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No subsystemFeatureIDEA-177345Find in Path: make "Show filter popup" hotkey customizible in Keymap
FeatureIDEA-132487External annotations for java third party libraries
FeatureIDEA-196706Multithread model for new SE
FeatureIDEA-198897Parameter hints: Smart argument completion should insert comma if selected signature has more arguments
FeatureIDEA-68324Add Cmd+1,2,3,4 for selecting tabs like in Chrome, Safari, Firefox
FeatureIDEA-98563Run Configurations: provide a default option for 'Single instance only' setting under Defaults node.
FeatureIDEA-127245Open all files from favorites list
FeatureIDEA-194897MacBook touch bar: add "Add configuration" button in Run/Debug configuration dialog
BugIDEA-113988Instance method call color cant be changed
BugIDEA-197994Yaml: unnecessary indentation inserted after completion of mapping node key value
BugIDEA-199063"Remove BOM" will destroy file, which has a "UTF-32 LE" encoding (where the BOM is mandatory)
BugIDEA-191258Out of memory on opening/reading SVG file.
BugIDEA-197011Sibling Inherited Methods Provider should have an option in File | Settings | Editor | General | Gutter Icons
BugIDEA-186750Indent guides often disappear
BugIDEA-202080UI components are not shown in some RC
BugIDEA-177327AltGr special characters don't work under Windows 10, instead hotkeys for Ctrl+Alt are initiated
BugIDEA-193180Selecting 'Always show FN-keys at Touch Bar' blows IntelliJ into a billion pieces
BugIDEA-192359Project Files view in CLion shows two folders as one folder named “A/B” when A doesn't have other content
BugIDEA-188262Elements with the same content are underlined when only one of them is selected by mouse
BugIDEA-197458IDEA UI complete freeze: "GotoActionModel" creates Swing components on pooled thread and causes deadlock with EDT
BugIDEA-190868Go plugin: renaming function does not update function name in project tree
BugIDEA-59397When caret is outside visible editor area, on Alt-Enter pressing intention bulb appears outside the editor frame
BugIDEA-197661Tooltip appears on a collapsed code block
BugIDEA-200322Project explorer empty
BugIDEA-198785When Plugins dialog is opened using FindAction, attempt to search in it returns empty result always
BugIDEA-197960No completion for Yaml file if caret behind ':'
BugIDEA-196173Recent files + Navigate to file interaction broken
BugIDEA-199646Input dialog should be displayed only when there is $Prompt$ in run configuration arguments
BugIDEA-193863exceptions when deleted some .xmls
BugIDEA-199415UIDefaults completion inside IntelliJ theme files
BugIDEA-199433Speed search on test is broken
BugIDEA-194273NullPointerException on finding RemoteDesktopService
BugIDEA-182889Shortcut conflict: Rerun & Refresh
BugIDEA-198853Add description for `IntelliJ Configuration Script` plugin
BugIDEA-198043NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.intellij.profiler.ultimate.async.UtilsKt exception on project creating
BugIDEA-197863JSON scheme: yaml completion - always insert ": " after completing property name
BugIDEA-201312Recompilation of several modules: compiler caches and output files are out-of-sync if compilation does not complete normally
BugIDEA-194169New SE: Keyboard shortcut settings
BugIDEA-192243Diff Window: Browsing through files by keyboard stopps working when an image cannot be loaded.
BugIDEA-192799Winp exception in the log
BugIDEA-127997Gutter changed lines regions not shown when the changed lines are "folded"
BugIDEA-148298File name match regression in version 10
BugIDEA-130726Configure global external annotations
BugIDEA-194670Memory leak in DocumentationManager
BugIDEA-194901MacBook touch bar: welcome screen bugs
BugIDEA-161033Navigate to Type Declaration -- Opens a new window
BugIDEA-181678Fix colors on tip of the day welcome screen
BugIDEA-192410Find usages doesn't stop searching on tool windows tab closed
BugIDEA-189873Run Dashboard: Del pressing in the Find box in console deletes the current run configuration
BugIDEA-192991WS doesn't keep tab positions on newlines in yml files when switching windows
BugIDEA-123363Default project language level is ignored if project is created from template
BugIDEA-198289make selecting node in NodeDescriptor-based AsyncTreeModel -ed tree less than quadratic (on tree depth)
BugIDEA-84220CTRL-F5 shortcut doesn't work in Hierarchy view
BugIDEA-201279ctrl-p ctrl-n not working as expected in Webstorm 2018.3 EAP OSX
BugIDEA-147781ColorChooser: Opacity changing doesn't affect the results
BugIDEA-198611Failed to save setting when install CLion from scratch
BugIDEA-193340Batik 1.10 breaks Xerces 2.11.0 dependencies
BugIDEA-193835IDEA starts with error Could not initialize class com.intellij.internal.statistic.eventLog.FeatureUsageLogger
BugIDEA-198409Seems AsyncTreeModel delays showing node until its children are found
BugIDEA-194890MacBook touch bar: More items button does not work in Run/Debug configurations dialog
BugIDEA-198794"2 consecutive spaces in RegExp" when one is in brackets
BugIDEA-199869"Scope" dialog's "path" section cannot be made any smaller
BugIDEA-194201On switching JDK in run configuration, 'class not found' warning is displayed for main class
BugIDEA-197869[Copyright Profiles] The hour24 property for the $file.lastModified object isn't interpreted in comments
BugIDEA-199785CloudSettings plugin doesn't work with fresh versions of IDE
BugIDEA-194877Search windows should sort results with closest match on top
BugIDEA-195058changelist rendering is blocked by some semistuporous locks
BugIDEA-200822Opening any Markdown file freezes recent IntelliJ Ultimate EAP 183.3795.13
BugIDEA-198829Can't open any files in the editor in master
BugIDEA-193544100% CPU When Memory View (Debugger tool window) is visible
BugIDEA-200619Maximized window state is not preserved
BugIDEA-200840Exception appears for opened comment after TODO
BugIDEA-201729IntelliJ EAP keeps indexing the same files over and over
BugIDEA-201580Infinite logging loop on IDEA shutdown if there's an exception during IDE close
PerformanceIDEA-194547LossyEncodingInspection allocate a lot of objects on heap
PerformanceIDEA-196408Idea 2018.2 freezes while typing if bookmark is set in library (decompiled) class
PerformanceIDEA-195495Slow external project configuration changes tracking
PerformanceIDEA-198819"Show affected tests" shouldn't traverse PSI in EDT
PerformanceIDEA-172762ProjectRootManagerComponent$1.fileTypesChanged on AWT causes 30-60s freeze
UsabilityIDEA-179037Last Edit Location List: edits performed in the diff window are not appended to the list
UsabilityIDEA-192611Debug test is harder to invoke via Alt+Enter menu
UsabilityIDEA-165834Export settings to .zip by default
UsabilityIDEA-194132Hide JSON widget for Spring Boot YAML configuration files
UsabilityIDEA-108586Launcher: can't open a project by relative path
UsabilityIDEA-200263[Run anything] Window can be resized too small
CosmeticsIDEA-194905MacBook touch bar: use buttons with labels instead of icons in Diff dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-194902MacBook touch bar: debugger improvments
CosmeticsIDEA-194896MacBook touch bar: use close icon instead of close button
CosmeticsIDEA-198288[Run Anything] Incorrect tooltip for the icon in the navigation bar
CosmeticsIDEA-194893MacBook touch bar: improve Configurations popover
TaskIDEA-195201Plugins: number of plugins on trending page
TaskIDEA-194110Turn on Run Anything action in IDEA
TaskIDEA-185056Remove pin icon from quick navigate tooltip
TaskIDEA-197845Increment year in license file
TaskIDEA-195193Plugins: implement search
TaskIDEA-186044Rework validation error popup from lightweight to heavyweight
TaskIDEA-196883Run anything: allow to provide completions variants based on the user input
TaskIDEA-180939Allow read-only mode for ExpandableTextField
Auto-reported ExceptionIDEA-191293NPE in TrackingPathMacroSubstitutorImpl.invalidateUnknownMacros
ExceptionIDEA-194957NPE on closing Project in IntelliJ IDEA
ExceptionIDEA-195911NPE: SearchEverywhereManagerImpl
ExceptionIDEA-195973NPE at com.github.markusbernhardt.proxy.selector.pac.PacProxySelector.findProxy
ExceptionIDEA-199439ISE at com.intellij.ide.hierarchy.HierarchyBrowserBaseEx.$$$reportNull$$$0
ExceptionIDEA-193478cannot share data context between Swing events; initial event count = 4939619; current event count = 4943502
ExceptionIDEA-192088Exception when starting IntelliJ
ExceptionIDEA-199921com.intellij.util.Alarm - Assertion failed: Already disposed
ExceptionIDEA-199679AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.RestartButton.lambda$null$0
ExceptionIDEA-141213IllegalStateException: This function should be called while holding treeLock at java.awt.Component.checkTreeLock
ExceptionIDEA-194581NPE at com.intellij.psi.util.PsiUtilBase.findEditor
ExceptionIDEA-200374Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.GlobalMenuLinux.lambda$handleEvent$4
ExceptionIDEA-149660IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacro
ExceptionIDEA-195827AssertionError caused by ReadAction on already disposed project
ExceptionIDEA-199825IllegalArgumentException on 'Force Step Into'
AndroidBugIDEA-197358Webp images are not opened due to 'libwebp_jni64.dylib' absence
BugIDEA-189515Unable to run Android app
BugIDEA-193964Gradle test runner outputs to console and instead creating test result toolwindow
BugIDEA-189035Project toolwindow: Android scope for non-Android projects
BugIDEA-192698NPE at .java:143)
BugIDEA-190154Smali support plugin has no useful description
BugIDEA-1967542018.2 Android sync fails but UI does not show the failed status
BugIDEA-190632Test sources are not compiled in Android project
BugIDEA-195822Android Profiler is broken in IDEA 2018.2
UsabilityIDEA-198176Android-specific actions are enabled in non-Android projects
ExceptionIDEA-198561Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.file.impl.FileManagerImpl.findFile
AntBugIDEA-173612Ant coloured output configurable
ArquillianBugIDEA-143282JBoss Arquillian + IPR project format: IAE at StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacros()
Clouds.OpenShiftFeatureIDEA-179768Support OpenShift Origin (V3)
FeatureIDEA-176760Cloud Platform Openshift: Token Authentication
BugIDEA-199187OpenShift: Project dropdown is empty, so it is not possible to save run config
BugIDEA-199186OpenShift: Parameters area is too small
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-193128Type hierarchy empty element while it is loading
BugIDEA-199212ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during Dependency Matrix Analysis
Code Analysis. DuplicatesFeatureIDEA-198256Show diff preview in inspection results for duplicate code inspection
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-173248Thread-blocking (I/O) calls detection
FeatureIDEA-49092Inspection profiles: provide possibility to create a scope from inspections dialog
FeatureIDEA-151197Apply (partial) "Redundant suppression" in the editor
FeatureIDEA-194409Need way to map inspection class name to the inspection in the inspection configuration ui
FeatureIDEA-197174Nullable inspection control flow with Objects.toString check enhancement
FeatureIDEA-129836"Run inspection by name" popup: allow access to full inspection description
FeatureIDEA-142026Add inspection for Math.min(a, a) and Math.max(a,a)
BugIDEA-157566NPE at applying quickfix 'Comment out' to unused class
BugIDEA-152262Don't report warning "private field is never assigned" for fields assigned via java.util.concurrent.atomic.Atomic*FieldUpdater
BugIDEA-200207InconsistentLineSeparators false positives on regexp values that have line-end values
BugIDEA-196200"Generate 'clone()' method which always throws exception" throws exception
BugIDEA-55886Wrong inspection and auto-fix for Arrays.asList
BugIDEA-198686Optional.get() without isPresent() on second or .max.get()
BugIDEA-181933Single regex pattern replace to illegal and not equivalent to character class
BugIDEA-194855False positive "Blocking operator in non-blocking scope" for a Flux
BugIDEA-71133Annotation method is incorrectly reported as unused when used in a same file where annotation declared
BugIDEA-27535Inspection, erroneous field "can be final"
BugIDEA-200236False positive: 'Redundant Suppression' warns for foreign suppressions
BugIDEA-89120AccessToStaticFieldLockedOnInstance inspection incorrectly fires on final threadsafe fields
BugIDEA-197029Cannot delete `javax.validation.constraints.NotNull` from list of constraints to consider
BugIDEA-99444IDEA condisers class used when it's not
BugIDEA-144891Good code is red: "Magic Constant" with Calendar.get()
BugIDEA-194226Reset inspection options in Settings isn't saved
BugIDEA-192189"Settings" button disabled in inspections result if focus is in editor
BugIDEA-194381Resolved inspection items deleted though 'Filter resolved items' disabled.
BugIDEA-199808redundant suppression: support for merged tools
PerformanceIDEA-199413Too much CPU time spent in UnnecessaryModuleDependencyAnnotator.onInitialize(RefElement) when opening offline inspection result
UsabilityIDEA-194541Remove close button from inspection result toolwindow toolbar
UsabilityIDEA-97605Serializable/Deserializable/Cloneable class in secure context inspections shall have an option to ignore some class hierarchies
UsabilityIDEA-192387Not possible to kill inspection quick fix
CosmeticsIDEA-139756Grammar error in inspection "Managed Bean Inconsistency errors"
ExceptionIDEA-194975Offline Inspection fails with HeadlessException presumably because EAP version is expired
Code CoverageBugIDEA-199411Update JaCoCo to support Java 11
BugIDEA-197615Test with coverage suddenly reports "No coverage in 'all classes in scope'"
UsabilityIDEA-192287Show full package name at coverage view
UsabilityIDEA-194483Coverage file is not monitored
ExceptionIDEA-199696Code coverage not working in IntelliJ 2018 running on JDK11
ExceptionIDEA-193071Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertReadAccessAllowed
Code Formatting and Code StyleFeatureIDEA-162495Add Java Code Style setting for Spaces -> Within -> Enum braces
FeatureIDEA-62161Multiline TODO matchers would be nice
FeatureIDEA-155090File level indentation change
FeatureIDEA-151870feature request: code style option to put a semicolon on a line after the last comma of an enum
BugIDEA-191843"Adjust code style settings" adds additional chars
BugIDEA-180049New line after javadoc block in enum.
BugIDEA-127949"Names count to use static import with '*'" setting off by one
BugIDEA-197819Imported code-style-xml scheme is not applied to unclicked tabs
BugIDEA-67968Formatter Ignores Empty Space
BugIDEA-197964Line shifting by partly reformat action
BugIDEA-183296Wildcard import for specific packages
BugIDEA-152798Names count to use static import with '*' doesn't work as expected
BugIDEA-174605Blank Lines for enum doesn't work properly
BugIDEA-190114Impossible to configure Java code style for enums that uses spaces within enum constant definition braces
BugIDEA-130575Java code style enum wrapping "wrap always" warps also end-of-line comments
BugIDEA-145538Code reformatting forces a space before the colon symbol in a Java foreach statement
BugIDEA-163103Wrong static imports order
BugIDEA-180882Code formatting doesn't remove invalid/empty Javadoc tags
BugIDEA-200800Configure indents action from the status bar should open JS code style for JS/JSX files
BugIDEA-175161Javadoc formatter joins lines incorrectly
BugIDEA-163459Arrangement has different sorting based on anoymous inner class methods
PerformanceIDEA-200803AWT EventQueue uses 100% CPU in idle when using EditorConfig
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-200584Goto symbol should allow to navigate to method overrides
BugIDEA-197278New SE: Increase search field font
BugIDEA-196545New "Go to" popup GUI: calling "Go to Class" while indexing silently shows empty list
BugIDEA-193708Navigate from enum constant to enum class if no enum constructor is available
BugIDEA-198344Editor back navigation not working as expected in TDD workflow
BugIDEA-200312UI freeze during Search Everywhere
BugIDEA-194408Exception in 3rd party plugin breaks core functionality
BugIDEA-165452Recent files should preselect first item if no editor is open in tabless mode
BugIDEA-199006Export Type Hierarchy to text file doesn't work
UsabilityIDEA-198811Quick search for classes (Ctrl-N) should prefer classes from the same module over classes in another module.
Code. GenerateFeatureIDEA-194650Do not use 'Objects.equals' for generated equals/hashCode
BugIDEA-200057IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2018.2 toString() code generation uses super class private fields instead of getters
BugIDEA-194722#macro does not work correctly in velocity templates for toString etc
BugIDEA-196896No code generation using 'implement methods' or 'override methods'
BugIDEA-198090Changes to velocity macro for generating equals/hashcode take effect only after restarting IDE
UsabilityIDEA-192185'Insert @Override' by default should be enabled in 'Generate toString()' dialog
ColdFusionBugIDEA-194382CFML: Creating Thread (cfthread) in CFScript Causes Inspection Error
Compiling ProjectFeatureIDEA-110964Introduce module sources artifact
FeatureIDEA-189693Java 9+ --upgrade-module-path is not supported
BugIDEA-192651Project compilation fails with NPE
BugIDEA-197550Incorrect IDEA compiler behavior with JDK 10
BugIDEA-184859Remove dependency from JPS on IntelliJ IDEA installation
BugIDEA-192717ClientCodeException when compiling project with Java 6
BugIDEA-196903Enabling debug level logging for build process triggers full rebuild
UsabilityIDEA-200911Show path to corrupted zip file if it causes failure while building artifacts
UsabilityIDEA-195662Command-line compilation doesn't report any progress while downloading repository libraries
ConsoleFeatureIDEA-164907Run Configuration console does not support "file:///" URL
BugIDEA-195938Unable to type TAB character in console
BugIDEA-86669Console: support ASCII backspace symbol in console view
Cucumber JVMFeatureIDEA-199659Add inspection and QuickFix for Scenario with Examples section
FeatureIDEA-188946Provide possibility to edit step definition template
BugIDEA-194159Glue for step definitions written in Java 8 is not calculated
BugIDEA-201033Unable to run any cucumber file/feature/scenario in ultimate project
BugIDEA-184133Cucumber JVM doesn't have shorten classpath option
BugIDEA-196365Don't suggest to run "All Features" on a Java package in Java module
BugIDEA-199217Cucumber expression doesn't match step def with additional JVM parameter type
BugIDEA-199218IDEA doesn't find step definition when Optional or Alternative text or Escaping used in step definition
BugIDEA-192819Cucumber for Java 8 should understand string concatenation in step definition
BugIDEA-200295StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: Can't extract (9,12) range from '"]"'
BugIDEA-199325Navigate from Parameter Type usage to its definition
BugIDEA-199326Complete Parameter Type with Template
UsabilityIDEA-191020Run tool for cucumber doen't show feature description when using an alternative language and CucumberJvm2SMFormatter
DatabaseCosmeticsIDEA-200581Hide "Scroll from Editor" button on Database tool window toolbar when autoscroll from editor enabled
ExceptionIDEA-194420Throwable at com.intellij.ide.actions.WeighingActionGroup.getAllChildren
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-186962Allow user defined Async annotations
FeatureIDEA-197758Attach to this process action
FeatureIDEA-194862Support project-specific async stack traces in remote configuration
FeatureIDEA-191508Breakpoint intentions
FeatureIDEA-168185Allow to attach to java processes started without debug agent (SAPIDAttachingConnector)
FeatureIDEA-194359Support for for Async Stacktraces in Remote JVMs
FeatureIDEA-139757Shortcut for removing all breakpoints
FeatureIDEA-181675Cross-project HotSwap
FeatureIDEA-197886Support attach to process for java 9+
FeatureIDEA-186951Caller method filter
FeatureIDEA-196669Allow to automatically restart remote debug server configuration
FeatureIDEA-199822Create extension point to provide captured stack frames by e.g. evaluation expression in debugged jvm
BugIDEA-196012Compiling evaluator does not rename variables
BugIDEA-192070Deadlock while debugging
BugIDEA-199513Attach to process (read only) does not work if it requires administrator privileges
BugIDEA-201227Unclear error reporting for sa-jdwp
BugIDEA-193400Duplicated async stacktrace
BugIDEA-192962[Mute breakpoints] option is switched off on the debug session start
BugIDEA-201267Color icon is not correct for JBColor objects
BugIDEA-94049Debugger: Return ability to set field watch point via alt+gutter click
BugIDEA-195335Incorrect rendering of partially visible lines in Debugger Variables window
BugIDEA-144955Add Field Watchpoint context menu is missing
BugIDEA-198704Debugger frames don't navigate to sources if they were added after session start
BugIDEA-199236JDWP: some debugger features incorrectly disabled when debugging android.
BugIDEA-192798[Breakpoint intentions] [Stop/don't stop in the class] correct filter was added using intention, but it doesn't filter anything
BugIDEA-192430Breakpoint intentions [Stop/don't stop in the class] parent class is displayed instead of caller class
BugIDEA-198388Dragging breakpoint clones it instead of moving
BugIDEA-189504Breakpoints View is bugging in debug view
BugIDEA-199545Cannot re-attach to restarted process
BugIDEA-156500Debugger does not stop at breakpoint in test with JMockit
BugIDEA-189894minor problem with horizontal scrollbar when debugging
BugIDEA-191337Select All from debug tooltip variable select code editor instead of Tooltip variable value
BugIDEA-1966462018.2 Unable to debug application server with async stacktrace instrumentating enabled
BugIDEA-193733history-paste doesn't work in debug-watches, even though it's offered
BugIDEA-187338Async stacktraces may not work with several debug sessions
UsabilityIDEA-184725edit breakpoint paste from history issue
UsabilityIDEA-198985In Debugger view, the Filter button doesn't allow toggling multiple times
UsabilityIDEA-194431Async Stracktraces for Platform.runLater
UsabilityIDEA-121159Pause Program improvement
UsabilityIDEA-200959Speed search in debugger Variables view expands nodes
UsabilityIDEA-200865[Regression] No indication that PHPStorm is connected to XDebug in Debug Tool Window
CosmeticsIDEA-184429Evaluate dialog: Evaluate button takes focus when code fragment is expanded to multi-line mode
CosmeticsIDEA-198903[Floating debug tool window] when debugging run configuration, dropdown list with threads in Frame view is not shown at first step
CosmeticsIDEA-192172Text in "Evaluate and log:" field is too small in Presentation mode
TaskIDEA-195192Update debugger icons
ExceptionIDEA-201303Exceptions are thrown when the process you are attached to is stopped
Debugger. Memory ViewBugIDEA-179172Strange behavior in memory view search field on mac
DecompilerCosmeticsIDEA-196314Decompiler produces extra semicolon in empty catch block
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-101663Allow option to ignore whitespace in three way merge
BugIDEA-194913Zoom is broken in Diff for images
BugIDEA-193373Diff in Commit Changes: cannot resize TTF preview below some limit
BugIDEA-195754Wrong hint in diff window for function params
BugIDEA-197927VCS: Diff: Unified-viewer renders empty line in the wrong place if 'ignore imports and formatting' is enabled
BugIDEA-187715Local history ignore encoding settings and show wrong diff.
UsabilityIDEA-195517'Yours' and 'Theirs' columns are not resizable - could not see full branch name
UsabilityIDEA-110057Can't change keymap shortcut for "Compare Next File" in diff view
UsabilityIDEA-182230VCS "visual merge" window: don't ask "Are you sure" if there was no changes
UsabilityIDEA-90565Diff View:git: do not show LF|CRLF when I have option "automatically convert line separators" on
UsabilityIDEA-46059Version control: the clickable area of "Deleted" editor mark is shifted
UsabilityIDEA-197588Text in Comparison/files view does not wrap in narrow window ("Difference between current working tree ...")
UsabilityIDEA-191716"Cancel Visual Merge" dialog is shown even with no modifications when pressing Esc
CosmeticsIDEA-194881Rename Files Merged with Conflicts as it is confusing to users
DockerFeatureIDEA-175476Add option to wrap words in docker logs
FeatureIDEA-153443Base directory for Docker deployment
FeatureIDEA-174228Docker: Add Run and Build actions into the Editor Context menu for dockerfiles
FeatureIDEA-186877Docker. Support --runtime command line option
FeatureIDEA-194585DockerCompose: Editor. Provide possibility to run service/services by keyboard actions and from the context menu
FeatureIDEA-150690Docker - add --rm option
FeatureIDEA-192030DockerCompose. Display auto-assigned ports for docker containers
BugIDEA-187895Docker: Don't add the tabs from the previous run to the new container
BugIDEA-192393Dockerfile "cannot resolve stage" with valid --from syntax
BugIDEA-188077DockerCompose: Stop doesn't work if node contains any container not from the deployed compose file
BugIDEA-164756Docker log tabs added with each new run
BugIDEA-200116Docker: it should be possible to run compose after "down" all the conflict apps with the same names.
BugIDEA-180157Docker Run configuration : replace JSON file with explicitly listed options in CLI format
BugIDEA-194041Number of Attached Console tabs keeps increasing with every container launch
BugIDEA-201513Docker-compose: call `restart` instead of `up` when already running service is relaunched from the gutter
BugIDEA-196690Volume mounting doesn't work on Windows using Linux containers
BugIDEA-199410NPE while selecting "pull image" from docker tool window
BugIDEA-158217Docker: stop and delete old container after redeploy, even if container name is not set
BugIDEA-200684Docker: "Path to compose file required" at running services without established docker connection.
BugIDEA-199274DockerView: NPE at choosing a service without published ports
BugIDEA-178932Docker: "dockerfile detection" description in event log/balloon: the link doesn't work
BugIDEA-200763DockerCompose: "Run" by click on service gutter doesn't work if there is no "docker" server
BugIDEA-196083docker-compose: wrong inspection at mem_limit option value in case of the string form instead of the integer
BugIDEA-194659DockerCompose: impossible to run docker-compose run configuration
BugIDEA-154034Focus on new tab after exec action
BugIDEA-194072Dead `--rm` container shown as not removed from the IDE view
BugIDEA-194227Docker: DockerView, Log tab: multiple toolbars at resizing
BugIDEA-194871Docker: Provide an inspection error for "rm" in the "Command line options" field if it is not applied
BugIDEA-193893DockerCompose: can't choose services for the attached yaml
PerformanceIDEA-189747Docker loads YAML file AST when computing icon
UsabilityIDEA-180791Docker: improve UI for Run/Build actions from Dockerfiles
UsabilityIDEA-187260DockerCompose. Yml. Display more usable information after folding a "service" and "services"
UsabilityIDEA-194040Typing in Attached Console is very slow
UsabilityIDEA-163754Docker. Container, Exec menu item. Set focus on the command line after Exec-> bash
UsabilityIDEA-155346Docker. Container tabs. The focus is not on the new tab if we perform any command two times.
UsabilityIDEA-155340Docker. Add possibility to "inspect" for images.
TaskIDEA-179297Remove dependency on java-impl from Docker plugin.
TaskIDEA-193122Docker: migrate to docker-java to v3.1.0
TaskIDEA-195394Docker plugin API: provide support for debugging non-Java applications
ExceptionIDEA-193603Docker: IllegalOptionException at saving run configuration with a folder instead of the Dockerfile
Editor. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-199722Can I make the live template appear at the top of the code completion list?
FeatureIDEA-192382Override unused imports when adding class with same name
BugIDEA-198968Idea smart completion suggests non-accessible constructor
BugIDEA-193689IDEA logs of EAP version have eaten all free space of a /home - threaddumps
BugIDEA-180723Parameter name hints completion: incorrect hints are shown in case of nested call (i.e. method call using as argument value)
BugIDEA-193509Unintended code completion list pops up when typing non-ASCII strings
ExceptionIDEA-193362java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not in a typed action at this time
Editor. Color SchemesFeatureIDEA-193070"Syntax highlight > Language defaults > Parameter" should have option to inherit from "Identifiers > Default" since it's Identifier
BugIDEA-197528Color scheme editor ConcurrentModificationException
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-196006Link for files in JavaDoc generation output
FeatureIDEA-195733Show parameter hints for enum constructor
FeatureIDEA-123328When positioned on break/continue, highlight for/while/do it breaks out of
BugIDEA-193695Quick Definition (Option+Space) writes a space character if it does not work
BugIDEA-194978Mouse navigation & tooltips handler: take inlay hints into the account
BugIDEA-195416Join lines over arithmetic operations should preserve order
BugIDEA-196224Parameter Info bubble (CTRL-P) disappears immediately if invoked after first dot
BugIDEA-194685Add builtin soutv postfix template
BugIDEA-201625Text jitter in editor when tabs are used for indentation (on a fractional-scale monitor on Windows)
BugIDEA-195183Inspection's tooltip shouldn't appear when the cursor stays on a hint
BugIDEA-198113File | Export to HTML: line numbers are displayed incorrectly when enabled
BugIDEA-186110Esc doesn't close in-editor search during indexing
BugIDEA-194649On navigation to a search result target location is not centered in editor
BugIDEA-190611Unable to turn on parameter hint for all cases
BugIDEA-189671Editor loses caret (thus focus) after closing one of the two splits using Close (Ctrl+F4)
BugIDEA-197276Adding external annotation into .class file breaks syntax highlighting
BugIDEA-194238Custom file types comments conflicting
BugIDEA-196505Cannot open JavaScript files
BugIDEA-171789"Last edit location" does not honor changes been made on "Commit changes" window
BugIDEA-194473Scope highlighting blinks terribly
BugIDEA-198767Caret returns to wrong position at the end of the block in java code
BugIDEA-192288Strange annoying behavior on mouse click in long file in ES6
BugIDEA-196674Escape doesn't delete all carets in string literal with injected language
BugIDEA-192919Custom file type: incorrect Expand selection if word is between backslashes (tested with in C files)
BugIDEA-192777Builder methods return hints duplication in the editor.
BugIDEA-198066RegEx. Wrong selection with double click.
BugIDEA-198893Parameter info hints: exception on undo
BugIDEA-192438Underline is always bold underline
BugIDEA-194100Code folding state resets automatically
BugIDEA-198595Last edit location does not remember changes made in Find in Path
BugIDEA-191750Expand selection (ctrl+w) doesn't work correctly for case statements
BugIDEA-194718Column selection status text is incorrect when multiple window is open
BugIDEA-198539"underscored" and "strikeout" effects not rendering
BugIDEA-193436editor component draws a typed char in editor component even if a typed handler does nothing and returns STOP
BugIDEA-192970Jump outside closing bracket/quote: doesn't work if if/while/switch statements were completed
BugIDEA-190665Caret is not repainted correctly
BugIDEA-199909'Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab' not working for method call closing parenthesis when parameter info tooltip is displayed
BugIDEA-196929Cannot copy text while IntelliJ is indexing
BugIDEA-193224Tabbing out of brackets broken when having to import a class.
BugIDEA-192328Entering a newline between a regular multiline comment and doc comment introduces stray asterisk.
BugIDEA-200103Overload switching doesn't work for vararg methods
BugIDEA-188770HTML block header sometimes doesn't disappear
BugIDEA-196967External annotations not updated when I edit the file manually
BugIDEA-194054Gutter icons of the underlying code displayed on folded region quick view
BugIDEA-192519yml and other files: Editor does not show unquoted devanAgarI unicode characters.
BugIDEA-192700Left gutter is not resized when breakpoint is removed
BugIDEA-121060Multiple carets: comment/uncomment works incorrectly
BugIDEA-197878AssertionError when inserting several lines insted of the one in multiline TODO
UsabilityIDEA-191765soft wrap for active editor switches off
UsabilityIDEA-193635Parameter hints react in a crazy way on incomplete expression
UsabilityIDEA-198598"Split line" does not work for multiline TODOs
UsabilityIDEA-197915Unable to set unix line separator for iml file
CosmeticsIDEA-186054Text cursor is reset to position (1,1) when code editor tab is dragged from primary window to new 2nd window
ExceptionIDEA-193406TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Editor is already disposed
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-195971Library source soes not match the bytecode for java.util.regex.Pattern
BugIDEA-197802Editor: highlighting for soft-wraps delimiter not always inherits background color from surrounding code
BugIDEA-199466Editor: Error highlighting isn't change on color scheme switch
UsabilityIDEA-178659Parameter name hints: automatically inserted commas are highlighted as errors
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-144708add static import adds import to inaccessible class
UsabilityIDEA-193480Unable to add annotations to parameters from the gutter icon
File SystemBugIDEA-193418Deadlock on project open
PerformanceIDEA-201455Less calls to File.isDirectory in CoreLocalVirtualFile
UsabilityIDEA-192665Annoying "External file changes sync may be slow" notification
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-69435Search for Multi-line fragment
BugIDEA-193584New SE: plugin enabling/disabling via Find Action is confusing and incorrect
BugIDEA-184743Button in "Replace in path" old dialog is called "Find" instead of "Replace"
BugIDEA-197216Regex search for \b locks up the IDE
BugIDEA-195122Find / Replace: when the size of the search field is small, it is not autoscrolled on typing or on Right arrow key pressing; cursor just goes to the invisible area
BugIDEA-177766Find In Path: regex search finds irrelevant matches if "In commets" selected in filter
BugIDEA-188646Livelock in Git commit dialog during code analysis
BugIDEA-198724New SE: Duplicated results in "Recent files"
BugIDEA-196638Rows in usage view sometimes get cropped
BugIDEA-195542Inconsistent and partial results in "Occurrences of" Find tool window tab after opening from "Find in Path"
BugIDEA-191479"Find in Path" partial results can flicker/selection is reset while the search is in progress
BugIDEA-189354"Find in path" (old style) requires 2 "ESC" pressing to close
BugIDEA-193455Cannot go from Find to Replace if shortcut was changed to Ctrl+H
BugIDEA-193329New SE: SearchEverywhere | Action (FindAction): OpenInFindWindow button should be disabled
BugIDEA-193321SearchEverywhere: on scope switching the 'include non-project items' checkbox loses its state
BugIDEA-170585Disable tooltip for regex find
BugIDEA-199986Find/Replace in Path closes immediately
BugIDEA-82930Ctrl+R (Replace) doesn't always copy the text selected to "From" box
PerformanceIDEA-19836989-second decompiler UI freeze
UsabilityIDEA-180366Find in Path from VCS | Local Changes shall pre-select the selected change list or directory
UsabilityIDEA-167955Find: `Ctrl+F` on selected word doesn't pre-select text in search field if Find bar is open
UsabilityIDEA-190270After clearing search, the cursor jump back
UsabilityIDEA-173010Rerun is greyed out in Find Occurrences, results are collapsed by default
ExceptionIDEA-193330AIOOBE at com.intellij.ide.actions.searcheverywhere.SearchEverywhereUI$SearchListModel.getContributorForIndex
ExceptionIDEA-198437NPE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.ui.filters.FilterPanel.initFilters
Flash_FlexBugIDEA-191387Flex intentions produce PSI-text inconsistencies
BugIDEA-127053Adobe Air debug on Android device seems to always uninstall first
BugIDEA-198937Strange [""] folder item as the first choice in ActionScript code completion
BugIDEA-200478Refactor->Move of static const's opens a 'Move Module Members' Dialog ...
GUI DesignerUsabilityIDEA-1840982017.3.1 IJ Forms code generator removes comment before generated code - Regression from 2017.2
GWTUsabilityIDEA-198527GWT: unnecessary 'public' modifier in generated sample project
GradleFeatureIDEA-199979When run Gradle task of unlinked gradle project use Project SDK
FeatureIDEA-196697Support starting Gradle tasks via 'Run Anything' action
FeatureIDEA-181863Display project name in editor tabs for build.gradle.kts instead of the script file name
FeatureIDEA-195798Gradle: support resources and test resources of the 'idea' plugin
BugIDEA-173737Gradle importer should be able to *not* work in headless environment
BugIDEA-200434Multiple ijinit<Number>.gradle scripts are created for sequential project builds
BugIDEA-194325Gradle project spawns additional process when debugging
BugIDEA-194703Gradle: the main build jvm options should be used when importing 'buildSrc' project
BugIDEA-193631Gradle re-import false positive
BugIDEA-178891IDEA's Gradle sync fails to download source for dependencies located in local Maven repo
BugIDEA-116898gradlew and are updated if the gradle import configured as "use customizable gradle wrapper"
BugIDEA-196489Unable to specify a port for Remote run configuration in Gradle Idea extended config
BugIDEA-196305Can't run tests using gutter run icons in gradle project when Groovy plugin disabled
BugIDEA-192927Gradle sync does not stop
BugIDEA-180158Gradle wrapper task configuration download the distribution for every project loaded instead of caching.
BugIDEA-193331Refreshing a composite Gradle 4.8 project fails with "Unable to load class 'org.gradle.composite.internal.IncludedBuildInternal'"
BugIDEA-191341Kotlin project: Intellij custom dependencies imported only after second import
BugIDEA-197121Gradle test runner not showing test results.
BugIDEA-191014Cannot Build Project and run tests when having Gradle composite project of multiprojects
BugIDEA-192947Creating gradle configuration for running tests is not recognized by test-runner
BugIDEA-180619Can't open gradle config for build.gradle.kts project
BugIDEA-197549Gradle: debugging tests starts a new Gradle process every time
BugIDEA-198917IllegalStateException in ExternalProjectsStructure
BugIDEA-193649Javadoc / sources of dependency not attached when importing Gradle 4.8 project
BugIDEA-199964Reimporting projects from Gradle leads to duplicated entries in .idea/jarRepositories.xml file
BugIDEA-195196Gradle: unable to stop import (or task running) until wrapper finished gradle distribution download
BugIDEA-162677Gradle / Tool window only appearing after reopening project
BugIDEA-199886Empty gradle projects chooser
BugIDEA-190749Application run configuration 'Before launch' doesn't work when the build/run is delegated to Gradle
BugIDEA-188755New Gradle project wizard: checked libraries/frameworks are reset when hovering Kotlin DSL build script checkbox
BugIDEA-194900Project synchronization after upgrading to Gradle 4.8.1 is broken
BugIDEA-197116Demon process with wrong version of the gradle wrapper
BugIDEA-185436Unable to pass environment variables to Gradle for delegated Application running
PerformanceIDEA-198816IDE hangs for 30+ seconds when editing build.gradle script
PerformanceIDEA-195275Project save in EDT
PerformanceIDEA-198560IntelliJ hangs on Gradle Project import
UsabilityIDEA-200703Java process forked by Gradle can not be terminated on the task cancellation if it was detached from IJ debugger previously
UsabilityIDEA-196390Post a link to Gradle Debug Configuration console to open Remote Configuration tab of the attached VM forked by Grade daemon
TaskIDEA-193409Upgrade built-in Gradle to 4.8
TaskIDEA-200093Use 'com.intellij.modules' prefix for '' module in Gradle plugin
TaskIDEA-201249Use qualified module names by default
TaskIDEA-194384Upgrade built-in Gradle to 4.10
ExceptionIDEA-198395IDE Exception is thrown when running gradle tasks, corresponding run configurations in IDE are not created
ExceptionIDEA-191756Gradle import fails with cryptic assertion if JAVA_HOME points to invalid directory
ExceptionIDEA-196597GradleTestsExecutionConsole cannot be cast to com.intellij.execution.impl.ConsoleViewImpl
GrailsBugIDEA-145433Grails: specify default VM settings in IntelliJ Grails runner
BugIDEA-117494133.193: Importing grails modules not labeled as grails enabled
BugIDEA-96490Grails View: "Autoscroll from/to Source" is always disabled after loading a project
BugIDEA-100270Unable to start Grails
BugIDEA-199076Grails View sometimes dissapears from Grails projects
BugIDEA-195891Unable to debug grails app with the command "run-war"
BugIDEA-198144Intellij 2018.2.2 Weird behavior when editing a grails project
PerformanceIDEA-196565Performance Problem in IntelliJ 2018.2
CosmeticsIDEA-162591Grails/Griffon target is always disable in 'Change View' popup in 2016.3 EAP
GroovyFeatureIDEA-188433Support for loop enhancements
FeatureIDEA-188432Support array initializers
FeatureIDEA-154469Option to generate comments at first column and add a space at comment start
FeatureIDEA-193189Support method references '::'
FeatureIDEA-200196Support Groovy 2.5 "DefaultGroovyMethods.tap"
FeatureIDEA-193165Groovy 2.5 @NamedParam annotation reports incorrect inspection error and warning when used with @NamedVariant annotation
FeatureIDEA-188428Support safe index access ?[]
FeatureIDEA-188429Support try with resources
FeatureIDEA-188424Support ! in 'in' and 'instanceof'
FeatureIDEA-188426Support elvis assignment ?=
FeatureIDEA-188427Support === and !==
FeatureIDEA-188423Support do...while loop
FeatureIDEA-88872Support additional flags when creating a Griffon application project
BugIDEA-195598Groovy Compiler runs out of memory
BugIDEA-194977Equals between inconvertible types misses `!=`
BugIDEA-79054An action to synchronize Griffon settings (Grails-like)
BugIDEA-105357Griffon: @PropertyListener annotation
BugIDEA-196801finally-statement is marked as 'ambigous code block' in Groovy-files
BugIDEA-197035In Idea 2018.2* has broken groovy type inference in closures
BugIDEA-194309Groovy 3 syntax: unresolved constructor reference using double colon
BugIDEA-197524Newlines in Groovy class definition causes incorrect inspection
BugIDEA-199763SOE on map literal in groovy
BugIDEA-195518New lines in expressions are not parsed
BugIDEA-200284IDEA freezes when editing Groovy file
BugIDEA-176643Auto-formatting may break code meaning
BugIDEA-197891Groovy Map using package as a key name reported as an error
BugIDEA-194298Groovy 3 syntax: problems with try-with-resources statement parsing
BugIDEA-198667Newlines in Groovy class generic definition causes incorrect inspection
BugIDEA-194761Bad code green: slashy string after (triple-) double quoted string
BugIDEA-194880Good code yellow: cannot apply slashy string literal to argument
BugIDEA-196301"Ambiguous code block" error in Grails .groovy service file
BugIDEA-69920Support additional imports added by the Griffon compiler
BugIDEA-199789Spread attribute is not parsed correctly
BugIDEA-194061Formatter: "New line after '('" in "Method call arguments" setting is ignored
BugIDEA-200480"Ambiguous code block" error triggered by line break in synchronized() blocks in groovy files
BugIDEA-197103List != Map
BugIDEA-185208GroovyUnusedDeclaration doesn't recognize "unused"
BugIDEA-72408Grails : Run Target Ignores Xmx
BugIDEA-97130IDEA cann't debug Griffon integration tests
BugIDEA-84870Griffon plugin support seems to be missing
BugIDEA-188125Why this groovy script would not be correct formatted?
BugIDEA-195269Formatter: first command argument is incorrectly wrapped
BugIDEA-194375Wrong unassigned variable highlighting
BugIDEA-197305NoReadAccessException while running GroovyImportOptimizerRefactoringHelper
BugIDEA-94859Plugin/Addon descriptors should be visible in Griffon view
BugIDEA-194317Wrong inspection reporting assignments with incompatible types
BugIDEA-192450Can't use Groovy-Eclipse compiler on JDK9
BugIDEA-192435Inserted FQN is not shortened in class body
BugIDEA-69867Support services as an artifact type in Griffon projects
BugIDEA-196410Good code red: "cannot assign string to char" in parameter initializer
BugIDEA-195296New line before elvis operand is not parsed correctly
BugIDEA-193040In groovy class in bracket construction don't work static fields and constants from interface in 2018.2 EAP
BugIDEA-198119GroovyDoc format: adds unnecessary space around brackets
BugIDEA-195535groovyc cannot compile groovy code: groovy version 2.0.1/java version 1.6
BugIDEA-192360Unnecessary semicolon inspection: necessary semicolon is highlighted
BugIDEA-191102Refactor groovy type inference
BugIDEA-69910Griffon Services are not present in Griffon View
BugIDEA-196317Invalid the last comma only in the list of annotation argument
BugIDEA-198093Groovy editor gives error hint if a map's key contains some of java's reserved words.
BugIDEA-194446inconsistent goto
BugIDEA-194906Where-table formatting does not work properly in Spock tests
BugIDEA-194587Method call is parsed as type cast
BugIDEA-193285Groovy Slashy String beginning with equals character '='
BugIDEA-173503Formatter: "New line after '('" in "Method declaration parameters" setting is ignored
BugIDEA-134928Groovy: correct space formatting for : in assert
BugIDEA-193778ExternalProjectServiceTest.groovy has red code but it runs without problems
BugIDEA-194503False-positives for increment / decrement operators in "Change to operator" inspection
BugIDEA-194505Quick Definition action does not work on properties in completion dialog while it works on the same property in the editor
PerformanceIDEA-194165IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 EAP freezes forever
PerformanceIDEA-193193Typing Groovy code lags/sluggish as compare to Kotlin.
UsabilityIDEA-194879No completion for do/while keywords
TaskIDEA-196870Remove Griffon project support
TaskIDEA-198062Resolve problem in bundled JDK
ExceptionIDEA-194301AE at org.jetbrains.plugins.groovy.lang.resolve.processors.GroovyResolverProcessorBuilder.computeKinds(Gro
ExceptionIDEA-192905Groovy stubs serialization exception
HibernateBugIDEA-198104Cant change file type of *.hql in IntelliJ 2018.2
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-146459Provide a more convenient way of editing custom file type keywords
FeatureIDEA-152848Fresh IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 installation doesn't recognize the the exported settings file
FeatureIDEA-135447Remember settings last exported
FeatureIDEA-99671Export Settings: plugin repositories settings are not exported
BugIDEA-197838Project leak via animated icon in PluginsGroupComponentWithProgress
BugIDEA-196469NPE error on startup with initial wizard
BugIDEA-200626File and Code Templates preferences section loads infinitely
BugIDEA-189920Attribute inheritance flag in Editor color scheme is reverted on Apply
BugIDEA-198818'Annotations to copy' setting is not persistent
BugIDEA-138366Default file types configuration (extensions) is not preserved if custom plugin registers conflicting extension
BugIDEA-192064"Remove from Sidebar" is not persisted across project re-opening
BugIDEA-193029Restarting is not supported on GNU/Linux with Python 3 as the only Python interpreter
BugIDEA-200848SDK: Don't add the same SDK some times
BugIDEA-186551HttpConfigurable#getJvmProperties ignores proxy exceptions
BugIDEA-192127Launcher Script Should Use Python3 When Available
BugIDEA-194876When removing "Other" from "B" live template context, it's reset to "None"
BugIDEA-186794"Reassociate" action to change a file type association
UsabilityIDEA-193234Sort Live Template Scopes alphabetically
UsabilityIDEA-198415Option to turn off EAP channel updates entirely for stable releases
UsabilityIDEA-169751Notification in the IDE about low heap memory which clearly tells user to increase an Xmx and provides a convenient way to do it.
CosmeticsIDEA-142225File template descriptions are wrapped when shouldn't + better padding in general description
CosmeticsIDEA-199540Strange selection display when switching to "Other" tab in File and Code Template settings
TaskIDEA-196480New SE file types filters are not saved on IDE close
Configuration ProblemIDEA-195913Version Control Sidebar GUI behaviour
IndicesBugIDEA-198452Exception on Welcome screen -> Preferences -> Quit
BugIDEA-197296deadlock between FileBasedIndex Vfs Event Processor and EDT
BugIDEA-194315Spring Boot: application.yaml file opened in Editor while indexing is not recognized as SpringBoot configuration file
PerformanceIDEA-159590File-based index stamp changes when the index returns equal results for modified file
PerformanceIDEA-1852399 seconds freeze caused by non-interruptable Readlock
Internal build scriptsBugIDEA-200994Building distribution of IntelliJ-based IDEs fails on Windows because of incorrectly extracted JRE
BugIDEA-198772Testings scripts fail to start a JUnit run configuration if it uses our UrlClassLoader
BugIDEA-200988Building PHP plugin on Windows fails with "The filename or extension is too long" error
TaskIDEA-198661Bundle product information file with a product distribution
JPABugIDEA-199959Attempt to add JPA facet to module fails with UnsupportedOperationException
BugIDEA-200538JPA named query rename doesn't work in Kotlin projects
BugIDEA-198650JPA named query reference navigation works only in one direction for Kotlin
JSONFeatureIDEA-185069Kubernetes: Json. QuickHelp. Provide quick help for completion list items
BugIDEA-198593Errors reported by JSON annotator disappear only on typing
BugIDEA-195340bad JSON kills IntelliJ
UsabilityIDEA-195016Kubernetes: Json. Completion for "integer" types should be with space before comma
ExceptionIDEA-193553Error while indexing .stylelintrc
JSPBugIDEA-191271Find usages doesn't find usages in JSPs
BugIDEA-169295When merging, if page has jsp/html the tiny popup of browser icons can cover the "accept/decline" arrow icons
BugIDEA-199851Double "<" when editing a JSP
BugIDEA-198618SOE in com.intellij.psi.impl.source.jsp.el.impl.ELResolveUtil.getContextType
BugIDEA-46629Quick javadoc for .tag-files not working
JavaFeatureIDEA-135092Allow more control on how the nested classes are imported
FeatureIDEA-199888Make Postfix Template "not" more smart, replace "Optional.isPresent" with Java 11 "isEmpty"
BugIDEA-127947"Packages to Use Import with '*'" setting doesn't work for static imports
BugIDEA-94125Optimize imports on the fly option stops working when using specific inspections profile
BugIDEA-195975Optimize imports doesn't remove import which is recognized as redundant
BugIDEA-161989Optimize Imports can produce ambiguous code (part 2)
BugIDEA-195008Cannot get UImportStatement parent in Java
BugIDEA-83277Add unambiguous imports on the fly doesn't seem to work
BugIDEA-198674Wildcard Static Imports are Expanded Despite Required Static Import Name Count Set to 0
BugIDEA-199406Intellij IDEA fails to add JVM 9 or 10 if _JAVA_OPTIONS is set
BugIDEA-196649Shorten qualified class names deletes the comments
BugIDEA-192293PsiUtil.isAccessible doesn't change module dependencies
UsabilityIDEA-195730IDEA shows jetbrains annotations as inferred annotation instead of default
UsabilityIDEA-199809Don't treat 11 language level as experimental since 25.09
TaskIDEA-200277Get rid of access to package-private members in platform modules from java support modules
Java. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-161877Complete current statement doesn't work for generic types in completion
BugIDEA-193399JavaClassReference does not provide variants from imported packages on completion
BugIDEA-195936"true"/"false" keywords should have priority in completion for boolean parameters inside "if" condition
BugIDEA-45672Type inference for smart completion wrongly suggests collection type
BugIDEA-193531Completion for type parameters doesn't work with language level 9 with mismatched package name
BugIDEA-168048Constructor parameters are generated with @Nonnull annotations even though the class is annotated with @ParametersAreNonnullByDefault
BugIDEA-192209'final' modifier appeared almost in the end of autocompletion list in case of a beginning line with already defined variable
BugIDEA-193049Don't work full java class completion in parametrized method
BugIDEA-194738Inner class is suggested twice on second completion
BugIDEA-192936A final field initialized in the initialization block is not autocompleted in the constructor as a method invocation parameter
BugIDEA-187354Autocomplete for lambda expressions does not work when multiple constructors are available.
BugIDEA-194462Duplicate unresolved return type suggested
BugIDEA-195849Stale parameter popup info for overloaded method when overload is selected via Ctrl-Up/Down and then the other overload is renamed
BugIDEA-190041Smart completion doesn't work for generic array satisfying "complex" type constraint
BugIDEA-194812Bad smart completion:
BugIDEA-196034Type parameter not suggested in the middle of identifier if it's declared later
UsabilityIDEA-199935Trying to add a method to enum w/o semicolon always completes with 'toString'
UsabilityIDEA-200139Smart completion for super constructor call suggests base field
UsabilityIDEA-195668Do not show completion hints in improper context
UsabilityIDEA-199875Rank `println` higher than `print`
UsabilityIDEA-53735'Auto Import' feature lists classes multiple times
ExceptionIDEA-199491PsiInvalidElementAccessException on completion
ExceptionIDEA-192477Clicking on "Sort lexicographically" in autopopup completion with documentation leads to an exception
Java. Code FormattingFeatureIDEA-119282Remove blank line between header and package declaration
BugIDEA-192024Java formatter breaks do ... while onto a new line if it exceeds the hard limit
Java. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-53597invalid generic declaration not flagged as error
BugIDEA-193386Good code is red: Variable may not have been initialized
BugIDEA-198967A valid exception handling is marked with error (Unhandled exception)
BugIDEA-139214IDE doesn't show error for invalid Java code when class extends 2 generic types that have methods with the same name
BugIDEA-191467Bad code is green: incompatible types: cannot infer type-variable(s)
BugIDEA-140435'Implement methods' creates an override with a wrong return type
BugIDEA-156926Formerly green code should be red for JDK 9
BugIDEA-196523It shows false compilation error "no instance of type variable exist"
BugIDEA-195813IntelliJ Java Editor shows invalid error "Cannot resolve constructor"
BugIDEA-193514Bad code green: 'var' is not allowed as an element type of an array
BugIDEA-129663Invalid quick-fix suggestion when creating inexsiting inner classes
BugIDEA-194104Type inferring error (Java 10 var) in the code that was compiled successfully
BugIDEA-187250IDEA doesn't recognize dependency classes for Java 9 deprecated modules
BugIDEA-195153@Override hint error
BugIDEA-187378IDEA reports error while the file compiles OK: Cannot access java.lang.AutoCloseable
BugIDEA-195612Good code is red: annotation on an array of static inner class
BugIDEA-196642IntelliJ compiler doesn't report type inference problem like javac
BugIDEA-194839Assignment casting bug (IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 Beta-EAP 182.3458.5, Mac OS X High Sierra v.10.13.5)
BugIDEA-192037Cannot show compile errors on some specific inner class generics cases
UsabilityIDEA-199556IDE does not highlight code with compile errors for unreachable statement (Java).
UsabilityIDEA-192204Wrong error with ambiguous method reference
ExceptionIDEA-193828com.intellij.util.IncorrectOperationException: Incorrect expression '(java.util.concurrent.Callable<null>)() -> x'
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-191905Optional.get without Optional.isPresent can suggest quick fix when Optional.get returns Optional
FeatureIDEA-199044Support range analysis for boxed variables
FeatureIDEA-196019Inspection: string.startsWith("")
FeatureIDEA-199692Quickfix to delete unreachable switch branch reported by "constant conditions & exceptions"
FeatureIDEA-196805Warn about switch statement with single 'default'
FeatureIDEA-194133Highlight usages of API marked with `@ScheduledForRemoval` as errors
FeatureIDEA-182699Numeric overflow: add an option to ignore if left bitwise shift result makes number negative
FeatureIDEA-186759"assert matcher.matches()" should produce a warning about potential side effect
FeatureIDEA-197359Warn about use of SortedSet of non-comparable objects without a comparator
FeatureIDEA-192155Contract checker: highlight the relevant part of contract
FeatureIDEA-189130Inspection not compatible with Java 10
FeatureIDEA-117109Warn missing 'break' or mark on sideline all breaks of cases in a switch
FeatureIDEA-192236Support opposite expression pairs like `x == null` and `x != null` in boolean expression simplifiers
FeatureIDEA-191762"Call to a native method while locked" should have exception list
FeatureIDEA-192392Assertions which imply non-nullness should be treated as asserting non-nullness
FeatureIDEA-199167Make CreateEnumSwitchBranchesIntention a fix action for EnumSwitchStatementWhichMissesCasesInspection
FeatureIDEA-197410Idea cannot simplify the condition like "val != -1 && val > 0"
FeatureIDEA-199499Improve "Replace 'switch' with 'if'" action and make it a quick-fix for "Switch has too few branches"
FeatureIDEA-184914Object allocation in loop doesn't detect
FeatureIDEA-198983Support explicit boxing in DFA
FeatureIDEA-197892Explicitly negated Predicate::test can be simplified with Predicate::negate
FeatureIDEA-195165Non-static initializer inspection: quick-fix makes code incompilable
FeatureIDEA-195573'collectingAndThen' prevents from replacing stream with loop
FeatureIDEA-193783Inspection for Null-safe equals replacement with Objects::equals should produce weak warning by default
FeatureIDEA-200143Support compound assignment in dataflow
FeatureIDEA-136761Inspection to locate duplicated expressions
FeatureIDEA-199625Support of Java11 Optional#isEmpty method
FeatureIDEA-199626Suggest Java 11 Pattern.asMatchPredicate() instead of x -> pattern.matcher(x).matches()
FeatureIDEA-194861Suggest to replace Objects.equals with direct equals call for non-null object
FeatureIDEA-194394Suggest simplification for String.join with Stream as argument
FeatureIDEA-195819Add AssertJ's WithAssertions to inspection "Junit test method without any assertions"
FeatureIDEA-167328Add check that MethodHandles for abstract methods are illegal
FeatureIDEA-199811Ability to extract statements from while condition and if condition/return/lambda with &&-chain
FeatureIDEA-195068Map.entrySet().stream().map(Entry::getKey) can be simplified
FeatureIDEA-195069Quick Fix: "Transform to mutable collection" in response to "Immutable object is modified" inspection
FeatureIDEA-193573IDEA doesn't recornize static import on replacing by StandardCharsets
FeatureIDEA-192004Suggest adding StandardCharsets constant as a QuickFix for "Implicit usage of platform's default charset"
FeatureIDEA-192870Execute light dataflow on "too complex" methods
FeatureIDEA-117884Inspection "Divide by zero": Recognize 0.0/0.0
FeatureIDEA-178919Pls add inspection to find places where "join declaration and assignment" can be applied
FeatureIDEA-199012add inspection for reference comparison of Temporal instances
FeatureIDEA-194142IDEA should recognize min/max usage with reversed order
FeatureIDEA-194143min after useless sorted in stream
FeatureIDEA-195544Inspection 'Unnecessary convertion to String' should be active by default for String concatenation
FeatureIDEA-197026"Redundant null-check" inspection: make a quick-fix to replace "foo != null" with "foo"
FeatureIDEA-200005Suggest to use Files.readString/writeString since Java11
FeatureIDEA-194697Nullability analysis for stream chains should check against element-level nullability annotations
FeatureIDEA-196751Capitalization inspection: support ternary and parentheses
FeatureIDEA-185304"Suspicious collections method calls" does not check second argument of Map.remove(Object, Object)
FeatureIDEA-195506Treat Void variables as always null
FeatureIDEA-194715Recognize assertTrue(Arrays.equals(a1, a2))
FeatureIDEA-194676Report "will produce NPE" separately from "may produce NPE"
FeatureIDEA-198956Track equality by equals for boxed values instead of equality by reference
FeatureIDEA-199810Add a intention that highlights use of `this:method` in a loop as a performance risk
FeatureIDEA-192161Support "a && b || a" case in "Simplifiable boolean expression" inspection
FeatureIDEA-197241Track content equality instead of reference equality for Strings in DFA
FeatureIDEA-187212Suggest to use Java 10 List/Set/Map.copyOf where possible
FeatureIDEA-198991Export results of the new duplicates inspection
FeatureIDEA-193997No inspection for Stream.toArray() with unrelated array type
FeatureIDEA-198701The Default Charset inspection doesn't offer quick fix for PrintWriter in Java 10 or later
FeatureIDEA-193227Inspections for checking instanceof: Also detect getClass(), isInstance()
FeatureIDEA-167983No quick fix for inspection "Map replaceable by EnumMap"
FeatureIDEA-195178JUnit 5 - assertAll, invocation may produce NPE
FeatureIDEA-199799Inspection 'Objects.equals() can be replaced with equals()' should be aware of primitives too
FeatureIDEA-188771Java 10: "Explicit type of local variable can be omitted" is not suggested when initializer is a new expression with diamond
FeatureIDEA-193288Inspection to detect Xyz.class.isInstance(foo) and Xyz.class.cast(foo)
FeatureIDEA-194872Suggest conversion "Arrays.toList" to "List.of" when list not modified
BugIDEA-196624Value flow analysis reaches incorrect conclusion if it encounters large enough values
BugIDEA-193692Dumb change proposed to misc.xml
BugIDEA-195597"Public inner class" inspection reports all nested classes
BugIDEA-165900"Identical 'catch' branches in 'try' statement" inspection incorrectly works in batch mode
BugIDEA-191042"Assignment or return of field with mutable type" to ignore types like guava's ImmutableSet
BugIDEA-199693Unreachable switch statements are not highlighted
BugIDEA-193909"Type may be weakened" inspection is false positive if an absent in weaker type method is called on a bracketed variable
BugIDEA-198132Condition is always 'false' false positive
BugIDEA-195886Incorrect Inspection warning 'Optional.get() without isPresent()' in finally block
BugIDEA-195882Inspect code ignores SupressWarning WeakerAccess for all fields when multiple fields are combined in one statement
BugIDEA-162725'Push condition inside expression' must preserve comments
BugIDEA-199532"Redundant suppression" falsely marks "Unused declaration" suppression as not required
BugIDEA-200030Quick-fix to remove unreachable should remove body only if previous branch has 'break' at the end
BugIDEA-198580"for/while can be foreach" inspection quickfixes can break code
BugIDEA-193618Invalid code generated after "Can be replaced with 'collect' call"
BugIDEA-193614IntelliJ replaces the code "var x = new Integer[]{2, 4, 8};" with invalid code "var x = {2, 4, 8};"
BugIDEA-195700Incorrect NPE warning when conditional expression is used in switch
BugIDEA-198626"Inner class may be static" false positive on nested inner classes
BugIDEA-192372'Annotate override method parameters as @Nonnull' quick-fix does nothing
BugIDEA-199123Unexpected highlighting due to 'Magic Constant' inspection
BugIDEA-200094Data flow analysis inspection ("collection always empty") produces different code when applied
BugIDEA-192339Simplification of statement leads to wrong results
BugIDEA-199108False positive: "Collection empty" when initialized statically inside abstract class implementation
BugIDEA-193822Replacing anonymous Void Callable with Lambda incorrectly shows error
BugIDEA-193827Redundant initializer warning produces incompilable code when `var` is used (java-10)
BugIDEA-114183"while can be foreach" inspection fix produces code that does not compile
BugIDEA-196540TrivialFunctionalExpressionUsageInspection produces code with variable redefinitions
BugIDEA-194781"Return of String[] field" inspection warns when when the array is a reference to a 0-length array constant
BugIDEA-199613Use of variable whose value is known to be constant - false positive
BugIDEA-184092Renaming variable to "unused" in nested try-with-resources leads to "already defined in scope"
BugIDEA-195310Wrap varargs with explicit array creation is available on non-vararg call
BugIDEA-198431Jump to Source (F4) doesn't work in the duplicates inspection's tool window
BugIDEA-194439Regression: Enum.toString() should not be externally annotated as @NotNull
BugIDEA-196563Wrong “Contract issue” inspection stating a method always fails
BugIDEA-192696Javadoc Inspection doesn't catch missing @param for generic method
BugIDEA-195080"Class does not override toString" inspection class exclusion regex is not saved
BugIDEA-192735Field can be local issue.
BugIDEA-195855Incorrect NPE warning in reversed indexed for loop
BugIDEA-193102x > Double.NaN comparison should be highlighted as always false
BugIDEA-198469Inspection: "Constant conditions & exceptions" interferes with "Enum switch statement that misses case"
BugIDEA-193290"Mismatched collection query and update": no warning when update in lambda
BugIDEA-195621"Expression can be folded into Stream chain" produces red code when delimiter is char type
BugIDEA-195991"Collapse catch blocks" loses comment
BugIDEA-194863Non-sensical warning and quick fix: Condition is always true
BugIDEA-145389Anonymous class may be a named 'static' inner class inspection warns where it shall not
BugIDEA-200364Checking equality between int and double confuses "Constant condition and exception" inspection
BugIDEA-199293"Unused declaration" fails to recognize usage of Enum constructor
BugIDEA-194009False "Redundant step in Stream" inspection
BugIDEA-197262Infer nullity marks fields as @Nullable even if they are final and were initialized at the declaration site
BugIDEA-192521Expect warning "Always true" when double compared to NaN and negated
BugIDEA-192527warning persists on field when overriding @Nonnull custom annotation with a @Nonnull(When.Maybe) annotation
BugIDEA-194278"Too weak variable type leads to unnecessary cast" does not detect some cases
BugIDEA-193726Nullable/NotNull inspection false positive ("Parameter annotated @Nullable should not receive null as an argument")
BugIDEA-193703Inspection "Identical 'catch' branches in 'try' statement" depends on exception order
BugIDEA-140861"Simplify boolean expression" fix removes comments
BugIDEA-197509"Convert to enum" breaks code
BugIDEA-197501"Collapse if statement" quick fix breaks code
BugIDEA-191856"Replace Optional.isPresent() condition with functional style expression" creates bad code when used with Type Promotion
BugIDEA-86525Suppress "string.equals("") can be replaced with isEmpty" inspection if the string can be null (annotated as Nullable, returned by a method annotated as Nullable, etc)
BugIDEA-143137Type may be weakened inspection should not prompt to weaken injected constructor parameters
BugIDEA-197983"Simplifiable TestNG assertion" inspection produces wrong argument order of assertEquals
BugIDEA-161859Safe delete method parameter does not update method contract
BugIDEA-200233Wrong inspection with compire two objects
BugIDEA-197547False positive 'assertEquals()' between objects of inconvertible types for Set types
BugIDEA-199078Bogus "Optional get without isPresent check" for primitive optionals
BugIDEA-193685Useless quick-fix 'Make "org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull" default annotation'
BugIDEA-193530"Replace with 'try' with resources" generates incorrect (and invalid) code
BugIDEA-195562"Transform into final one element array" quick fix generates red code for typed Map
BugIDEA-195560'List.copyOf' not suggested when Set passed to 'new ArrayList<>()'
BugIDEA-198543'Add package statement' stub-AST inconsistency on unclosed comment
BugIDEA-200685False positive 'Redundant suppression' on 'unchecked'
BugIDEA-200218Lambda can be converted to a method reference
BugIDEA-164942Quick fix "Wrap using..." leading to bad code when used with null value
BugIDEA-201636Collection<A>.retainAll(Collection<B>) does not warn about incompatible types
BugIDEA-194333Functional expression can be folded false-negative
BugIDEA-193915Quick-fix to add generic parameter to javadoc works incorrectly
BugIDEA-197341Missing @Override inspection should ignore case when method overrides method from higher language level
BugIDEA-200021Red code after applying 'Fix all 'Constant conditions and exception' problems in the file' with multiple case labels
BugIDEA-127764MagicConstantInspection uses wrong annotation
BugIDEA-192226Don`t inlined a value if the character is '\n'
BugIDEA-177150"For loop could be replaced with foreach" shouldn't report when loop variable is not used inside the loop
BugIDEA-191576@NotNull/@Nullable problems inspections warns where it shall not
BugIDEA-194904'0 / 0' can be replaced with '1' - which is wrong because java.lang.ArithmeticException is thrown
BugIDEA-194678Good code is yellow : unchecked method invocation
BugIDEA-196415False positive on code inspection with Map.isEmpty always 'true' when computeIfAbsent is used to add mapping
BugIDEA-192148"Actual method parameter is the same constant" inspection suggestion changes code behavior
BugIDEA-200045"Condition is always false" cannot into comparisons
BugIDEA-199775Constant expression visitor casts longs to doubles on comparisons
BugIDEA-199568False positive: "'' which can't throw 'NoSuchElementException'"
BugIDEA-198145Control flow analysis does not understand System.exit() in a method
BugIDEA-198638Last switch case label is not reported as unreachable for enum
BugIDEA-190995"No IDEA annotations attached to the JDK" warning is reported on injected Java language fragments
BugIDEA-141554'Replace with direct class object access' creates uncompilable code in case of nested local classes
BugIDEA-193196Wrong 'always false' warning when comparing floating point value with constant
BugIDEA-146785'Replace tail recursion with iteration' action leaves empty 'else' -block
BugIDEA-154035TryWithIdenticalCatches treats comments as equal and fixing it loses the comment
BugIDEA-197195Code Inspection shows wrong results when comparing same String but with different references, one from string pool and one from heap
BugIDEA-193830"While can be foreach" could produce invalid code when Java 10 'var' is used to declare iterator and
BugIDEA-192123Don't follow code after System.exit() in the nullability system
BugIDEA-198265NPE when generating serialVersionUid on invalid code
BugIDEA-195369incorrect suggestions when dealing with floating point arithmetic in Java (equality of +0 and -0)
BugIDEA-195118replace with "try with resources" messes the code
BugIDEA-193167False positive "Condition is always true" with two boolean comparisons in one expression
BugIDEA-201501"Magic Constant" inspection is not triggered for `new GregorianCalendar(int, int, int)` constructor call
BugIDEA-190938Spell check should work inside raw string literals
BugIDEA-192300Redundant If statement inspection does not work with else if
BugIDEA-192301"Extract common part" loses comment
BugIDEA-193876Replace explicit type with var misses annotations
BugIDEA-194058False-positive warning of producing NullPointerException for Map.compute
BugIDEA-194440Can't see expected inferred Unmodifiable annotation for List.of
BugIDEA-191356"Missorted modifier" inspection quick fix loses comment
BugIDEA-185009'Ingore subclasses of' doesn't work for 'Non-serializable field in a Serializable class' inspection
BugIDEA-120189"Instance field may not be initialized" ignore for Nullable
BugIDEA-191982"Replace with 'try' with resources" QuickFix breaks the code
BugIDEA-199400"Unused declaration" reports type parameter class as unused
BugIDEA-199401"Unused declaration" doesn't warn about "never used" field
BugIDEA-190764Inspection "Type may be weakened": false positive: lambda method return type constraint is not checked
BugIDEA-187080Constant condition inspection is inconsistent about operator ordering with ==
BugIDEA-199615Warning highlight not shown in java editor for unchecked conversion.
BugIDEA-199617Warning about Object comparison with '==' not 'equals()' complains about enum compared to Object
BugIDEA-198487Unreasonable duplicate code warning
BugIDEA-193548Redundant cast not reported on Java class fields
BugIDEA-197701Assignment to another variable on the same object is not taken into assert
BugIDEA-198547'Remove modifier' quickfix deletes the containing file when applied to injected code in batch mode
BugIDEA-193097Redundant cast is reported for cast on functional expression inside synchronized()
BugIDEA-193096Unnecessary boxing is reported for synchronized statement
BugIDEA-193896"Can be final" is not true
BugIDEA-195382"Remove serialVersionUID" action makes code incompilable if the field is used
BugIDEA-143882Class unused declaration false positive if class member statically imported and accessed without class prefix
BugIDEA-196601"Call to simple getter from within class" inspection fix produces invalid code in enum constant initializers
PerformanceIDEA-182226Inspection to detect ineffective boolean conjunction
UsabilityIDEA-192179if replaceable with switch "minimum branch count" should not count "else", it should count "minimum conditions"
UsabilityIDEA-193961Do not show usage of unstable API in import
UsabilityIDEA-200178Double negation should not warn on invalid code
UsabilityIDEA-197924"Java | Inheritance issues | Method does not call super method" triggers for interface default methods
UsabilityIDEA-197545Simplify condition to false completely removes if
UsabilityIDEA-193645'Collections.sort() can be replaced with List.sort()' shouldn't show warning for java 7 modules
UsabilityIDEA-193647"Method can be void" Java inspection should be able to ignore methods with certain annotations
UsabilityIDEA-185303"Suspicious collections method calls" message for Maps should distinguish between keys and values
UsabilityIDEA-193932Inspection 'Non-serializable field in a Serializable class' shouldn't show warning for classes with writeReplace
UsabilityIDEA-194652IDEA found side effect in primitive array creation
UsabilityIDEA-198797"Duplicate inspection" - please add description for the settings
UsabilityIDEA-193894Applying "Array of X expected" inspection results in "generic array creation" error
UsabilityIDEA-192829Do not show warning about missing NotNull annotation for Enum methods.
CosmeticsIDEA-198905Minor UI improvements of the duplicates inspection's tool window
CosmeticsIDEA-192842Change text in the Infer Nullity Annotations warning
CosmeticsIDEA-198831Unexpected highlighting of 'final' on unfinished code
CosmeticsIDEA-141875Make quickfix for unresolved variable work after ";"
CosmeticsIDEA-182666Too verbose warning 'casting is redundant'.
CosmeticsIDEA-195759Quick fix for inspection 'Iteration over keySet() -> entrySet()' puts unnecessary parenthesis
CosmeticsIDEA-198796"Duplicate inspection" settings - rework 'index settings configuration' UI
CosmeticsIDEA-193810Inspection 'Standard Charset object can be used' doesn't show warning for ASCII
CosmeticsIDEA-196640Typo in "Class with multiple loggers" inspection description
TaskIDEA-198629Add setting to infinite loop inspection to suppress warning of usage inside
TaskIDEA-194396Merge StringConstructorInspection into RedundantStringOperationInspection
ExceptionIDEA-196543ExtractParameterAsLocalVariableFix exception
ExceptionIDEA-200194`UastPatterns.isPropertyAssignCall` is recursive for `PsiLiteralExpression` leading to the StackOverflowError
ExceptionIDEA-200213"Remove unnecessary parentheses" fails on invalid code
Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-114041Add quickfix to abstract/interface method with body that used the body to implement method in selected derived classes
FeatureIDEA-192090IDE doesn't suggest imports if field has the same name as a type
FeatureIDEA-177132Expand the refactoring "Join declaration and assignment"
FeatureIDEA-188023Add support for @NonNls annotation to add annotation intention
FeatureIDEA-185569Suggest a type cast as a QuickFix for "Cannot resolve method"
FeatureIDEA-193858Suggesting Initializing a string variable with ""
FeatureIDEA-175105Add "Replace with single symbol imports" intention for static imports with *
FeatureIDEA-175102Provide intention to replace static *-import with qualified access
BugIDEA-199042'Create method' quick fix creates a method with wrong return type
BugIDEA-195209Useless popup for class import when child class refers to nested private class in parent class
BugIDEA-192252"Remove unnecessary parentheses" produces PSI-text inconcistency on commutative operators
BugIDEA-191069"Surround with try/catch" with 'var' produces invalid code
BugIDEA-197813Quick fix: Make method static on default interface method produces invalid code
BugIDEA-192056"Annotate" action isn't available in decompiled classes
BugIDEA-194648Simpler expression auto-fix results in different code
BugIDEA-194627"Fix all unusued declaration problems in file" doesn't do anything when executed via alt-enter popup
BugIDEA-194743Intention: Initialize variable: generates bad code and doesn't recommend anything useful for List<T>
BugIDEA-111048Highlighting "stuck" after adding on demand static import
BugIDEA-193829"Expand boolean" produces incorrect code when boolean is declared using java 10 'var'
BugIDEA-194413"Remove redundant parameter types" does nothing for annotated lambda parameters
BugIDEA-194414Intention 'Replace var with explicit type' should update all parameters
BugIDEA-196541"Create missing switch branches" available and fails when there's a non-constant field of enum type
BugIDEA-196151"Wrap using 'String.valueOf()'" quick fix makes no sense
BugIDEA-191327'Invert if condition' changes behavior
BugIDEA-193338Incorrect "Replace with `throws Object`" suggestion
BugIDEA-193339"Replace with Exception" loses comment
BugIDEA-193337"Remove explicit array creation" loses comment
BugIDEA-197491"Merge if's" fix loses comment
BugIDEA-189592"Replace if with switch" Java intention gone
BugIDEA-197778Can't type parameter `Class<Something>` when using "create method" quickfix, angle bracket switches to param name placeholder instead
BugIDEA-154080Alt+Enter not working to autocomplete cast after ";"
BugIDEA-194456"Sort content" removes code
BugIDEA-193106Intention 'Replace with if statement' extracts wrong conditional expression
BugIDEA-141261'Replace 'switch' with 'if'' intention produces incorrect code if some 'case' clause contains 'break' statement inside 'if'
BugIDEA-190718IDEA Ultimate 2018.1.2.RC: not showing java compile errors in editor due to locale related tooling error
BugIDEA-192528Inadequate "Create Type Parameter suggestion"
BugIDEA-192896"Create field for constructor parameter" not available
BugIDEA-165260Quick fix switch statement to if else leaves new lines in place of break statements
BugIDEA-192541DeMorgan intentions break PSI-text consistency within polyadic expressions
BugIDEA-192543"Unwrap else branch" breaks PSI-text consistency
BugIDEA-194259Disable "Insert contract" action if there's explicit contract annotation and external annotation
BugIDEA-195066Java incorrect variable type after unknown variable quick fix
BugIDEA-195832Create type parameter intention can generate wrong code
BugIDEA-195234Do not suggest "Randomly change 'serialVersionUID' initializer" when serialVersionUID is initialized in static initializer
BugIDEA-196022"Add on demand static import" available but does nothing
BugIDEA-197988Invert if duplicates comment when if is followed by return
BugIDEA-197986Invert if produces invalid code when if is followed by continue
BugIDEA-192775Wrong create type parameter suggestion
BugIDEA-195028Invalid sentence to rename a class - the first part of the name is "corrupted"
BugIDEA-192268ConvertToLocal intention for field incorrectly treats its javadoc comment
BugIDEA-193066boolean used for new symbol instead of known Object-type for intention "Create local variable", parameter etc
BugIDEA-193060"Create type parameter" intention non-sensical when assigning to unknown target
BugIDEA-198105Create constructor quickfix should not suggest interfaces as target class
BugIDEA-197635Stream operation cause
BugIDEA-192953Replace 'switch' with 'if' with Primitive-wrapper class uses equals
BugIDEA-192958"Split into declaration and assignment" is incomplete for non-terminated statement
BugIDEA-150867"Change variable type" quickfix produces invalid type
BugIDEA-199734"Sort content" breaks vararg call with comment
BugIDEA-194610Inappropriate create type parameter from usage suggestion
BugIDEA-192129Logic is changed when an 'if' statement is simplified
BugIDEA-198267"Sort content" incorrectly joins comments
BugIDEA-195114Initialize variable: First quote simply accepts default choice `null` instead of replacing it with what I typed (quote)
BugIDEA-194426Convert to atomic/ThreadLocal breaks code
BugIDEA-192688Inline constant param doesn't work properly when string contains escaped character
BugIDEA-198229Unwrap doesn't support type to search
BugIDEA-193499"Replace with 'if' statement" on code "var key = first != null ? first : second;" generates invalid code (for Java 10)
BugIDEA-197517"Replace with while" breaks compilation
BugIDEA-188556Convert inferred annotation to explicit: properly react on Unmodifiable/UnmodifiableView inference
BugIDEA-161515Introduce field generates unneeded comments
BugIDEA-195051Missing "Navigate to previous declared variable" action
BugIDEA-195266Inappropriate suggestion to create type parameter from usage
BugIDEA-198546"Replace cast with variable" inserts unresolved reference
BugIDEA-195380"Extract to method reference" finds incorrect duplicate and throws
BugIDEA-196560Split if deletes part of conditions in the chained if statements and produces non-equivalent code
BugIDEA-195015Sort content does not sort negative numbers and parenthesized expressions
BugIDEA-197511"Simplify" if-else loses comment
BugIDEA-193174'Ambiguous method call' quick fix proposes int instead of Integer
BugIDEA-194501"Sort content" breaks syntax
PerformanceIDEA-193479Java editor hangs when navigating around code that doesn't compile
UsabilityIDEA-192837Suppress for methods annotated by 'xyz' action is confusing
UsabilityIDEA-194742Intention: Initialize variable for unused not available at declaration
UsabilityIDEA-199910'Expand static import' is missing at the end of import
UsabilityIDEA-194417"Expand lambda to (Integer) -> {..}" quick-fix is not clear
UsabilityIDEA-175107Do not show "Create Test" intention for import statements.
UsabilityIDEA-198039Unable to create
CosmeticsIDEA-190281“Create constant field” is the default suggestion for missing imports
TaskIDEA-195001Remove intention "StringToCharIntention"
ExceptionIDEA-177291Control flow fails with an exception during "Invert if condition" on incorrect code
ExceptionIDEA-192532PIEAE when inverting if condition on red code
ExceptionIDEA-195383"Replace switch with if" intention glues line comment with the next line resulting in exception
Java. RefactoringFeatureIDEA-197438Allow to extract static fields from this() constructor call
FeatureIDEA-195683'Invert boolean' should update contract annotations when applicable
FeatureIDEA-190923Push members down don't "merge" interface method with implementations
FeatureIDEA-195081Extract Method Object: syntax highlighting in signature preview
FeatureIDEA-99041Push Methods Down refactoring could try to inline super method for overloaded methods when appropriate
FeatureIDEA-192602Convert @Contract annotation on Java method signature change
BugIDEA-196228Extract Method refactoring can change observed program behavior
BugIDEA-196426Extract method doesn't replace valid duplicate code
BugIDEA-172790'Inline super class' doesn't move static initializer
BugIDEA-192159Inlining a variable adds cast to var
BugIDEA-194709"Extract Parameters to Replace Duplicates" dialog ignores existing duplicates if original signature is kept
BugIDEA-135785Extract parameter, constant and field produces wrong code for array initializers
BugIDEA-192378Additional configurations are lost during extracting methods with preview
BugIDEA-148469Inline Constant breaks code with language level 6
BugIDEA-196135Extracting first argument (null) to variable from varargs yields an "Object" variable
BugIDEA-194883Incorrect "Inline Super Class" refactoring introduces spurious "toInline" method and red code
BugIDEA-194889Inline method refactoring produces red code for "" calls from super class
BugIDEA-196955Inline super: references on moved members inside moved members are not updated
BugIDEA-91633Convert local Variable to Field changes behaviour
BugIDEA-195332Inline variable doesn't work 'Variable is never used before modification'
BugIDEA-196346When using extract method -> preview, IntelliJ doesn't ask about signature change
BugIDEA-196340After Propagate params, conflicts view, do refactor: IncorrectOperationException: Cannot bind to PsiMethod:depth3 of kind: CLASS_NAME_KIND
BugIDEA-136027Extract variable deletes comments
BugIDEA-199990`Inline` refactoring is broken for chained builder methods.
BugIDEA-196635Inline method breaks code
BugIDEA-129581Convert Anonymous to Inner may break code
BugIDEA-192542If user extracts part of the duplicated statement then differences are not shown in preview
BugIDEA-192246'Access static via class reference' quick-fix do nothing
BugIDEA-111337"Safe delete" for method parameters should traverse entire inheritance graph
BugIDEA-192850Mixed up constructor parameters order in extracted super class
BugIDEA-136859introduce parameter generates red code when vararg parameter is unused
BugIDEA-195927Extracting a method from expression that has a duplicate causes an exception
BugIDEA-196902Importing class using Alt+Enter doesn't work in some cases
BugIDEA-195399Extract variable duplicates the comment and loses the space before it.
BugIDEA-193833Cannot rename lambda argument if caret is placed after argument name
BugIDEA-195113Extract variables: Suggests local variable names containing dots
BugIDEA-72746Inline class must inline overrided methods with calls
BugIDEA-194441inline refactoring tries to create generic array
BugIDEA-197170Inline super: order of pushed inner classes
BugIDEA-191185Moving a class to a new package doesn't work if I need to add the folder to SVN first
BugIDEA-194463Comments lost in extract method preview
BugIDEA-193287Refactor | Extract Method fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
BugIDEA-147842Cannot move classes to a different package if package-info is selected
BugIDEA-193132Refactoring "Extract superclass" with varargs creates uncompileable code.
BugIDEA-147989Inline method breaks code entirely
BugIDEA-200614Joining declaration and assignment can't be cancelled when there's a side effect
BugIDEA-195808Odd warning when change parameter order of method with @Contract
BugIDEA-171284Ctrl+Alt+M (Windows) to Extract Method does not correctly refactor on 'Process Duplicates'
BugIDEA-160546Extract method with duplicates doesn't generate correct code
BugIDEA-160966Inline super class breaks code
BugIDEA-120800Extract parameter produces wrong code
BugIDEA-113427"Create constructor matching super" fix does nothing
JavaEEFeatureIDEA-200165JavaEE 8: Support modern application descriptor
BugIDEA-200549Re-run with the changed Glassfish app. server leads to the "Address ... already in use" error
PerformanceIDEA-192420Memory leak: LibraryModel.myLibraries
JavaEE. Deployment and RunUsabilityIDEA-197038JavaEE Deployment tab: Move artifact deployment settings below artifacts list
ExceptionIDEA-199371NPE by removing/adding artifacts at Deployment tab of run configuration
JavaEE.App Servers.GenericExceptionIDEA-199736Cannot create new application server
JavaEE.GlassfishFeatureIDEA-194916Unable to choose deploy order for glassfish
BugIDEA-196097'Use custom context root' does not work for deployment EAR application to GlassFish in IntelliJ IDEA Server Run Configuration
JavaEE.JBossBugIDEA-183287Unable to deploy to WildFly 11.0+ running in Docker (WFLYPRT0053)
JavaEE.JSFBugIDEA-56393JSF components support with s:convertDateTime
JavaEE.JettyFeatureIDEA-184532Support Jetty 9.4.x
BugIDEA-198743Jetty configuration broken - system parameters not defined
JavaEE.StrutsBugIDEA-194195OGNL Sanity Test: failed completion with OgnlNewArrayExpression
BugIDEA-194802OGNL Sanity Test Fail - OgnlVariableExpression ref
BugIDEA-194799OGNL: Sanity Test Fail OgnlReferenceExpressionBase
JavaEE.TomcatFeatureIDEA-120242Tomcat: Option to add default application context when deploying artifacts
BugIDEA-200924TomEE: Unable to run remote run configuration if remote port is not equal 8080
BugIDEA-201080Tomcat run configuration does not use existing context configuration file for nested context paths
JavaEE.WebLogicFeatureIDEA-142272WebLogic: deploy artifact as a library
FeatureIDEA-118198WebLogic: Support Deployment Plans
BugIDEA-199911Password Showing in Plain Text in Weblogic Run/Debug Configuration
JavaEE.WebSphereBugIDEA-196570Error:Loose application in 2018.2
JavaFXBugIDEA-200092Java 11 + OpenJFX Support
BugIDEA-200215Warn the user if the JDK can't build JavaFX artifact
JavaScriptBugIDEA-190826@NotNull method com/intellij/lang/javascript/nashorn/library/NashornJSLibraryProvider$1.compute must not return null
ExceptionIDEA-196599JSUndeclaredVariableInspection quick fix AIOOBE on invalid code
JavaScript. DebuggerBugIDEA-187460Nashorn debugger no longer works with Java 9
ExceptionIDEA-198791IAE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.createValue
KubernetesBugIDEA-200606Web view: useless "Kubernetes" item in the context menu
ExceptionIDEA-199970Helm. java.lang.Throwable by calling "Helm template"/ "Helm Dependency update" via keyboard shortcut
Language InjectionBugIDEA-162596Un-inject action works from the second attempt only
BugIDEA-196222HTTP Requests editor: collapse stops working after expand
BugIDEA-153981Injected fragment editor: multiple instances can be opened for the same fragment, but their contents is not in sync
BugIDEA-196513java.lang.AssertionError at "undo" language injection
Local HistoryBugIDEA-189367Current version is not editable in the Local History of a directory.
BugIDEA-197060Local history reverts file timestamps
BugIDEA-197446IntelliJ 2018.2.1 freezes after a short time
BugIDEA-194992IntelliJ freezes when using local history
MavenFeatureIDEA-194349Provide option to delegate IDE run actions to Maven
FeatureIDEA-171433Maven: support "exploded jar" as part of WAR artifact
FeatureIDEA-196698Support running Maven goals via 'Run Anything' action
FeatureIDEA-193487Delegate web and enterprise artifacts build to Maven
FeatureIDEA-188359Provide option to delegate IDE build/run actions to Maven
FeatureIDEA-125737Import maven compiler settings into IDEA compiler settings
FeatureIDEA-173143Maven: add support for compiler <release> option
FeatureIDEA-189973One-click debugging of Maven projects that use exec:exec
BugIDEA-196248When a plugin management and a plugin are declared in the same pom, the plugin doesn't know about its configuration
BugIDEA-192401Run configurations disappear from Maven Projects tool window when working directory path differs in case on Windows
BugIDEA-201014Maven-compiler-plugin: compiler parameters specified as <compilerArguments> subnodes are imported incorrectly
BugIDEA-143187test failed with class not found because of the argLine contains the value '@{argLine} ' in maven surefire plugin
BugIDEA-194601Maven: compiler arguments specified as <compilerArguments> are ignored
BugIDEA-196548Maven importer breaks compiler parameters
BugIDEA-194788Test resources from build-helper-maven-plugin are not recognized
BugIDEA-195143Maven Projects don't work with Java 10 on Mac OSX
BugIDEA-169048Maven integration enables Annotation processors
BugIDEA-198041Variables in compilerArgument of maven-compiler-plugin break the build in IDEA
BugIDEA-198994Maven tool window is empty
BugIDEA-179857library search doesn't work in "Download Library From Maven Repository" window
BugIDEA-197709Maven: build in IDEA incorrectly process properties in maven.config without value
BugIDEA-67322Maven: IDEA cannot parse POM correctly if parent POM reference contains property placeholder
PerformanceIDEA-200003Awfully slow background task: "Resolving external annotations"
UsabilityIDEA-197399Maven: Explode subdeployments of exploded EAR
OSGiTaskIDEA-184034Upgrade Bndlib
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-198292Bundle WSL plugin for Windows distribs of Idea Ultimate
FeatureIDEA-114307'Create command line launcher' on Windows
FeatureIDEA-187290New balloon notification: IDE update has been applied
FeatureIDEA-170297"Batch mode" for IDE updates
FeatureIDEA-199523Listing of Error/Exit codes
FeatureIDEA-187763Register our IDE for compatible file type on macOS
FeatureIDEA-199192Add "Open with Rider" action for files and folders to Windows context menu
FeatureIDEA-194011Turn vcs.log.graph module into a healthy maven dependency
FeatureIDEA-184006Add log for win installations.
BugIDEA-200776Remove dependency from 'extensions' module to 'XStream' library
BugIDEA-199519Uninstall: The IDE installation folder is not deleted after uninstallation
BugIDEA-138195Uninstall progress bar animation doesn't represent the actual process state
BugIDEA-168582Windows setup stacks on 'Select Directory' wizard step for several seconds
BugIDEA-170921Can't uninstall IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
BugIDEA-200342Silent installation: There is no checking if the current version was already installed
BugIDEA-199339Incorrect installation folder.
BugIDEA-200369Silent Installation: mode=user: if you have no permission to install in the specified folder, installation is finished in the different folder
BugIDEA-194822Incorrect sed command in non OS_TYPE Linix libyjpagent check breaks non Linux startup
BugIDEA-200274Silent installation: installation to the wrong folder
BugIDEA-190079Installer doesnt close with finish button and nothing happens
BugIDEA-199522Silent installation: There is no check if the installation folder already exists.
BugIDEA-165190Uninstaller should not remove the files it didn't create
BugIDEA-198383Duplicating libraries copied to 'lib' directory in IDE distributions
BugIDEA-201027Small UI issue in Installer
BugIDEA-193348The IDE has been updated by Snap shouldn't be shown on macOS
BugIDEA-200784Uninstall.exe couldn't be launched in some cases.
BugIDEA-200781Sometimes there is no message that this version already installed during the installation
BugIDEA-182484IntelliJ IDEA restart fails on Windows because of company restrictions
BugIDEA-166445Add SVG icon file to IDE distribution
BugIDEA-201292Several installations of one version IDE: Problems with Uninstall in Users folders
BugIDEA-197938Windows installer: incorrect "64-bit launcher" label layout
BugIDEA-200843PATH can not be updated. The size is very big.
UsabilityIDEA-197129Kotlin compiler binaries miss executable permissions
UsabilityIDEA-198858Batch Mode for IDE updates: It will be usefull to mention which is wrong when there is wrong jar file in chain.
UsabilityIDEA-200235No option to disable "Open Folder as <IDE> Project" context menu.
UsabilityIDEA-182601Silent install could provide some error feedback
UsabilityIDEA-185044Show list of used third-party libraries directly in the IDE
CosmeticsIDEA-198470The community edition setup has the wrong icons
CosmeticsIDEA-200363Silent Installation: It is better to mention in log what was wrong in installation by specific words
CosmeticsIDEA-191997com.intellij.updater.Runner usage message for Runner install <folder>
CosmeticsIDEA-198708IDEA Community Edition should probably have its own icon on the Welcome screen - not the same as IDEA Ultimate has
CosmeticsIDEA-161414"Profiling agent is not enabled" should not be a WARN log entry and / or chatter to the terminal
TaskIDEA-200752Remove dependency from java.psi.impl to java.resources.en
TaskIDEA-191884Extract platform classes to separate JARs in IDEs distributions
TaskIDEA-193948Publish modules which allows to read IDEA project configuration as Maven artifacts
TaskIDEA-192733Update bundled JDOM to 2.0
TaskIDEA-109935Merge "Inspection Gadgets" and "Intention Power Pack" plugins into IDEA core
TaskIDEA-189415Bundle Kotlin 1.2.60 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-189413Bundle Kotlin 1.2.50 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-195115Bundle Kotlin 1.2.51 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-192663Provide special svg icons for EAP distributions
TaskIDEA-166447Provide separate application icon for EAP distributions
TaskIDEA-192182Extract sources of java annotations to separate GitHub repository
Password SafeFeatureIDEA-200611Protect master key file using PGP key
BugIDEA-164296Unable to load library 'secret-1'
BugIDEA-174581KeePass storage is wiped if password token does not match.
BugIDEA-187790Passwords Inaccessible (in Settings->Appearance&Behavior->System Settings-> Passwords )
BugIDEA-200735Password Safe: IDE freezes on opening Settings dialog on Ubuntu
BugIDEA-200375Idea doesn't save password in KeePass database
BugIDEA-196508On select custom location of keepass file, master password file should be checked also
BugIDEA-200404Idea change Password Safe option silently on "cancel" in case selected DB is unaccessible
BugIDEA-200401Auth error on open DB file with [...] button
BugIDEA-200849Password Safe: incorrect reaction on custom location setting for the (not existing) KeePass database
BugIDEA-200188Password Safe: Set/ChangeMasterPassword actions cause significant delays on Ubuntu
BugIDEA-164786ISE at com.intellij.credentialStore.kdbx.KdbxSerializerKt.a
BugIDEA-165257KeePass OVERWRITES existing database instead of appending or prompting!?
UsabilityIDEA-163353Not obvious when master password is set up
UsabilityIDEA-191264Uncheck remember on push credentials dialog by default
Auto-reported ExceptionIDEA-195101Login to GitHub: exception on hitting Deny
Platform APIFeatureIDEA-183815Capability to add a content between code lines in the editor
FeatureIDEA-192484Allow IntelliJ-based products to define custom icons for EAP builds under Windows and Linux
FeatureIDEA-177378make the registry entries extendible by plugins
FeatureIDEA-169107Create an API to add custom text in place of OuterLanguageElement-s to aid template data language lexer
FeatureIDEA-192305EditorTabTitleProvider: pass FileEditor, not just VirtualFile
FeatureIDEA-193136Synchronous notification on file opening
BugIDEA-199978Support several find-usages-providers
BugIDEA-193989IDE does not start - broken icon loading by relative path and IconPathPatcher in multiple plugins
BugIDEA-195319`PsiSearchScopeUtil#isInScope(GlobalSearchScope, PsiElement)` returns true for every non-physical element
BugIDEA-199458NPE in UnionScope creation
BugIDEA-199797ProgressDialog#myDisableCancelAlarm won't fire for a modal progress bar
BugIDEA-200807NPE caused by NonClasspathClassFinder constructor leaking "this"
BugIDEA-134387CallHierarchyNodeDescriptor or HierarchyNodeDescriptor should implement equals method
PerformanceIDEA-197722Instantiate stubs lazily within file
PerformanceIDEA-181206Unwarranted checks for type annotations at AnnotationUtil.isAnnotated() cause performance issues
UsabilityIDEA-192560ReplaceConstructorWithFactoryDialog has non public constructor
TaskIDEA-195486Expose JBTabs instance used by EditorComposite in its public API
TaskIDEA-192805Clean up values set by Look-n-Feel
TaskIDEA-158421Document requirements for mac-builder agent
TaskIDEA-191331Migrate to ASM 6.2
TaskIDEA-193114Make property-based and code insight sanity testing frameworks available outside IntelliJ IDEA repository
Meta IssueIDEA-175637Check in tests that PSI text can be parsed back to a similar PSI structure
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-197617Extension point for inferred annotations
FeatureIDEA-197972DevKit: add checks from PluginVerifier ( to plugin.xml inspection
FeatureIDEA-196383DevKit: support <group> "use-shortcut-of"
BugIDEA-194306Devkit: fix quick/full doc for extension point w/ "qualifiedName"
BugIDEA-183006Automatically load plugins on which the main plugin optionally depends in tests
BugIDEA-194744DevKit: extensionPoint declaration verification
BugIDEA-194146plugin.xml EP naming checks: tighten rules
BugIDEA-194424DevKit: fix usage scope for Action/Group
BugIDEA-191217Devkit: "Element should be registered in ..." false positives
UsabilityIDEA-193156DevKit: keep "plugin.xml" in editor tab title
TaskIDEA-201464Properly attribute exceptions happened during instantiation of plugin components to corresponding plugins
ExceptionIDEA-183233Exception during offline inspections
Plugin ManagementFeatureIDEA-186805Rework plugin page for settings dialog
BugIDEA-195202Plugins: delete action
BugIDEA-198136New plugins page shows nothing after pressing Enter for empty search line
BugIDEA-193311"Install plugin" button is undistinguished
BugIDEA-194591New plugin manager has incorrect window size
BugIDEA-198219New plugins page: stars are cropped
BugIDEA-194120New Plugins Manager: cannot select text/version text in plugin details page
BugIDEA-196430New Plugins dialog: do not allow to install plugin from disk when it is already installed
BugIDEA-193930New Plugins dialog: visual garbage on the upper panel after clicking on different tabs
BugIDEA-197950It's confusing that one has to install new plugins using Trending section
BugIDEA-193890New Plugins dialog: Updates page does not suggest existent newer version of bundled plugin
BugIDEA-198191New plugins page takes 6-7 seconds to Show All plugins
PerformanceIDEA-193969Project leak via UIUtil$JBHtmlEditorKit
UsabilityIDEA-197334Completion is not aligned with word start in plugin dialog
UsabilityIDEA-199205New Plugin manager: add hint for gear icon
UsabilityIDEA-199622Updated plugins UI -- grey "Install" button for already installed plugins hard to read
UsabilityIDEA-199435Search field is focused when returning to plugins list
UsabilityIDEA-199434Non-standard hotkey for uninstalling a plugin
CosmeticsIDEA-193887IDEA refreshes plugin description page when hovering a link
CosmeticsIDEA-199197Poor rendering of completion list in Search field on Plugins settings page
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-50658Artifact editor: copy artifact action could be provided
FeatureIDEA-130730Support per-project custom plugin repositories
FeatureIDEA-193050Add option to specify minimum version of the IDE which is required for a project
FeatureIDEA-27486Make file templates per-project
FeatureIDEA-193045Repository libraries: add option to exclude only some of transitive dependencies
BugIDEA-195433Errors on updating sdk
BugIDEA-199667Maven lib versions updated daily
BugIDEA-192893Project file encoding settings: the 'BOM for new UTF-8 files' option settings are not preserved on project reopening
BugIDEA-145808Default File Encodings settings are ignored if project created from template
BugIDEA-192248Default PHP Interpreter settings are reset after PhpStorm restart
BugIDEA-194717Excluded roots are lost after refreshing a repository library
BugIDEA-200525ProjectRootManagerComponent does not react properly on roots update
BugIDEA-192913Stop updating misc.xml with test statistics
PerformanceIDEA-199732Icons for downloadable library types are synchronously loaded on start
PerformanceIDEA-201304IDEA hangs for ~20 sec when adding module to IDEA project
UsabilityIDEA-192234Quickfixes offer to add annotation and junit jars from IDEA installation directory to project configuration
UsabilityIDEA-147807Project Structure: Project language level is reverted from "SDK default" to lowest value, if SDK path does not exist anymore
TaskIDEA-85546Introduce constants for the persistent components macros
Quick DocumentationFeatureIDEA-199882Support JDK 11 external javadoc folders structure
BugIDEA-191421{@literal foo} in Javadocs doesn't display correctly in CTRL-Q popup - braces display
BugIDEA-195622QuickDoc is not accessible from Search Everywhere popup
BugIDEA-189315QuickDocumentation popup flicker for some libs
BugIDEA-199409UI freezes: Documentation popup loads images from network on UI thread
CosmeticsIDEA-163805documentation jumps with ctrl down
ExceptionIDEA-199046NPE at pressing edit in the quick documentation
ExceptionIDEA-199780Quick Doc: Throwable on 'Edit source' in read-only files
RefactoringBugIDEA-187647Rename module does not rename directory
BugIDEA-191733Copy file dialog: selection with mouse does not select words
BugIDEA-199345Change Signature is available from Structure view though not yet implemented for Go
RegExpBugIDEA-195762Single character alternation generates wrong replacement
BugIDEA-195628Tab in "Check RegExp" should switch focus between lines
BugIDEA-191355SingleCharAlternationInspection quick fix produces inconsistent PSI
BugIDEA-199135Bad error recovery in regular expression parsing
BugIDEA-186023Regexp: "Single character alternation" quickfix yields invalid code
Run | Debug configurationFeatureIDEA-197239Report warning when test pattern name does not occur in project
FeatureIDEA-196611redirect file to stdin for Java-based run configurations
BugIDEA-198940Dark font color on dark background in 'run anything'
BugIDEA-195937Disable classpath file shortener for java 9+
BugIDEA-199121"Run anything" suggests groups, execution targets and then throws exception
BugIDEA-155610ModuleBasedConfiguration.createInstance() may produce wrong custom 'cloning'
BugIDEA-197127Restart tests opens a new tab instead of reusing current tab
BugIDEA-197466JDK 11 doesn't have jaxb causing JShell not to load
BugIDEA-195693Context help shows 404 page when invoked for a run configuration which don't have special help page
BugIDEA-187390Allow using classpath instead of module path when running applications on JDK9
BugIDEA-188962"Before Launch" tasks are shared between Run Configuration and its copy
BugIDEA-186505"Ungroup Configurations" doesn't work in the Run Dashboard
BugIDEA-198525[Run Anything] when running saved configuration via run anything, it becomes unsaved
UsabilityIDEA-128651Keep duplicate in same folder when duplicating a run configuration
UsabilityIDEA-181444Run dashboard: toolbar buttons like ShowConfigutations, Restorelayout, Help should be available when some group or deleted RC is selected
UsabilityIDEA-181847RunDashboard: auto-scroll to the running item in case of many items in the view
UsabilityIDEA-169476Run configurations are too easily deleted
UsabilityIDEA-193775No easy way to delete a run configuration
SQLFeatureIDEA-115461SQL code style: Improve formatting for ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
BugIDEA-112933Criminal autoindentation on SQL code
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-193023completion.factors.user.xml should not be synchronized by Settings Repository
UsabilityIDEA-149733Settings are not synced when using only read-only sources
SpringFeatureIDEA-197990Spring Boot: "Spring Boot Diagnostics" action
FeatureIDEA-199842Spring Boot 2.1: support detection of log groups
FeatureIDEA-197317Spring Integration: integration's @Header annotation deprecation
FeatureIDEA-169655Spring MVC model variables don't work with Kotlin
FeatureIDEA-194917Spring Boot 2: support microseconds in Duration value
FeatureIDEA-180870"Create @PathVariable parameter" intention should use implicit name
FeatureIDEA-199390[spring-mvc] support view references in `@Controllers` for Kotlin
FeatureIDEA-170882SpringBoot Dashboard. Provide a new filter: my beans, all beans.
FeatureIDEA-195129Spring Boot: allow explicit mapping of configuration keys to "contentType"
FeatureIDEA-148448SpringBoot: inspection for @ConfigurationProperties
FeatureIDEA-193781Spring Boot: resolve placeholders|replacement tokens in multiple/generic locations
FeatureIDEA-198812Spring MVC @PathVariable support in Kotlin
FeatureIDEA-177633Inspection to remove useless `@ComponentScan` annotation
FeatureIDEA-150917Spring Initializr: map starters to known IDE plugins and suggest to enable/install them
FeatureIDEA-141499Spring Boot: highlight SpringBootApplication located in default package
FeatureIDEA-194926Redundant annotations in @SpringBootApplication-annotated classes: consider @ComponentScans also
FeatureIDEA-190340Spring Boot 2: provide inspection for @ConfigurationProperties#prefix value: it should use kebab syntax always
FeatureIDEA-197268Spring Boot 2.1: Support for DataSize
FeatureIDEA-154969Add support for Spring Live Beans Graph
FeatureIDEA-177632Inspection to remove @EnableAutoConfiguration if @SpringBootApplication is present
FeatureIDEA-182898Spring Cloud Stream initial support
FeatureIDEA-195861Spring Integration: support @Poller annotation
FeatureIDEA-188676Spring Boot config files: resolve placeholder properties to other project .properties keys
FeatureIDEA-129442Spring Integration: support @InboundChannelAdapter
FeatureIDEA-198054Spring Boot: highlight deprecated properties of POJO used in config key
BugIDEA-201685No @PathVariable completion in Kotlin when parameter is not yet written
BugIDEA-196271Spring Integration: 'discardChannel' attribute of @Filter annotation should be treated as bean reference
BugIDEA-199845Spring MVC and Kotlin: incorrect error popup in case of uri template with missing @PathVariable if regexp with backslashes is used
BugIDEA-155456SpEL: code completion suggests nothing inside keywords in specific cases
BugIDEA-197591Spring Boot: fix resolving type in documentation for config key located in test scope library
BugIDEA-195182Spring Integration: quickfix for missing 'pattern' attribute for 'resource-inbound-channel-adapter' element works incorrectly
BugIDEA-181322Spring MVC - Shorthand if on controller method 'return' causes controller-view linking to not work
BugIDEA-197603SpEL: "new..." expression parser bugfixes
BugIDEA-195208NoSuchMethodException starting Spring Boot application using Kotlin when there is another package level function
BugIDEA-77586Parsing of custom Spring beans does not respect the xsd behind the custom namespace (intention)
BugIDEA-145061Spring. Help. View "model dependencies Diagram". Help navigates to the wrong topic.
BugIDEA-128923Spring Integration: if <service-activator> has nested <expression> or <script> subelement, don't show error for it
BugIDEA-200799Spring Boot: packages completion in treats the packages from test libraries incorrectly
BugIDEA-200797Spring Boot: package completion variants are doubled for "logger-name"
BugIDEA-144490Spring Boot: support hints for config keys in SB Run Configuration
BugIDEA-193352Spring Live Beans graph: SaveDiagram toolbar button doesn't work
BugIDEA-193355Spring MVC: if the path variable name is not valid identifier, the CreatePathVariableParameter intention causes error
BugIDEA-196309Spring Boot - Run Configuration - Enable launch optimization - heavily slowing down groovy computations
BugIDEA-174473Spring: process nested configuration classes recursively
BugIDEA-195167Spring Boot: find in all scopes
BugIDEA-200114Spring MVC + Thymeleaf: rename doesn't work for model attribute defined as @ModelAttribute(name) annotation
BugIDEA-174517Spring Boot run configuration: Override Parameters table: Ctrl-Q for the property name or value shows confusing results
BugIDEA-131587Spring Integration: support @BridgeFrom and @BridgeTo annotations
BugIDEA-195339Spring Integration: @Transformer-annotated method is falsely reported as not used
BugIDEA-200620Spring MVC tab not working with component-scan filters
BugIDEA-186558Spring JPA: SPEL in @Query annotations: '?' is not parsed properly
BugIDEA-186559Spring JPA: SPEL in @Query annotations: the spring security methods are not resolved
BugIDEA-196670Autoconfigured Spring bean ServerHttpSecurity not recognized with Spring Boot Starter WebFlux
BugIDEA-193510Spring Boot: Endpoints: use 'spring.mvc.servlet.path' property for SB 2.1 application URL
BugIDEA-179165SpringBoot Dashboard: while teh Mappings list is scrolled the tooltip appears in different unexpected places
BugIDEA-196832Spring Integration: Unresolved Message Channel inspection doesn't work for value references.
BugIDEA-193534Spring Boot: placeholders are resolved only for properties files from resource roots
BugIDEA-194149Hide JSON widget for Spring Boot additional-spring-configuration-metadata.json files
BugIDEA-195402Spring Integration:support 'mapper' and 'asyncExecutor' attributes of @MessagingGateway annotation
BugIDEA-194941Spring Boot Run Configuration: on completing values for property of 'profile' type the profile names in list should have icons
BugIDEA-200760Spring API: fix PlaceholderTextRanges for prefix==suffix
BugIDEA-144494Spring Boot: provide smart completion for properties with configured hints of class-reference type in the Run Configurations
BugIDEA-200954False positive 'Application context not configured for this file' warning on imported XML config file
BugIDEA-199776Spring MVC and Kotlin: model attributes rename doesn't work correctly
BugIDEA-187430Spring Boot Devtools: Update action is not enabled if "HotSwapClassesAndUpdateTriggerFileIfFailed" option is used
BugIDEA-192956Component scan does not pick up classes annotated with @Component even though they are in the component scan classpath
BugIDEA-194731False positive inspection 'Spring Boot Application Setup': when @ComponentScan with parameters is provided
BugIDEA-198417Spring Boot Run Configuration: Override Parameters: keyboard focus is not passed when adding and editing parameter
BugIDEA-191715Spring Boot: application.yml: intention that replaces the deprecated property removes all properties in the same group (same-prefix ones)
BugIDEA-192365Spring Boot: Endpoints: provide correct request mapping URL in case of custom dispatcher servlet
BugIDEA-192109Main Spring Boot class does not have to be "public"
BugIDEA-195344Spring Integration Diagram: entries without names are shown in the elements list invoked by Ctrl-F or Ctrl-F12
BugIDEA-197266Spring Integration: @Publisher#value is not recognized as channel name
BugIDEA-197267Spring Boot: allow specifying Duration value without unit for property annotated with @DurationUnit
BugIDEA-194616SpEL: completion does not work in existing qualified type
BugIDEA-128918Spring Integration: support <expression> subelement
BugIDEA-194891Spring Boot: handle config key with type 'org.springframework.http.MediaType'
BugIDEA-194859Spring Boot Application not recognized in Kotlin
BugIDEA-200801Spring Boot: values are highlighted incorrectly
BugIDEA-128520Spring Integration: check that 'resource-inbound-channel-adapter' has 'pattern' attribute
BugIDEA-129123Spring Integration: support @EnablePublisher annotation
BugIDEA-200499Adding annotation to the Kotlin bean doesn't lead to adding it to the Spring Model
BugIDEA-200635Spring: support openfeign @EnableFeignClients/@FeignClient
BugIDEA-195054Spring Boot: YAML: invalid suggestions in the placeholders for the SB properties
BugIDEA-195475Spring Boot: FQN values placeholder always highlighted as "unresolved"
BugIDEA-128564Spring Integration: "handler-retry-advice" element is not parsed
BugIDEA-198528IDEA UI complete freeze: aemon.impl.PassExecutorService - null java.lang.StackOverflowError
BugIDEA-197871Spring Boot: prefer non-deprecated config key when multiple keys match
BugIDEA-194837Redundant Spring Gutter on Kotlin data class
BugIDEA-194834Spring Boot: "redundant @ComponentScan " warning should not be shown when some non-default attributes are specified in this annotation
BugIDEA-200246Spring Boot: support multiple values for Map-type keys
BugIDEA-168155Spring: support meta-annotations w/ @EnableFeignClients
BugIDEA-198198Spring Boot: placeholders in config files provide no navigation when default value is provided
BugIDEA-198197Spring Boot: placeholders in values of of bean-reference type properties are shown in red
BugIDEA-187711Spring Boot config files: allow to suppress value checking for user-configurable "placeholder replacement" markers
PerformanceIDEA-199396High CPU usage during Kotlin code editing
PerformanceIDEA-196454IDE frozen when formatting html page or refactoring a class (e.g. change name)
PerformanceIDEA-198694Slow inspections on Spring Value annotated configurations
PerformanceIDEA-197638Spring analysis is very slow
PerformanceIDEA-197953Spring: speedup spring.factories access
PerformanceIDEA-196163High CPU usage when opening java class in a Spring project
UsabilityIDEA-194098Spring gutter icon for 3rd party libraries only shown when declared by XML and not when instantiated via a Configuration class
UsabilityIDEA-179168SpringBoot Dashboard: show some message if the list of health indicators is empty
UsabilityIDEA-190799Spring Boot Run Configuration: on new parameter adding the parameters tab should be autoscrolled
UsabilityIDEA-195732Spring: don't write errors about missing 'Internal.Spring' action group in idea.log
UsabilityIDEA-198192SpEL: improve parser messages
CosmeticsIDEA-182064RunDashboard: the "edit" icon should move to the end of the url at once after editing
CosmeticsIDEA-195046Spring Boot: highlight FQN values referring to spring.factories registration keys with "class" highlighting
CosmeticsIDEA-195137Spring Boot config files: fix highlighting of empty placeholder expression "${}"
ExceptionIDEA-199975NPE at com.intellij.execution.actions.ConfigurationContext.getProject
ExceptionIDEA-190456Spring Boot: problem with quoted values for certain value types (StringIndexOutOfBoundsException)
ExceptionIDEA-192100Getting sporadic exceptions from the bundled Spring plugin when using IJ EAP
ExceptionIDEA-199654NPE at com.intellij.spring.web.mvc.views.SpringMVCViewUastReferenceProvider.lambda$null$0
ExceptionIDEA-200358IAE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.injected.InjectionRegistrarImpl.addPlace
ExceptionIDEA-200677ISE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.injected.InjectionRegistrarImpl.doneInjectin
Structural Search and ReplaceFeatureIDEA-191915finding switch statements: allow counted branches
BugIDEA-195166Finding same values does not work
BugIDEA-198746Search target dropdown does not set search target
BugIDEA-195278Replacing an unqualified method call fails
BugIDEA-192548Structural replace replaces arrays with plain values in method signature and class fields
BugIDEA-199278Can't search for default method
BugIDEA-200398Structural search doesn't find all constructor calls
BugIDEA-194520SSR: search template finds nothing if symbol with qualifier is used
TaskIDEA-193238File type combo-box for the new design of the Structural Search dialog
ExceptionIDEA-198357SSR: com.intellij.openapi.util.TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Editor is already disposed
ExceptionIDEA-193171Existing pattern "all methods of the class (within hierarchy)" fails
TapestryFeatureIDEA-51032Support Tapestry 5.1 features: Parameter Namespace and Library Namespace
FeatureIDEA-26518Provide an easy way to navigate forth and back between a page/component class and its template
FeatureIDEA-125433Tapestry tml editor does not recognize library components
BugIDEA-100796Properties file editor incorrect highlights keys as 'unused' when referenced in TML file as ${message:property-key}
BugIDEA-111859Tapestry plugin breaks code analysis
BugIDEA-144473Element inside t:content marked red
BugIDEA-181603New > Tapestry > Component / Page operation does nothing - fails with NPE in AddNewComponentDialog.getName()
BugIDEA-25877IDEA should not report warning "private field is never assigned" for injected fields
BugIDEA-98955Incorrect code highlighting because defaultPrefix on @Parameter is not supported
BugIDEA-128498False warning about unresolvable properties for labels
BugIDEA-106998Tapestry loop 'value' elements are incorrectly marked as errors in TML editor
BugIDEA-107000Renaming incorrectly appends "get" to property references in .TML files
BugIDEA-128473Value of "class" attribute in Tapestry components is always treated as an expression
BugIDEA-90773[Tapestry5 plugin] .tml editor doesn't know tags related to template inheritance
BugIDEA-100346Incorrect red squiggly error line below "-" (dash) characters in TML tag attributes
BugIDEA-124505HTML5 attribute parsing throws errors in Intellij IDEA
BugIDEA-145014Tapestry project library download fails - codehaus repository is no longer accessible
BugIDEA-100807Tapestry 'parameter' namespace elements are incorrectly marked in error in TML editor
BugIDEA-103154Good code is red: can't coerce the string to a DateFormat
BugIDEA-143210[Tapestry5 plugin] .tml editor doesn't recognize t:upload tag
BugIDEA-152132Tapestry templates: cannot cmd + click to navigate from CSS class name to its definition
BugIDEA-85170Code Analysis Fails
BugIDEA-52763Make IDEA understand @SupportsInformalParameters
BugIDEA-52910Autoinsert pairing brace when typing ${ in tml file
BugIDEA-135752Tapestry plugin does not support switching between page/component class and tml files in "base" package
UsabilityIDEA-143514[Tapestry5 plugin] Goto template (ctrl-shift-g) doesn't work for Scala classes
UsabilityIDEA-135741Dialog window for menu New > Tapestry > Page/Component should focus on Name field
ExceptionIDEA-175988Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.NoSwingUnderWriteAction.a
Task ManagementFeatureIDEA-199282Pre-Select branch by task name in "Open Task" dialog
FeatureIDEA-190710Tasks plugin does not support time tracking for GitLab
BugIDEA-184079Switching context by tasks is competing with Restore branch workspace when changing tasks
BugIDEA-189251Task management: name of newly created local task is not displayed in the toolbar and in the open task dialog
BugIDEA-168220IDEA freeze up to 1 minute after open "open task" dialog
BugIDEA-185092Commit message is generated from active changelist not task
BugIDEA-197824Cannot type in "Switch to task" dialog
BugIDEA-195862[projectname] is not truncated
BugIDEA-193736Task intgaration with GitLab does not work - 410: Gone error
UsabilityIDEA-85270Tasks: don't allow empty changelist name format
CosmeticsIDEA-199265'Switch task' menu item is almost invisible when invoked from main pane
ExceptionIDEA-199388Throwable at
Template Languages. FreeMarkerBugIDEA-123038FreeMarker reformatting doesn't work well
BugIDEA-200676Wrong error message for Freemarker <#items> in <#list>
BugIDEA-188119FreeMarker: change macro call to positional style can break code if single "=" is used inside
TerminalFeatureIDEA-191464Add environment variable to terminal detect if running in IntelliJ IDES
BugIDEA-197019Splitting tabs that are console tabs does not work as expected.
BugIDEA-201601Sometimes terminal shows broken prompt on IDE startup
BugIDEA-118871Integrated terminal doesn't scroll to bottom on "movement-keys"
BugIDEA-200839Can no longer open specific directory in Terminal
BugIDEA-200880Terminal: resize mouse pointer when hovering over "New session" button
BugIDEA-191852Show typed user input in terminal console
BugIDEA-194928Terminal console: a few first long lines are not properly carried over to next line
BugIDEA-200294Context actions on terminal tabs not working consistently
BugIDEA-193879IJ Terminal links are not clickable when output hides from viewport (regression)
BugIDEA-155071TERM variable should not be set for windows (cmd) terminals
UsabilityIDEA-186170Enter key in terminal doesn't scroll down
CosmeticsIDEA-126617Resizing terminal moves caret
ExceptionIDEA-187084StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while executing some action with long output in the Terminal
ThymeleafBugIDEA-196788Expression ${user?.name} is not supported in version 2017.3.5
BugIDEA-187050Thymeleaf property syntax
BugIDEA-172792message key usage do not works with keys built using dash symbol
Unit Testing. JUnitFeatureIDEA-198881Regression: JUnit 5 "Jump to Source" always jumps to first line of file
FeatureIDEA-167855Cannot run unit tests in specified order
FeatureIDEA-198076Run tests from search results
FeatureIDEA-194067In the list of jUnit results, the quick documentation/definition popup doesn't update on arrow down/up
FeatureIDEA-198762Support running tests from root project with submodules
FeatureIDEA-188590JUnit5 - False positive 'Access can be private' on '@RegisterExtension' field in test
FeatureIDEA-196608Ignore conditions when executing single disabled JUnit Jupiter test
BugIDEA-198889Create Test doesn't show default interface methods when Show inherited methods is checked
BugIDEA-197680Running unit tests in two or more packages from the same module generates "search in whole project" pattern instead of "single module"
BugIDEA-198317No autocomplete in JUnit Jupiter @MethodSource for non static methods with TestInstance.Lifecycle.PER_CLASS
BugIDEA-198165"Test Results" shows green check mark when JUnit 5 parameterized test hits exception in parameters method
BugIDEA-199202Tests in run configuration are executed in wrong order
BugIDEA-193010Message parsing bug in JUnit plugin around actual value
BugIDEA-115542"Empty test suite" printed after "Process finished with..."
BugIDEA-193925Inspection "JUnit 5 malformed parameterized test" is triggered on legal source: @ArgumentsSources
BugIDEA-193920JUnit: preserve slashes in suites names
BugIDEA-199719Warning in JUnit Jupiter @MethodSource pointing to inner class: OuterClassName$InnerClassName#methodName
BugIDEA-198964JUnit: External tool tests in-line
BugIDEA-195128IntelliJ unexpectedly runs junit5 test classes from modules included from maven test-jar dependencies.
BugIDEA-169444UI freeze after stopping a JUnit test
BugIDEA-162553After switching from TestNG to JUnit, IDEA still tries to run TestNG configuration
BugIDEA-155008"Jump to source" is not available for tests that have dot in name
BugIDEA-196672JUnit5 run in directory configuration runs all in package
BugIDEA-2006412018.3 EAP + JUnit3: treeview and run order incorrect when TestSuites have same name
BugIDEA-200644"Create Test" dialogue hides non-inherited methods when displaying inherited methods
BugIDEA-198189JUnit tests with the same parent suite, executed out of order, break the tree view
BugIDEA-194984Operators of JUnit5 @Tag expression are not supported.
BugIDEA-194570Wrong total/passed tests count calculation in
BugIDEA-201414Test runner: freezing wheel
BugIDEA-162481Create Test dialog: Fix button disappears when Cancel adding Library
BugIDEA-175662Junit 5 doesn't work with 'Directory' Test Kind
BugIDEA-189761Missing stdout for failed tests when loading in-memory test history
BugIDEA-199026Multiline values for `org.junit.ComparisonFailure` are only rendered if the additional lines are empty
BugIDEA-198059JUnit not found in module for JUnit5
PerformanceIDEA-193091Intellij hangs when executing a large number of JUnit tests
UsabilityIDEA-193823IDEA gives incorrect warning if a JUnit 3/4 class is in a dependent jar
UsabilityIDEA-199449Submenu to show selected for running Tests is too narrow
UsabilityIDEA-193770JUnit Dynamic Test re-running uses UniqueID for the Run/Debug Configuration Name which is way too cumbersome for the UI to handle
ExceptionIDEA-198966Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only when manipulating the AppIcon from tests
ExceptionIDEA-196881Running tests 'All in directory' when there is no such directory causes exception
Unit Testing. TestNGFeatureIDEA-195047No way to change Expected file from Actual in diff window on <click to see difference> in testng
FeatureIDEA-94400Cannot define TestNG using YAML file
BugIDEA-193318Do not fold comparison results for SoftAssertions in console
BugIDEA-193485"Jump to source" action broken for failed tests
BugIDEA-193024Execution hangs when Testng testsuiterunner throws runtime exception in onStart/onExecutionStart
UsabilityIDEA-196264TestNG hijacks JUnit Run Configuration?
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-197685New SE: Also integrate (basic) "find in path"
FeatureIDEA-192585Use special icons for EAP builds at runtime
FeatureIDEA-90507Need tab actions close all to the right/ to the left
FeatureIDEA-163208Add support for MacBook Touch Bar (Magic Toolbar)
FeatureIDEA-168887Themes: Ability to customize "speedsearch matching results" color
FeatureIDEA-158158Love the new img you can set on the IDE however (.. flip and mirror)
BugIDEA-194131Missing 'Expand All/Collapse All' icons in TODO tool window
BugIDEA-192055Focus goes nowhere after breakpoint popup
BugIDEA-198135Version control toolwindow is not displayed after Enabling VCS integration
BugIDEA-195558'Use dark header' setting is saved immediately
BugIDEA-151200Ubuntu: Unity menu bar is not available for detached editor tabs and floating tool windows
BugIDEA-192157When configuring touch bar, I would like to be able to see changes instantly.
BugIDEA-142839ActionCallback.REJECTED.doWhenProcessed results in memory leaks
BugIDEA-193398New SE: multi selection is not supported
BugIDEA-190948Dropdown button for elements content in Artifacts panel is not very good looking
BugIDEA-192119Some SVG icons are rendered incorrectly in IDE
BugIDEA-193403New SE: incorrect integration with other popups
BugIDEA-178171intention settings: description editor is too small
BugIDEA-192960Incorrect close button position
BugIDEA-196488Live Templates -> Change Context: keyboard navigation is impossible.
BugIDEA-186262Default icons for editor actions are not default for that actions
BugIDEA-193789Settings: Plugins: unable to search in installed plugins
BugIDEA-196366Add ability to customize changes browser toolbar in VCS log
BugIDEA-193316Font setting for IDE appearance is ignored
BugIDEA-193867Clicking bottom-most 'more' link in new Search Everywhere popup throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
BugIDEA-193862Hard crash macOS
BugIDEA-178692AppServers View: splitter position is not persisted between sessions
BugIDEA-197106DesktopLayout ConcurrentModificationException on startup
BugIDEA-195603IDE crashes on startup
BugIDEA-195253Project Settings: Assertion Error exception on add+delete incorrect content root
BugIDEA-193169badly rendered SVG icons in Customize dialog
BugIDEA-197862No AA in a list (jre 9)
BugIDEA-133900Can't type @ in Find/Replace dialog
BugIDEA-199585Svg product icon isn't used when IDE is started from sources
BugIDEA-94851Icons: Griffon icons missing
BugIDEA-193028"Refactor this..." is not displayed in Touch Bar
BugIDEA-198321Unable to create exception breakpoint
BugIDEA-197803ContextHelpLabel becomes too wide in project type settings
BugIDEA-197801ContextHelpLabel loses its tooltip after switching to another project type pane
BugIDEA-194924TouchBar support: touch bar is not appeared after first IDE launch
BugIDEA-198594Input text box selection does not select to beginning of field if mouse pointer moves left of text box edge
BugIDEA-194712Messages tool window header is missing "Collapse/expand all" icons
BugIDEA-194716Fatal error reporting with optional files not working correctly
BugIDEA-200724IntelliJ IDEA does not fully start after update, ends with window with menubar and nothing else
BugIDEA-193383New SE: please remember last action I typed
BugIDEA-192168Touch bar for CLion doesn't have build action
BugIDEA-191122"Captured Snapshot" notification's "Show in Explorer" link does not work when IDEA is installed on alternate drive letter
BugIDEA-192976MacBook Touch Bar: show debugger actions when run configuration is shown in Run Dashboard
BugIDEA-23606application Run/Debug Configuration main class chooser issue
BugIDEA-196109New Installed Plugin page's context menu actions are not DumbAware
BugIDEA-195751New SE: Dialog doesn't fit screen on HiDPI displays
BugIDEA-194795Exception appears when try to open file chooser from Welcome screen
BugIDEA-199447Can't select multiple files with [command]-click from Navigate files dialog (regression)
BugIDEA-195177Intermittent tests failure on MacBook with Touch bar in IntelliJ project
BugIDEA-194229New SE: layouting of "actions" results
BugIDEA-192303"Darcula" colors are not replaced with "Light" ones on switching LaF back and forth on Windows
BugIDEA-193875Synchronise '' context menu item
BugIDEA-193872New Plugins dialog: search field in "Updates" allows to select plugin that doesn't require update
BugIDEA-193493"Tip of the day" pixelated but correct size with 125% DPI scaling
BugIDEA-194051Wrong row height for com.intellij.codeInspection.ui.ListTable
BugIDEA-194208"Add Language Annotation" quickfix appearance depends on the position of mouse cursor
BugIDEA-200379Native menu bar on Ubuntu Linux: the View menu actions have incorrect state
BugIDEA-192720Selection in Local changes resets when context menu invoked via keyboard
BugIDEA-151301Navigation over highlighted search matches in "Override/impl method" dialog only works for method names
BugIDEA-193115TouchBar: dropdown values are not selectable
BugIDEA-185834Scope tabs of the Project toolwindow: focus is lost on item deleting
BugIDEA-199619'Use dark window headers' doesn't affect the Welcome window
BugIDEA-191613Structure tool window steals focus (regression)
BugIDEA-194010New SE: some toggles do not change their state while action performed
BugIDEA-194018New Plugins dialog: "enable" link is not visible for a plugin with multiple dependencies
BugIDEA-197937JDK9 - Wrong debugger toolwindow tab label rendering on HiDPI Linux
BugIDEA-197287Holding shift makes it look like you can click on code you can't
BugIDEA-197708New SE: Include non-project items has no accelerator in "All" tab
BugIDEA-200654Search Everywhere not opening file on Linux
BugIDEA-198521Preview diff in local changes Tab not always shown
BugIDEA-201446NullPointerException during using 'FindUsages'
BugIDEA-199024GUI stack overflow with "Find in Path" action
BugIDEA-193536scaling a composite icon modifies the base icons
BugIDEA-195589Structure popup has weird initial size
BugIDEA-194995slow scrolling in svg viewer
BugIDEA-198051Remove button in Recent project is overlapping the project path
BugIDEA-197853CaptureConfigurable table has wrong cell/row height
BugIDEA-169693No Help Available In Cannot Save file dialog
PerformanceIDEA-192424Editors are leaked forever after opening, via EditorTabbedContainer.CloseTab shortcut
PerformanceIDEA-198160Non-disposed HelpTooltip leaks disposed project
PerformanceIDEA-178384Too many events from ProgressDialog update (via FileTreeModelBuilder)
UsabilityIDEA-198538Search Everywhere / Find Action: on finding an entry in Plugins page the plugins list is not filtered and not scrolled
UsabilityIDEA-57019Add support for drag-and-drop files in welcome screen.
UsabilityIDEA-166944Reopen project: a way to save half a click
UsabilityIDEA-196288Icons for "Commit" and "Set Active Changelist" are almost identical
UsabilityIDEA-199392Incorrect menu spacing on macOS
UsabilityIDEA-197645Tools | 'Internal Actions' menu is too long
UsabilityIDEA-191113Don't show "Background tasks running" if we know the tasks can be safely resumed
UsabilityIDEA-193841New "Search classes" does not show outer class for inner classes
UsabilityIDEA-198537Settings dialog search: on finding an entry in new Plugins page the plugins list is not filtered and not scrolled
UsabilityIDEA-197044Run configuration doesn't fit the screen
UsabilityIDEA-198129Mac: impossible to switch to Diff Window with a shortcut after switching to the project
UsabilityIDEA-200298Show the first unsubmitted error when clicking on the "Fatal Error" icon in the status bar
UsabilityIDEA-103803Customize menus and toolbars - Choose action to add - Usability
UsabilityIDEA-195300"Copy relative path" should exist in the keymap, or somehow lead to "Copy reference"
UsabilityIDEA-195309Support Ctrl+Backspace in SpeedSearch
UsabilityIDEA-192403Touchbar support for Select in > Project view
UsabilityIDEA-190216Hard to resize quick doc popup
UsabilityIDEA-192180No speed search: Edit Severities
UsabilityIDEA-153071Settings > Version Control > Confirmation window resize issues
CosmeticsIDEA-134373File type icon on windows title bar doesn't reload for non-physical files
CosmeticsIDEA-194379Auto-hide scrollbar on OS X similar to how default scrollbars work
CosmeticsIDEA-118069Untidy one-pixel gap between border and toolbar buttons
CosmeticsIDEA-191307Update "Create Gist" Git Octocat icon to white cat in black circle
CosmeticsIDEA-169819"New Window" button in open project dialog has extra space
CosmeticsIDEA-193276Strange gray rectangle instead of disabled value when moving Class
CosmeticsIDEA-198742Markdown "Auto-Scroll Preview" Button Looks Like "Download"
CosmeticsIDEA-196183TODO view: trim the ending spaces in the changelist name when displaying it in TODO view tab
CosmeticsIDEA-193385New SE: cursor keeps improper shape
TaskIDEA-192178Enable IntelliJ laf on Mac
TaskIDEA-197166Increase click and hover zones for the close button for Manage Recent Projects popup and Welcome Screen
TaskIDEA-194353Change focus border for field and combo in table cell
TaskIDEA-188160Make terminal tabs the same as other tool window tabs
TaskIDEA-192417Provide an API for adding status bar widgets
TaskIDEA-195244Merge two 'Version' comboboxes in repository library settings dialog
TaskIDEA-196095Update icons for Build tool window statuses
ExceptionIDEA-193393TouchBar: exception is thrown after cancelling Project Structure window
ExceptionIDEA-200273Exceptions: GlobalMenuLinux - Unable to register window and AppMenu-service can't register xid
ExceptionIDEA-193575New SE: ClassCastException on selecting filter criteria
ExceptionIDEA-186452StackOverflowError on setting Floating mode for console
ExceptionIDEA-191859Using this EAP caused my Mac to hang twice today. I had to restart. It looks this version is completely broken.
ExceptionIDEA-200919ClassCastException: java.base/jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe cannot be cast to jdk.unsupported/sun.misc.Unsafe
ExceptionIDEA-195533NPE in RequestFocusInToolWindowCmd
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-193617Accessibility issue with ComboBox and the Win10 LAF
BugIDEA-182960Screen Reader Accessibility: Autocomplete
BugIDEA-201167File tree in Commit dialog and Revert changes are not accessible for Jaws
BugIDEA-201843NavBar popups are closed on up/down/speed search
BugIDEA-199219tables in dialogs not accessible
BugIDEA-201273Problem with User Agreement Accessibility
BugIDEA-200351can't escape diff dialog when screen reader is enabled
UsabilityIDEA-192637NVDA: Debugger
TaskIDEA-195260UI element with line numbers and debugging graphic not accessible to screen readers
User Interface. Action SystemBugIDEA-198166`enter` key does not work in pycharm switcher
BugIDEA-197877Throwable is thrown when switching files while Current File TODO Toolbar is opened
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-197998Multiline TODOs: multiline values are not displayed in toolbar on macOS
BugIDEA-196307Stripe buttons layout is broken after 'move to top/left/bottom/right'
BugIDEA-195921Toolbox buttons are cropped on hidpi displays with non-default UI font size
BugIDEA-195717Clicking directly on the arrow in the intention's menu has no effect unless it's done more to the right
BugIDEA-197936New SE: unable to use Ctrl/Cmd to expand selection
BugIDEA-196606Floating toolwindows can't be moved
BugIDEA-193777Cannot switch on 'Show function keys on touchbar' feature
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-196542Exceptions from intentions are logged as info, not error
BugIDEA-186820Escape key often stops moving focus from a tool window back to the editor
BugIDEA-196291IntelliJ is sometimes not persisting files to file system
BugIDEA-199344The "Find In Path" action throws TypeAheadTimeoutException
User Interface. GraphicsBugIDEA-199416IDEA startup NPE if no 'icons' specified in theme file
BugIDEA-193488Tool windows blur text when slide in/out
BugIDEA-195624wave underscore is partially bold
BugIDEA-195981Validation errors: bugs
BugIDEA-195614IAE in EffectPainter2D
CosmeticsIDEA-197371Add down arrow in "Go To Changed Files" in diff dialog
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-200171High Contrast Theme: Editor color scheme remains "High Contrast" after changing theme from "High Contrast" to "Darcula"
BugIDEA-195856IDEA fails to start on Java 10
BugIDEA-200278Background in editor doesn't change according to color scheme
BugIDEA-200591White editor for Darcula scheme by default
BugIDEA-183573printing a PHP source always encases the text in a background color (Darcula)
BugIDEA-200845Editor color scheme is not applied when switching between custom themes
CosmeticsIDEA-193982Problem toolbar menu item's icon seems disabled when enabled
CosmeticsIDEA-191671Mac menu icons don't handle Darcula well
TaskIDEA-198114Remove GTK/Windows native LookAndFeel support
User Interface. NavigationFeatureIDEA-184492"File..." action is suggesting folders
FeatureIDEA-198407Add nullness annotations to base SearchEverywhereContributor class
BugIDEA-199862No selection until search is not finished
BugIDEA-195557Cannot close splitted editor part after switching original editor
BugIDEA-196401Don't show "no classes / files /symbols found" when files are found
BugIDEA-199768New SE: remove duplicates on "All" tab
BugIDEA-199517Add Run Configurations to new SE
BugIDEA-201937Search Everywhere shortcuts: Ctrl/Shift+Tab shortcuts set for tabs switching do not work if Tab shortcut is set for "Select item" action
BugIDEA-201051New SE: Use "Tab" key for command autocomplete
BugIDEA-199664[Run config in the new SE] hints to run or to debug configuration are mixed with each other and should be vice versa
BugIDEA-198579Freeze while searching files by name during indexing
BugIDEA-200462New SE: Add statistics
BugIDEA-195792No file name completion in File Choosers
BugIDEA-199757Fuzzy search works with folders only if slash filled in
BugIDEA-196250It is impossible to invoke "Recent files" action from the "find action" popup.
BugIDEA-199403New SE: skip other contributors results when search with command
BugIDEA-201308New SE: Actions descriptions is not shown in status bar
PerformanceIDEA-200920Goto File is slow
UsabilityIDEA-198002New SE: part of the popup is outside the screen
CosmeticsIDEA-199666[Run config in the new SE] run config name and hints doesn't change a font color to white when is selected
CosmeticsIDEA-198030New SE: Search item full name is overlapped by scrollbar
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-192786Wrong directory is highlighted during moving files to Scratches
BugIDEA-195578New files do not show on package view
BugIDEA-192028Directories with dots in the name show up incorrectly in Project pane
BugIDEA-191952Scopes view: flatten packages doesn't work
BugIDEA-192364Problems with opening multiple files when Scoped view is selected
BugIDEA-196319Non-project/excluded from custom scope folders are still visible in project view
BugIDEA-189742Items in Project View remain highlighted as incorrect after deleting the class with uncompilable code
BugIDEA-189991File changes external to project tree view cause collapse and reset
UsabilityIDEA-182143Edit Scopes option only appears in Project tool window's menu when a custom scope is selected
UsabilityIDEA-194516Issue when changing error color
CosmeticsIDEA-168362Inconsistent labels in Project Tree View
ExceptionIDEA-85169PIEAE through ProjectViewTree.paintFileColorGutter() on pasting incomplete annotation inside another annotation
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-193058Update commit legend UI
FeatureIDEA-66943Add "Revert Commit" action to file history context menu for Git
FeatureIDEA-52927Version control: Unversioned Files: provide possibility to specify the amount of unversioned files that would be shown in separate view
FeatureIDEA-193537Update "Commit Message History" action UI
FeatureIDEA-160857Unversioned Files in Commit Changes dialog: support delete shortcut (DEL)
FeatureIDEA-63893Show current branch on Commit Dialog
BugIDEA-191782No tooltip for new button containing "ignore" actions in Changes view
BugIDEA-192400"Move to Another Changelist..." creates new changelist instead of using existing one
BugIDEA-196914Compare with local is disabled for directories in Mercurial History
BugIDEA-188052Tasks create branches with quotes
BugIDEA-115100Maven project import sets Subversion VCS for submodules, if there is a folder or file called .svn in parent folders
BugIDEA-190095File Mismatch When Unshelving Changes
BugIDEA-192793SelectChangesGroupingActionGroup doesn't work via Quick Actions Popup
BugIDEA-106293VCS gets confused if you revert changes quickly
BugIDEA-151064Show Diff action is not available in annotations of an old revision
BugIDEA-192474Annotate fail in error
BugIDEA-192877Git: CheckOut Tag Or Revision: on the first invocation some tags are not available in completion
BugIDEA-192203keymap "Xcode" not found warnings on startup from Git4Idea & hg4idea
BugIDEA-198676TODO appears in list several times on 'Review TODO' with selected 'Check TODO'
BugIDEA-194895Git annotate: "Number of lines annotated by git is not equal to number of lines in the file ..."
BugIDEA-193195Compare Before with Local should support file move
BugIDEA-183551Copy As Patch to Clipboard enabled only on files
BugIDEA-197154Exception when highlighting a VCS file version opened via Browse Repository at Revision
BugIDEA-193116"Compare with Local" doesn't work with "added" shelved files
PerformanceIDEA-174636Unregistered VCS root scanning, which happens in the Settings | Version Control, should be moved out of the EDT
PerformanceIDEA-195871VcsRootScanner adds everything under a symlinked directory into the VFS
PerformanceIDEA-199583Files affected by revision is slow when invoked from annotation markers
PerformanceIDEA-131357Idea stucks after "accept mine" for 100 files in merge dialog
UsabilityIDEA-192073Missing 'Expand All/Collapse All' icons in VCS Local changes
UsabilityIDEA-171261Cannot delete last changlist
UsabilityIDEA-131325VCS Commit Message box is using the caret foreground from "Generic" but background color is not inherited from "Generic"
UsabilityIDEA-199471Add Shortcut to open Diff from annotations without invoking contex menu
UsabilityIDEA-193296Assign default shortcut for the "Set Active Changelist" action
UsabilityIDEA-186415Clear metadata associated with changelist after first successful commit
UsabilityIDEA-198769Provide better progress indication for the Show Affected Paths dialog
UsabilityIDEA-140866Conflict in button's keyboard shortcuts in the Code analysis failed dialog
UsabilityIDEA-195922Local changes: Focusing an empty changelist doesn't remove the preview diff
UsabilityIDEA-199656Changelists should be expanded by default, and should retain the state
UsabilityIDEA-196963Unclear dialog options in abort/rollback
UsabilityIDEA-184616'Reword commit" do not add/alter item in commit message history
CosmeticsIDEA-195273Default Changelist Changelist
CosmeticsIDEA-197717Edit Changelist should have default shortcut
CosmeticsIDEA-82955Windows-specific setting name
CosmeticsIDEA-195248Dialog Add File to Git, change Yes/No buttons to Cancel/Add File to Git
ExceptionIDEA-200051IllegalStateException: Cannot find content provider for vcs hg4idea
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-75835Init Git projects submodules automatically or by asking user at least?
FeatureIDEA-147018Delete git tag
FeatureIDEA-192678Multiple Github accounts: show login dialog if attempt to perform the remote operation fails
FeatureIDEA-95494Copy some files from one branch to another branch
FeatureIDEA-74492Git: Checkout tag or revision: provide a list of available tags in combobox
FeatureIDEA-88818When creating .idea directory, automatically put inside a .gitignore containing workspace.xml and other files which have to be excluded from the VCS
FeatureIDEA-192369Allow configuring Local changes toolbar in "Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars"
FeatureIDEA-160208Git Fetch multiple roots in parallel
FeatureIDEA-184293Create a .gitignore on enabling VCS integration in new projects
FeatureIDEA-64024Git submodules should be supported
FeatureIDEA-133270(Git) Annotate should retain history through file renames.
BugIDEA-199226Git "Browse Repository at Revision" panel is not available in dumb mode
BugIDEA-192800Allow force push is available in Find action but does nothing
BugIDEA-186342Cherry-pick with auto-commit uses full hash in the suffix, while cherry-pick showing the dialog uses short hash
BugIDEA-199263Confusing "Add file to Git" dialog choice
BugIDEA-199761File names with trailing spaces break git diff
BugIDEA-196286Git Reword Commit sometimes throws an exception when trying to find a commit to reword
BugIDEA-108316Unregistered Git roots are not auto-detected if they are more than 2 folder levels deep than any project module
BugIDEA-196449IntelliJ tries to set git username and email for non-git vcs roots.
BugIDEA-196117Have not understood this message, there is a grammatical mistake
BugIDEA-180112IDEA stores passwords in memory even when "Remember" is unchecked
BugIDEA-201054Git: native SSH: confusing dialog on attempt to connect to (yet) unknown host
BugIDEA-191309Commit failed with error
BugIDEA-192906Git Push with Rebase puts all changes into the Default changelist
BugIDEA-193239Incorrect branch names shown for "checkout with rebase" and for interactive rebase operations
BugIDEA-198271Git: Native SSH: if password authentication is used, the password can't be remembered
BugIDEA-193788Git: Submodules: attempt to merge conflicts fails
BugIDEA-193259Git: Browse Repository At Revision: on new revision tab opening move focus there
BugIDEA-196503Git: Partial Commits: when ShowDiff is invoked for file in specific changelist should display changes from this changelist
BugIDEA-191992Files Merged with conflicts shows only one branch name
BugIDEA-195270Missing notification about invalid Git roots
BugIDEA-192771Git commit partially causes change CRLF to LF.
BugIDEA-193141Git: on saving file after Reword Commit performing i often get the File Caches Conflict dialog
BugIDEA-193140Can't undo rewording of a commit made before a merge commit and get an exception
BugIDEA-200448VCS Git "Fetch" does not refresh the VCS "Log" view
BugIDEA-197506Git clone operations are not listed in log
BugIDEA-198727Git Submodules: Annotate is enabled in the Diff view for the submodule entry but returns 'fatal: bad object'
BugIDEA-169002Git submodules: Diff invoked for submodule entry shows 'fatal:bad revision...' message
BugIDEA-193688Squash message editor starts with an extra line break
BugIDEA-168999"History up to Here" for a submodule folder shows empty history
BugIDEA-199969Git: .gitignore is created in the project root on git repository creating in one of its subfolders
BugIDEA-199966Git: .gitignore created on enabling git in project should not contain absolute paths
BugIDEA-193934Git clone --recurse-submodules checkouts submodules in detached state which breaks Update project
BugIDEA-198360Git: built-in SSH: if the saved password doesn't match, allow to enter the new one
BugIDEA-198951Pushing main repo with submodule with reject leads to "not on branch" AssertionError
BugIDEA-198952Rejected push in a submodule fails if "Update non-rejected repositories as well" is not selected
BugIDEA-172234Git Branches Popup Menu does not pop up at all
BugIDEA-195466Status of new files is not parsed if `git add -N` was used
BugIDEA-197249Builtin-SSH: fails when git protocol.version 2 is enabled
BugIDEA-194286Continue rebase doesn't refresh file status
BugIDEA-198264Git: Native or built-in SSH: correctly process the invalid (empty) passphrase
BugIDEA-200107Exception when invoke Default Settings from Welcome screen
BugIDEA-194449New Git root is not detected until restart, if added externally as a submodule or under a new subdirectory
BugIDEA-193260Git: Browse Repository At Revision: JumpToSource action for folders is enabled but doesn't work
BugIDEA-197913File History on a submodule folder shows the log of the submodule repository
BugIDEA-170013Git Native SSH with passphrase fails with Permission denied
BugIDEA-192531Clone from github: incorrect behavior in case of github accounts configured but w/o saved credentials
BugIDEA-193134Multiple Github accounts: clone doesn't suggest github repositories if you are not logged in to all accounts
BugIDEA-149060Modified files in one of repositories are often moved to the active change list
BugIDEA-196072Git Rebase dialog - Onto branch not persistent
BugIDEA-156454No Unstash of uncomitted changes when cancelling Git Rebase
BugIDEA-199003git commit failed with "the following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files"
BugIDEA-198723Git Submodules: project update doesn't update submodule project if the submodule is on branch
BugIDEA-100075Git submodule commit should make parent repository re-request Git status to show updates to the submodule folder itself
BugIDEA-200864Update Project doesn't fetch submodules
BugIDEA-194991Annotation tooltip is huge and empty
PerformanceIDEA-193442Git Cherry-Pick became slower because of long process of searching for containing branches
PerformanceIDEA-197868Branch listings extremely slow with many remote branches
PerformanceIDEA-1965352018.2 constant java processes
UsabilityIDEA-194090Protected branches do not prevent branch deletion
UsabilityIDEA-192982Multiple Github Accounts: if default account is selected and you are logged in, use this account for sharing and skip not authenticated ones
UsabilityIDEA-83415IDEA should "git commit" when possible instead of always calling "git commit --only" with paths
UsabilityIDEA-180118Interactive Rebase: Clicking Cancel in the dialog to enter a message for Squashed commits should cancel rebase.
UsabilityIDEA-192333Automatically register Git submodules as VCS roots
UsabilityIDEA-155587Git action "Checkout with Rebase" has counter-intuitive name
UsabilityIDEA-163630"Cherry-picked from" suffix should be optional
UsabilityIDEA-187320"Show history for revision" action name is unclear
UsabilityIDEA-167671No simple shortcut for Force push
UsabilityIDEA-197543Native SSH doesn't allow to save the passphrase or the password
UsabilityIDEA-183867Ignore whitespace changes in annotations for git option
UsabilityIDEA-199926Scanning for Git roots in a project should skip known third-party libs locations
UsabilityIDEA-144072Sort order of branch names in git branches drop-down lists is not alpha-numerical (Rebase, Branch Widget etc)
UsabilityIDEA-195155Rebase Branch - Onto box should default to refs/heads/master if there is no tracked branch
UsabilityIDEA-144948Branch list in Git Rebase dialog should include remote branches
UsabilityIDEA-124453Update Project should not fail completely when some module can't be updated (have no remotes, doesn't have a tracked branch, is in detached state, etc)
UsabilityIDEA-190367Shortcut for git branch by default
CosmeticsIDEA-192092Rephrase a notification that appears when users switch branches
CosmeticsIDEA-198989Broken html in remotes dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-168642Git remote editor doesn't resize properly
CosmeticsIDEA-198272Git: change the tooltip text for "SSH executable" option in Settings
CosmeticsIDEA-192384History for Selection shouldn't be visible in the context menu of Project Files
CosmeticsIDEA-198247Use smoother scaling for avatars in GitHub accounts panel
ExceptionIDEA-192978kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException at org.jetbrains.plugins.github.GithubShareAction$Companion$shareProjectOnGithub$1.onSuccess
ExceptionIDEA-197947ISE at git4idea.commands.GitNativeSshGuiAuthenticator.askKeyPassphraseInpu
ExceptionIDEA-193107IllegalArgumentException trying to open Branches menu in the detached HEAD state
ExceptionIDEA-194024AssertionError at git4idea.rebase.GitRebaseLineListener.onLineAvailable
Version Control. LogFeatureIDEA-130845Log: add action to go-to-parent and go-to-child
FeatureIDEA-190615Explore the source code based on specific revision
FeatureIDEA-199867Support Back and Forward navigation in VCS Log
FeatureIDEA-170988Add Diff Preview to File history view
BugIDEA-193814com.intellij.openapi.vcs.VcsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
BugIDEA-199655Unable to see git diff from file history for renamed file for commits made before rename
BugIDEA-198803VCS log shows garbage in "author" field, looks like a corrupted index
UsabilityIDEA-130970Git Log: search for filter string both in hashes and in strings
UsabilityIDEA-194808Branch filter should take repository filter into account
UsabilityIDEA-160834Log: do not display 2 progresses when filtering
CosmeticsIDEA-195976Fix progress bar in VCS Log in darcula
TaskIDEA-191611Update toolbar in VCS Log
Version Control. MercurialFeatureIDEA-187194Add compare action to the branch popup menu for Mercurial
BugIDEA-193378Merurial push/pull not working - hg4ideapromptextension returns AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Abort'
CosmeticsIDEA-187924Mercurial: Project update - Cropped text
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-183743Use file revision encoding when comparing file contents
BugIDEA-193396Perforce: 2 default changelists are displayed by default, and the one not marked as default can't contain any changes
PerformanceIDEA-192097Too many threads spawned by reading Perforce command outputs from refreshing File History
Version Control. SubversionFeatureIDEA-75033Add option to immediatly switch to a new branch when branching from repository location
BugIDEA-192371NPE on importing project with directory mappings set to "Subversion", but without real svn working copy
BugIDEA-198691Version Control: Error updating changes: For input string: "UNDEFINED"
TaskIDEA-197126Remove "Update administrative information only in changed subtrees" option
ExceptionIDEA-198536After upgrading to IDEA 2018.3 EAP - Subversion History fails with error
Web ServicesExceptionIDEA-61232NPE at MasterDetailsComponent.addNode() on adding WebServices client facet
XMLFeatureIDEA-108183XML: auto-popup completion for attribute values with enum
FeatureIDEA-64075Automatic XML Schema discovery
FeatureIDEA-199839Support deprecation in xsd schemas
BugIDEA-197050IntelliJ doesn't find my namespaces when using autocompletion in an XML Schema file
BugIDEA-199694XML reformatting does not preserve line breaks when the comments are at the end of the file
BugIDEA-194328Bundled XMLSchema-instance.xsd refers to nill- instead of nil-attribute
BugIDEA-195872IntelliJ marks "Element is not allowed here" an Element which is allowed to configure
BugIDEA-151043code completion sometimes does not suggest enumeration values when used with extension or union
BugIDEA-78840generate xml from xsd fails
BugIDEA-115240Tags from scheme helptopic.xsd are not recognized
BugIDEA-142045XML attribute is highlighted with red but validation succedes (using xml schema with restriction xs:list > xs:enumeration)
PerformanceIDEA-193127DomFileIconProvider loads AST unnecessarily
CosmeticsIDEA-75432Duplicate menu entries
i18nBugIDEA-179826Refactor|Rename is unavailable for Resource Bundle in Project Tree
No subsystemFeatureWEB-15038Support for media type suffixes (application/***+json)
FeatureWEB-33334Run spell check on the description property in package.json files
FeatureWEB-25165Provide ability to pass command line args to protractor
FeatureWEB-33932Bundle markdown plugin
FeatureWEB-33641Angular2: allow injecting languages other than CSS in `styles:[]`
FeatureWEB-33236Add ng add integration
FeatureWEB-29322Webstorm doesn't support pluralization rules syntax in angular templates
FeatureWEB-31391Go to Angular component's HTML template from usage
FeatureWEB-34686XML intention to create tag from attribute value
FeatureWEB-33928Add intention to wrap xml value in cdata block
FeatureWEB-33249Typing quotes/backticks over selected text should wrap that text, not delete
FeatureWEB-19564Web Browsers: support Microsoft Edge browser
FeatureWEB-34619Associate WebStorm with JSON files
FeatureWEB-29005Add support of -webkit-image-set in CSS
BugWEB-33570Do not log issues with bad schematics in New|Angular Schematics... dialog
BugWEB-31037Do not report spelling errors for values from bundled JSON schemas
BugWEB-34375Live templates: surround with tag inserts superfluous line break
BugWEB-35054Add words to default dictionary: monorepo, denormalize
BugWEB-14589multi-line todo in html
BugWEB-34776Angular. Make method private/protected leads to exception
BugWEB-34755routerLink value should not resolve and be just a plain string literal
BugWEB-33007Folder is automatically being excluded, cannot be undone
BugWEB-33002'Change signature to match and update call' removes 'new'
BugWEB-33217DartAnalysisServerService trying to read files on disposed project
BugWEB-31258Rename in angular template can generate wrong code (Angular, Typescript)
BugWEB-32711Prettier: support .prettierignore
BugWEB-34597Don't treat XML files in Vue.js projects as Vue templates
BugWEB-34624Argument for @NotNull parameter 'jestPackage' must not be null
BugWEB-34250TSCONFIG custom inspections should traverse config hierarchy, not just check the parent object
BugWEB-33364Angular template reference wrong typing
BugWEB-35223Deadlock on indexing
BugWEB-33569Suggest newer version for 'ng-add' dependencies if older one doesn't support 'ng-add'
BugWEB-31040Add to the dictionary
BugWEB-21704Support qualified references in templateString JS language injection patterns
BugWEB-33543Remove Web Starter Kit from the project wizard
BugWEB-33150Yarn workspaces: support “nohoist” option
BugWEB-34085Mac OS X keymap is selected if you skip the IDE configuration
BugWEB-34578Spelling 'mistakes' in variable names
BugWEB-34299Closing tag is not changed when selecting an autocomplete option by mouse (not keyboard)
BugWEB-34740Using new element action on navigation bar is broken
BugWEB-35363ClassCastException when opening and setting focus to some js files
BugWEB-25681Methods in Angular's *.component.ts falsely recognized as unused
BugWEB-33753'Convert class to functional component' loses defaultProps in TSX
BugWEB-33756WebStorm ignoring hostname for IP address
BugWEB-33287Nested indices access in JsTestSourcesFilter may cause deadlock
BugWEB-35425"ActionScript/Flex" diagram is suggested for TypeScript file
BugWEB-35098Disabled library is enabled after applying changes in 'JavaScript - Libraries' dialogue
BugWEB-20634Highlighting problems with bundled WebStorm color schemes
BugWEB-10491Add standard framework keywords to dictionary
BugWEB-32769Webpack config rejects automaticNameDelimiter optimization setting
BugWEB-33786Add "realtime" to the default dictionaries
UsabilityWEB-33877Cannot shrink Name column in JavaScript Libraries
UsabilityWEB-34438Typing dot or space in import path results in applying selected variant from completion list if module name is selected there
UsabilityWEB-33927Cannot locally suppress typescript "unused export" inspection
UsabilityWEB-35408Disabling the webpack configuration shows a warning on project load
CosmeticsWEB-32801Webpack option schema has a wrong link in the inspection description
ExceptionWEB-35364File processor exception on project close
ExceptionWEB-35460IndexNotReadyException when trying to get qualified name while indexing
Build toolsFeatureWEB-34701Run Anything: add npm tasks
ExceptionWEB-34650InvocationTargetException when debugging npm script with node 6.x
CSSFeatureWEB-34312Add intention action: replace CSS var() function invocation with its fallback value
FeatureWEB-22Code cleanup - sort CSS properties by name inside declaration
FeatureWEB-24381Extract Ruleset intention action
FeatureWEB-10307Multiline TODOs for CSS/LESS/SCSS/Stylus/PostCSS
FeatureWEB-19525Add "Keep Maximum Blank Lines" to Settings -> Code Style -> CSS
FeatureWEB-35114Stylesheet languages code style: add an option to control blank lines around nested selectors.
FeatureWEB-6176Add refactoring: "Move CSS ruleset to a different file"
BugWEB-35555Some CSS pseudo-selectors are highlighted red in the editor
BugWEB-34176stroke-linejoin. Add available values
BugWEB-10143Code readability in css color preview
BugWEB-61CSS optimization bug
BugWEB-27101::slotted(*) css pseudo-element is highlighted red
BugWEB-35249'Rearrange Code' action messes up CSS file if it contains import
BugWEB-34155CSS frames() function is marked as unknown
BugWEB-34825Emmet in stylesheet comments
BugWEB-34177Value of css attribute stroke-width can be a number
BugWEB-20810Css Custom Properties will be in error if you are in both the transform and calc
BugWEB-33182Intellij complains about valid css
BugWEB-35230CSS formatting: 'Keep single-lines blocks' option affects blank lines
BugWEB-34017Unknown CSS property 'row-gap'
PerformanceWEB-34434"Unused CSS selector" inspection overloads CPU
UsabilityWEB-35013Sort CSS properties: restore default custom order
UsabilityWEB-35153Group code style pages for style sheet languages in Settings
TaskWEB-35196No reason to have different code style settings for CSS and PostCSS
ExceptionWEB-34806Invalid comment range on file opening on comments searching
CoffeeScriptFeatureWEB-12464Add support for JSX syntax to CoffeeScript
BugWEB-31789Coffeescript highlight OR= operator error
BugWEB-32860Local class properties/methods not being properly indexed
BugWEB-32793Class as prop value error: unexpected indentation
BugWEB-29109CoffeeScript formatting of 'export default'
BugWEB-15683CoffeeScript: Red code: incorrectly parsed slash symbol
BugWEB-32981[CoffeeScript] Uncorrect highlight "not" keyword
BugWEB-32778CoffeeScript "code reformat" change semantics of the string tag
BugWEB-14981Existential Operator `?` on newline marked as invalid syntax, while invalid `?` usage is not marked
BugWEB-32486Coffeescript: splat operator in object definitions marked as error
BugWEB-34889wrong autoformatting in coffeescript with exports
BugWEB-34887support coffeescript re-export statement
BugWEB-33731CoffeeScript: JSX: correctly highlight XML tags
BugWEB-33733CoffeeScript: JSX: export default should be highlighted as unused when it is unused
BugWEB-33736CoffeeScript: JSX: React import should not be highlighted as unused for stateless components
BugWEB-22252Existential Operator Not Properly Parsed With Assignment to Function Result After Valid Space
BugWEB-24288Coffeescript - regex with whitespace considered bad code
BugWEB-33782CoffeeScript: prohibit use of JavaScript Postfix Templates
DartFeatureWEB-32909Provide code completion when editing Dart breakpoint condition and in Evaluate Expression dialog
FeatureWEB-33112Be able to run test of dart 2 code in intellij
BugWEB-33251Unable to run unit tests from folder with space in path
BugWEB-35068Dart completion prevents from typing a number literal
BugWEB-32955Dart tab-autocompletion deletes code
BugWEB-33051Dart formatter swallows white space on line merge
BugWEB-33011Unfortunate Dart formatting of syntactically valid code
BugWEB-32974Incorrect 'Pin Tab' icon in Dart 'Get Dependencies' console.
BugWEB-34184'packages' is not resolved in HTML file (Dart project)
BugWEB-34164URL is recognized as directory/files while having dart support enabled
BugWEB-35159'itar' live template works wrong in Dart if var i is already used
UsabilityWEB-28503Possibility to specify Dart Dev Server port for a Web app to facilitate using local storage such as indexeddb
DebuggerFeatureWEB-23258Configurable remote mappings for "Attach to Node.js/Chrome" run configuration
FeatureWEB-32096Show coverage on source files when source maps are used
FeatureWEB-33127JS Coverage: Show correct coverage for css
BugWEB-14424IntelliJ can't debug into node_module entries that are created by NPM Link
BugWEB-34520Support BigInt type in Debugger
BugWEB-34890IDE can't connect to Chrome - 'Waiting for connection to localhost'
BugWEB-34895Can' debug react native app with react-native@0.57.0
BugWEB-33044Debugger stops on muted breakpoints in React native app
BugWEB-33398CSS Coverage is shown for the generated .css, not for the apprepriate .sass file
BugWEB-33397No CSS coverage for 'Web Starter Kit' project
BugWEB-34132Exception on JS debugging on a local node server
BugWEB-30584Source mapped breakpoints have unexpected behavior in async code
BugWEB-33020IndexOutOfBoundsException when stop JS 'Run with coverage'
BugWEB-35530React Native build doesn't start with 'react-native' package
BugWEB-34474Breakpoints are not reached in Karma tests @angular/cli 6.1.4
BugWEB-34206Webstorm 2018.2: "Debugger Console" view missing from Debug window with Node 6.x
BugWEB-34990Debugger doesn't update breakpoints positions
BugWEB-32714Debugger steps into node_modules even if "Do not step into library scripts" is enabled
BugWEB-32908Can't resolve breakpoints in webpack 3.X project
BugWEB-33878NodeJS debug breakpoint not working without server restart when using reconnect automatically Build #IU-182.3684.2
BugWEB-33604Infinite 'Loading value' when calculating a variable
BugWEB-34605Debugger stops on EVERY same-named source file while debugging Node JS remotely using "Attach to Node.js/chrome"
BugWEB-33667Child process debugging doesn't have async call stack when using Node 8 'inspect-brk'
BugWEB-35084@angular/cli: duplicated AppComponent in variables | local | this
BugWEB-33119Wrong file path in Console when debugging a Vue app
BugWEB-34667Debugger ignores breakpoints when debug grunt task
BugWEB-33170Breakpoints not matched properly
BugWEB-33095Breakpoint is not hit in multi-module node projects bundled with webpack
BugWEB-33328Node.js remote debugger ignores breakpoints in .ts file inside Docker container
BugWEB-33151NPE when hovering over field declaration during debug session
BugWEB-32851Debugging Karma tests with karma-browserify not working sometimes
BugWEB-33528Out of memory when debugging React Native application
BugWEB-34537Cannot attach to remote nodejs after upgrade to 2018.2
BugWEB-33132JS Coverage: create-react-app, App.js is not added in coverage result
BugWEB-33717WSL: debugger ignores breakpoints when use babel-register
BugWEB-34822'this' is wrongly evaluated with sourcemaps in Variables view
BugWEB-33033IntelliJ 2018.1.3 does not show frames when debugging webpack
BugWEB-34783Docker on Windows: ports are not bound automatically
BugWEB-34786Karma tests can't be debugged when they are not bundled with webpack but it's set up in karma config
BugWEB-33419Debugger tooltip shows value for the variable one line above
BugWEB-32921Turn off breakpoints when run js with coverage
BugWEB-34407Debugger controls do not work when debugging code executed within a VM
BugWEB-35448JS debug is broken (183.3975.9)
BugWEB-35449Debugger stops on first line in a file when debug with js.debugger.use.node.options turned on
BugWEB-33288Incorrect coverage report for @angular/cli 1.7.4
BugWEB-33128JS Coverage: Rename in Coverage toolwindow
BugWEB-35218Can't debug Node.js: path no program files is considered as incorrect
BugWEB-32763Debugging hangs on Facebook API
BugWEB-34483Run/Debug Configurations: .NET Project : Browser/Live Edit. Confusing button in the web address field
BugWEB-35037Variables from outer function appear in shorthand arrow function scope
PerformanceWEB-31775Debugger: false stops in same-named files cause delays when debugging
UsabilityWEB-32843Node.js global.console has duplicate logs in Console tab when Debugger Console tab is hidden, when debugging
UsabilityWEB-32842Improve notification in case of wrong settings in 'Node.js/Chrome remote' RC
UsabilityWEB-33956Auto expanded object properties values make variables view noisy of there is too many object entries
UsabilityWEB-33303Node script fails to debug due to run configuration typo
UsabilityWEB-32810Add to watch is not always possible in JavaScript
UsabilityWEB-13852Debugger: "Add to Watches" for multiple variables selected in Variables view adds the first variable only
CosmeticsWEB-33294Attach to Node.js configuration: add separator
TaskWEB-33027JS Coverage: hide the Debugger and Elements tabs in tool window, add notification
TaskWEB-7998If breakpoints muted, don't stop on debugger keyword
ExceptionWEB-33729InvalidPathException when debug creare-react-app
ExceptionWEB-34839IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'file'...
ExceptionWEB-32925Throwable: No last annotation when 'Run with coverage'
ExceptionWEB-31501[[FunctionLocation]] not found when call 'Jump to source'
ExceptionWEB-34648IllegalArgumentException: BIGINT when debug via node 6.X
ExceptionWEB-33102Exception in IntelliJ IDEA on closing Internet Explorer
File WatchersFeatureWEB-33319Add Insert Macro button for the Program path field in File Watchers
FeatureWEB-33175Add File Watcher template for Prettier
FeatureWEB-12478Global File Watchers
FeatureWEB-33321Add File Watchers to Settings for Default Project
BugWEB-33191File Watcher with custom scope is triggered on all files if this custom scope is deleted
BugWEB-33661Export File Watchers action: preserve Path Variables
BugWEB-35498Prettier file watcher: opening and closing file chooser changes Program path
CosmeticsWEB-33683File watchers: column title doesn't fit on Linux
TaskWEB-34630Update file watcher template for Babel 7
HTMLFeatureWEB-34756data-* attribute "is not allowed here"
FeatureWEB-33951Make rearrange tag attributes available as an intention
FeatureWEB-34959Add inspection: an HTML tag should have a lang attribute
FeatureWEB-20608Unwrap tag should be available via Alt+Enter as a context action
FeatureWEB-5082HTML: completion could suggest all valid closing tags
FeatureWEB-35006Add inspection: A head tag should contain a title tag with content
FeatureWEB-33921Convert named entity to numbered one and vice versa intention
FeatureWEB-8885Reformat code after an "Unwrap/remove" in HTML
FeatureWEB-34944Add inspection: an HTML element has no title attribute
FeatureWEB-34949Add inspection: an HTML element has no alt attribute
BugWEB-34737Html tags are not resolved in angular project
BugWEB-7228HTML5 Boilerplate breaks HTML completion in .html file
BugWEB-34754Wrong unescaped characters inspection in html script section
BugWEB-34566Support 'Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab' feature for HTML files
BugWEB-13095Element names are not spelling mistakes
BugWEB-35129Add inspection. A table without summary attribute
BugWEB-34950Add inspection: use <em> and <strong> for emphasized or special text
BugWEB-34363Surround with CDATA item should only be available in XML
BugWEB-34361Convert text to CDATA should not be available in JSX
BugWEB-33582Inspections - Unknown HTML Tag not working
BugWEB-342Surround with tag not indenting properly
BugWEB-34573Remove Surround with CDATA intention
BugWEB-29360Emmet preview is not working in JS injections
BugWEB-33949Complete HTML tag when there's only one variant: closing tag is not updated
BugWEB-31136SVG attributes marked as not allowed in injected HTML fragment
BugWEB-34356Generate xml tag items displayed multiple times
BugWEB-34358Unwrap html tag works wrong
BugWEB-35033HTML: "Unknown HTML tag attribute" inspection: allow "alt" attribute for the "applet" tag
ExceptionWEB-17902NullPointerException when applying 'Form input without an associated label' quickfix
JSONFeatureWEB-24731JSON Schema: implement completion for the contents of $ref reference
FeatureWEB-35058JSON: Support $id property properly (resolve $ref-s with id, navigate, etc.)
FeatureWEB-34898Typing assist to insert quotes automatically when typing ":" after property name
FeatureWEB-32826JSON schema: Provide quick fixes for schema incompatibility errors
FeatureWEB-33212Mechanism for providing completion for third-party webpack plugins via json schemas
FeatureWEB-33746Add completion/navigation for $schema property
FeatureWEB-33426Support path patterns for JSON mappings
FeatureWEB-24696Paste into JSON could help with escaping quotes
FeatureWEB-35148Add comma when pasting lines into JSON
FeatureWEB-34368Add completion for "required" properties in json schemes
FeatureWEB-33308JSON Schema inspections: smarter error selection and better targeted quick fixes
FeatureWEB-24726JSON Schema: highlight unresolved $ref references
FeatureWEB-35067Auto-insert whitespace after typing ":" in JSON after property name
FeatureWEB-31879Insert comma automatically with closing bracket / quote
FeatureWEB-34748Inject JS regexp into "pattern" property of JSON schema and "patternProperty" property names
FeatureWEB-35323Add "Surround with > quotes / array literal" for JSON
FeatureWEB-35463Add a checkbox to prefer remote JSON schemas over bundled schemas
FeatureWEB-34618Duplicate JSON keys inspection should provide navigate to duplicate as a quick fix
FeatureWEB-31891Unescape when copying content of JSON string
BugWEB-33880JSON Schemas: false positive 'Validates to more than one variant' warning
BugWEB-26702Add/remove commas when moving statement in JSON
BugWEB-34103JSON schema validation for enums of arrays/objects giving incorrect warning
BugWEB-34897'anyOf'/'oneOf' with identical schemas leads to no or partial errors
BugWEB-34092JSON Schemas without file associations are not available in the list of schemas
BugWEB-33235JSON schema: Don't suggest non-string variants inside string literals
BugWEB-33724Incorrect 'missing property' in case of 'anyOf' with required
BugWEB-33913JSON Schemas: Warning message shows information about PSI loading
BugWEB-33215JSON Schema Mappings: Empty file pattern and path should match nothing
BugWEB-35358JSON: "Surround with > quotes / array literal" doesn't surround several items inside array
BugWEB-32960JSON Schema switcher: applying schema for the file for several times multiplies this file in Schema Mappings
BugWEB-34477JSON Schema: enum validation is skipped in presence of 'pattern', that's not spec-conformant
BugWEB-35318JSON pointers do not follow proper URL encoding
BugWEB-32453JSON schema: #ref links are resolved incorrectly in several cases
BugWEB-33858Json Schema Validation string enum case insensitive
BugWEB-33852JSON Schema: Caret is out of the quotes after adding missing property
BugWEB-33444JSON Schema mappings are stored with platform-dependent slashes
BugWEB-35121JSON Schema: incorrect oneOf branch selection - at least one should be always selected
BugWEB-34369Title from json schema is not used in documentation popup
BugWEB-32514JSON: escape tilde and slash symbols on "Copy JSON Pointer to clipboard" action invocation
BugWEB-34643JSON: Validates against 'not' schema warning in package.json files
BugWEB-34915LineWrapPositionStrategy is not implemented for JSON, leading to invalid splitting of string literals, etc.
BugWEB-33705Unintended autocomplete list pop-ups when typing B or P inside quotes in JSON strings
BugWEB-33306JSON Schema Mappings: required fields are not suggested inside 'oneOf' definition
BugWEB-33179Exception while trying to add missing property to JSON file
BugWEB-33099JSON Schema Mappings: conflicting mappings for newly added item
BugWEB-35493JSON schema validation validates itself
BugWEB-32852JSON schema switcher: correctly map built-in and local schemas when remote sources are not allowed
BugWEB-32853JSON schema: do not remove manually added schema on schemas reassign
BugWEB-34538Duplicating items in code completion
BugWEB-34888Validation of 'allOf' condition is too weak
BugWEB-32038JSON schema for multiple projects
BugWEB-31876JSON inspection tab character in strings
BugWEB-33014"File is not a schema" error in json widget when file was manually added with a mapping to schema
BugWEB-32972JSON switcher: schema causes conflict instead of switching for a file in nested folder
BugWEB-33758"Reformat Code" inserts an extra newline when the predecing element overlaps the right margin
BugWEB-34178JSON Schema: Caret is out of the brackets after adding missing property
BugWEB-35303'rulesDirectory' in tslint has two possible type variants, but we suggest only array in code completion
BugWEB-35302Incorrect type detection for TSLint 'rules' in JSON code completion
BugWEB-33845File type detection on EDT via JsonSchemaVfsListener
BugWEB-33494Incorrect handling of allOf+oneOf combination
BugWEB-31894Escaping backslash inside a string in JSON causes spellcheck underlines to appear at random
BugWEB-34354"type": "object" is not always correctly handled by "add missing properties" fix
BugWEB-34657JSON Pointer escapes for '/' and '~' are treated incorrectly in $ref completion/resolve and in schema validation
BugWEB-20366JSON Schema should not validate itself
BugWEB-34928JSON Schema reference breaks other references to JSON properties
PerformanceWEB-34304Azure deployment JSON schemas are not properly evaluated and cause laggy code analysis
PerformanceWEB-34294Specific repository/JSON file is freezing RubyMine on every action.
PerformanceWEB-33189Add file-based index for "$schema" and "$id"/"id" properties in JSON
UsabilityWEB-32680JSON Schemas: add "x-intellij-html-description" property into v6 and v7 schema completion
UsabilityWEB-34093JSON Schema: improve the status for not yet downloaded schemas
UsabilityWEB-33404Add an API to suppress JSON widget for particular files
UsabilityWEB-33178'Missing property' inspection in JSON should provide all missing property names at once
UsabilityWEB-32878Not clear behavior when trying to use json schema outside of the project
UsabilityWEB-33265JSON Schema widget is always visible when index is being updated
UsabilityWEB-35385JSON: merge the user whitespace with whitespace auto-inserted by typed handler
UsabilityWEB-33908JSON Schema completion: show types in completion item descriptions when no description is avaiable
UsabilityWEB-33453Collect all one-of branches / any-of when none is applicable and show smarter inspections / suggest smarter fixes
UsabilityWEB-20445JSON Schema: errors from schema in Event log should not be red-colored
UsabilityWEB-33103JSON Schema Mappings: no validation for empty path to file/pattern
CosmeticsWEB-33544Clean up empty items on saving JSON schema mappings
TaskWEB-33207Limit JSON schema services only to supported files
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-31579Intention action to add/remove numeric separators
FeatureWEB-10122Add SQL auto injection for Javascript
FeatureWEB-32660Support nullish coalescing syntax
FeatureWEB-30855No autocomplete for flow's $ReadOnly types
FeatureWEB-33884Prefer package imports when auto-importing modules in Yarn workspaces
FeatureWEB-29456Completion for overrides should behave same as 'generate overrides' - insert parameters
FeatureWEB-32425IDE is unaware of Flow utility types
FeatureWEB-32924Better default values for object literals, tuples, arrays and functions
FeatureWEB-35103Completion for overrides with full bodies should work in object literals
FeatureWEB-31502Support for webpack 4 built-in plugin's schemas
FeatureWEB-34932Enable "Unsound 'typeof' type guard check" inspection for JS
FeatureWEB-34683Multiline TODOs for JavaScript/TypeScript
FeatureWEB-32919Support 'import.meta' metaproperty
FeatureWEB-33892Check RegExp should support lookbehind
FeatureWEB-33050Support 'Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab' feature for Javascript/Typescript files
FeatureWEB-35564Flow: better support for function generics
FeatureWEB-18381Flow/TSX/React: provide possibility to navigate via namespaced React tags
FeatureWEB-30594jsDoc | Add support for optional properties in @typedef with @property
FeatureWEB-27961Parameter hints (like in Typescript) in pure JavaScript
FeatureWEB-34461Completion for <this>.property in JavaScript classes
FeatureWEB-33343Copy path breadcrumbs to clipboard for JS/TS
FeatureWEB-33195'Iterate' intention action for JS/TS
BugWEB-34315Error in Javascript inspection and code completion
BugWEB-34314Unresolved function or method hasOwnProperty() on JSON object
BugWEB-33574JS: Changing language level doesn't trigger reindexing node modules
BugWEB-35017Autocomplete for class properties of templated data structures does not work if defined above 'class' declaration
BugWEB-35274Provide quick documentation for arrow function parameters, where referenced within the function
BugWEB-33077Instance fields have inconsistent styling
BugWEB-32006assignment to es6 class properties are considered redefinement and marked as unused (possible 2018.1 regression)
BugWEB-32396Flow core library global type definitions are not exposed to the IDE
BugWEB-35550Wrong links to MDN in documentation popup for React APIs
BugWEB-33700JavaScript: 'Method expression is not of Function type' after exporting
BugWEB-34282Used parameter/variable/function shows unused in language injection (heredoc)
BugWEB-33061WebStorm doesn't type 'this' properly when used in JSDoc
BugWEB-35356JavaScript: enable base "navigate to source" for global @types libraries
BugWEB-32966No completion for `async` keyword after `=` in function expression
BugWEB-32140Better availability for 'Introduce variable' action
BugWEB-32940[Flow] Call generic function with specified type parameters
BugWEB-30363JQuery + RequireJS $.each() and $.ele.children() unresolved
BugWEB-34125No import quick-fixes in 2018.2
BugWEB-33498Navigate/Declaration works wrong when using computed properties
BugWEB-32337Resolve for property assigned in other scope
BugWEB-34996Enable completion for object properties as keys inside square brackets in JavaScript
BugWEB-24606Intellisense taking the wrong JS file and not the one imported in require('./...) using NodeJS
BugWEB-32458Renaming variable changes same-named object property
BugWEB-33627Wrong 'Invalid number of arguments' error for chai.test function
BugWEB-33290Iterate intention: template should skip the last variable
BugWEB-30386TypeScript import added when pasting from clipboard into comment
BugWEB-35419'Copy qualified name' doesn't work for tags in Flow & React projects
BugWEB-35141Flow: CMD-hover type lookup does not work across files
BugWEB-34595JavaScript: Duplicated options in Surround With action menu
BugWEB-33349Spread expression types in calls are always evaluated as 'any', that is incorrect
BugWEB-28566Erroneous "missing import" statement for Flow type
BugWEB-31523Ordered lists <ol> are not supported in JSDoc comments
BugWEB-34341Default export is marked as unused when using directory imports
BugWEB-34347JSdoc: named @typedef with type specified via @type not accepted
BugWEB-34936False "Method expression is not of Function type" type mismatch
BugWEB-24709Move 'suppress for statement' into nested menu if error with quick fix is reported from JSAnnotator
BugWEB-34687Opening parenthesis immediately within a JSX tag cause parse error in flow js files
BugWEB-35243Completion for overrides: place caret inside the method body
BugWEB-34046Flow JS 'Specify type explicitly' intention and 'Show expression Type' throw exception
BugWEB-24263Scratch files don't support ES6
BugWEB-34154Enabling 'Method bodies' in Code Folding | Collapse by default shouldn't affect nested code blocks
BugWEB-32208React Stateless Functional Component autocomplete doesn't work with Flow prop types
BugWEB-32421next/prev method ignores es6 object methods when {key: function} is present within a method
BugWEB-32691'Implement missing members' for object generates redundant comma
BugWEB-32484Should not resolve top-level elements to local functions in modules
BugWEB-34082Flow JS results of 'Get expression type', navigation to definition is unreliable on unsaved files
BugWEB-34702"Contents of collection are queried, but never updated" when using ternary operator
BugWEB-34641ES6: enable autoimports from node_modules if it contains ES6 modules
BugWEB-34768forEach to for...of intention bugs
BugWEB-35384Flow: class generic arguments are not supported properly
BugWEB-35565Code completion not working until type definition file is touched
BugWEB-30290Some JS intentions break code formatting when invoked
BugWEB-34745Don't show 'forin' postfix template on array/iterable type
BugWEB-34101`for await` not shown as wrong when used outside `async`
BugWEB-25867Resolve webpack built-in plugins
BugWEB-35191"Type mismatch" inspection: false positive when using `return;`
BugWEB-32933Can't resolve sortBy import from lodash
BugWEB-30683Add patterns to allow configuring language injection in JSX tags
BugWEB-32971Do not show 'with' keyword on top of completion
BugWEB-32977Undefined property assignment incorrectly triggering
BugWEB-32979@memberOf for instance members support only 1 way of declaration of 3
BugWEB-34468Make method static generates extra point in multiline class object
BugWEB-34257Flow: quick documentation doesn't show callback params
BugWEB-35327Invalid code check warning (false positive): Type boolean is not assignable to type boolean
BugWEB-32953No support for Node.js Async Hooks module
BugWEB-33420Javascript code completion doesn't work in webpack configuration file
BugWEB-33435Imported class member not resolved when using singleton pattern
BugWEB-32935Install and add to dependencies should respect project package manager
BugWEB-34425provide completion for object shorthand properties in function arguments
BugWEB-32119Proper support for `@instance`
BugWEB-35468Support at least explicit substitutions for Flow generics in class constructors
BugWEB-34212JS/ES6: Inspection issue: Contents of collection are updated, but never queried
BugWEB-33984Unable to disable "cannot resolve symbol" error in JSX
BugWEB-32584Unresolved function or method error
BugWEB-32911JSDoc: Type info lost on optional parameters for methods defined with @name
BugWEB-35113'Generate' creates body with return in pure JS if implementing TS method with 'void' return type
BugWEB-35115invalid "variable might not have been initialized" inspection for destructuring assignment, should be a syntax error
BugWEB-34230Support referencing non-existent files in JavaScript libraries
BugWEB-33611Javascript. Array type is not properly defined
BugWEB-34394Show introduce variable intention only for the `class`/`function` keyword in `export default class/function`
BugWEB-33280Can't finish template for switch/while by pressing Enter once
BugWEB-35136Trailing comma in dynamic import gives spurious syntax error
BugWEB-34377go to declaration for a imported (from a node module) function should take you to the function definition in the exporting module
BugWEB-33129Add keyword completion for '' and 'import.meta'
BugWEB-32522JS: wrong function param styling
BugWEB-21480Referenced JS Library shows "OK" state after Library is Deleted (or name changed)
BugWEB-34658Do not show parameter hints for JSX expressions
BugWEB-30291Flow Project errors does not show warnings if there are no errors
BugWEB-34337index.js is added to the imports when moving files
BugWEB-33591Reduce availability range of some intentions for class members
BugWEB-34922'worker_threads' isn't resolved in require statement
BugWEB-35253Generating overrides doesn't respect generator methods
PerformanceWEB-353902018.3 EAP6 crash
PerformanceWEB-30360Code Analysis, Strange Lagging Bug
PerformanceWEB-16757"Unused global symbol" inspection causes high CPU usage
PerformanceWEB-35280High memory usage while working with JS
UsabilityWEB-33552Autocomplete for properties doesn't show string-named items when typing a capital letter
UsabilityWEB-35200Unclosed comment ending with a new line is not highlighted with underwave
UsabilityWEB-34937Very hard to type spread operator (...)
UsabilityWEB-34719Autocomplete for `function` not working in some cases
UsabilityWEB-34273Changed colors of Monokai scheme in 2018
UsabilityWEB-33854Generate 'switch' cases action improvements
UsabilityWEB-33727Missing breadcrumbs for switch statement
CosmeticsWEB-35075Change merged gutter icons (they were replaced recently, and now the merged option doesn't look nice)
CosmeticsWEB-32663Remove "Implement methods" for objects without contextual type
CosmeticsWEB-33186Wrong before preview for "switch" postfix action
CosmeticsWEB-31831Settings: JS/TS: Code generation: align fields on the page
CosmeticsWEB-33635Issues with brace highlighting
TaskWEB-35079Infer primitive type facts from initializer for javascript
TaskWEB-34965Merge "Unsound" inspections for typescript and javascript
ExceptionWEB-33628PsiInvalidElementAccessException when expand and collapse tag
ExceptionWEB-35416IllegalStateException: Calling invokeAndWait from read-action leads to possible deadlock
ExceptionWEB-35047periodic PsiInvalidElementAccessException when editing js
ExceptionWEB-35658IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'element'
ExceptionWEB-32917Mac. exception in JSUnusedGlobalSymbolsInspection
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-7308reformating JS else statment not in right position
FeatureWEB-13488JavaScript code style settings: Spaces within array literal
FeatureWEB-34976Add option to align Typescript union/intersection Types
FeatureWEB-28679Add an option to treat lambda fields as methods when rearranging code
FeatureWEB-32566Formatting should adjust spaces in template string arguments
BugWEB-35074JSX state object misaligned
BugWEB-34770Newlines between opening brace and comment not removed
BugWEB-17899Braces for JavaScript Switch statement ignore "Brace Placement -> Other -> Next Line Shifted" setting
BugWEB-34052Exception when rearranging code
BugWEB-33625Formatting for TSX tag generics
BugWEB-34954No alignment for Angular HTML attribute
BugWEB-35220Wrong alignment of html attributes when [] are used
BugWEB-34726No option to set code style (JavaScript) for unary word operators
BugWEB-34535The short React fragment syntax is reformatted differently than the longer one
BugWEB-35501No indent on a new line after if after line without semicolon
BugWEB-33968Formatting moves block comments to new line
BugWEB-33844TypeScript auto import corrupts existing imports when ES6 import/export 'Align "from" clauses' option also reformats code
TaskWEB-33431Formatting for conditional types, named and default generics, variadic tuples
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-33147Set a path to webpack.conf.js for projects generated with Vue CLI 3
FeatureWEB-32549Highlight unresolved references in JSX
FeatureWEB-33912Suggest webpack.config.ts files in settings
FeatureWEB-34798Find usages doesn't work for Angular pipes
FeatureWEB-32334Vuex. Code completion is missing for store actions/states/mutations/getters
FeatureWEB-33755Generate debug configuration for new vue.js projects
FeatureWEB-26886Support controller variable for Angular 1.5 components
FeatureWEB-29412Support resolve/completion for default angular pipes
FeatureWEB-26862Add single step import for ES6 and TypeScript scripts in .vue files
FeatureWEB-35435Improve handling of Angular entities
FeatureWEB-30064Make 'Unwrap/Remove' work for JSX tags
FeatureWEB-33489Vuejs rename component name
FeatureWEB-34596Vuetify v-icon. add completion for icon names
FeatureWEB-33304Remove "introduce local variable" intention for angular methods/data
FeatureWEB-27290Feature Request: more options creating Angular Cli project
FeatureWEB-20913Intention: Switch between React class and pure function syntax
FeatureWEB-31654Can't autoimport React HOCs
FeatureWEB-34828Rename the pipe in the template
FeatureWEB-34128Create default run configuration for Vue.js app
FeatureWEB-29682Angular CLI 1.5 generators don't have command line arguments info
FeatureWEB-33381Show type of React props in completion popup
FeatureWEB-20676AngularJS: 'controllerAs' reference is not resolved in templates
FeatureWEB-30661Angular. Provide resolve for # labels
FeatureWEB-33244React: Complex prop-types (oneOf, shape, arrayOfType) should be supported
FeatureWEB-35156Language completion for script and style tags in Vue templates
FeatureWEB-30481Code completion for Vue events and event modifiers
BugWEB-33575Can't create react-native project
BugWEB-31647Angular: no completion/resolving for custom directive bindings
BugWEB-34053React props resolved from wrong file when using named props types
BugWEB-34733IDE refuses to render the file after some typings
BugWEB-34732"Invalid" word in the completion list in the angular template
BugWEB-35297Project template dropdown should be disabled when creating vue application via @vue/cli3
BugWEB-34159React extract component: better handling of unresolved/multi-resolved expressions
BugWEB-34157'Extract react component' fails with shorthand object properties
BugWEB-34522WebStorm Angular "unused property myVar" on setter function even if its used for binding in template
BugWEB-33870Component required attribute inspection fails to acknowledge v-bind object syntax
BugWEB-35055NPE in Angular2LangUtil.isAngular2ContextDir
BugWEB-33064Regression. imported 3rd party vue components are not resolved (vuetify)
BugWEB-33722React: add autoimport for Component based on react.d.ts
BugWEB-27467Go to definition does not work for Angular 'async' pipe
BugWEB-30850React Native: no completion for native components properties
BugWEB-31322Angular 5 -> Attribute i18n is not allowed here
BugWEB-32986Support pointer events (react 16.4)
BugWEB-27731parsing html in angular 2 template
BugWEB-32162Copy React import when moving or copying JSX code
BugWEB-34471Optionally add `.vue` extension when auto-importing Vue components
BugWEB-34818TypeScript: "Cannot resolve symbol" in .vue file but works fine in .ts file
BugWEB-34269Type hierarchy not working for Google Closure classes in different namespaces
BugWEB-23606Angular2/Typescript properties created via private in constructor not recognized in templates
BugWEB-32949Exception when renaming methods/data in .vue files
BugWEB-32129Angular: `ng-zorro-antd` directives not resolved
BugWEB-35317Space is removed before some attributes in Angular template
BugWEB-33423No autocomplete properties if start typing with : in vue components
BugWEB-34857Angular: support type evaluation of template references which bind to directives
BugWEB-34224NPE when invoking the completion inside angular template
BugWEB-23647React: provide autocomplete for standard methods
BugWEB-33605Load karma and protractor config paths from angular.json
BugWEB-34607New Project | Angular CLI: fields appear with delay
BugWEB-34958assert: JSTypeSerializer$NULLABLE_TYPE_SERIALIZER$.write
BugWEB-32730Error "Namespace ... is not bound" in Vue template when event name contains colon
BugWEB-33818Handle TSX type context when converting class component to functional
BugWEB-33836Vue.js plugin - navigate from template to component via CTRL + LMB not working
BugWEB-32515WebStorm Warning for Input iView Component
BugWEB-34911Angular. Go to definition is broken in template when intermediate folder contains package.json
BugWEB-33114Completion of function inserts parens when completing in JSX with expected function type
BugWEB-29827Angular Material: material table structural directives are not recognized when using asterisk notation
BugWEB-28018Angular: support navigation/completion for template reference variables in `@ViewChild()` decorator
BugWEB-33121Do not suggest running npm install when creating a new Vue project
BugWEB-33799React: required props inside the PropTypes.shape should not be shown as optional in the completion
BugWEB-33526React Class Component template should be 'Component' instead of 'PureComponent'
BugWEB-34862Angular: exception if ngFor contains duplicated keys
BugWEB-34081Highlight usages in file for Angular template reference variables
BugWEB-34080Rename for Angular template reference variables
BugWEB-34703Closing brackets are not colored in orange
BugWEB-31285Unnecessary code completion within JSX tags (without braces)
BugWEB-34555Typo in some React Live Template variable expressions (using filenameWithoutExtension instead of fileNameWithoutExtension)
BugWEB-34899Exclude build folder for CRA projects
BugWEB-28405closure library - code completion for 'goog.provide' symbols inside 'goog.module' is not working
BugWEB-33929Support 'functional' attribute of the vue.js <template> tag
BugWEB-22168Angular2: no completion for component properties in non-inline templates if file names are different
BugWEB-34558Basic support for @angular/cli 6.2.0
BugWEB-35361vue and blade conflict
BugWEB-31992auto-imports for scoped packages resolves to wrong file
BugWEB-33754Set a path to webpack.conf.js for projects generated with Vue CLI 2
BugWEB-33937vue.js <Input></Input> component: false error 'Closing tag matches nothing'
BugWEB-34010'Extract React component' in Flow should generate prop types as type declaration, not propTypes
BugWEB-30682Angular. ngIf then/else block shows the error (statement expected)
BugWEB-32886Vuetify 1.1 typescript components not resolved
BugWEB-33573Do not show ng add/install things if @angular/cli is not installed
BugWEB-32323IDE doesn't recognize local variables prior to *ngFor
BugWEB-35670@vue/cli project creation can't be finished
BugWEB-33452Changing vue component tag doesnt change closing tag
BugWEB-32583Vue project generation fails with @vue/cli 3.0.0-beta.9 and later
BugWEB-33599Do not list already installed packages in New|Angular Dependency... dialog
BugWEB-27337Webpack: Not existing config file is chosen in settings
BugWEB-35672Angular Material - Attribute dataSource is not allowed here
BugWEB-33451Insufficient new project name validation for latest Angular CLI versions
BugWEB-33802'React functional to class component' should add .propTypes and .defaultValues in JSX expression context
BugWEB-34352Angular: property with `$` name suffix is detected as "unused" when it's used with "async" pipe
BugWEB-33826Return type is missing after converting React component
BugWEB-32507wrong type mismatch error when using template reference variable for <textarea> (due to uppercase-misspelling)
BugWEB-34489React extract component: better handling of key attribute
BugWEB-33378Angular Schematics dialog: show completion when typing `--`
BugWEB-33446`@ViewChild()` decorator. Support find usages/rename
BugWEB-33848Vue.js.Warning when style section has module attribute
BugWEB-32564Vue.j SFC not resolving @ alias with @vue/cli 3 if vue is installed in a subfolder
BugWEB-34076Create default run configurations for React project (npm start, debug)
BugWEB-34079Find usages for Angular template reference variables
UsabilityWEB-35481Disable "Missing React import with JSX" inspection for .vue files
TaskWEB-34873Disable XML refactorings for everything other than XML
ExceptionWEB-35485Throwable: Invalid file name 'package.json' - unsupported extension: json
ExceptionWEB-34842@NotNull method com/intellij/lang/javascript/frameworks/react/ReactXmlExtension.getElementForResolve must not return null
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-34117if (a = b) is not a warning
FeatureWEB-31568"Create derived class / implement interface" intention action
FeatureWEB-34980TypeScript and JavaScript: base nullability control flow analysis
FeatureWEB-25768support vuex mapGetters helper
BugWEB-33556Inspections: "Missing require() statement" inspection has no description
BugWEB-35399Incorrect inspection "Consecutive commas in array literal" in destructuring assignment
BugWEB-33930Webstorm stopped show required props on components
BugWEB-28206Allow to skip files from webpack code analysis
BugWEB-34384JavaScript Redundant Local Variable inspection false positives on compound assignment
BugWEB-33833False warning about type coercion with `!=` and `typeof`
BugWEB-33588inspection "TypeScript | Unsound 'typeof' type guard check" is not fully correct
BugWEB-33365JSDoc error with default + rest arguments
BugWEB-32956False positive for inspection "Primitive type object wrapper used"
BugWEB-35526Typescript - wrong "remove unnecessary parentheses" warning
BugWEB-34278Object Shorthand Methods es6 syntax does not show as error in Webstorm when in Javascript language version set below 6.
BugWEB-32303Strict mode inspection behavior is not applied in modules and classes
BugWEB-35461Inspections: "Missing required 'alt' attribute" gives false positive in the Vue.js files
BugWEB-33846Incorrect mismatched query and update of collection with JSX
BugWEB-33610Wrong "Iterate with for..of" intention inside strings
BugWEB-35426< > are escaped in Flow when apply inspection
BugWEB-35179Rider suggests broken code fix.
CosmeticsWEB-34829Missing module inspection: show npm install quick fix first
CosmeticsWEB-33289Rename Iterate intention
ExceptionWEB-33555Throwable: Tool 'JSUnresolvedFunction' registers INFORMATION level problem in batch mode
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-33090Move symbol from files without import/export
FeatureWEB-23894Refactor: Extract React (JSX) component
FeatureWEB-35341'Convert to named function' intention should work for arrow functions assigned to class fields
FeatureWEB-12768Convert function to method(variable holding function expression or arrow function) and vice versa
BugWEB-32849Move module member: dependent member highlighting in dialog has wrong color
BugWEB-35503Typescript arrow function signature refactor loose types
BugWEB-34717'Inline local variable' when invoked as fix shouldn't show confirmation dialog
BugWEB-32829Introduce var: wrong caret position after introduce variable /var postfix template
BugWEB-33062`Refactor -> Move` is very slow as it checks node_modules too
BugWEB-33091UI issues with the Move Symbol dialog on resize
BugWEB-32734Rename for class and file together should always search for the file references
BugWEB-35149'Convert function to variable holding arrow/ function expression' should check and declare 'const' var if possible
BugWEB-33831'Move ES6 module member' shows error dialog if non-module file references moved element
BugWEB-29572JavaScript "Convert to named function" intentions drops JSDoc comment
BugWEB-33646Extract type alias should produce generic type if selection references generics
BugWEB-33309'Move module member' should move assignments to properties
BugWEB-33891"Introduce local variable" is not working if caret is positioned after the expression
BugWEB-33890"Introduce local variable" shouldn't be available inside injected fragments for the outer language
BugWEB-34720Refactoring "Inline function" should be aware of context when inlining async function
BugWEB-35543Decorators changes their order after refactoring its method
BugWEB-34145Field prefix is placed after renaming an interface member
BugWEB-33049'Move into matching file' intention should escalate visibility of non-exported items in modules
BugWEB-33107Move module member fails with resolve to implicit overload element
BugWEB-33418Move ES6 module member: update imports to non-js files
BugWEB-33417Move ES6 module member: usages of react components should be updated
BugWEB-33416Disable Inline refactoring for React functional components
BugWEB-33986'Replace ?: with if-else' intention should not be shown for const values
BugWEB-34653Click in conflicts view in 'Move module member' refactoring navigates to moved member, should navigate to usage
BugWEB-33377Rename of variable produces incorrect result with destructuring and object literal shorthands
UsabilityWEB-34109[Javascript] Move refactoring triggered is not triggered when caret is at start or end of element
UsabilityWEB-34440inline constant refactoring should default to removing the constant
ExceptionWEB-34218Changing signature of method in agular templates produces the exception
JavaScript. TemplatesFeatureWEB-15657EJS indent options for control block content
BugWEB-18941Handlebars: avoid errors when expression is used as attribute value
BugWEB-21041EJS: don't add spaces between EJS tags on formatting
BugWEB-10780Code Formatter breaks .ejs files
BugWEB-11024EJS: extra closing tag is added on adding nested tag
TaskWEB-33748Choose one of the pre-defined run configurations by default
LESSBugWEB-33442less file '{' expected with guard clause
BugWEB-34030Less variable should be highlighted if cursor is before "@"
LintersFeatureWEB-25697ESLint / TSLint does not respect Editor Inspection severity level color formatting
FeatureWEB-29829Add ability to use ESLint in TypeScript files without eslint-plugin-typescript
FeatureWEB-25014Feature: TSLint: provide appropriate suppress actions
FeatureWEB-34034ESLint should have a 'Fix current error only' quick fix
FeatureWEB-30482Apply code style from ESLint JavaScript configs automatically or show notification
BugWEB-26709ESLint/Standard: JSX content is not suppressed correctly
BugWEB-32991Code styles from ESLint config inside package.json are not applied
BugWEB-33897ESLint --ignore-pattern is not working if file .eslintignore is not exists
BugWEB-33918ESLint: Don't show quick fix for non-fixable linter rules
BugWEB-33680Throwable: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only
BugWEB-33883.eslintignore lookup should not go outside of project
BugWEB-34387When using Prettier, $FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$ is never the correct file
BugWEB-30174Standard code style suppression comments the line
BugWEB-32103'Suppress' action for ESLint inspection sometimes generates invalid comments
BugWEB-34689Bundled tslint-schema.json has to be updated
BugWEB-22548ESLint: use the severity specified in .eslintrc for offline inspections
BugWEB-28870Support for "extends" in TSLint
BugWEB-33055Guessing linters shouldn’t happen while indexing on initial project generation
BugWEB-31449Stylelint error when file is in .stylelintignore
BugWEB-32110Allow comments in specific JSON configuration files
BugWEB-29400ESLint: do not import rules from the ESLint config in case the Standard linter is defined in the project
BugWEB-33619ESLint: 'Suppress for file' action is shown twice
BugWEB-31134ESLint: eslint-disable-next-line generated in wrong positions
BugWEB-34634JSHint: update the bundled version to 2.9.6
UsabilityWEB-31204Add option to disable "Undo Reload From Disk?" after running 'Fix ESLint Problems'
TaskWEB-34986Update JavaScript Standard Code Style rules according to Standard 12
Live EditBugWEB-22518LiveEdit ignores some changes in html
BugWEB-33214Support Live Edit without Chrome extension
BugWEB-34876New content is shown only after moving to the new line after the tag
BugWEB-32345Live Edit not working when <noscript> <header> <footer> tags combination is present
BugWEB-34789Live edit ignores changes in .html
BugWEB-29792Live Edit: 'restart if hotswap fails' doesn't work with Node.js 8+
Node.jsFeatureWEB-32689Understand esnext field in package.json
FeatureWEB-28587Understand module field in package.json
FeatureWEB-29975Feature: completion for previous versions of npm packages in package.json
FeatureWEB-34226Use NODE_OPTIONS for Node.js debugging
FeatureWEB-35143Allow to use @types/node for Node.js coding assistance
FeatureWEB-35204TypeScript: enable "navigate to source" for node core libraries
FeatureWEB-33571Add node_modules/.bin folder to PATH in Terminal for current project
BugWEB-35594Can't enable Code assistance for Node.js if there mappings for in /etc/hosts
BugWEB-33149WebStorm Node Express Project does not generate correct debug environment variable
BugWEB-33042Find usages of file doesn't work if it's specified with "main" field in package.json
BugWEB-33707WSL: can't install nyc or istanbull via link from error
BugWEB-33708WSL: webpack config can not be analyzed
BugWEB-33931runnerw.exe cannot run Node.js script with WSL bash.exe
BugWEB-34791'install and add to devDependencies' quick fix adds library to 'dependencies' (yarn specific)
BugWEB-33687WSL: flow doesn't start (Throwable: Can't find node interpreter)
BugWEB-33688WSL: covered lines are not marked in the editor
BugWEB-34814Detect npm package for Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions from the official repo
BugWEB-34413Detect all node_modules as libraries on startup
BugWEB-34602@Vue package is not resolved in the node.js package list
BugWEB-35413Stepping resumes execution after pause on first breakpoint
BugWEB-35412Can't resolve app.use in express project
BugWEB-22911Node Remote Interpreter: Docker: "Stop" button should be in sync with remote server
BugWEB-33838WSL: Prettier cannot be started
BugWEB-35496Cannot enable Node.js coding assistance with IPv6 enabled
BugWEB-33154Support ANSI coloring in log files
BugWEB-32859Incorrect view of ANSI symbols in run tool window when create create-react-app project
BugWEB-32697Node.js: Run console width is limited to 80 symbols
BugWEB-33263WSL: interpreter from linux is incorrect for some RC
BugWEB-33246WSL: can't configure node coding assistance
BugWEB-33248'WSL Ubuntu is not available' when try to run or debug
BugWEB-35528Can't run vue-cli-service scripts from @vue/cli project
BugWEB-33368Incorrect encoding in console.table() output
BugWEB-33256WSL: can't create project via Ubuntu legacy
BugWEB-35462Folder node_modules is not marked as library root if Data Source configured
PerformanceWEB-34416Do not index symlinks inside node_modules targeting files inside project
UsabilityWEB-35568WSL: ExecutionException when try to debug with incorrect interpreter
UsabilityWEB-35031Do not auto-exclude `dist` within node module folder if there are `module` or `esnext` keys referencing files from `dist`
ExceptionWEB-33725WSL: IllegalStateException when indexing project
Product DocumentationBugWEB-33935Help for Extract Method in TypeScript
BugWEB-33168Move module members has no help
ProfilingExceptionWEB-33825Profiling: Heap: Throwable on the opening the Occurrence tab
SASSFeatureWEB-20279Better code style for .scss .sass files
FeatureWEB-6006Would like formatting options for SCSS
BugWEB-35182File Watchers: update default sass command
BugWEB-34131Good code red: animation-timing-function inside SASS nested property
BugWEB-33505SCSS code formatting breaks with nested namespaces
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-32847TS. Suggest inline implementations for abstract classes in the completion after the "new" keyword
FeatureWEB-32271Inspection for tsconfig.json
FeatureWEB-35052Support TS 3.2 callable/bindable functions
FeatureWEB-33326Add references to TS 3.0 named generic arguments (so that they can be renamed/navigated)
FeatureWEB-31453'Create from usage' should be available on import/export statements
FeatureWEB-35377Support non-unit types in union discriminants (TS 3.2)
FeatureWEB-32988'Is not accessible' inspection and quickfix "Make constructor public" for private/protected constructors
FeatureWEB-26909ES6/TypeScript: comments should be moved together with the symbol Move Refactoring
FeatureWEB-33769TypeScript 3.0 project references in monorepo
FeatureWEB-34476Merge multiple gutter icons for implementations into one
FeatureWEB-32945TS: completion after 'new' should assign higher priority if contextual type is a supertype
FeatureWEB-34455Support TS 3.1 mapped type changes
FeatureWEB-34456Support TS 3.1 property assignments in JS-like style
FeatureWEB-33447Replace if with switch intention in should work with enums and constant variables/fields
FeatureWEB-33448Intention actions to convert TypeScript parameter-property to field and back
FeatureWEB-33291Support TS 3.0 tuples in function calls
FeatureWEB-30212Auto-imports should prefer symlinked file from node_modules to actual file in monorepo projects
FeatureWEB-33546TypeScript service: provide show quick fixes for "suggestion" annotations
FeatureWEB-34144Update bundled TypeScript version to 3.0
FeatureWEB-32997Suggest static factory methods based on expected types
FeatureWEB-33222Support TypeScript 3.1 named type arguments
FeatureWEB-33221Support TS 3.0 'unknown' type
FeatureWEB-31994TypeScript: Make method protected (on call from derived class)
FeatureWEB-33430Support TypeScript 3.0 variadic tuple types and tuples with optional items
FeatureWEB-33454Support TS 3.0 tuple type inference
FeatureWEB-33712ES6: autoimports for ts declarations inside node_modules
FeatureWEB-27788Alt+Enter (imports all ?!) in .ts file
BugWEB-34311TypeScript: comment inside the React tag breaks highlighting
BugWEB-33572Support ES2018 regexp features in TypeScript
BugWEB-35278Convert to field holding arrow function generates redundant access modifier
BugWEB-35277Private methods should not be in the completion list for inherited classes
BugWEB-35078Wrong typeof check if the original type of value is 'any'
BugWEB-33612Incorrect lexing of tuples in TSX tag generic arguments
BugWEB-34098Monorepo import isn't respected during copy-paste
BugWEB-33519Remove redundant empty line when replacing if with switch
BugWEB-32021Spell Checking Bug in object property names
BugWEB-35551Import are marked as error when overriding baseUrl in child config
BugWEB-33701[TypeScript] Wrong "Non-ASCII characters in an identifier" inspection on TypeScript decorator with property access
BugWEB-33765Completion for generic TSX components doesn't work properly for the first attribute if TS service is enabled
BugWEB-35181Unneeded 'Invalid instanceof check' warning when strictNullChecks enabled
BugWEB-33467Incorrect type text for tuples with repeating same types
BugWEB-33001Bad "Must be lvalue" inspections in typescript
BugWEB-32989Classes with private/protected constructors are suggested after "new" word outside their visibility zone
BugWEB-33976TypeScript: Renaming an interface member doesn't rename usages in generic curried functions
BugWEB-34261Typescript - WebStorm includes private methods and properties when using keyof
BugWEB-32943Error about non-implemented members is not shown for unnamed class expressions
BugWEB-35474StackOverflowError on types resolving
BugWEB-34878Red icon is shown on the TypeScript tool window name when there's no errors
BugWEB-32336[TypeScript] RxJS lettable operator - type inference support
BugWEB-32593TypeScript: Renaming an interface member doesn't rename usages in curried functions
BugWEB-30699Type inference problem in Typescript
BugWEB-34229TypeScript autocomplete is broken in PhpStorm 2018.2 (lacks results)
BugWEB-33194TypeScript User Defined Type Guards: Renaming parameter does not rename type gurad definition "x is Y"
BugWEB-33293Expected type for tuple element shouldn't include types from other elements
BugWEB-35125StackOverflowError at JSTypeEvaluator.addTypeFromElementResolveResult()
BugWEB-32965Incorrect unresolved 'super' in case of object literals
BugWEB-35410"Make private/protected" intention should not be available for the parameters in the arrow functions
BugWEB-34622TypeScript interface field renaming refactoring is ignored with object literals in anonymous functions
BugWEB-31080Can't automatically add all imports in TypeScript
BugWEB-33644Add 'extends' to the suggestion list for conditional types
BugWEB-34912"Complete Current Statement" on "for .. of" loop breaks code
BugWEB-33584TypeScript Auto-complete for new Promise is worse now
BugWEB-32189Abstract fields should not be in suggestion list to generate getters/setters/constructors
BugWEB-34663Typescript: convert parameters to use object initializer - removes the optionals
BugWEB-32792Typescript: quick documentation doesn't show properties of type aliases
BugWEB-31543vue-mixin-decorator doesn't work in Vue files with TypeScript
BugWEB-32952Incorrect errors with class expressions
BugWEB-30796path completion in import doesn't work when using path mappings
BugWEB-35240Add Import statement: missing "from" keyword when import path is already there
BugWEB-33545Should properly infer tuples from spreads
BugWEB-34511Import All in Webstorm 2018.2.2 doesn't import everything
BugWEB-34516Autocomplete reporting incorrect type with mapped types
BugWEB-35263Typescript. Go to declaration broken for the field of union type.
BugWEB-25990TypeScript: Contents of collection are updated but never queried (destructuring case)
BugWEB-33647Broken 'Create from usage' and 'Introduce type alias' in TSX tag generics
BugWEB-34554Wrong tsx syntax inspection when comment has tag
BugWEB-35549Typescript formatter fails on object construction with cast
BugWEB-32241Generic TSX component tag without any attributes is parsed incorrectly
BugWEB-33716Incorrect rest parameter's type in "parameter info" / "quick doc" for aliases and tuples
BugWEB-33907Intellij highlights variable that has same name as other method as unused even when it was used in Angular template
BugWEB-35505Typescript "arrow to named function" prepend "public" modifier inside module
BugWEB-34100False positive JSMismatchedCollectionQueryUpdate for object literal
BugWEB-33225TypeScript: better error messages
BugWEB-33037TypeScript mixins do not work
BugWEB-33036Typescript TSX conditional syntax error
BugWEB-35345TypeScript getter and setter generation should honor the "Use 'public' modifier" setting
BugWEB-35523Cannot generate props when contextually typed by an object literal.
BugWEB-34124Wrong type specifying for unique symbol
BugWEB-34127TypeScript: incorrect import suggestion for @types/mocha@5.2.3
BugWEB-33585Remove "Make can be static" inspection for angular classes if they are used in html template
BugWEB-34463"Cannot read property 'CommandTypes' of undefined" when starting angular service with non-bundled typescript 3.0.1
BugWEB-35446JSX Generics are not parsed when tag name is namespaced
BugWEB-35329Improve suggestion Typescript Extract, Exclude types
BugWEB-21141[TypeScript] false error with generic extends non-named types
BugWEB-34019Type of 'const foo = Symbol()' should be inferred to 'unique symbol'
BugWEB-21614invalid error: rest parameter must be an array type
BugWEB-31742Typescript. Incorrect type inference for array after ternary operator
BugWEB-33632TypeScript: Types are included in pre-populated JSDoc for properties/vars
BugWEB-33373TyperScript non-null assertion operator("!") syntax error case
BugWEB-29799tsconfig.json paths don't work with Vue .vue single file components
BugWEB-33285Spread of 'any'/'unknown' should result in 'any'/'unknown'
BugWEB-33457Spread expressions in arrays are always treated as 'any'
BugWEB-33491Array destructuring should support TS 3.0 variadic tuples
BugWEB-34945Typescript: Invalid guard result for Map.
BugWEB-35459Typescript exports not resolved for imports completion
BugWEB-35400Incorrect behaviour of "pull member up" refactoring on a method with a decorator
BugWEB-33651Typescript. Autocomplete for properties doesn't show string-named items when service is on
BugWEB-34587False positive "Abstract class constructor can be made protected"
BugWEB-32524Traversing base types for non-implemented members doesn't take into account type members from aliases
BugWEB-33355Generic type arguments in JSX elements should allow whitespaces between tag name and generic list
BugWEB-35178Typescript: generate constructor omits optional parameter specifier when used with React
BugWEB-29621Support mixin signatures
BugWEB-35030Wrong Redundant typeof check for nullable variables
BugWEB-33590TypeScript objects with getters/setters fail type validation
BugWEB-32788TypeScript return value checker erroring when using indexable types
BugWEB-34924[VUEJS] tsconfig.json ignores by IDE
BugWEB-35254Code completion for overrides should properly handle access modifiers
BugWEB-35252Code completion for overrides shouldn't insert 'super.' when base type is an interface
BugWEB-34074Correctly import modules from @ionic/core
BugWEB-33230typeof dynamic import error: expression expected
PerformanceWEB-34174IDE gets frozen on switching to another app and back
UsabilityWEB-34564Parameter hints: not clear how to configure for TypeScript
UsabilityWEB-33609Inaccurate typescript autocomplete for text "ret"
TaskWEB-35105TypeScript: check limit for completion result (for avoiding processing extra-elements)
TaskWEB-35080Update bundled TypeScript to 3.1
TaskWEB-33010TypeScript: remove "rxjs" from default blacklist
TaskWEB-33013TypeScript: enable excluding js sources for node modules packages with typings
ExceptionWEB-33911Throwable: Infinite type substitution T|never|never|never...
ExceptionWEB-35567Exception while disposing TypeScript service
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-34691Upload and display Jest coverage report in the IDE
FeatureWEB-35142Single test file run with Protractor
FeatureWEB-24245Ability to specify suite name when running protractor tests
FeatureWEB-26053Rerun failed Mocha tests
FeatureWEB-34826Support running Jest with angular-cli
FeatureWEB-33200Rerun failed Karma tests
FeatureWEB-33201Rerun failed protractor tests
FeatureWEB-35177Single suite / test run with Protractor
FeatureWEB-34119Navigate to source at failure for failed tests (Karma, Jest, Mocha)
FeatureWEB-33164Rerun failed Jest tests
BugWEB-9523An issue of running Node.js task & karma server at same time
BugWEB-34303Karma no longer works with Angular project
BugWEB-34734Cannot run Jest unit tests with @vue/cli-service
BugWEB-35484Navigate to source at failure fails on 'test'
BugWEB-35242running tests assumes Jest supports --runTestsByPath
BugWEB-35553Jest RC: set working directory to the closest directory with jest.config.js or package.json
BugWEB-33934Show karma conf files in drop-down list shortened in the same way as selected karma conf file
BugWEB-35512Running Jest tests broken with Jest 24 alpha
BugWEB-30856Jest 'Run with coverage' not showing coverage panel when coverage options exist in package.json
BugWEB-33218ClassCastException when rerun Jest and Mocha test in 'Run with coverage' mode
BugWEB-33216Error when rerun failed Karma test in 'Run with coverage'
BugWEB-33682Karma: 'Re-run failed tests' button disappears when debugger starts
BugWEB-31143Jest package is set incorrectly if there are two node_modules folders in a project
BugWEB-30368Add JavaScript test files to the predefined test scope
BugWEB-33810'Click to update snapshot' link is missing
BugWEB-33622WSL: Jest Coverage tool window not showing any stats
BugWEB-1699Structure view shows nothing for JS test file
BugWEB-33816Jest: initialization error is shown as passed test
BugWEB-33664Karma: cannot run single jasmine suite or test
BugWEB-33662Improve description for suits with ignored test when 'Hide ignored' is chosen
BugWEB-35083@angular/cli: Karma tests are wrongly run by jest
BugWEB-34029Unable to run unit test cases for single spec.ts files with karma and jasmine and the output is empty test suite. But it is working for whole project.
BugWEB-33260WSL: interpreter from linux is invalid for mocha RC
BugWEB-33261WSL: interpreter from linux is invalid for jest RC
BugWEB-33353Jest, re-run failed tests: all test files are shown in the result tree
BugWEB-33356Jest: re-run failed tests can be faster
BugWEB-33076org.jetbrains.concurrency.InternalPromiseUtil$MessageError: No tabs to inspect when debug KarmaHeadless test
BugWEB-34142Not running jest tests
BugWEB-33259WSL: interpreter from linux is invalid for Karma RC
BugWEB-34422Jest terminates with unknown error (ReactJS, Jest, Jasmine, Typescript)
BugWEB-33631Jest + Vue: coverage marks not shown in gutter of .vue file
BugWEB-34181Karma: make it possible to run test file with multiple top level suites
BugWEB-33843Karma with Angular CLI 6.x always uses default project
BugWEB-33855Jest: custom setupTestFrameworkScriptFile is not executed sometimes
BugWEB-34583Cannot run karma tests from WebStorm because of invalid concatenation of paths to intellij.conf.js
BugWEB-33354Jest, re-run failed tests: all same-named tests are run (even not failed)
BugWEB-34651Karma: re-run failed tests runs passed tests also
BugWEB-34118Karma: some links are not clickable
BugWEB-34908Jump to source for failed tests does NOT take me to the failure line