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PHP CompletionFeature WI-854 Add context-dependent parameter value autocomplete in function/method calls
PHP InspectionsBug WI-45092 PhpStorm sets name for phpcbf without '.bat' extension when perform composer install on windows
Bug WI-45069 Quick-fix for phpcbf does not change file
PHP IntentionsFeature WI-44806 Copy string concatenation text to clipboard: substitute constant value
Bug WI-45081 Convert string concatenation into string interpolation intention should convert single-quotes to double
PHP LangFeature WI-45021 Import on paste: import of constants and functions from global namespace should be done based on related settings "Treat symbols from global namespace"
Bug WI-44877 Add relationship in UML diagram doesn't update related source code properly
Bug WI-44792 "Method not found" when a class_alias has the same name as the original class
Bug WI-44995 UML diagrams for extended interfaces doesn't show parents if invoked on interface
Bug WI-44954 Implement method: parent::__construct is called inside generated constructor stubs
PHP Type InferenceBug WI-23386 Multi-level array type is not unwrapped if returned from function and not directly declared
PS SpecificFeature WI-45131 Provide a way to avoid duplication for expectedArguments
Cosmetics WI-45060 Remove Open Directory action
No subsystemBug IDEA-205610 Already disposed exception if close project with opened Recent location popup
Bug IDEA-206008 Test with Coverage doesn't report number of passed tests in tooltip
Bug IDEA-205756 contract can be simplified
Bug IDEA-205818 Switching between Look and feel spoils Recent locations popup
Bug IDEA-205817 It's possible to open several Recent Locations popups simultaneously
Bug IDEA-205654 Extra lines in recent location snippet
Bug IDEA-205658 Empty lines at the end of file are shown as empty snippet
Bug IDEA-206132 5 modules of the IntelliJ Community are missing in the master branch source tree
Bug IDEA-205847 Comments from coffescript files shown as text in snippets
Bug IDEA-205663 Recent Locations is not available in Find Action
Usability IDEA-205681 Recent location list size should be configurable in Settings
Usability IDEA-205605 Long code samples shows scroll bars
Usability IDEA-206134 Unknown host question is asked N times for a single host
Usability IDEA-201429 Remove .editorconfig from the list of file templates
Cosmetics IDEA-205841 Right border is not redraw if resize Recent location popup
Task IDEA-205758 Hide 'Show parameter name hints on completion' in Code Completion settings
Task IDEA-205647 Shortcut for Recent location
Task IDEA-205600 [Bundled JRE 11] Get rid of MimetypesFileTypeMap usage because it is moved to private package since JDK 11
Exception IDEA-205608 Editor is already disposed exception if navigate on recent location sample with quick search result
Exception IDEA-196008 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.roots.impl.libraries.LibraryImpl.<init>
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-206216 Fix all for warning in the top level file doesn't work when caret is located inside injection
Bug IDEA-205936 Inspections View: Group by Module doesn't work for groovy files
DatabaseException IDEA-205762 RE at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertIsDispatchThread
DebuggerFeature IDEA-202293 Support synchronized statement in evaluator
Feature IDEA-189549 Better display for Maps in debugger
Feature IDEA-173619 Debug mode / Mouse gesture "Run to mouse pointer"
Usability IDEA-205987 Preselect main thread on pause
Usability IDEA-205901 Debugger: Clicking into empty area below stack frames makes IntelliJ navigate to bottom-most item
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-205776 Moving Up/Down dowsn't work for Enum constant with body
Bug IDEA-205739 Editor: Action is applied for the wrong line if invoked from menu
Bug IDEA-192879 "Move statement" skips position outside code block in Java
Bug IDEA-205774 Moving Up/Down doesn't work properly for Enum constants in case of missing ';'
Bug IDEA-205802 Repaint issues for soft-wrap marks in a diff pane
Bug IDEA-205622 Scope popup closes diff fragment popup
Bug IDEA-205130 Parameters info shows the actual proper method signature as disabled
Bug IDEA-205365 Git diff view in commit dialog does not allow copying text to clipboard (CTRL+C) if this shortcut is assigned to "Copy as Plain Text" action.
Bug IDEA-205336 after new file is added, "last edit location" doesn't work
Performance IDEA-206039 IntelliJ froze for 148 seconds after tabbing alt-tabbing away and back to IntelliJ with large buffer.txt file
Task IDEA-205639 Gutter current line number highlighting doesn't respect conversion function
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBug IDEA-168548 find usages in file (ctrl-f7) skips some usages
Bug IDEA-202717 Pinned "Find in Path" window closes on clicking on a result
IDE ConfigurationBug IDEA-205967 Wrong previous version directory in import setting dialog (2019.1 suggests 2018.1)
Bug IDEA-179784 Idea fails to load a project when running on Java 9
Packaging and InstallationTask IDEA-202441 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.20 with IntelliJ IDEA
Plugin ManagementPerformance IDEA-205534 Typing lags in plugins search UI
Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-205229 QuickDoc popup appears at wrong position when cursor is in "Find" field
Settings RepositoryBug IDEA-206186 When starting up new 2019.1 IDEA it resets settings if JetBrains Account is used.
TerminalBug IDEA-201228 IllegalStateException when split Terminal tab
Usability IDEA-206189 Fall back shell path for terminal settings
User InterfaceBug IDEA-204678 Editor tab is minimized to OS title bar when detaching it with a mouse
Bug IDEA-205976 Structure View shows content of the previously opened editor tab
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-206205 Recent Locations popup: new-created file doesn't appear in popup
Version ControlUsability IDEA-167403 Shelf: focus disappears after removing one of the shelved lists
Exception IDEA-205978 Already disposed on exit from offline inspections
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-205777 IO Commits: commits status is not saved after refresh time is over
Bug IDEA-171517 Ignore empty remote section in git config
Usability IDEA-204470 'Update checks failed' warning on Branches popup
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-7675 "Import Data from File" silently fails with columns that contain a space
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-7690 Clickhouse dialect reformat inserts extra spaces in quoted identifiers
SQL GenerationBug DBE-7560 DataGrip Can't See MySQL Foreign Key's Referenced Column
No subsystemBug WEB-36757 Quick Documentation: link to the external doc page is hidden after the click
Bug WEB-35513 NodeJS: Importing a new project takes hours (when node_modules is already occupied)
Usability WEB-36592 Quick Documentation tooltip shown on mouse move doesn't include a link to external docs
CSSBug WEB-36942 Sort CSS properties (aka Rearrange) in SCSS files doesn't work inside media queries
DebuggerBug WEB-36526 When evaluate in console an object with many properties, some of them can't be shown due to a limit
Bug WEB-36953 Throwable when rerunning tests
HTMLBug WEB-36934 React-native tag is incorrectly shown as deprecated
Bug WEB-36795 HTML docs: doc is not always available in code completion
Bug WEB-36843 HTML Documentation: SVG: empty description with a dot
Bug WEB-36794 HTML docs: description for parent docs is shown when doc is invoked in completion
JSONFeature WEB-36774 Add eslintIgnore to package.json schema
Bug WEB-36973 JSON validation doesn't allow large integer values, although it should
JavaScriptFeature WEB-36957 Keyword completion for 'return' should insert whitespace/semicolon when applicable
Feature WEB-36787 'Insert require' fix should create object destructuring
Feature WEB-36971 ES6: add a way to disable autoimports from some modules
Feature WEB-25533 No suggestions to autocomplete missing properties in Flow by expected type
Bug WEB-36900 'Introduce destructuring variables' wrongly shown
Bug WEB-28276 Renamed default import causes problems when importing commonjs module
Bug WEB-36873 Introduce new array destructuring doesn't work when invoked inside index
Bug WEB-36902 Introduce destructuring variable: doesn't work for static fields
Bug WEB-36875 Introduce object destructuring doesn't work within template strings
Bug WEB-36854 Autocompletion gets confused on properties when there are 2 same-named classes in different modules
Bug WEB-20459 CommonJS: properties of function assigned to module.exports not resolved
Bug WEB-18054 CommonJS: prototype methods of re-exported module should be available in completion
Bug WEB-36935 Destructuring intentions: Better processing of non-integers (shouldn't be available) and large integers (shouldn't die)
Bug WEB-36821 CommonJS: exported Promise not recognized
Bug WEB-18117 CommonJS: module property not resolved/completed if module.exports is wrapped in immediately invoked function expression
Bug WEB-31053 Fields in ES6 class lose their accessor level on re-assignment
Bug WEB-36879 Static member is not accessible for invocation with assignment under arrow function
Bug WEB-16947 CommonJS: prototype methods of exported function not resolved
Bug WEB-36947 "Introduce destructuring variables" introduces 'Invalid delete operator target'
Exception WEB-36918 PsiInvalidElementAccessException when call 'Introduce destructuring variables'
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-36970 False positive 'Expression type does not have [Symbol.iterator]' for 'any' type
Bug WEB-36920 Unused variables inspection/fix behave incorrectly with destructuring
Bug WEB-36969 Function exit points highlighting: highlight 'yield' in generators, better highlight 'throw' in try-catch
Bug WEB-36945 Don't highlight unreachable 'switch' labels in case of non-strict literal types
Bug WEB-18936 ES6/7 class declaration with getter/setter and default value causes "duplicate declaration" highlight.
Cosmetics WEB-36967 Typos error in Settings → Editor → Inspections → JavaScript, missed a space in the inspection description
Task WEB-35027 TypeScript / Javascript nullability: further improvements
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-28356 Extract method refactoring is not performed when semicolon is not selected
Bug WEB-36891 Improve 'Join variable declaration and assignment' for loops
Bug WEB-36912 Convert between indexed and dotted object notations: should have better availability
Bug WEB-36898 Intention to split variable declaration and initializer incorrectly processes loops
Bug WEB-36622 Wrong default import when using Move refactoring for React components
Bug WEB-36892 'Convert to let/const' breaks code when called in For loop
LintersFeature WEB-36988 Support @typescript-eslint for automatically linting .ts files using integrated ESLint
Feature WEB-36890 TSLint: Replace 'Lint JavaScript Files' checkbox with detection based on presence of 'jsRules'
Bug WEB-36889 ESLint: doesn't work if there is no dependency to it in package.json and auto-detection of configs is enabled
Bug WEB-36806 'Detect package and configuration file' in linters doesn't unselect custom config file
Node.jsFeature WEB-35072 ESLint on WSL not work when mount point '/mnt/c' is changed to others (e.g. '/c')
Bug WEB-36650 Go to definition for package name in package.json doesn't open module in project view
Pug (ex-Jade)Bug WEB-36968 Pug: accepting completion for doctype removes a preceding space
TypeScriptFeature WEB-36981 TypeScript: add quick fixes for adding library in tsconfig.json
Bug WEB-36885 Type inference fails for Extract<T> type
Bug WEB-27886 Unused import inspection doesn't work when the path is invalid
Bug WEB-36712 No option to disable breadcrumbs in *.tsx files
Unit TestsFeature WEB-35279 Highlight failed line and show error message in the test in the editor
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