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PHP CompletionBugWI-42856Ctrl+Dot completion: don't insert arrow in case of primitive type
BugWI-37594Static variable is not shown if constant with the same name exists
BugWI-42659Completion incorrectly inserts static field in non-static context
BugWI-43385Autocomplete and hints stopped working for interfaces
UsabilityWI-42949Ctrl+Dot completion: don't insert arrow in case function/method returns primitive value
PHP ComposerFeatureWI-42739Detect phpcs.xml and phpmd.xml in the project root
UsabilityWI-43403Composer: Installed require-dev packages should be marked as well
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-43473Enable and set up non-PSR based on composer dependency
FeatureWI-43320PHPCS: Autodetect non-PSR coding standards like Wordpress, Drupal
BugWI-43423File is not updated after applying PHP CS Fixer quick-fix
UsabilityWI-25562Undefined method quick fix must place cursor between curly braces
PHP DebugUsabilityWI-42851 'Do not step into library scripts' for JavaScript only
PHP InterpretersFeatureWI-43456Use Macros in arguments for PHP Script run-configuration
BugWI-42578Pull permission denied for phpstorm_helpers
PHP LangPerformanceWI-43453lots of relative namespace references - Indexing takes 50x times for the single 2m file in comparison to the same code in 128 files
PHP TestBugWI-43349PHPUnit: running single data set from data provider with parenthesis in name doesn't work
TaskWI-43417PHPUnit create composite configuration when single dataset is selected instead of class
PS SpecificBugWI-42158PHP Web Page run configuration doesn't select server from dialog
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-98563Run Configurations: provide a default option for 'Single instance only' setting under Defaults node.
BugIDEA-196737New SE: “Show in find window” option shows only found items instead of all
BugIDEA-198611Failed to save setting when install CLion from scratch
TaskIDEA-180939Allow read-only mode for ExpandableTextField
Code Analysis. DuplicatesFeatureIDEA-198256Show diff preview in inspection results for duplicate code inspection
Code. GenerateBugIDEA-198090Changes to velocity macro for generating equals/hashcode take effect only after restarting IDE
DockerFeatureIDEA-192030DockerCompose. Display auto-assigned ports for docker containers
BugIDEA-196083docker-compose: wrong inspection at mem_limit option value in case of the string form instead of the integer
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-198113File | Export to HTML: line numbers are displayed incorrectly when enabled
Find, Replace, Find UsagesPerformanceIDEA-19836989-second decompiler UI freeze
IndicesBugIDEA-198452Exception on Welcome screen -> Preferences -> Quit
Local HistoryBugIDEA-194992IntelliJ freezes when using local history
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-198292Bundle WSL plugin for Windows distribs of Idea Ultimate
TaskIDEA-191884Extract platform classes to separate JARs in IDEs distributions
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-197972DevKit: add checks from PluginVerifier ( to plugin.xml inspection
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-193045Repository libraries: add option to exclude only some of transitive dependencies
FeatureIDEA-130730Support per-project custom plugin repositories
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-195693Context help shows 404 page when invoked for a run configuration which don't have special help page
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-197685New SE: Also integrate (basic) "find in path"
BugIDEA-196488Live Templates -> Change Context: keyboard navigation is impossible.
BugIDEA-198321Unable to create exception breakpoint
BugIDEA-198521Preview diff in local changes Tab not always shown
BugIDEA-198051Remove button in Recent project is overlapping the project path
BugIDEA-198594Input text box selection does not select to beginning of field if mouse pointer moves left of text box edge
BugIDEA-197708New SE: Include non-project items has no accelerator in "All" tab
PerformanceIDEA-178384Too many events from ProgressDialog update (via FileTreeModelBuilder)
UsabilityIDEA-57019Add support for drag-and-drop files in welcome screen.
User Interface. AccessibilityUsabilityIDEA-192637NVDA: Debugger
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-197936New SE: unable to use Ctrl/Cmd to expand selection
User Interface. NavigationFeatureIDEA-198407Add nullness annotations to base SearchEverywhereContributor class
BugIDEA-196401Don't show "no classes / files /symbols found" when files are found
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-169002Git submodules: Diff invoked for submodule entry shows 'fatal:bad revision...' message
BugIDEA-198264Git: Native or built-in SSH: correctly process the invalid (empty) passphrase
BugIDEA-172234Git Branches Popup Menu does not pop up at all
BugIDEA-198360Git: built-in SSH: if the saved password doesn't match, allow to enter the new one
BugIDEA-100075Git submodule commit should make parent repository re-request Git status to show updates to the submodule folder itself
PerformanceIDEA-197868Branch listings extremely slow with many remote branches
Version Control. SubversionExceptionIDEA-198536After upgrading to IDEA 2018.3 EAP - Subversion History fails with error
Data Import & ExportBugDBE-7012Cannot import into table with ENUM field
BugDBE-7019JSON groovy extractor provides 1.0E8 instead of 100000000
UsabilityDBE-7015Export to Database: do not re-execute the select query if possible
Data ViewsBugDBE-5769Table Editor: does not automatically load data on selecting a table
IDE GeneralFeatureDBE-7036DataGrip is missing "Report a Problem" menu item under Help.
SQL CompletionBugDBE-4848Code Completion: stored procedure with named parameters (Sql Server)
BugDBE-4981REGEXP_COUNT is an unknown database function
BugDBE-4246If inside brackets, on completion item selected dot is inserted incorrectly
UsabilityDBE-6606"NOT NULL" should be suggested before "NOT FOR REPLICATION"
SQL Format and StyleBugDBE-6823Formatter uses the style named 'Default' instead of currently selected one
BugDBE-6939SQL formatter - lag and no effects in preview
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-5635Redshift: support varchar(max) syntax
BugDBE-7007MySQL dialect constantly resets after IDE restart
BugDBE-6125PostgreSQL support USING NEW INTO syntax
BugDBE-6862Syntax for Oracle's sample.
No subsystemFeatureWEB-34686XML intention to create tag from attribute value
BugWEB-20634Highlighting problems with bundled WebStorm color schemes
BugWEB-34597Don't treat XML files in Vue.js projects as Vue templates
BugWEB-31037Do not report spelling errors for values from bundled JSON schemas
BugWEB-34740Using new element action on navigation bar is broken
Build toolsExceptionWEB-34650InvocationTargetException when debugging npm script with node 6.x
CSSFeatureWEB-22Code cleanup - sort CSS properties by name inside declaration
DebuggerBugWEB-34667Debugger ignores breakpoints when debug grunt task
BugWEB-14424IntelliJ can't debug into node_module entries that are created by NPM Link
ExceptionWEB-34648IllegalArgumentException: BIGINT when debug via node 6.X
HTMLBugWEB-34566Support 'Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab' feature for HTML files
BugWEB-34754Wrong unescaped characters inspection in html script section
BugWEB-34737Html tags are not resolved in angular project
JSONBugWEB-34643JSON: Validates against 'not' schema warning in package.json files
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-34683Multiline TODOs for JavaScript/TypeScript
BugWEB-34314Unresolved function or method hasOwnProperty() on JSON object
BugWEB-34257Flow: quick documentation doesn't show callback params
BugWEB-34658Do not show parameter hints for JSX expressions
BugWEB-34377go to declaration for a imported (from a node module) function should take you to the function definition in the exporting module
BugWEB-34687Opening parenthesis immediately within a JSX tag cause parse error in flow js files
BugWEB-34282Used parameter/variable/function shows unused in language injection (heredoc)
UsabilityWEB-34273Changed colors of Monokai scheme in 2018
UsabilityWEB-34719Autocomplete for `function` not working in some cases
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-13488JavaScript code style settings: Spaces within array literal
FeatureWEB-32566Formatting should adjust spaces in template string arguments
FeatureWEB-7308reformating JS else statment not in right position
BugWEB-17899Braces for JavaScript Switch statement ignore "Brace Placement -> Other -> Next Line Shifted" setting
BugWEB-34726No option to set code style (JavaScript) for unary word operators
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-33912Suggest webpack.config.ts files in settings
FeatureWEB-34596Vuetify v-icon. add completion for icon names
FeatureWEB-30661Angular. Provide resolve for # labels
BugWEB-34732"Invalid" word in the completion list in the angular template
BugWEB-34269Type hierarchy not working for Google Closure classes in different namespaces
BugWEB-34703Closing brackets are not colored in orange
BugWEB-34352Angular: property with `$` name suffix is detected as "unused" when it's used with "async" pipe
BugWEB-31285Unnecessary code completion within JSX tags (without braces)
BugWEB-34733IDE refuses to render the file after some typings
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-34278Object Shorthand Methods es6 syntax does not show as error in Webstorm when in Javascript language version set below 6.
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-34653Click in conflicts view in 'Move module member' refactoring navigates to moved member, should navigate to usage
BugWEB-34717'Inline local variable' when invoked as fix shouldn't show confirmation dialog
BugWEB-34720Refactoring "Inline function" should be aware of context when inlining async function
LintersBugWEB-34634JSHint: update the bundled version to 2.9.6
BugWEB-34689Bundled tslint-schema.json has to be updated
BugWEB-29400ESLint: do not import rules from the ESLint config in case the Standard linter is defined in the project
Live EditBugWEB-32345Live Edit not working when <noscript> <header> <footer> tags combination is present
Product DocumentationBugWEB-33168Move module members has no help
TypeScriptBugWEB-33907Intellij highlights variable that has same name as other method as unused even when it was used in Angular template
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-34691Upload and display Jest coverage report in the IDE
BugWEB-34583Cannot run karma tests from WebStorm because of invalid concatenation of paths to intellij.conf.js
UsabilityWEB-28498"Mocha package" field does not persist for my shared Run Configurations
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