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You can get TeamCity plugins in the plugin repository.

Installing a plugin from JetBrains Plugins repository

Since TeamCity 2018.2, you can install plugins from the plugins repository.

  1. Go to the Administration | Plugins List page and click Browse plugins repository.
  2. You will be redirected to the repository. Find the desired plugin and click Get and then Install to http[s]://%teamcityUrl%.
  3. You will be redirected to the plugins list in TeamCity. Confirm plugin installation by click Install.
  4. To enable plugin after installation, click the plugin context menu and select Load

Installing a plugin via Web UI

 Go to the Administration | Plugins List page and upload a plugin zip from your local machine using the corresponding link.

Installing a plugin manually

Copy the zip plugin package into the <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins directory. If you have an earlier version of the plugin in the directory (though the plugin package can be named differently), remove it.

Enabling the plugin

Prior to TeamCity 2018.2, you need to restart the server to enable the plugin. If the plugin has an agent part, all the agents will be updated automatically. For plugins with the agent part only, the server restart can be skipped: the agents will be updated automatically.

Since TeamCity 2018.2, to enable plugin after installation, click the plugin context menu and select Load. The plugin will be enabled without server restart.

Uninstalling a plugin via Web UI

  1. Go to the Administration | Plugins List page, locate an external plugin in the list, click the arrow icon next to it and use the Delete option. 
  2. Once the plugin is deleted, the option to restart the server appears on the page. Click the link to restart the server and check that the plugin version is no longer listed on the Administration | Plugins List page.

Uninstalling a plugin manually

Remove the plugin package from the TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins directory and restart the TeamCity server.








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