugWEB-37350If directive has multiple selectors, non of them gets recognized in template
Unit TestsBugWEB-37021jest-intellij-reporter is failing with TypeError: jasmine.Spec.isPendingSpecException is not a function on Jest version 24.0.0
No subsystemBugIDEA-206802"Columns List" context item not working
BugIDEA-206341[Dump Threads in Run tool window] add java11 support
TaskIDEA-206446Explicitly be aware that IBM JDK doesn't support `report-cdata-event`
Code NavigationBugIDEA-206342Hierarchy scope has disappeared
Database (archived)ExceptionIDEA-205762RE at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertIsDispatchThread
DebuggerBugIDEA-206175Watch variables: blue screen lag
BugIDEA-206160Instrumentation in java.lang.Thread does not work when running as Debug mode in Intellij Idea
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-196178Join Lines on selected text also joins not selected text
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-203491"Search Everywhere" is missing files
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-206460Cannot not start IDE after 2018.3.4 update
BugIDEA-206472Reformat Code does not work for JSON
IndicesPerformanceIDEA-205778Upgrade to IntelliJ 2018.3.3 (from 2018.2.x) causes high cpu/memory usage in idle state
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-193675Define default loggers in *public method without logging* inspection
BugIDEA-186140False positive "Pointless bitwise expression" inspection
BugIDEA-206767Inspection "Externalizable class without 'public' no-arg constructor" doesn't work if Externalizable class is public
BugIDEA-206221"object allocation in loop" for a lambda which seems not to allocate anything
UsabilityIDEA-196735Logging inspections could know about log4j 2 logger class out of the box
JavaEE.ResinBugIDEA-205900Can not run resin server
JavaEE.TomcatBugIDEA-206243Tomcat startup script fails to run for copied run configurations
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-202421Enabling parent plugin from the depending plugin doesn't work
BugIDEA-205032Updating plugins in an offline environment no longer works with new marketplace and custom plugin repository
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-185342Shorten command line is missing on scratch run configuration even though prompted
Structural Search and ReplaceFeatureIDEA-203929Check lambdas/method references type using `getFunctionalInterfaceType()` in structural search
BugIDEA-205240Editing a count filter put wrong value in max count editor if min count is not default
UMLBugIDEA-206436Memory hogging in Diagrams + Structure tool window + Zoom In/Out
BugIDEA-201919Fonts in UML diagrams are no longer vectorial but rasterized (to poor resolution)
User InterfaceBugIDEA-203319"Run/Debug Configurations" dialog is opened without toolbar if invoked from Touch Bar while "Search Everywhere" was opened
BugIDEA-205631The window with the addition of the note does not stretch vertically
BugIDEA-205976Structure View shows content of the previously opened editor tab
UsabilityIDEA-204151New Search Everywhere doesn't have an option to filter out run/debug configurations
CosmeticsIDEA-204690Mojave: low contrast menu selection background
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-86505File Structure: renaming from the popup is broken
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-200158High Contrast Theme: Menu bar and popup menu items are not highlighted when selected after restarting IDEA with "High Contrast" theme set
BugIDEA-199525Mojave: selected item in context menu is highlighted with a different color than in the main menu
BugIDEA-207779Items in popup have two-tones highlighting when selected
User Interface. NavigationUsabilityIDEA-199661Results in "Search Everywhere" are delayed
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-206431[Autoscroll from source] in Unpinned/Undock modes doesn't work when using mouse
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-171517Ignore empty remote section in git config
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