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EAP1 (published on 11.09.18)

Behavior methods overridden/implemented icons

Behavior methods have been equipped with the icons similar to the BaseLanguage java methods.

Accordingly one can click on the icon and navigate to one of the overridden/implemented methods if needed.

Build language BuildMpsLayout_TestModules construction

The test modules run configuration construction in the build language has been extended with a possibility to specify additional idea plugins which ought to be loaded on the MPS ant test execution.

The plugins required for the MPS ant test execution used to be calculated automatically, although it appeared that there are scenarios when the test needs a particular plugin in its environment, which could not be deduced from the modules containing the tests by the MPS build language engine.

Now one is able to ensure that the plugin he needs is present during the MPS ant test execution.

Generator language 

$INCLUDE$ macro has been deprecated and there's a migration to replace its instances with $CALL$. Former didn't support templates with arguments and there's no reason to keep two mechanism to invoke a template.

$WEAVE$ macro and weaving rules can invoke templates with arguments now

When interpreted template weaves an external template from 'compiled' generator, it is no longer interpreted but compiled template code is executed.

'Compiled' templates may weave interpreted templates now

QueriesGenerated, collection of queries from a template model, no longer uses Java reflection (in fact, this is the change I forgot to mention in 2018.2. Though this one is not high importance to end-user unless he looks into source code or digs through exception stacktraces, it's a notable change in the way generator had worked for years)

EAP2 (published on 17.09.18)

Reusable cell action maps

Cell action map items from an existing action map can be reused in a new action map via imports.

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