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PHP CompletionBugWI-43385Autocomplete and hints stopped working for interfaces
PHP FormatterBugWI-43525Formatting works incorrectly with flexible HEREDOC/NOWDOC
PHP InspectionsBugWI-43397'Add method' quick-fix suggests $this as parameter name
PHP LangCosmeticsWI-43655Typo in PHP 7.3 feature description "flexoble heredocs"
PHP ParserFeatureWI-42889Support for trailing comma function calls
DebuggerBugIDEA-199236JDWP: some debugger features incorrectly disabled when debugging android.
UsabilityIDEA-184725edit breakpoint paste from history issue
IndicesBugIDEA-197296deadlock between FileBasedIndex Vfs Event Processor and EDT
Plugin ManagementCosmeticsIDEA-193887IDEA refreshes plugin description page when hovering a link
Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-189315QuickDocumentation popup flicker for some libs
User InterfaceBugIDEA-199024GUI stack overflow with "Find in Path" action
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-198120Cannot create github token when one with the name already exists
IDE GeneralBugDBE-7116Publish GitHub Integration plugin along with Git Integration
TypeScriptPerformanceWEB-34669Intellij Idea is freezing every couple of seconds, blocked threads in the dump
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