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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 EAP (191.4212.41 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemFeatureIDEA-142157"Dump Threads" action in Run panel should open dump view
FeatureIDEA-192898I want to provide searchable options from plugin to allow searching plugin settings in the settings dialogue.
FeatureIDEA-138797Prevent double click from maximizing tabs
BugIDEA-204044move clashes with resize in custom decorated mode
BugIDEA-201667Soft-Wrap works incorrectly with Inlays
BugIDEA-204946File templates: File Template Variables aren't parsed in includes
BugIDEA-203310Memory leak detected VirtualFilePointerManagerImpl, ConsoleViewImpl
BugIDEA-204844Integer layered settings are not saved
BugIDEA-202994DiffUserDataKeys.GO_TO_SOURCE_DISABLE property is ignored in OpenInEditorAction
BugIDEA-204455Breadcrumbs: breadcrumbs still shown after turning them off
BugIDEA-203108fix for RUBY-19897 fails with JFX10
BugIDEA-199415UIDefaults completion inside IntelliJ theme files
BugIDEA-125327"Surround with try/catch" code generation seems to not respect final modifier settings
BugIDEA-73793PyCharm will freeze when opening certain files and switching to another app
BugIDEA-201376IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.4: Mocha 5.2.0 with Node 10.12.0 does not work, only output when trying to run test: Test Framework quit unexpectedly
BugIDEA-204674The logs' arhive file name is too generic
BugIDEA-200366No way to configure Run Configuration Templates for a new projects in non-IDEA IDEs
BugIDEA-149084Spring Boot: completion in .yml files: incorrect results on inserting property if one with same prefix exists
BugIDEA-201003Huge freeze while "navigate to test data"
BugIDEA-203161SOE at ThreeComponentsSplitter.visibleDividersCount() on attempt to open Run tool window in certain Gradle-based projects
BugIDEA-185161ShelveChangesManager must be PersistentStateComponent
BugIDEA-201820UI concurrent creation
BugIDEA-202296EditorConfig-related actions in the status bar: on the first attempt only one action is shown
BugIDEA-202134Wrong location of a magnifier icon in Light theme on Mac
BugIDEA-204173"Settings | Scopes" - "Expand" action doesn't work for ill-formatted strings
BugIDEA-204505Plugin Settings: Custom plugin icons are not scaled on HiDPI Linux
BugIDEA-202381Missed splitter in navigation bar
BugIDEA-204163Don't suggest `P` and `B` live templates in all Kotlin contexts
BugIDEA-203356Junit tests should not be marked as ignored when assertion in @AfterClass fails
PerformanceIDEA-200469Should we really convert code style settings into XML just for damage checking?
UsabilityIDEA-155709IDE Fatal Errors dialog could show the installed plugin version when blames a plugin
UsabilityIDEA-201792Ability to edit Run Configuration Templates when a project is opened
UsabilityIDEA-78518Method Inheritance Hierarchy should allow to narrow by search scope
UsabilityIDEA-202024Rename "View / Expression Type" to "View / Type"
UsabilityIDEA-204836Nested class/method navigation breadcrumb trail off by one
UsabilityIDEA-161842Key Mapping: Ctrl-Y not assigned to "Redo" is problematic
CosmeticsIDEA-201465Improve display for long string in Ctrl+hover tooltips
CosmeticsIDEA-168874New 'Find in Path' dialog hard to read
CosmeticsIDEA-187402When compressing CPU profile, progress bar in status line says "compressing memory snapshot"
CosmeticsIDEA-203127Rename "Settings Summary" to "Collect Troubleshooting Information"
CosmeticsIDEA-204514Some spaces between file names in logs would be really nice
CosmeticsIDEA-201114Plugins: do not show "Show All" link if all plugins in the group are already shown
TaskIDEA-203680Invalidate external projects imported data on 'Invalidate Caches' action
TaskIDEA-205600[Bundled JRE 11] Get rid of MimetypesFileTypeMap usage because it is moved to private package since JDK 11
TaskIDEA-202382Update spy-js icons
ExceptionIDEA-202454PluginManager - mixer IllegalArgumentException: mixer[0..1] is 2.0
ExceptionIDEA-199921com.intellij.util.Alarm - Assertion failed: Already disposed
ExceptionIDEA-202313Exception appears on Compress Logs and Show in Explorer menu item
Android.DesignerFeatureIDEA-204927Please add a way to determine when the user has resized the components in a ThreeComponentsSplitter
AntBugIDEA-202538Starting already built project takes a lot of time
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-203484Empty node is shown instead of JDK name in 'Analyze Dependencies' results
BugIDEA-203520"Analyze This Dependency" action doesn't process usages of classes from other modules and libraries exported by the dependency
Code Analysis. DuplicatesFeatureIDEA-181304Highlight duplicated branches in 'switch-case' statement
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-204414Exporting inspections results as HTML doesn't produce output
BugIDEA-86833web.xml inspection for assignable to javax.servlet.Servlet is wrong
BugIDEA-203538Cannot export results of single inspection run to XML
BugIDEA-204111Run inspection by name produces empty view
BugIDEA-203922Ctrl+Alt+Up in inspection results moves to the next result, rather than previous
BugIDEA-200142Deadlock in Inspection tree view
BugIDEA-202177Error during injected code cleanup
BugIDEA-201236Import of inspection results could not parse method name when it has parameter type
BugIDEA-201595All problems in file disappear from "Inspection Results" after applying a single fix
PerformanceIDEA-204287LocalInspectionTool.isValidID should precompile regular expression
UsabilityIDEA-204371Remember "Group by severity" setting in inspection results
UsabilityIDEA-204733Troubles massively apply fix to all found warnings
UsabilityIDEA-201800Progress Bar Doesn't Move in Batch Suppress For Statement
TaskIDEA-77381NonSerializableFieldInSerializableClass should check whether all possible values of final field are serializable
ExceptionIDEA-203498com.intellij.analysis.AnalysisScope$2.visitFileEx( Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only
Code CoverageBugIDEA-200258Coverage tool window: Autoscroll from Source does not work on 1st test execution
CosmeticsIDEA-200520What is the meaning of a checkbox with "include/exclude" title?
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-200800Configure indents action from the status bar should open JS code style for JS/JSX files
BugIDEA-203775NPE on opening unified diff view when Upsource Integration plugin is enabled
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-205404When navigating from Java stacktrace try to find the relevant position within line
BugIDEA-202922Navigate | File results are not sorted by proximity
UsabilityIDEA-194817Show enum constant usages on mouse middle-click
Code. GenerateBugIDEA-202062Code generation for equals will reference built-in java classes directly regardless of whether identically named user-defined classes are already in scope
BugIDEA-201670Generating setter for final field
BugIDEA-203737Introduced method has wrong context
BugIDEA-200281Generete "Delegate Methods..." action doesn't respect already implemented method
ColdFusionBugIDEA-205201ColdFusion: conflict in order of closing tags by type handler HTML with CFML
BugIDEA-205092CFML: Inspection Error When Writing SQL Variables with Pound Signs
BugIDEA-205139CFML: Improper closing tag auto completion with <cfset> and <cfif>
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-200217Internal error on 'Rebuild project'
BugIDEA-203645Hang on project open
BugIDEA-187185Library index not updated when jars are replaced
BugIDEA-203603Show descriptive error message if project is configured to use JDK but 'IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK' is used instead
BugIDEA-205069"Build" process hanging, had to hard-quit app
BugIDEA-203838Interface field usages aren't recompiled after pushing it down and changing return type
CosmeticsIDEA-174920Don't write "Rebuild" in status bar when not whole project is being recompiled
ConsoleBugIDEA-86669Console: support ASCII backspace symbol in console view
Cucumber JVMFeatureIDEA-201317Update Cucumber Formatter Plugin to Support ConcurrentEvents in Cucumber 4.x
BugIDEA-171766Cucumber-java plugin does not support java8 step definitions with dynamic regexp
BugIDEA-203555Cucumber sentences does not evaluate {n} regular expressions
BugIDEA-205598191 IDEA could not find Cucumber step definitions
BugIDEA-142408Show difference link is not always shown
PerformanceIDEA-187983Long code analysis - Cucumber with java8
TaskIDEA-202545Java8 step definition in languages other than English
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-202146Support switch statement in evaluate code block
FeatureIDEA-186962Allow user defined Async annotations
FeatureIDEA-201942Do not use compiling evaluator for method references
FeatureIDEA-202292Support asserts in evaluator
BugIDEA-203825Deadlock in debugger
BugIDEA-203322"Hold alt and click to evaluate expression not working" (this is a tip of the day)
BugIDEA-205407Parameter is not resolved in breakpoint condition after adding @NotNull to parameter
BugIDEA-203014Target Jdk version does not match message
BugIDEA-202459Unable to evaluate virtual method ref
BugIDEA-203275Cast in evaluator does not fail when is should
BugIDEA-204693Argument boxing does not happen if type is not available
BugIDEA-204691Unable to cast primitive value to Object
BugIDEA-200161Exception related to debugger agent on plugin project startup
BugIDEA-195531Debug tool window causes segmentation fault in the JVM
BugIDEA-199602Stepping into String constructor with debugger makes a string that is shown as empty in variables view
BugIDEA-202380Can't assign non-array value to an array in Expression Evaluation window
BugIDEA-205230"View as" popup item is inactive on the first click but becomes active on the next clicks
BugIDEA-202129.attach_pid files in the working dir
PerformanceIDEA-204448Debug startup slowly with `debugger-agent.jar`
UsabilityIDEA-172140Suspend only current thread during evaluation of breakpoint's condition
UsabilityIDEA-200972View Breakpoints: Show breakpoint icons in the tree view to distinguish between suspend options
UsabilityIDEA-200637Debugger pop-ups trigger OutOfMemoryError
UsabilityIDEA-204807"Add to Watches" action shouldn't create duplicates
CosmeticsIDEA-202684Map Entry's value displayed not good
Debugger. StreamsBugIDEA-199022Stream Trace cannot access private class or method
DecompilerFeatureIDEA-174243Decompiler Switch-Enum Sugaring Doesn't Support Obfuscated Code
BugIDEA-197665Decompiler decompiles references to static fields inside class inforrectly
BugIDEA-204223Decompiler doesn't add mandatory narrowing cast on integer type
BugIDEA-204272Decompiler loses generic info on varargs params
BugIDEA-204310Decompiler adds redundant imports for lambdas
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-77478Diff: Add by-char comparison mode that will compare individual chars
FeatureIDEA-1997503-way merge should have a Rollback action in the changes stripe menu
BugIDEA-111268Tab width not respected when viewing code changes inline
BugIDEA-203659Shift+Tab in Diff editor changes line indentation style
DockerBugIDEA-202973Docker: RunConfiguration: "..." instead of the error about the wrong path to the Dockerfile
DroolsPerformanceIDEA-203046Intellij lags when editing drl (Drools rules) files.
Editor. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-203280Groovy Script for PHP Storm Live Templates give suggested box?
FeatureIDEA-199722Can I make the live template appear at the top of the code completion list?
BugIDEA-148060Completion doesn't work after switching window
BugIDEA-204126[Live templates] autocompletion is not shown for some live templates (e.g. sout, psvm)
BugIDEA-205485Goto Declaration doesn't work in completion autopopup with automatic quick doc popup
BugIDEA-199925Dash breaks autocompletion for live template name
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-204140Should be able to unwrap rule based switch expression
FeatureIDEA-205621Switch statement unwrapper
FeatureIDEA-168176Move Caret Backward/Forward a Paragraph With Selection
BugIDEA-202245Editor ignores EditorMouseEvent consuming
BugIDEA-204898Exception in buildFoldRegions can block loading of editor
BugIDEA-197843'Move Statement Up/Down' for switch-case-blocks does only detect the statement when the caret is exactly on the statement
BugIDEA-203335Parameter info appears when not required
BugIDEA-201882Scrolling position jumps on completion
BugIDEA-203902Text drag'n'drop in editor is not canceled by Esc key
BugIDEA-201502Weird soft wraps behavior when working with XML content
BugIDEA-204703Text selection significantly slows down when cursor is outside the text editor
BugIDEA-103199Undo: UTF problem
BugIDEA-175878Multicursor first cursor incorrect indent on tab press in injected fragment
BugIDEA-199790FileEditorManagerImpl does not properly handle opening TextEditor instances created by custom FileEditorProvider
BugIDEA-205635Moving up/down enum entry declaration with empty line after declaration produces red code
BugIDEA-136779In editor, alt+drag should clear the old caret.
BugIDEA-199639While typing TODO comment with Korean text, color scheme to the last letter is disappeared
BugIDEA-202087Broken indentation (scaling 250% or higher)
BugIDEA-201750Move Up/Down and Scroll works wrong with a cloned caret
BugIDEA-199621Text selection doesn't work after triple-click
BugIDEA-204769Editor: selecting "Copy" action from menu copies whole line instead
BugIDEA-201725Rich text copy / paste on high DPI screens should scale down fonts
BugIDEA-201210Expanding selection within method's generic type parameter expands to beginning of file
BugIDEA-202915Highlighting of deleted ranges in diff window is blinking sometimes
BugIDEA-203201Cursor jumps back and sometimes random extra spaces are inserted
PerformanceIDEA-199690Terrible performance with multiple cursors in insert with multiple values
UsabilityIDEA-199843Ctrl hovering over keyword should not show quick doc popup
UsabilityIDEA-204308Multiline TODO popup interferes with editing the TODO.
UsabilityIDEA-203855Cloned carets visually off
UsabilityIDEA-199375Parameter info (Ctrl+P) does not recognize array parameter as a vararg
UsabilityIDEA-200630too eager commenting out
UsabilityIDEA-200275Multiline TODO: support line Split in block comments
UsabilityIDEA-200276Multiline TODO: line comment <-> block comment conversion breaks multiline comments
CosmeticsIDEA-200296confusing gutter folding hints for "closure" folding
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-204791Duplicate highlights in maven
BugIDEA-155186Daemon status icon (aka eye aka TrafficLightRenderer) isn't always repainted
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-200761Settings: Intentions: "Before/After" sections for intention actions are empty
File SystemFeatureIDEA-198080fsnotifier fails to start from Flatpak image
BugIDEA-188926`VirtualFileManager.refreshWithoutFileWatcher` can take an extremely long time on a Windows FileSystem with a large number of mapped network drives
PerformanceIDEA-202236UI freeze on VFS operations (I/O in PersistentFS.processEvents)
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-203111Undo doesn't work correctly after "replace all"
BugIDEA-199986Find/Replace in Path closes immediately
UsabilityIDEA-202987Ability to customize a shortcut for search history
UsabilityIDEA-108477Preview for in-place regexp replace doesn't preview line breaks
UsabilityIDEA-76610I want to be able to turn off the "Do you want to find usages of the base method?" question
UsabilityIDEA-204169Add "Open results in a new tab" in the Find ToolWindow
ExceptionIDEA-202503Exception occurs on opening file context menu for the first time
GradleFeatureIDEA-188855Support package prefixes
FeatureIDEA-201866[Gradle] An ability to configure default encoding by build script
BugIDEA-202243Gradle/Kotlin/JUnit: Cannot run tests with `names with spaces and sym'bols`
BugIDEA-202466Gradle project structure broken in Gradle tool window
BugIDEA-204086Source directories not marked as such in 2018.3 with Gradle 4.7+ and "Separate modules per source set" disabled
BugIDEA-178036Inconsistent "Reload changed classes" behavior when build actions delegated to Gradle
BugIDEA-204313Recursion in build.gradle of kotlin-native project
BugIDEA-201331IntelliJ doesn't respect annotation definition order when importing a project from Gradle
BugIDEA-163187HotSwap is not triggered when build action is delegated to gradle
BugIDEA-205337Gradle sync fail: source folder out of content
BugIDEA-205334Adding new module to Gradle project doesn't show root project in the list
BugIDEA-202181Gradle run configurations for abstract classes with test methods are created with incorrect module
BugIDEA-205449Spring Initializr + 191 IDEA : gradle project failed on import from custom Initializr Service
BugIDEA-203446Import Gradle project fails: project leakage in control model
BugIDEA-204633DataNode serialization bug, affecting MPP project data serialization
BugIDEA-202168temp\ijtestinitXY.gradle -> ijTestIncludes contains unescaped strings for test with custom names
BugIDEA-203967JUnit parameterized java tests Gradle test runner support
BugIDEA-194377Odd "Unsupported Modules Detected" warning on Gradle Java/Kotlin project
BugIDEA-204753Gradle: multi-module project creation is broken
BugIDEA-202346Transitive dependency for dependent source set additional output folders can be missed
BugIDEA-204971Usage of internal Gradle `DefaultConvention` should be replaced by public API usages
PerformanceIDEA-199623High CPU load by "DisconnectableInputStream source reader" threads when debugging gradle task
PerformanceIDEA-204736IntelliJ freezes permanently while indexing
UsabilityIDEA-176794Provide the option to set "Delegate IDE build/run actions to gradle" setting per gradle project
UsabilityIDEA-173354"Delegate IDE build/run actions to gradle" affects all projects
CosmeticsIDEA-197431Link to "Open the debugger session tab" is displaced
TaskIDEA-203887Upgrade built-in Gradle to 4.10.3
Configuration ProblemIDEA-192580Support for packagePrefix in Gradle projects
ExceptionIDEA-203399Groovy: IAE "Unneeded kind: METHOD" at KindsResolverProcessor.execute(), analysis fails to complete
ExceptionIDEA-202349Exception in offline inspections
GroovyFeatureIDEA-202738Don't break code with backslash in literals
BugIDEA-128454Groovy's @TypeChecked with asImmutable() method called on collect()/collectEntries() result marks good code red.
BugIDEA-205783No navigation to setter in ++/-- expressions
BugIDEA-205771Bad code green: type argument list is not allowed in import references
BugIDEA-152478Good code red in Groovy: method is highlighted as unresolved when invoked on variable of raw type declared via def
BugIDEA-205436NormalCompletionTest is red
BugIDEA-185987Missing parameter when extracting method in Groovy
BugIDEA-176655False Positive: String type not inferred in closure (Groovy)
BugIDEA-202386Incomplete type for getClass()
BugIDEA-194192Refactor Groovy type inference for "call" method invocations and constructors
ExceptionIDEA-204054SOE in Groovy
ExceptionIDEA-202220CCE GrLiteralImpl cannot be cast to GrReferenceExpression on editing literals inside Groovy script
HibernateBugIDEA-185976Hibernate plugin doesn't work with Kotlin "Entities"
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-107709StringUtils within a File Template
BugIDEA-201898Handle plugin duplications with sync settings
BugIDEA-188964Error loading kotlin-language facet
BugIDEA-179784Idea fails to load a project when running on Java 9
BugIDEA-196437Plugin manager: problem with enabled/disabled plugins blocks any interaction
BugIDEA-205643IDE cannot restart after disabling/enabling plugin — hangs indefinitely
UsabilityIDEA-195932Allow "Check connection" even if no proxy is selected
CosmeticsIDEA-203663Preferences | Editor | General | Gutter Icons: sort plugin groups alphabetically
IndicesPerformanceIDEA-2022212 minute freeze on index query after deleting a large directory
PerformanceIDEA-202748Hang during UnindexedFilesUpdater working
Internal build scriptsBugIDEA-203509Cannot debug tests in nested classes
TaskIDEA-197426pom.xml generated for modules from IntelliJ IDEA project should honor exclusion of transitive dependencies
JPAFeatureIDEA-198647JPA Entity gutters are not available for Kotlin
BugIDEA-201060Persistence tool window: no entities are shown
BugIDEA-198650JPA named query reference navigation works only in one direction for Kotlin
BugIDEA-131228JPA: Update in JPA persistence template Hibernate
BugIDEA-185331XML with default value and self closed tag causes warning
BugIDEA-190769JPA. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException at calling quick-fix for the absent "other side attribute" at many-to-many relationships
BugIDEA-203135Do not report error on classes/META-INF/persistence.xml, classes/META-INF/orm.xml
BugIDEA-202607SpringData QueryLanguage Injector doesn't properly handle kotlin const vals in annotations
BugIDEA-200831ImportFromDatabaseSchema dialog: on table selecting all its columns should be selected by default
ExceptionIDEA-200452AE at com.intellij.jpa.generation.ui.DatabaseSchemaImportDialog.createInfo
JavaFeatureIDEA-204569Highlight `break` for switch expressions
BugIDEA-203841Type hierarchy not complete when using test-jars
BugIDEA-204005Expected types should be aware of switch expressions
BugIDEA-204012"Surround with if" action and friends suggests to be applied for switch rule
BugIDEA-201223Type parameter isn't inferred in code completion/parameter popup, but known when Ctrl-hovering
BugIDEA-205583Choose package dialog: a new package specified with several parent packages is shown on the top level and without parent packages
BugIDEA-205584Choose package dialog: should not apply changes on closing with Cancel
TaskIDEA-200277Get rid of access to package-private members in platform modules from java support modules
ExceptionIDEA-205578IOOBE on editing the JavaDoc
Java. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-194568Show "will be casted to" class name in the method call completion list
FeatureIDEA-204244Configure magic constants for java.util.Spliterators.spliterator(..., int characteristics)
BugIDEA-202314Strike deprecated annotation options in completion dialog
BugIDEA-195106Broken return type completion for method declarations
BugIDEA-202262Wrong cursor position, when IDEA autocompletes List.of(), Set.of() and other Java 9 factory methods for Collections
BugIDEA-203901Code completion can't consider consecutive digits as word separators
BugIDEA-204074Completion case constant add unnecessary '->'
BugIDEA-198368Raw generics are inserted in some cases
BugIDEA-201609Inconsistent autosuggestion results
BugIDEA-203898Smart completion sometimes has "no suggestions/results" within throw statement
BugIDEA-195934"return" keyword should have priority in completion over methods
BugIDEA-203204Import-class popup suggests java.util.List as the last item
BugIDEA-202340Java 12 switch: completion inserts `default:` even if switch uses switch rule format
UsabilityIDEA-200682Non-optimal order of entries in smart completion popup
UsabilityIDEA-199341Do not use exact declaration information unless explicit Ctrl+Space is pressed
ExceptionIDEA-204680ClassCastException during editing of SE
ExceptionIDEA-204037ClassCastException: cannot be cast to com.intellij.psi.PsiReferenceExpression
Java. Code FormattingBugIDEA-205110Reformatting JavaDoc with generics Map adds extra spaces every time, may freeze IDE
Java. Error HighlightingFeatureIDEA-196643Switch expressions (JEP 325): parser
FeatureIDEA-202131Java 12: Switch Expressions: Control flow graph updates
BugIDEA-203812bad code green: switch expression does not have any case clauses
BugIDEA-204204Bad code green: ambiguous reference either label or variable
BugIDEA-204208Bad code green: usage of 'continue' outside of switch expression
BugIDEA-201175IntelliJ complains about wrong first argument type instead of second argument type in simple generic code
BugIDEA-204006Create local from usage: update to switch expressions
BugIDEA-202897Error highlighted in a different place from javac
BugIDEA-203732Enum.valueOf method with generics is not highlighted as an error
BugIDEA-163104Red code green: invalid generic overrides
BugIDEA-202621Switch expression: switch labeled block can't complete normally
BugIDEA-205657actual and formal generic arguments differ in length
BugIDEA-204188Good code red: switch expression as part of ternary operator with type conversions
PerformanceIDEA-202848UAST is very slow on large string switch
UsabilityIDEA-203776Confusing error message when switch expression is used as a body of void lambda
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-192251Infer purity of constructors from sources
FeatureIDEA-205560Integer multiplication cast to long: use dataflow to check for overflow possibility
FeatureIDEA-179180Strike deprecated annotation options
FeatureIDEA-202323Inspection 'Conditional expression with negated condition' should allow != 0
FeatureIDEA-204787Deprecated usage inspection should (optionally) skip occurrences in documentation.
FeatureIDEA-176351Improve non-null inspection with static flow analysis (isPresent() and similar)
FeatureIDEA-204827When calculating `a - b`, take into account relations between `a` and `b`.
FeatureIDEA-203016On nullability violation show which ternary branch is nullable
FeatureIDEA-203878Auto(un)boxing inspection needs update for switch expressions
FeatureIDEA-205555Warn about useless 'if' like "if (x == y) return x; else return y"
FeatureIDEA-203316Turn on by default "Number of placeholders does not match number of arguments in logging call"
FeatureIDEA-205154Cast conflicts with instanceof: take into account assertion methods
FeatureIDEA-205151Misc improvements for Mismatched array read/write inspection
FeatureIDEA-203462Update "Unnecessary 'default' for enum 'switch' statement" inspection for switch expressions
FeatureIDEA-204698Report meaningless operations on empty collections
FeatureIDEA-203071Switch expressions: provide fix to generate missed branches for enum switches
FeatureIDEA-200908Suspicious 'Collection.toArray()' call: support new Java 11 Collection.toArray(IntFunction)
FeatureIDEA-200232Support numeric casts in dataflow
FeatureIDEA-203459"'default' not last case in 'switch' statement" inspection needs update for switch expressions
FeatureIDEA-204461DFA: Make final getter stable if it gets a final field
FeatureIDEA-203449Switch statement without default branch: provide a quick-fix
FeatureIDEA-205057DFA: support remainder tracking
FeatureIDEA-202419Missing 'array out of bounds' inspection for multidimensional array
FeatureIDEA-200365Inspection to collapse simple implementation of Comparator into JDK-provided one
FeatureIDEA-204701Redundant collection operation: suggest emptyIterator()
FeatureIDEA-200820Map.keySet(key -> map.get(key)) can be simplified
FeatureIDEA-188305Algebraic conversions in conditions DFA
FeatureIDEA-204734Track Optional content similarly to boxed numbers
FeatureIDEA-203387Add limited multiplication support to DFA
FeatureIDEA-96216Missing "Condition always false"
FeatureIDEA-200056Redundant semicolon: Add an option to ignore trailing semicolons in enums
FeatureIDEA-203974"Local variable used and declared in different 'switch' branches" inspection needs update for switch expressions
FeatureIDEA-202623Redundant switch labeled rule block
FeatureIDEA-202753Map.entrySet can be simplified analysis could identify more cases.
FeatureIDEA-203717"Nested 'switch' statement" inspection could use update for new switch
FeatureIDEA-205727DFA: wire Map.keySet/values/entrySet().size() to Map.size()
FeatureIDEA-205726DFA: Inline Collection/Map.clear() method
FeatureIDEA-203579Update "Unnecessary 'return' statement" for enhanced switch statements
FeatureIDEA-205011DFA: limited support for shift-left
FeatureIDEA-203985"Fallthrough in 'switch' statement" inspection needs update for switch expressions
FeatureIDEA-200859Inspection "Java | Probable bugs | Suspicious 'Collection.toArray()' call" should provide quick-fix
FeatureIDEA-202132Java 12: Switch Expressions: Data flow updates
FeatureIDEA-204773Enable non-null parameter inference for non-stable source methods
FeatureIDEA-195323Notify if array creation can be replaced with Enum#values()
FeatureIDEA-160792'Iteration over keySet() may be replaced with entrySet() iteration' should be smarter
FeatureIDEA-205213Inspect Code, Declaration access can be weaker: have optional "entry points" which should keep visibility as is (as for "Unused Code")
FeatureIDEA-200879Intermediate Stream::collect could be reported when result of expression is Collection::size
BugIDEA-205112Declaration access can be weaker false positive with inner class constructor
BugIDEA-204081`@VisibleForTesting` still treated as `@TestOnly` even if used to relax visibility of production method to call it from tests
BugIDEA-205376Warning about non-atomic operation on volatile field doesn't work for anonymous instance but works for lambda
BugIDEA-174522No deannotate intention action for library classes annotated as deprecated via external annotations
BugIDEA-200137"Replace with 'try' with resources" produces uncompilable source
BugIDEA-203227Switch statement has too many branches: update for Java 12
BugIDEA-203225Switch statement has too few branches: update for Java 12
BugIDEA-205309'Replace with findFirst()' produces uncompilable source
BugIDEA-205308'Replace with max()' produces uncompilable source
BugIDEA-204584Broken link in Java | Abstraction issues | 'public' method with 'boolean' parameter
BugIDEA-200961Simplification of "!list.add(type) is always false" may change code semantic
BugIDEA-185473false positive "method identical to its super method"
BugIDEA-202410False positive "Method only calls it super" when using default methods
BugIDEA-201335False positive "value of parameter is always..."
BugIDEA-204138Exception in "statement with empty body" inspection with switch expression
BugIDEA-194091ParameterizedParametersStaticCollection reports valid data methods
BugIDEA-203798Inspection "Default method not implemented" has too big range when implemented anonymously
BugIDEA-204430Red code after conversion to 'enhanced switch statement' when when 'default' has only 'return'
BugIDEA-204431'Unnecessary return statement' false positive in enhanced switch statement
BugIDEA-204944"'clone()' defined in non-Cloneable class 'null'" on anonymous class
BugIDEA-204013"Redundant local variable" should be switch break-aware
BugIDEA-205090Checking Optionals with Optional#isEmpty() still triggers {'Optional.get()' without 'isPresent()'} hint
BugIDEA-204193"'break' statement" inspection should not highlight usage of 'value break'
BugIDEA-203531Use of obsolete date time API doesn't warn on new expressions
BugIDEA-201646Wrong message for inspection
BugIDEA-136742unused library inspection: false positive for libraries containing super classes/interfaces.
BugIDEA-204207'Replace with 'old-style' switch statement' removes switch block body, when value break used.
BugIDEA-205525Do not warn "The declared exception X is never thrown" on native methods
BugIDEA-200775'Static initializer references subclass' inspection doesn't report anonymous class
BugIDEA-204071Auto-unboxing fix produces red code
BugIDEA-200018"Overly broad 'catch' block" inspection incorrectly highlights Exception/Throwable when "Ignore exceptions which hide others..." is ticked.
BugIDEA-203454SwitchStatementDensityInspection: update for Java 12
BugIDEA-203450Ambiguous method call bug
BugIDEA-203069Enum 'switch' statement that misses case should support enhanced switch statements
BugIDEA-204867Scope of variable is too broad inspection doesn't keep var keyword.
BugIDEA-204868Loop can be replaced with Arrays.setAll ignores starting index
BugIDEA-203119Unwrap switch statement: support rule-cases and multiple expression cases
BugIDEA-200534Remove "Volatile long or double field" inspection
BugIDEA-203845com.intellij.util.IncorrectOperationException: Incorrect statement 'else
BugIDEA-200488'Java | Class structure | Field can be local' inspection show warning even if annotation added to 'Additional Special Annotations'
BugIDEA-200391Quickfix 'Extract side effect' is absent in Editor
BugIDEA-203447Switch statement without default branch: support Java 12
BugIDEA-203946Update "Text label in 'switch' statement" inspection for switch expressions
BugIDEA-202706InstanceVariableUninitializedUseInspection breaks on switch expression
BugIDEA-202709False negative "Conditional expression with identical branches" inspection on switch expression
BugIDEA-204014"I/O resource opened and not safely closed" should be updated to support switch expressions
BugIDEA-204808CloneReturnsClassTypeInspection fails in anonymous class
BugIDEA-204804Unused import: don't warn if reference in import itself is unresolved
BugIDEA-204393Cannot unwrap break-with value if the value is a switch expression
BugIDEA-203424@noinspection doesn't work for some inspections
BugIDEA-205073Remove redundant suppress warning doesn't work for javadoc tags with unrelated descriptions
BugIDEA-204250"replace with forEach" replaces "continue" to "return" in inner for
BugIDEA-200832Default constructor, which is marked with @Deprecated via external annotation and absent in source code, is not recognised by inspection
BugIDEA-172237SLF4J formatting inspection does not handle escaping backslash
BugIDEA-172232Field dereference inside try block makes qualifier notnull outside
BugIDEA-203705"Equals called on enum value" doesn't suggest a quick-fix inside switch expression
BugIDEA-203701Result of assignment is used: false-negative in Java 12
BugIDEA-203703"Throwable not thrown" false-positive with Java 12 switch
BugIDEA-203709'equals()' called on BigDecimal false-negative on switch expression
BugIDEA-203708"Unnecessary boxing" false-negative with Java 12 switch expressions
BugIDEA-203693"Move assignment to field declaration" produces erroneous code when assignment is inside Java 12 switch
BugIDEA-203421"Unused declaration" inspection false positive on fields of inner classes
BugIDEA-203086Switch expressions: support "Replace conditional with if" intention
BugIDEA-203085Switch expressions: support "Make method call chain to call sequence" intention
BugIDEA-189840False positive: 'Number of placeholders does not match number of arguments in logging call' if error(String, Trowable) is invoked
BugIDEA-203625Inspection 'assertEquals() between objects of inconvertible types' doesn't show warning when comparing collection of inconvertable type
BugIDEA-205482"Use removal by object" fix may change semantics for List<Integer>
BugIDEA-203719"Result of object allocation ignored" inspection false positive in new switch
BugIDEA-204762"Integer division in floating point context" inspection false negative
BugIDEA-205122Unwrap switch fails with exception
BugIDEA-203984"Remove unreachable branches" quickfix breaks code on switch expression
BugIDEA-200858No warning for 'Stream.toArray' when types of arguments are mixed
BugIDEA-205008"Implicit numeric conversion" inspection doesn't report implicit conversions in compound assignment operators
BugIDEA-205137`Replace Switch with If` produce exceptions
BugIDEA-202645Good code is yellow: @NonNls-annotated property in annotation triggers the "hard coded string literal" warning if the string literal is concatenated
BugIDEA-198865Inspection "Parameter '<name>' is not used in either this method or any of its derived methods" not working for methods with public visibility
BugIDEA-177299Rework of inspection "'default' branch is unnecessary"
BugIDEA-198040False positive "'equals()' between objects of inconvertible types" for Class types
BugIDEA-203510Entry points are not shown in inspection results toolwindow
BugIDEA-203343Replace with lambda suggestion can produce bad code
BugIDEA-204986False Positive: "Class with only private constructor should be declared final" does not detect subclass on same level
BugIDEA-204985Auto-replacing deprecated method with a suggested equivalent doesn't check type compatibility and breaks compilation
BugIDEA-204187Code becomes red after applying conversion to old style switch
BugIDEA-203697Class.getClass() false-negative on Java 12 switch expression
BugIDEA-203692Remove unused variable should be aware of Java 12 switch
BugIDEA-204165[BUG][Inspection][IC-183.4588.61] false report of 'Optional.get()' without 'isPresent()' check
BugIDEA-203698Value of ++ or -- is used: false-negative on switch expression
BugIDEA-204977"Method returns the same value" false-positive for void method with anonymous class inside
PerformanceIDEA-203363DuplicateBranchesInSwitchInspection is slow on a file with many switch cases
UsabilityIDEA-202808Method invoked with reflection is marked as unreachable if its caller method is added to custom entry point
UsabilityIDEA-201258Do not highlight element annotated with ScheduledForRemoval if they declaration reside in the same project
UsabilityIDEA-201852If with common parts: suppress in the if-else chain
UsabilityIDEA-205223Iteration over keySet() may be replaced with entrySet(): keep key variable when it's reused
CosmeticsIDEA-199315To reformulate the error about the inability to override the method from java.lang.Object
CosmeticsIDEA-205019Conversion StringBuilder -> String can be slightly improved
ExceptionIDEA-200194`UastPatterns.isPropertyAssignCall` is recursive for `PsiLiteralExpression` leading to the StackOverflowError
ExceptionIDEA-204106Auto-unboxing with switch expressions produces exceptions
ExceptionIDEA-204717Can't convert enhanced 'switch' to 'if' if a branch's body contains an end-of-line comment
ExceptionIDEA-200866Structural Search: ConcurrentModificationException during offline inspections
ExceptionIDEA-199489"Simplify" quick fix exception on invalid code
Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-203533Various improvements in "Make call chain into call sequence"
FeatureIDEA-199264Introduce useful standard interface type for lambda expression
FeatureIDEA-201192Make encapsulate field available on the field declaration as an action
FeatureIDEA-200560Reasonable intention actions are missing for "'catch' or 'finally' missing" error
FeatureIDEA-200412CommentTracker: update API to be able to keep intermediate comments in their place
FeatureIDEA-202622Java 12: Switch Expressions: Convert switch labeled rule expression to a block
FeatureIDEA-200651Analysis for 'switch' statements may determine always truthy conditions on branches in addition to always falsy
BugIDEA-200209"Replace with findFirst" produces incompilable code
BugIDEA-200216"Extract ++" produces invalid code in for loop update
BugIDEA-173828Convert junit 3 to junit 4 should warn about usages which can't be converted
BugIDEA-201741'Inline method' changes semantics in case of nested if-else
BugIDEA-201744Quick fix actions don't suggest creating a class if the name starts with lowercase letter
BugIDEA-201751Space deleted after comma in type arguments
BugIDEA-203897"Import class" popup behaves weirdly in case of package local class
BugIDEA-201457Weird "Cast to Boolean" quickfix
BugIDEA-201206Unwrapping a lambda shows wrong preview
BugIDEA-203741I cannot prevent IntelliJ from adding annotatations
UsabilityIDEA-200649Showing 'add missing switch branches' intention for all the nested switches is a bit confusing
UsabilityIDEA-202345Weird Tab/Enter behavior in 'replace with x != null' quick fix
CosmeticsIDEA-202990Intellij suggests adding new parameter as '21th' parameter to method
Java. RefactoringFeatureIDEA-92652Extract variable action breaks program flow
FeatureIDEA-202048Extract variable: convert ternary to 'if' automatically when condition is important
FeatureIDEA-197438Allow to extract static fields from this() constructor call
FeatureIDEA-161607Allow to introduce variable in the head of try-with-resources block
FeatureIDEA-202383Convert old-style switch statements into the enhanced switch
FeatureIDEA-202384Convert new-style switch expressions and enhanced switch statements into the old-style switch statements
FeatureIDEA-201703Allow extract variable from field initializer
FeatureIDEA-202629Java 12 Switch expression: Highlight duplicate values and branches
FeatureIDEA-116670"Surround with try/catch" - exception variable name "ex" in catch blocks instead "e"
FeatureIDEA-200509More suggested types of constructor method references
BugIDEA-203752Multiple files copy-paste between projects fails with 'paste is not available while idea is updating indices' warning
BugIDEA-200790Unwrap problems
BugIDEA-204134When merging identical branches of 'switch' statement keep the default branch the last
BugIDEA-204121Introduce variable/method selects unexpected type on switch expression
BugIDEA-202731Exception refactor removes try-with-resources block
BugIDEA-205330Can't "Move" class files, only via drag and drop
BugIDEA-128795Bad extract variable/constant on case statement
BugIDEA-203452Extract variable refactoring suggests illegal name
BugIDEA-200392IndexNotReadyException while running OptimizeImportsRefactoringHelper
BugIDEA-203444Pull members up suggests to reuse pulled method making it static which breaks the code
BugIDEA-62340Bug in change signature quick fix
BugIDEA-200562"Move class" dialog: autocompletion for class name in "Make inner class of" field doesn't contain classes from default package
BugIDEA-194264Extract method with duplicates produces red code
BugIDEA-202398Refactor rename omits name suggestions from variables that are not in scope
BugIDEA-153052Vararg argument is lost when changing signature
BugIDEA-202544'extract method' fails silently, exception is logged to idea.log
BugIDEA-201012Result of Convert Anonymous to Inner does not compile
BugIDEA-179064Two different modal windows for the same calls for Refactor → Extract Parameter
BugIDEA-202630Java 12: Switch Expression: extract variable from switch labeled rule statement should wrap with code block
BugIDEA-200869Unable to input any name in "extract method from duplicate code" window
BugIDEA-201024Duplicate fragment is not found when extracting a method
BugIDEA-201205Signature change propagation forgot to adjust call site because call site is in lambda
BugIDEA-200882Moving inner class with inner class to top level results in invalid code
BugIDEA-171701Add exception to whole method hierarchy does not work when exception is a generic type
BugIDEA-184433Extract variable breaks code when it should split if
BugIDEA-191738Extract method replaces different expressions with the same method call
UsabilityIDEA-176975Change Signature doesn't change variables
JavaEE. Deployment and RunBugIDEA-203047Rerun for JavaEE server run configuration does not lead to `Update` action
JavaEE.JSFBugIDEA-124803Code highlighting for ui:repeat varStatus not working. Parameter not recognized.
KubernetesBugIDEA-204167Helm. com.intellij.util.IncorrectOperationException at attempt to rename the chart name in a read-only file
Language InjectionBugIDEA-201839Injected Brace Matcher Works Pretty Fun
Local HistoryBugIDEA-203490Copy/paste is not working in the left pane of the Local History window
ExceptionIDEA-203259It's possible to call 'Show History for Selection' for project tree items: IllegalArgumentException is thrown
MacrosBugIDEA-204339Some IDEA macro invalid in other IDE's context.
MavenBugIDEA-202846Can not download source code for jar after updtaing 2018.3
BugIDEA-200543HotSwap is not triggered when build action is delegated to maven
PerformanceIDEA-200003Awfully slow background task: "Resolving external annotations"
CosmeticsIDEA-129410Maven: settings cosmetics
CosmeticsIDEA-125728Maven: ExecuteMavenGoal: confusing title of 'Select maven project file' dialog
OSGiFeatureIDEA-200767Eclipse Concierge: cannot find the Concierge framework bundle
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-194148Publish 'intellij.platform.testFramework' module as a Maven artifact
BugIDEA-204957Projects opened with cli have names ending in ./. opening other projects causes hang and then indexes root file system and or sometimes the parent directory filesystem.
BugIDEA-202232Two versions of commons-codec.jar are included into IntelliJ Platform
BugIDEA-203550Windows Installer: 'Uninstall old versions' shows only several installations from only one disk with a weird gap
BugIDEA-141900Installer: Uninstall old version has weird word wrapping
BugIDEA-204606Disable Uninstall feedback options activated by default when uninstaller running from installer(when you install update with installer).
BugIDEA-158855Windows installer starts uninstaller even when clicking back
BugIDEA-198859Batch Mode for IDE updates: IDEA just restarted without any message when the last patch in chain is wrong
UsabilityIDEA-202806There are too few rows in Uninstall Old Versions tab
UsabilityIDEA-197129Kotlin compiler binaries miss executable permissions
CosmeticsIDEA-204535Header text in Rider Installer is heavily misaligned
TaskIDEA-200437Use correct product code when IDE is started from sources
TaskIDEA-149668Publish javac2 on maven
TaskIDEA-192396Publish java-psi and required modules as Maven artifacts
Platform APIFeatureIDEA-177378make the registry entries extendible by plugins
FeatureIDEA-201009Introduce ApiStatus.AvailableSince annotation
BugIDEA-196796UAST: UMethod should provide access to the return-type reference expression
BugIDEA-202707If PersistentStateComponent::loadState failed with exception it won't be called next time
PerformanceIDEA-202315UAST TreeBasedEvaluator consumes a lot of CPU
TaskIDEA-203954Make sure that `PsiReferenceProvider`s add references to elements they were asked about
TaskIDEA-191331Migrate to ASM 6.2
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-194946DevKit: verify plugin provides pluginIcon.svg
FeatureIDEA-201007Devkit: show warning if a plugin code uses API which wasn't available in old versions of the platform
BugIDEA-197440Navigation to testdata hangs uninterruptible
BugIDEA-204436Plugin Icon search path is wrong for ZIP plugin distributions
BugIDEA-205189theme.json: no spellchecking for color hex values
BugIDEA-196765Good code red in a module.xml when referring an action defined in the same xml
BugIDEA-200152Error launching plugin project with 'local' IDEA SDK
BugIDEA-202393Always include ID of a problematic plugin into exception report
BugIDEA-202635Devkit: fix all gutter icon sizes, make configurable
BugIDEA-187409AutoCompletion popup disappears if variant contain dash symbol "-"
UsabilityIDEA-204886Navigate to test data action shows multiple blinking modal progresses
Plugin ManagementFeatureIDEA-201336Drag'n'drop plugin zip file to welcome screen doesn't install it, but instead opens it as a file
BugIDEA-202302Plugins management: confusing reaction in case of required plugin disabling, and the dependent plugin uninstalling
BugIDEA-202421Enabling parent plugin from the depending plugin doesn't work
BugIDEA-202957New Plugins dialog: 503 server error causes two error dialogs - one after settings dialog is closed
BugIDEA-205249Required plugin isn't isn't added when click 'Enable' in 'Preferences | Plugins'
BugIDEA-202017Can't install plugin if it contains necessary dependence on another plugin
BugIDEA-199129New Plugins panel opens oversized if last opened tab was "Installed"
UsabilityIDEA-200225When user installs plugin from disk tab should be switched from "Marketplace" to "Installed"
UsabilityIDEA-200867Show plugin versions in the installed plugins list
UsabilityIDEA-126874Settings | Plugins have poor keyboard navigation
ExceptionIDEA-201296Restart from new plugins dialog results in exceptions in console
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-203651Kotlin MPP (Common and JS) test source roots are not detected as source roots
CosmeticsIDEA-202743Library that contains only a single folder is shown as "libs and one more file" in Project Structure
ExceptionIDEA-202726AccessDeniedException on project name change if .name file is read-only
ExceptionIDEA-205597REWA at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertIsDispatchThread
Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-202665Quick documentation resolves method to any compatible method
BugIDEA-202789Too many "Element information is not available during index update" notifications
BugIDEA-203264Restoring quick doc popup size changes its content
BugIDEA-203588JDK11 Javadoc links use wrong anchor format
BugIDEA-201280QuickDoc popup appears at the cursor position after closing the documentation tab in Tool Window
BugIDEA-189815Quick doc popup shown on mouse hover closes when clicking on a reference to a different class inside
BugIDEA-203728Quick doc opened for an item from Project View changes position if one clicks on a hyperlink it contains
BugIDEA-201819QuickDoc popup is shown under the element in Diagram area even if there is not enough space for it
BugIDEA-201393QuickDoc popup hides after selecting "Show Toolbar" option if QucikDoc is shown on mouse move
BugIDEA-201023QuickDoc popup becomes small after resizing and clicking the link inside the popup
BugIDEA-201449Documentation tab name is not updated on following links in documentation
BugIDEA-204179Wrong scrolling position after hyperlink navigation in quick doc popup
UsabilityIDEA-200124Quick Documentation hides context menu
UsabilityIDEA-200674Adjust popup size according to the font size
RegExpFeatureIDEA-202325In RegExp form, check whether the regular expression could match a longer input
UsabilityIDEA-202189Pressing Shift+Tab in the Check RegExp window leaves the window
Run | Debug configurationFeatureIDEA-114577Confirm deletion of run/debug configurations
BugIDEA-157989"Stop" button does not work when the IDE is launched as a background task
BugIDEA-194910Add macro support for VM options field (e.g. expand $ModuleFileDir$ properly)
BugIDEA-202004Run Configuration. Red class name "Class 'Main' is in the default package"
BugIDEA-197466JDK 11 doesn't have jaxb causing JShell not to load
BugIDEA-96960Run Configurations popup: inconsistent position for run config folders
BugIDEA-195693Context help shows 404 page when invoked for a run configuration which don't have special help page
UsabilityIDEA-201215JVM launcher cannot process @argfiles produced by IDEA
ExceptionIDEA-205510Throwable at com.intellij.execution.impl.RunManagerImpl.addConfiguration$intellij_platform_lang_impl
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-182954Font size setting synchronization (via account) fail
BugIDEA-205426Unable to push settings to shared repository - Unknown macro $PROJECT_FILE$ in storage file spec
BugIDEA-193044Duplicated plugins in Sync Plugin list
SpringFeatureIDEA-193781Spring Boot: resolve placeholders|replacement tokens in multiple/generic locations
FeatureIDEA-201123Spring Boot: offer completion for configured replacement tokens in values
FeatureIDEA-201453Spring Cloud Stream: support 'spring.binders' files
FeatureIDEA-201452Spring Cloud Stream: provide navigation between bound producers and consumers
FeatureIDEA-203238Spring Cloud Stream: binder name completion in application configuration files
BugIDEA-202068Spring Boot configuration keys: misleading presentation of default value when multiple values are given
BugIDEA-204415Cannot resolve @PathVariable for Spring MVC project (chops off last character)
BugIDEA-203834Spring Cloud Stream: dedicated error channel referenced by '' is not resolved
BugIDEA-201803Spring Boot: suppress "classname completion" for value in YAML config files
BugIDEA-201226Spring XML: do not propose to parse "custom bean" for builtin namespaces
BugIDEA-202367Spring Boot: "Copy Reference" doesn't work in SB YAML configuration files
BugIDEA-201454Spring Cloud Stream: false positive 'Cannot find channel' warning when referring to binding dedicated error channel
BugIDEA-149459Spring Boot: fix highlighting of Map "key" part when using RelaxedNames
BugIDEA-194994Update resources does not work for Spring boot with devtools and enabled 'Delegate IDE build/run actions to gradle'
PerformanceIDEA-205027UI is frozen for 25s after opening a project in a new window and immediately switching to the previous IDEA window
PerformanceIDEA-203949SpringDiagramElementManager builds Spring Model on UI thread
ExceptionIDEA-146621YML config file: PIEAE at com.intellij.extapi.psi.ASTDelegatePsiElement.getManager
ExceptionIDEA-200358IAE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.injected.InjectionRegistrarImpl.addPlace
ExceptionIDEA-201893PIEAE at com.intellij.psi.PsiInvalidElementAccessException.createByNode
Structural Search and ReplaceFeatureIDEA-161879CTRL+C on Structural Search > Existing Templates yields SearchConfiguration@2115ed8a
FeatureIDEA-203929Check lambdas/method references type using `getFunctionalInterfaceType()` in structural search
FeatureIDEA-198496Structural search usability: Switch between search and replace modes
BugIDEA-201528Simple xml query not found because of index access problem
BugIDEA-202451SSR: search templates are missing on each project openenig
BugIDEA-200742Tooltip with "Edit Filters" should be disabled in Existing Templates window
BugIDEA-202914mess after selection
BugIDEA-201833Structural search inspection: added filter is not saved for search template
BugIDEA-205240Editing a count filter put wrong value in max count editor if min count is not default
BugIDEA-201300No validation after filter change
BugIDEA-200892Dialog remembers its size incorrectly
UsabilityIDEA-168054Make structural search/replace templates available globally
UsabilityIDEA-203074Cutting and pasting a placeholder in the template editor looses all placeholder filters
Task ManagementCosmeticsIDEA-171919Underscore missing in task list drop-down
Template Languages. VelocityBugIDEA-203769Incorrect behavior for wildcard types in velocity templates
TerminalFeatureIDEA-119667Feature request: shortcut for switching between terminal tabs
BugIDEA-204725Terminal with bash: 'cat' process ignores SIGPIPE
BugIDEA-205239Cmd+W in a Terminal tab moved to the Editor closes the wrong window
UsabilityIDEA-132932Console font change doesn't take effect immediately
UsabilityIDEA-205457Terminal trap DEBUG overrides my trap
UsabilityIDEA-204510too easy to accidentally close terminal window
ThymeleafFeatureIDEA-129851Thymeleaf: rename doesn't work for included fragments
BugIDEA-205379Thymeleaf: navigation to the parametrized fragment doesn't work
BugIDEA-163350Darcula color scheme not looking very nice in Thymleaf templates
BugIDEA-152595Thymeleaf: no navigation/completion/rename is provided for the included/replaces template w/o specified fragments (Complete-template fragments)
BugIDEA-145647Thymeleaf: support navigation to included / replaced fragment
BugIDEA-145628Thymeleaf: data-th-* syntax should not require xmlns declaration
BugIDEA-152588Thymeleaf: completion should be available for the included/replaced fragments
BugIDEA-130667Thymeleaf: incorrect completion in th:include attribute value
BugIDEA-129852Thymeleaf: th:include: same-file fragment can be referenced with no keyword specifying
ExceptionIDEA-129849Thymeleaf: exception on attempt to rename the included file
UMLBugIDEA-204874UML diagram: context menu does not work on macOS
Unit Testing. JUnitFeatureIDEA-2013752018.3 Beta + Rerun Failed Tests does not work with JUnit 5.3.1 Dynamic Test using a testSourceURI
FeatureIDEA-201121Ignore @Enabled... conditions when run individual JUnit5 test
FeatureIDEA-202111JUnit5 suggest, make reference and validate @EnumSource values from enum constants
BugIDEA-200313JUnit Jupiter tests ignored when run by pattern and with Vintage tests
BugIDEA-185466Wrong test run configuration can be used when running module tests
BugIDEA-139160Slow response during execution of unit tests when assertion fails with big message
BugIDEA-202869Run Configuration with Test Kind 'TAGS' has unsolvable Error
BugIDEA-202418Confusing output from opentest4j MultipleFailuresError
BugIDEA-205512IntelliJ is only running the first package when you select multiple packages to run test
BugIDEA-203609IDE won't run JUnit tests classes with same name
BugIDEA-199945Idea 2018 and Junit 5 duplicates test executions when running tests from the IDE
BugIDEA-203414Test configuration with invalid class shows as passing
BugIDEA-178882Fork doesn't work properly when run tests from package with mix of Junit4 and Junit5 tests
BugIDEA-202575JUnit5: FileSource test/container opens file in "bin" folder (if available) on "Jump to Source" or "Show Source"
BugIDEA-202594Counter of total tests shows less then it should when test fails
BugIDEA-190838Generated JUnit's setUp() method does not compile
BugIDEA-195665Not good generate test source
BugIDEA-204168Test class selection by name is broken
BugIDEA-159414Execute single overridden test method in JUnit test class without explicit @Test
BugIDEA-201118Ignore @DisabledIf condition when run individual JUnit5 test
BugIDEA-200501JUnit3: "leaf" empty JUnit3 TestSuites are no longer visible
BugIDEA-198613Test output removed when JUnit test fails
BugIDEA-160306Very long text in test result failures clips the "Click to see difference" link
PerformanceIDEA-203173JUnit 5 Platform Integration calls twice
UsabilityIDEA-195529Test run gutter inconsistency
UsabilityIDEA-179482Support opentest4j in all tests not just JUnit 5
UsabilityIDEA-205284JUnit5: using @ParameterizedTest and @Test in the same class shows erroneous hint for public access class/methods
User InterfaceBugIDEA-202939Can't exit search from Mac Touch Bar when no Touch Bar menu configurations
BugIDEA-204789project frame opens out of screen
BugIDEA-184388Exception on pressing "context menu button" if there is no context menu in the current UI component
BugIDEA-198933Problem painting splash screen tail image
BugIDEA-202305Update JavaScriptDebugger and JavaScriptLanguage icons
BugIDEA-203496java.lang.IllegalStateException: component cannot be null
BugIDEA-203319"Run/Debug Configurations" dialog is opened without toolbar if invoked from Touch Bar while "Search Everywhere" was opened
BugIDEA-127973Ctrl+Click doesn't work for multiple selection in Changes | Log, File History
BugIDEA-201284Linux Native Menu Bar: main menu is not available if the detached editor has focus
BugIDEA-199508New Search Field: replace clean icon with close one
BugIDEA-204015IllegalArgumentException because event getcomponent is null (from TrayIcon)
BugIDEA-204831On IDEA restart 2 projects are opened while when IDEA was closed only one project was opened
BugIDEA-204130Find usages -> Export to Text background does not match font colour
BugIDEA-202749Missing mnemonics for labels
BugIDEA-186873Unpinned "Find Usages" window became closed when some control in it are pressed
PerformanceIDEA-199779Make generated icons lazy
PerformanceIDEA-199938"Compress and Show Logs" works on UI thread
PerformanceIDEA-20434130s hang inside DeferredIconImpl
UsabilityIDEA-197044Run configuration doesn't fit the screen
UsabilityIDEA-167451file chooser dialog: can't definitely say which icons are grayed and which are wnot
UsabilityIDEA-202513'Evaluate' window always shows on a fixed size and location.
UsabilityIDEA-180216Image viewer zooms in wrong direction on scroll wheel
UsabilityIDEA-203571Disabled icons on status bar should support LAF changes
UsabilityIDEA-203577Update tool window modes menu
CosmeticsIDEA-203829Analyze actions shows "Include test sources" option even if there are no tests in the project
CosmeticsIDEA-204690Mojave: low contrast menu selection background
CosmeticsIDEA-200555Icons in the Apply Patch dialog are not updated
CosmeticsIDEA-184165Startup splash screen progress bar is not centered
CosmeticsIDEA-199007Incorrect progress dialog border rendering
ExceptionIDEA-203132NullPointerException occurs on entering Presentation mode
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-205209[a11y] instant rename popup ignores default enter
BugIDEA-196425Activating minimized window doesn't bring it to the foreground
User Interface. Action SystemBugIDEA-202541Replacing an action via unregisterAction/registerAction may not update references in action groups
BugIDEA-202598Remove action from all action groups when ActionManager.unregisterAction is called
ExceptionIDEA-203236Throwable occurs when accessing "Run Anything" via shortcut
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-202228NPE at com.intellij.ide.ui.laf.darcula.ui.DarculaProgressBarUI.paintDeterminate
BugIDEA-200457ComponentValidator doesn't work with EditorTextField
BugIDEA-204186IDEA lost mnemonic for 'File-eXit'
CosmeticsIDEA-201120Cannot Run Git popup contains Configu link instead of Configure
CosmeticsIDEA-202283Plugins UI: Top border of "Back to Plugins" button is cut
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-187615VCS tool window loses focus when file is selected from History dropdown list
BugIDEA-194482Focus lost from main pane after swithcing tabs with keyboard (Alt+Right)
BugIDEA-203154Focus lost when some tab is closed in Version control toolwindow
User Interface. Keyboard InputBugIDEA-203999Double CMD doesn't show tool windows
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-202248Color Scheme reverts to Darcula from light color theme after restart if IDE theme is Darcula
BugIDEA-203934Icons become of a Darcula theme after restarting IDEA with "High Contrast" theme set
BugIDEA-200158High Contrast Theme: Menu bar and popup menu items are not highlighted when selected after restarting IDEA with "High Contrast" theme set
BugIDEA-185124Project Structure dialog doesn't change theme properly
BugIDEA-201938High Contrast Theme: UML diagram window is still grey for contrast scheme
BugIDEA-159315Black text on dark background in 'Rename File' dialog box. (Dracula theme)
BugIDEA-204746No border between 'Shelf' toolwindow content area and toolbar
CosmeticsIDEA-204282Tree in "File and Code Templates" has grey background when "High Contrast" theme is applied
TaskIDEA-203153Support old color key names
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-154117Cannot bind Alt+S to an action
UsabilityIDEA-204424Confusing representation of items without a group in go to related symbol popup
UsabilityIDEA-199661Results in "Search Everywhere" are delayed
ExceptionIDEA-200357'Quick Documentation' action fails with exception
User Interface. Project ViewFeatureIDEA-200471File nesting not happening when file name is equal to configured file suffix
BugIDEA-204918File nesting doesn't work with .java files
BugIDEA-203616Update in Resource Bundle makes the file explorer to close the Resource Bundle folder
ExceptionIDEA-204840StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on Enum file opening when "Structure.Show Inherited" enabled
ExceptionIDEA-203552CancellationException at org.jetbrains.concurrency.AsyncPromise.cancel
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-182234VCS code analysis: specify exactly how many files contain problems
FeatureIDEA-167703Shelf deletion should support undo instead of confirmation
FeatureIDEA-200561VCS Annotations: add mode to show author initials instead of full name
FeatureIDEA-203130Allow to apply shelved changes without removing them from shelf by dragging corresponding changelist to 'Local Changes' tab while holding Ctrl
FeatureIDEA-202946Show History for selection should work for the caret position
FeatureIDEA-177606Use more relaxed heuristics to mark cherry-picked commits
BugIDEA-205302'Clean Unshelved Changelist' - Option button has no default option
BugIDEA-201084'Group By' button doesn't work in Apply Patch dialog
BugIDEA-148109A file ignored via .gitignore is shown as modified in 'Local Changes'
BugIDEA-205331Cancelling pre-commit code analysis leaves all local changes in stash/shelve
BugIDEA-204713Deadlock after switching git branches (with kotlin)
BugIDEA-202099Shelve tab automatically closed if delete last shelve even if there are items in Recently deleted
BugIDEA-179602Workspace should not be restored is a branch is not checked out
BugIDEA-170942Scope background color is not shown for files that do not have VirtualFile
PerformanceIDEA-201408ChangesViewManager's tree builds itself in EDT causing performance problems
PerformanceIDEA-205332Pre-commit code analysis stashes all roots in the multi-repo project
UsabilityIDEA-93999Don't show modal "add files to VCS" dialog when files being added are project files
UsabilityIDEA-192682Can't drag&drop several files from 'Shelf' tool window to the 'Local Change" tool window
UsabilityIDEA-138130Make 'vcs changed' popup scrollable for much code
UsabilityIDEA-204999Preview diff is too wide if file path is long
UsabilityIDEA-195646'Local Changes' tree shows module names instead of directory names if 'Group by: directory' is selected
CosmeticsIDEA-203839Change 'Unshelve changes' dialog button rename
ExceptionIDEA-180971java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: Cannot get ChangeListManager component state
ExceptionIDEA-201711Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertReadAccessAllowed
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-190870Cherry-pick only some of the files from the selected commit
FeatureIDEA-193870Set GIT_OPTIONAL_LOCKS for IDE operations
FeatureIDEA-116425Ignored files and folders should indicate that they are ignored
FeatureIDEA-139940Force push could be made a bit safer with --force-with-lease option
BugIDEA-200208Git: the set custom shelf location should be considered on .gitignore generating
BugIDEA-200432VCS: deleted previously generated .gitignore file will be recreated anew after opening project again
BugIDEA-200433VCS: gitignore not always created after new project creation
BugIDEA-200354unwanted .gitignore created
BugIDEA-204694IO changes: Outgoing commits are not shown when local and remote branch names do not match
BugIDEA-200486"This file doesn't belong to the project" warning for .gitignore file in the project
BugIDEA-170013Git Native SSH with passphrase fails with Permission denied
BugIDEA-205297java.lang.NullPointerException at git4idea.checkin.GitCheckinHandlerFactory$MyCheckinHandler.getSelectedRoots(GitCheckinHandlerFactory .java:368)
BugIDEA-200211Git: if the project files are located not in the project root, but in some subfolder, the .gitignore is generated incorrectly
BugIDEA-199581Diff opened in a separate window takes forever to complete when cherry-picking
UsabilityIDEA-174119Git -> Add option should execute git add for all selected files
UsabilityIDEA-155587Git action "Checkout with Rebase" has counter-intuitive name
UsabilityIDEA-201596Don't add unrelated entries to automatically created .gitignore file
CosmeticsIDEA-203057Unify wordings in 'GitHub Pull Requests'
Version Control. GitHubFeatureIDEA-202764Add Open on GitHub option to annotations in diff dialog of older revisions
BugIDEA-198120Cannot create github token when one with the name already exists
BugIDEA-201720Multiplr Github accounts: can't clone from the accessible host while another configured one can't be reached
BugIDEA-200881GitHub: Cannot view a PR on GitHub Enterprise 2.12 or older
BugIDEA-203744"Checked Out Branch pull/xxx" popup displayed even when no branch is checkout
UsabilityIDEA-200690Git: Pull Requests Browser: can't autocomplete suggested search query
UsabilityIDEA-200441Git: "Сhoose Github Account " dialog size is not remembered
Version Control. LogUsabilityIDEA-160441Better name for Log tabs & tooltips
ExceptionIDEA-200875NPE at com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.render.GraphCommitCellRenderer$MyComponent.getFontMetrics
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-130035Mercurial - move refactoring bugs
BugIDEA-203079Add project files to Mercurial
TaskIDEA-203152Update incoming / outgoingChangesOn icons for HG
Version Control. SubversionExceptionIDEA-202460NFE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.commandLine.CommandUtil.parse
XMLBugIDEA-199694XML reformatting does not preserve line breaks when the comments are at the end of the file
BugIDEA-194155"Collapse empty tag" quickfix deletes non-empty inner tags in XML file
BugIDEA-170206'Collapse empty tag' intention breaks code
CosmeticsIDEA-204273Outdated version of the Xerces library in
ExceptionIDEA-128571AIOOBE at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl$ElementStack.popElement
i18nBugIDEA-179376Almost all items from refactoring menu is unavailable for Resource Bundle in Project Tree
BugIDEA-179972Subgroups properties names changes when you select group node
BugIDEA-179977The properties keys names should be in full format in Resource Bundle Editor when "Group by Prefixes" button is not pressed
ExceptionIDEA-180097NPE on deleting Resource Bundle
No subsystemFeatureWEB-36697Add support for SVG properties to W3C CSS validator
FeatureWEB-34725Angular: provide navigation and content assist for selectors in [ngClass]
FeatureWEB-11807Feature: Folder templates for new projects
BugWEB-35806Prettier: plugin does not format code with 1.5.2 prettier version
BugWEB-35483Invalid window order for filechooser in window "Run Gulp/Grunt/npm Task"
BugWEB-35729So called "Smart Paste" escapes valid code blocks making them invalid in Javascript.
BugWEB-36034##teamcity log messages when run mocha tests
BugWEB-36639New project template is only visible after the IDE restart
BugWEB-36051JSX: no parser recovery on an opening "<"
BugWEB-36646Please add "parallelize" to the default dictionary
BugWEB-36306Welcome frame missing Create New Project action link
CosmeticsWEB-35701Crosslined description in confirmation dialog.
CSSFeatureWEB-30704@apply is deprecated and only supported by PostCSS, use more lenient parsing
BugWEB-35011Sort CSS properties: correctly move the end of line comment together with the property
BugWEB-27101::slotted(*) css pseudo-element is highlighted red
BugWEB-27632Bad scope for CSS resolution in Angular Templates
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-36577Cannot insert new lines in multiline string in coffeesript
DartFeatureWEB-36421Feature: allow to limit the scope of the Dart Analyzer with the current package
FeatureWEB-35830Dart code folding does not support optional `new`
FeatureWEB-23645Show package info in Dart code completion.
BugWEB-17258Dart SDK is not configured after updating Dart
BugWEB-35257Preference dialog filtering doesn't work for the 'Show closing labels in Dart source code' option in Community Edition
UsabilityWEB-28503Possibility to specify Dart Dev Server port for a Web app to facilitate using local storage such as indexeddb
DebuggerFeatureWEB-35737npm script debugging not supported without $NODE_DEBUG_OPTION argument
BugWEB-35467Step into nodejs core modules opens virtual file
BugWEB-34213javascript debug insists on using Chrome Canary, rather than my release Chrome 68
BugWEB-27620Node.js: Don't display variables that went out of scope while debugging
BugWEB-35608Imported objects are undefined in the locals view in tests (vue / ts)
BugWEB-36660Debugger: empty library file is opened
BugWEB-35502Jest: debugger hits the wrong line on debug session restart
BugWEB-36462Background is blinking in debugger console
PerformanceWEB-35886Out of memory after debugging my Angular app for awhile
UsabilityWEB-36785Show warning when specifying hostname in the "Host" field of "Attach to Node.js/Chrome" remote debug configuration
ExceptionWEB-36682UnsupportedOperationException when call 'Pause output'
ExceptionWEB-36540BufferOverflowException when drag console outside IDE
ExceptionWEB-36460ObjectNotDisposedException when create @angular/cli project
HTMLFeatureWEB-9469Alphabetically sorting of attributes in html and css (inline css)
FeatureWEB-2192References guide in html and css
FeatureWEB-27624Code inspection does not scan for deprecated HTML attributes.
FeatureWEB-5087Suggest more relevant tag names and remove delay
FeatureWEB-32621Update HTML documentation
FeatureWEB-16881Create inspection to look for deprecated HTML 5 tags and attributes.
FeatureWEB-36403Show SVG elements only inside svg tag in HTML files
FeatureWEB-34660Navigate | Symbol should search for HTML tags by id.
BugWEB-36179HTML code style arrangment with order by name order does not rearrange all elements
BugWEB-36779HTML Documentation: invalid symbols in the description text
BugWEB-23008HTML5 documentation: "W3C website" links to old HTML4 specification in HTML5 file
BugWEB-34763MathML tags should not be available in the completion list outside <math> tag
BugWEB-32620HTML documentation: remove links to SitePoint
BugWEB-35193HTML5 Outline shows <td> elements
JSONFeatureWEB-36467JSON: show schema conflict notification for widget, get rid of editor notification bar
FeatureWEB-34933Suggest schemas from schema catalogue and schema schemas in "$schema" completion
BugWEB-36429JSON: Don't show object/array default values in completion
BugWEB-31887"Wrap with double quotes" without effect ("JSON standard does not allow such tokens")
UsabilityWEB-36420Branch dropdown position changes
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-36338Use file name as a suggested name for class/enum/interface
FeatureWEB-33449Intention actions and refactoring to replace code by destructuring
FeatureWEB-12157Add 'Join subsequent variable declarations' intention
FeatureWEB-35775Support 'globalThis' ESnext proposal
FeatureWEB-36737ES6: show blacklist settings (Do not import exactly from) in UI
FeatureWEB-30826TS 'Type mismatch' errors should show quickfix to update type when available
FeatureWEB-36316Code completion for 'switch' cases
BugWEB-36781'Safe delete' is not that safe: should extract side effects
BugWEB-36298Semantic highlighting doesn't work for `let` and `const` passed as arguments
BugWEB-32941Unresolved variable Node
BugWEB-36742Auto completion with named alias is not working correctly
BugWEB-35673Extra item in Structure view if file contains @Component
BugWEB-35454No matching brace/bracket/parenthesis highlighting when ...
BugWEB-36011Flow 'typeof' syntax allows parens, but WebStorm doesn't
BugWEB-36012TypeScript/Flow arrow function return type annotation allows parens, but WebStorm doesn't
BugWEB-36395Completion for React utility types
BugWEB-34153Broken code after pasting a fragment with escaped symbols
BugWEB-28792Add Google Closure like destructured parameters of function in JSDoc
BugWEB-26037Autocompletion gets confused when imported ES6 classes have the same name
BugWEB-36041Some refactor actions should not be available for throw expressions
BugWEB-35892Symbols from CommonJS module are not resolved when ternary operator is used for the exported value
BugWEB-30919Quick Documentation thinks that variable is tag name
BugWEB-36193Destructuring is not fully supported in control-flow analysis
BugWEB-34036Broken copy/paste of escaped characters inside strings
BugWEB-36241'Remove unused local variable' behaves incorrectly with array destructuring
BugWEB-36477Module members are not resolved when using @module + @memberof
BugWEB-33767\u not escaped when pasted into js string
UsabilityWEB-35652Accelerators in JavaScript run/debug configuration
UsabilityWEB-35838'new Javascript file' attaches .js extension after .mjs
CosmeticsWEB-36186"Must be lvalue" instead of "ReferenceError: invalid assignment left-hand side"
CosmeticsWEB-36414Update icons used in completion for methods that could be overriden
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-36263Wrong indentation in jsx & tsx files after self closing tags
BugWEB-35831JSX Body tag wrong indentation
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-36150Angular - inspect type of expressions result
FeatureWEB-23865Angular2 Class binding [class.special]="isSpecial"
FeatureWEB-35435Improve handling of Angular entities
FeatureWEB-35156Language completion for script and style tags in Vue templates
FeatureWEB-36662Support canonical attribute names completion
FeatureWEB-36071Angular - provide completion for attribute bindings
FeatureWEB-36240Related symbol action for Angular components
BugWEB-36002WebStorm doesn't recognize (focusin) or (focusout) event bindings in Angular templates
BugWEB-36386slot-scope not recognized
BugWEB-31288Editor > Code Style > HTML "Add for JSX attributes": None Doesn't Work
BugWEB-34821No inspection for undefined symbols in pipe expressions.
BugWEB-35197Angular: CSS selector marked as unused if it's used in [ngClass]
BugWEB-36652Enable auto imports for JavaScript symbols in .vue files
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-36805Inspection and quick fix to move a variable closer to its usage joining with the initializer
FeatureWEB-36319More inspections related to 'switch' statements
FeatureWEB-36229Add Inspection for missing switch statement cases
FeatureWEB-36124Enable and improve JS inspections "Pointless bitwise expression", "Shift operation by inappropriate constant" and "Incompatible bitwise mask operation"
BugWEB-34239Not possible to suppress inspection in class decorator
BugWEB-35461Inspections: "Missing required 'alt' attribute" gives false positive in the Vue.js files
BugWEB-36832Quick fix for 'no default branch in switch statement' is not displayed
BugWEB-36452"Condition is always true" false positive for result of local arrow function
BugWEB-34810False positive "unused function" with <a href="javascript:functionName()" />
BugWEB-36304False positive: 'arguments' not allowed
BugWEB-36236Suppressing several inspections for one line adds comments in several lines
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-33422Destructuring should be used where possible ('Convert parameters to object')
FeatureWEB-22569ES6 convert var to let/const inspection/intention: support destructuring operator
FeatureWEB-34162Add an intention action to quote/unquote object literal properties
FeatureWEB-36724Add intention to convert between indexed and dotted object notations
FeatureWEB-26313ES6 refactorings: convert promises to async/await
BugWEB-36358Split OR'ed if produces corrupt output
BugWEB-35909Inline Function: (Typescript) nested "return" statement of inner anonymous function is lost
BugWEB-35588'Convert to field holding arrow function' removes decorators from class
BugWEB-36814'Split into declaration and initialization' produces incorrect code
BugWEB-36633Webstorm goes unresponsive when trying to extract a variable using ` cmd + option + v `
BugWEB-36630Typescript extract parameter in arrow function doesn't affect call site.
BugWEB-33350Fix focus in 'Change signature' dialog when shown from quick fix
BugWEB-36088On Refactoring - multiple imports are added
BugWEB-36136"Extract variable" refactoring may produce incorrect code if spread operator is used
BugWEB-16853Incorrect brace insertion
LESSFeatureWEB-31443Support less 3.0 features
BugWEB-24644less-file report an error on using the literal sign '~'
BugWEB-35947Tilda-escaped import is shown as error in Less
BugWEB-36397Char is missing when renaming variable variable in less
BugWEB-34549Less function each
BugWEB-5649LESS CSS: variables with variable name are not correctly resolved
LintersFeatureWEB-35990ESLint: Use the runtime config(cliEngine.getConfigForFile) to detect which file types should be linted
BugWEB-35856'Fix current file with ESLint' doesn't replace line endings when linebreak-style configured in .eslintrc
ExceptionWEB-36681NullPointerException when open file in create-react template project
Node.jsFeatureWEB-36167[NodeJS] missing field in packageJsonSchema.json
BugWEB-30960Change alignment in 'Package manager' field
BugWEB-36753'yarn install' from package.json quickfix / not installed dependencies notification should refresh parent directories
BugWEB-36819Open in browser is suggested for 'url' and 'repository' keys in package.json
BugWEB-36645Use 'bin' property from package.json to run npm/yarn
BugWEB-36650Go to definition for package name in package.json doesn't open module in project view
UsabilityWEB-36831Do not pre-configure working directory in Node.js run configuration template
Pug (ex-Jade)FeatureWEB-7901JADE: add breadcrumbs bar showcasing the nested elements like HTML & HAML have
FeatureWEB-15349Allow multi-line property lists to be indented
BugWEB-22432Support ES2015 syntax in Jade/Pug unbuffered code
BugWEB-32306Arrow functions are not supported in the script tag in Pug
BugWEB-19320Highlighting breaks for ES6/2015 tagged strings
BugWEB-35735Pug: no tags completion in block section
BugWEB-22802Pug: support ES6 template strings
BugWEB-19541Jade string formatting incorrect if /n is present
BugWEB-14174Jade: Completion: replace obsolete value '5' with actual 'html'
SASSFeatureWEB-6015Add color preview box in the left gutter for variable (containing some color value) reference (as it done at its definition)
FeatureWEB-34910Sort CSS properties (aka Rearrange) in SCSS files
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-36292Use capitalised variable name as placeholder for the extracted type or interface name
FeatureWEB-26429Generate -> Delegate Methods for ES6/TypeScript
FeatureWEB-35004Can 'Compile' action on .ts file trigger compilation on nearest config?
FeatureWEB-35849TypeScript: add explicit action to restart service
FeatureWEB-36291Make Extract TypeScript interface available for a variable holding the object
FeatureWEB-33130Vue.js: use ts service for vue files
FeatureWEB-36444Support TypeScript 3.3 merged signatures
BugWEB-36731"Introduce destructuring variable" intention. Read/write usages
BugWEB-36439Use our tooltips instead of TS service tooltips on 'this'-expressions
BugWEB-35862'Extract interface' refactoring should better handle implicitly referenced generics
BugWEB-36177`constructor` not detected as used when only used with `this`
BugWEB-36334No type keyword completion in extended class generic arguments
BugWEB-36771Incorrect result of type assignability check in TypeScript
BugWEB-36169typescript lost setting after edit field
BugWEB-36511Variables with construct signatures from libraries not shown in completion after `new` in case of multiple libs with same interface
BugWEB-34392Completion for readonly modifier after other modifiers in constructor
BugWEB-36587Cannot parse parenthesized object literal with union type inside function return type annotation
BugWEB-36726"Introduce destructuring variable" intention should have better availability
BugWEB-36619Typescript class implementing an interface method as a lambda incorrectly reports method as unused/can't find usages
BugWEB-36195Incorrect Typescript intention: "make private" on lambda
BugWEB-35760Wrong find usages for method override
BugWEB-36464Destructuring intention actions should better handle 'const' variables
BugWEB-35202TypeScript: No auto-import and completion of exported variables from js files
BugWEB-36317'Specify type explicitly' doesn't work for function/lambda expressions and also doesn't properly derive union return types
BugWEB-36412Autocomplete not work with dynamicaly evaluated types
BugWEB-29618Support partial matching of union signatures
UsabilityWEB-30634Extends/implements is not shown in completion for class expressions
TaskWEB-36160TypeScript: optimize TypeScriptGeneratedFilesStartupActivity#addFileToExclude
TaskWEB-34800Check that new TypeScript 3.1 error UX is compatible with our presentation
TaskWEB-36269TypeScript: overload support for tag functions
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-29665Missing navigation support for latest CucumberJs and for TypeScript files
FeatureWEB-36578Show test status in the gutter for both compiled and original file
FeatureWEB-22516Support cucumber step definition in TypeScript way
FeatureWEB-29620Karma plugin should support CLI args
BugWEB-36810Angular workspace: WebStorm is starting Karma tests for Protractor specs
BugWEB-36728Cucumber.js: TypeScript steps: correctly process And and But steps
UsabilityWEB-36272Add gutter icon for 'jest' in package.json
ExceptionWEB-36729Cucumber.js: TypeScript steps: correctly process asterisk step
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-7443DataGrip introspection SQL (retrieve dependencies) consumes all space in TEMP tablespace [Oracle]
BugDBE-6126Oracle 12: ORA-01652 unable to extend temp segment during introspection
IDE GeneralExceptionDBE-7613NPE at com.intellij.database.psi.DbPsiFacadeImpl.lambda$clearCachesImpl$1
User InterfaceFeatureDBE-4074Database keep project datasource visible when scrolled down
BugDBE-7659An item in DB settings list is hidden 1) at first 2) after scrolling
BugDBE-7496Dots in consoles names disappear
SpellcheckerCosmeticsWI-44927Add "endian" to spellcheck dictionary
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