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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 183.4886.3 Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-202565 Creating live template containing annotation with value generates code with syntax error
Bug IDEA-202979 intellij idea 2018.3 does not finish scanning files to index
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-203067 InspectionElement should be public/otherwise usable, or GotoInspectionModel should not be public
Code CoverageBug IDEA-201686 IDEA sometimes hangs when clicking on gutter with coverage information
Compiling ProjectFeature IDEA-200067 Exclude test sources from module sources in artifact output layout
Bug IDEA-187185 Library index not updated when jars are replaced
Bug IDEA-202775 Build fails if the paths contain symlinks
DebuggerBug IDEA-203144 sa-jdwp: All object arrays contain only null values
Bug IDEA-202606 UnalignedAddressException during read only attach
Bug IDEA-203021 IllegalStateException from objectMirror
DockerBug IDEA-202524 Docker: Auto-expose the unknown port if added in runtime at PortBinding tab
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-186754 Code completion list is blinking after typing non-ASCII text
Bug IDEA-200049 backspace doesn't work in completion popup
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-201183 Live Template Context in Java type declarations
Bug IDEA-203120 Adding Inlay leads to code lens invalidity
Bug IDEA-203015 Wrong caret position after up/down movements in presence of both inline and block inlays
Exception IDEA-199974 java.lang.ArithmeticException at deleting after calling completion
Flash_FlexBug IDEA-127053 Adobe Air debug on Android device seems to always uninstall first
GradleBug IDEA-202918 Optimize Imports functionality deletes org.gradle.util.GradleVersion import
Bug IDEA-202844 IntelliJ 2018.3 stopped supporting Gradle Java module configuration with src and resource folder in the same folder
Bug IDEA-203058 Intellij gradle plugin issue with gradle 5, groovy and spock projects
Performance IDEA-199623 High CPU load by "DisconnectableInputStream source reader" threads when debugging gradle task
Task IDEA-203139 Update gradle icon for run configuration and for projects nodes in gradle tool window
GrailsPerformance IDEA-202875 Performance issue with code editor on a Grails project
GroovyBug IDEA-202956 Groovydoc reports illegal character for space and coma
IDE ConfigurationBug IDEA-202843 WARN - ge.ExternalProjectsDataStorage java.lang.NullPointerException
IndicesPerformance IDEA-202748 Hang during UnindexedFilesUpdater working
Internal build scriptsTask IDEA-202226 Generate links to third-party libraries in JSON format
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-203056 Autocomplete doesn't show interface public methods on its private-package implementation
Java. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-201231 IDEA fails to resolve a Java module when it's .jar file is listed twice in project roots
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-202559 "Replace with StandardCharsets.UTF_8" produces uncompilable source
Bug IDEA-201885 suppress fallthrough wrongly considered redundant
Bug IDEA-202754 "NullableProblems"-inspection gives incorrect warning on a getter that returns other field
Java. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-201419 Extract Field is not finished yet
JavaEE.JBossFeature IDEA-144621 WildFly: support https connection to the management interface
JavaEE.JettyBug IDEA-202832 Regression: Local Jetty run configuration JVM parameters are placed at wrong location in the final command line executed by IntelliJ
Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-203213 JPS from IntelliJ IDEA 183 branch fails to compile project because of missing class org.apache.maven.model.InputLocationTracker
Platform APIBug IDEA-200807 NPE caused by NonClasspathClassFinder constructor leaking "this"
Plugin DevelopmentUsability IDEA-201599 Don't show 'Version must be specified' error in plugin.xml files for plugins developed via gradle-intellij-plugin
Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-202597 View | ExternalDocumentation doesn't work for decompiled classes opened in Editor
Bug IDEA-201079 QuickDoc popup is not focused on the second "Ctrl+Q" if it was opened from autocomplete or Project View
Bug IDEA-202463 Opening external documentation for OpenJFX 11 libraries does not work
Bug IDEA-203713 QuickDoc shown on mouse move changes position or disappears after clicking on link it contains
Bug IDEA-201036 Autocomplete list moves up when opening/closing QuickDoc Tool Window
SpringBug IDEA-201137 Spring Boot: resolve classes from "Provided" Scope in config file value
Bug IDEA-202986 Spring MVC not support resolution of views written as not-inlined strings
Task ManagementBug IDEA-202675 "Open Task" dialog with empty "Create changelist" field
Bug IDEA-203220 After phpStorm upgrade when opening task it doesn't strip "[" when generates branch name causing not valid branch name error
Template Languages. FreeMarkerBug IDEA-201000 FreeMarker FTL // Support Code block folding
Bug IDEA-203096 Problem with formatting FreeMarker macros
Bug IDEA-202655 FreeMarker plugin: built-in 'first' is not applicable to 'Sequence'
TerminalBug IDEA-202821 Blank terminal
ThymeleafBug IDEA-202955 Kotlin + Thymeleaf th:each problem
User InterfaceBug IDEA-199367 IDE hangs when searching in Hebrew+English
Bug IDEA-106651 Editor Search/Replace and Find/Replace in Path: font for text input fields is too small
Bug IDEA-203350 Help | Submit a Bug Report does not work for AppCode / CLion / DataGrip
Bug IDEA-126774 Lens mode doesn't show last line
Bug IDEA-202634 ParameterInfo is now wedged in completion settings area
Cosmetics IDEA-197467 Modernize Maven Run/Debug Configuration icon
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-202496 Extension point to alter "No {0} found" text in Search everywhere contributor
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-203005 Project update over SSH fails if there are many repositories
Bug IDEA-202874 Indexing is suspended during the cherry-pick process
Exception IDEA-202533 IllegalArgumentException occurs on attempt to fetch changes from remote git repository if repository is not set
XMLBug IDEA-202642 XmlLikeFileType.isCaseSensitive has wrong name
No subsystemBug WEB-35865 node module locals are styled as globals
Bug WEB-35806 Prettier: plugin does not format code with 1.5.2 prettier version
CSSBug WEB-36018 Typescript TSX: value of "class" attribute is not recognizing as css class in 2018.3
DartBug WEB-35995 Failed to load templates during new Dart project creation
DebuggerBug WEB-36056 'Run to cursor' doesn't work in node.js debug
HTMLBug WEB-36138 "Missing associate label" error given when using aria-label
JSONBug WEB-35997 Single quote completed with double quote in a .json file
JavaScriptFeature WEB-31773 TypeScript 2.8: support jsx pragma
Bug WEB-34336 Module imports become messed up when refactoring
Bug WEB-35805 "from" identifier is treated as reserved word in export statement
Bug WEB-36010 "Object is 'null' or 'undefined'" inspection false positive
Bug WEB-36073 ES6: import from node core modules are broken
Bug WEB-36023 Buffer Static Functions
Bug WEB-35727 Improve move statement up/down with multi-line imports
Bug WEB-35786 Surround with object literal is listed twice
Bug WEB-28878 Optimizing imports messes up placement of comments if 'Sort imports by modules' is on
Bug WEB-36068 AssertionError when 'Convert parameters to arrow function' for function with optional single parameter
Usability WEB-35838 'new Javascript file' attaches .js extension after .mjs
Exception WEB-36028 'Replace || with &&' causes NullPointerException on expression with throw
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-35776 Insert space after <TypeAssertion> in TypeScript
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-36071 Angular - provide completion for attribute bindings
Feature WEB-35477 Support bootstrap-vue components
Bug WEB-35800 React+TypeScript: 'missing required attribute' error reported for required properties passed in by redux `connect`
Bug WEB-36122 'Convert to functional component' produces broken code for components in export default
Bug WEB-35851 Completion and autoimport for React components defined in JavaScript files in TypeScript files
Bug WEB-36054 Vue.js: support shards-vue components
Bug WEB-35823 Vue.js: support for <keep-alive> tag
Bug WEB-36076 some vuetify.js components dont autocomplete when used with pascal case
Bug WEB-36147 'Add import' is suggested even if component has been already auto-imported( js -> ts )
Bug WEB-36009 Convert to Class Component strips comments
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-30327 "Remove braces around arrow function" inspection is doubled when its severity is "Error"
Bug WEB-35539 "Unreachable code" inspection false positive with labeled break
Bug WEB-35750 Typescript - inspection "Remove braces around arrow function body" forces returning a value
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-35600 'Convert to class component' should produce propTypes, defaultProps as field declarations if code template contains them
LintersBug WEB-35856 'Fix current file with ESLint' doesn't replace line endings when linebreak-style configured in .eslintrc
Bug WEB-35954 Stylelint does not follow ignoreFiles configuration on Windows
Bug WEB-36164 'Fix all TSLint problems' should be available in context menu
Bug WEB-35917 Some TSLint rules are not imported from tslint.json
Task WEB-35989 Update condition for running ESLint on .vue files
Live EditPerformance WEB-36060 LiveEdit plugin causes freezes on debug
Node.jsBug WEB-35773 Relative import resolution inside a symlinked dir resolves to realpath
Bug WEB-36048 Autocompletion for "import { writeFileSy... }" imports from "node" instead of "fs"
Usability WEB-35680 node_modules folder is marked as library root after unexcluding
TypeScriptFeature WEB-21926 Provide 'Extract TypeScript interface' refactoring for object literals
Bug WEB-35881 TypeScript: do not import elements several times
Bug WEB-35906 Cannot properly evaluate parameter type if contextual type is not obviously an object type
Bug WEB-35850 Type does not behave correctly in template
Bug WEB-35936 TypeScript: intersection with never type processes incorrect type
Bug WEB-35810 Incorrect expected type evaluation for rest params
Bug WEB-35982 'public' is added to implemented object literal methods when explicit 'public' is on
Bug WEB-35937 TypeScript: typeof works incorrectly with overloads
Bug WEB-35938 TypeScript: inferred generics are not applied for default generic parameters
Bug WEB-36019 Do not add .ts file extension for filename.tsx when using New TypeScript file
Bug WEB-33906 Intellij doesn't see $any() as existing method in Angular template
Bug WEB-33645 Incorrect conversion of generic type to interface
Bug WEB-35847 Parameter info for generic arguments doesn't work for functions and generic type usages
Bug WEB-35853 TypeScript: False error for assignability to indexer type
Bug WEB-36159 TypeScript: updated bundled compiler 3.2
Bug WEB-35935 TypeScript: null types affect resolve if strictNullChecks == false
Performance WEB-35723 Slow, constantly hanging when adding file, deleting files
Unit TestsBug WEB-36101 Jest: load setup test framework file when running in watch mode
Bug WEB-35242 running tests assumes Jest supports --runTestsByPath
Bug WEB-35482 Incorrect amount of re-run tests when use @angular-builders/jest
Bug WEB-35284 Run tool window shown incorrect amount of failed re-run tests
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-7371 PostgreSQL error upon database introspection in PyCharm 2018.3
Data ViewsBug DBE-7431 2018.3 . Where did database console STOP button go?
Bug DBE-69 MySQL datetime incorrectly shows <null>
Usability DBE-7411 "Move to the opposite group" is cloning tabs with database tables
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