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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 183.5153.4 Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-202374 Cannot open files after import setting from previous release
Bug IDEA-204321 Rider EAP not keeping terminal configuration
Compiling ProjectBug IDEA-200052 @NotNull exception thrown for parameter marked @Nullable
Bug IDEA-203265 AccessDeniedException when copying resources that are read-only
DebuggerBug IDEA-203543 Launching rubocop as external tool fails
Bug IDEA-202291 NPE in compiling evaluator
DockerBug IDEA-201807 Docker: Start/stop for a service node should work for compose files from one folder
Bug IDEA-201749 DockerCompose: after "restart" only the Log from the previous container is shown
Bug IDEA-203879 Creating runConfigs for multiple docker-compose files results in wrong commands being generated
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-204058 Enter doesn't work in line comment if an invalid todo pattern is configured
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBug IDEA-203563 Can't change "Find in Path" scope during indexing
Bug IDEA-194819 Add reactive API/event listeners for usage inclusion/exclusion in UsageView
Flash_FlexBug IDEA-204397 Adobe AIR support: IntelliJ IDEA cannot detect iPhone XS Max
GradleBug IDEA-203656 Up-to-date build script can be wrongly treated as changed
GroovyBug IDEA-201294 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using groovy.transform.Immutable annotation in Groovy classes
Bug IDEA-203850 ; not recognized as statement
Bug IDEA-203767 Groovy CompileDynamic annotation is not recognised
Bug IDEA-203569 Starting 'Groovy Console' always fails with "not available while IDEA is updating indices" error
IDE ConfigurationTask IDEA-201087 Do not log performance statistics to the console
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-203793 Inspection for Unnecessary nullability check ignores String::equals called on literal
Bug IDEA-203289 Javadoc <code>/{@code ...} inspection: might yield invalid/corrupted syntax
JavaEE. Deployment and RunBug IDEA-203047 Rerun for JavaEE server run configuration does not lead to `Update` action
JavaEE.GlassfishBug IDEA-203330 Unable to launch Glassfish 2 - IntelliJ messes up the domain.xml file
KubernetesUsability IDEA-202462 Noisy Kubernetes menu
MavenBug IDEA-201282 maven 3.6.0: NoSuchMethodError: DefaultArtifactResolver.setLoggerFactory
Packaging and InstallationTask IDEA-203997 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.11 with IntelliJ IDEA
Project ConfigurationBug IDEA-203651 Kotlin MPP (Common and JS) test source roots are not detected as source roots
SpringBug IDEA-203473 Spring Boot + Kotlin: find usages doesn't work for keys defined in referenced from @Value annotation
Structural Search and ReplaceBug IDEA-203274 Syntax highlighting does not change when changing file type
Bug IDEA-202958 try-finally without catch blocks pattern finds try-catch-finally statements
Task ManagementBug IDEA-173186 Commit message lost after cancelling commit dialog with Add commit message from Task server enabled
Bug IDEA-203337 Duplicate shortcuts in "Open Task" window
Usability IDEA-203090 Context List displays only the 10 most recent contexts
Template Languages. FreeMarkerBug IDEA-203729 Freemarker: incorrect representation of wildcard type in the variable tooltip
TerminalBug IDEA-202881 Failed to start cmd.exe
Bug IDEA-203647 Terminal settings (Environment Variables) forgotten after app restart
ThymeleafPerformance IDEA-202588 Thymeleaf plugin stuck endlessly in syntax analysis
User InterfaceBug IDEA-197444 Run Anything. Shortcut cannot be changed or disabled
Usability IDEA-179591 'Couldn't checkout. Rollback changes to not let branches diverge' message extends past screen on Mac OS X
Usability IDEA-203869 Confusing description of language level 12-preview [Java 12 good code red - switch expressions]
Exception IDEA-203174 ShortcutSet of global AnActions should not be changed outside of KeymapManager
Version ControlPerformance IDEA-203998 Do not use RemoteRevisionsCache for Git
Usability IDEA-201491 Default key binding for VCS/Git/Branches conflicts with MacOS binding
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-198143 On Linux, remote git operations over SSH hang if IDEA started via terminal (has tty assigned)
Bug IDEA-204480 Git: all remote operations fail with "execvp: No such file or directory" error
Bug IDEA-200096 New parallel multi-root fetch not working with store credential helper
Bug IDEA-169020 Exception from the VcsLogRefresher, if a Git root is unregistered in the Settings
Bug IDEA-202796 Git Remote operations do not work with Native SSH
Bug IDEA-201193 Git Fetch is fetching only the current remote
Version Control. LogException IDEA-202461 java.lang.Throwable: Skipping invalid VCS root: VcsRoot{vcs=svn, path=null}
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-202942 SVN Commit dialog hangs for a long time before showing up (since 2018.3)
No subsystemBug WEB-36109 Angular template: template reference variable incorrectly reported as unused
Task WEB-35225 Invalid built-in server certificate when using https
DartBug WEB-35878 Problem creating new Dart Analysis Server issue on github from Dart plugin
Bug WEB-35257 Preference dialog filtering doesn't work for the 'Show closing labels in Dart source code' option in Community Edition
Bug WEB-28443 "Open issue submission form?" link in Event log broken
Bug WEB-36326 Dart "assert" support
Usability WEB-14771 Custom code folding regions do not work in Dart code in some cases.
Usability WEB-35885 No need in 'Undo Reformat Code' confirmation when editing a Dart file
Task WEB-36102 Support new Dart syntax: Set literals
DebuggerBug WEB-36266 Nullpointer Electron / Node.js Debugging
Bug WEB-36185 Node.js: debugger is not attached if 'Allow taking heap snapshots' is ON unless 'js.debugger.use.node.options' is disabled
Bug WEB-36132 Regression: Debugger doesn't attach to forked process
Bug WEB-35630 node debug connector isn't listening to debug port
Bug WEB-36230 Node.js debugger breaks on the first line when using Node.js 7.x
HTMLBug WEB-34950 Add inspection: use <em> and <strong> for emphasized or special text
JSONBug WEB-36189 JSON Schemas: Validates to more than one variant gitlab extends script
Bug WEB-35997 Single quote completed with double quote in a .json file
JavaScriptBug WEB-23326 ES7: Decorating class expressions is treated as a syntax error
Bug WEB-36268 JS code completion fails for object literal property expected types
Bug WEB-36110 JS import path setting "Use relative path to root" is broken since 2018.3
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-36263 Wrong indentation in jsx & tsx files after self closing tags
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-36009 Convert to Class Component strips comments
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-31084 Node Module exporting a symbol named Promise breaks native symbol resolution
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-36238 'Change signature' fails with TS arrow functions
Bug WEB-35940 Don't suggest to rename file when renaming fields
LintersBug WEB-36164 'Fix all TSLint problems' should be available in context menu
Bug WEB-35856 'Fix current file with ESLint' doesn't replace line endings when linebreak-style configured in .eslintrc
Bug WEB-36127 Some TSLint rules are not imported if config extends 'tslint:latest'
Node.jsBug WEB-36178 Cannot auto-detect installed and hoisted package declared in a sub-project package.json
TypeScriptBug WEB-36262 typescript enum member didn't show jsdoc desc
Bug WEB-36226 Bundled Typescript causes errors in HTML (Angular Language Service related?)
Bug WEB-36244 Typescript method is unresolved when used in lambda property
Bug WEB-36373 HTML errors in angular application
Bug WEB-34865 Component prop types are not inferred when using styled-components and TypeScript generic parameters
Performance WEB-34580 TypeScript: performance problem with mobx-state-tree package
Unit TestsFeature WEB-30241 Support Cucumber.js version: 3.0.0+
Bug WEB-36362 Cucumber3+. Escape quotes in the Feature/scenario/step/file name
Bug WEB-36376 Karma: the browser is not captured automatically
Bug WEB-35919 CucumberJS output is blank - if you are not using scroll
Bug WEB-33787 Cucumber.js 4.x: wrong binary is used
Bug WEB-33601 Show jest.config.file in the Jest RC when running tests
Exception WEB-30618 ParseException when run cucumber 2 examples
PL & DDL EditorBug DBE-7481 Updating foreign key column name crashes
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