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Injections in PHPFeatureWI-39271Provide \%\w as default user parameter applicable to PHP
PHP CompletionFeatureWI-38925Ctrl+Dot completion should insert an arrow instead of a dot
BugWI-27132Variable completion (replace) inside string too aggressive
BugWI-36282Completion of members should take a scope into account
BugWI-42469Completion does't suggest constants without `self::`
BugWI-42864CTRL+Dot completion breaks code if invoked after self
BugWI-42856Ctrl+Dot completion: don't insert arrow in case of primitive type
PerformanceWI-42350Autocompletion became very slow in 2018.2 (FQCN completion)
UsabilityWI-42865CTRL+Dot show completion popup after the action
PHP FormatterFeatureWI-42591Autodetect a path to PHP CS Fixer from composer.json
BugWI-42782Additional spaces inserted for multiple type separator in @method
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-42936Support custom PHP CS Fixer rulesets
FeatureWI-34406Simplify settings of quality tools
FeatureWI-43054Auto-detect custom ruleset of PHP CS Fixer from composer.json and project root folder and turn the corresponding inspection on
FeatureWI-43028Allow the specification of PHPCS 'installed_paths'
BugWI-26948PHPCS (CodeSniffer) requires to press "Update" to get Coding standards
BugWI-42651'Add method' quick-fix doesn't add type hint for nullable parameter
BugWI-42644Added parameter type hint brakes code when parameter is anonymous class
BugWI-43139PhpStorm saves PHP CS Fixer config related to remote interpreter with $PROJECT_DIR$ macro
BugWI-27738Improper type checking of type-hinted parameter when default value is set
BugWI-43135PhpStorm saves PHPMD config related to remote interpreter with $PROJECT_DIR$ macro
BugWI-42227Parameter type: default value forces the caller to have the same type
BugWI-42623Declaration should be compatible false positive (stub issue)
BugWI-43397'Add method' quick-fix suggests $this as parameter name
UsabilityWI-42836PHP Composer | Composer.json | Notification about missing extension in composer.json doesn't disappear after adding extension to it
CosmeticsWI-40710PHPCS inspection description seems a little dated
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..FeatureWI-2171Automatic upload should listen to file revert, update and delete [and external changes]
UsabilityWI-42881Enable "Details" logging for Deployment logging
CosmeticsWI-43277New Project from Existing Files doesn't have the FTP port specified by default
SpellcheckerFeatureWI-42897Ini files spellchecking
BugWI-42710New spell errors in PHPDoc (in custom tags, in words with special symbols, in strings not prepended by *)
No subsystemBugWI-42695Silent.config file can't be downloaded from web help
HTTP ClientFeatureWI-43332Implement completion for @no-redirect doc tag
FeatureWI-43335Add request with `@no-redirect` to HTTP Requests Collection
FeatureWI-20560Restful Web Service Tester: Add Option to not Follow Redirects
BugWI-42436Basic authorization should be preemptive
BugWI-43099HTTP Client: Add 'print()' function to 'http-client-stub.js'
BugWI-40496RESTful webservices: REST client: parameters are not sent for POST methods
BugWI-42005REST Client: Content-Type is case sensitive
PHP DebugFeatureWI-22751Search variables in debug
PHP ParserFeatureWI-42889Support for trailing comma function calls
PHP TestBugWI-36291PHPUnit test runner reports wrong elapsed time of tests
BugWI-43196PHPUnit: can't run test items from dashboard of the class with duplicate FQN
BugWI-43349PHPUnit: running single data set from data provider with parenthesis in name doesn't work
CosmeticsWI-42663PS shows test icons for non-test classes
PS SpecificFeatureWI-38820Support PHP CS Fixer
FeatureWI-42984PHP CS Fixer: support remote interpreters
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-127245Open all files from favorites list
FeatureIDEA-196706Multithread model for new SE
BugIDEA-59397When caret is outside visible editor area, on Alt-Enter pressing intention bulb appears outside the editor frame
BugIDEA-197661Tooltip appears on a collapsed code block
BugIDEA-113988Instance method call color cant be changed
BugIDEA-197994Yaml: unnecessary indentation inserted after completion of mapping node key value
BugIDEA-197960No completion for Yaml file if caret behind ':'
BugIDEA-197011Sibling Inherited Methods Provider should have an option in File | Settings | Editor | General | Gutter Icons
BugIDEA-194201On switching JDK in run configuration, 'class not found' warning is displayed for main class
BugIDEA-127997Gutter changed lines regions not shown when the changed lines are "folded"
BugIDEA-194877Search windows should sort results with closest match on top
BugIDEA-181678Fix colors on tip of the day welcome screen
BugIDEA-195058changelist rendering is blocked by some semistuporous locks
BugIDEA-194273NullPointerException on finding RemoteDesktopService
BugIDEA-177327AltGr special characters don't work under Windows 10, instead hotkeys for Ctrl+Alt are initiated
BugIDEA-192282PotemkinProgress isn't shown on macOS
BugIDEA-123363Default project language level is ignored if project is created from template
BugIDEA-198043NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.intellij.profiler.ultimate.async.UtilsKt exception on project creating
BugIDEA-197869[Copyright Profiles] The hour24 property for the $file.lastModified object isn't interpreted in comments
BugIDEA-197863JSON scheme: yaml completion - always insert ": " after completing property name
BugIDEA-188262Elements with the same content are underlined when only one of them is selected by mouse
BugIDEA-84220CTRL-F5 shortcut doesn't work in Hierarchy view
BugIDEA-147781ColorChooser: Opacity changing doesn't affect the results
PerformanceIDEA-194547LossyEncodingInspection allocate a lot of objects on heap
PerformanceIDEA-196408Idea 2018.2 freezes while typing if bookmark is set in library (decompiled) class
UsabilityIDEA-165834Export settings to .zip by default
UsabilityIDEA-108586Launcher: can't open a project by relative path
TaskIDEA-197845Increment year in license file
TaskIDEA-186044Rework validation error popup from lightweight to heavyweight
TaskIDEA-195201Plugins: number of plugins on trending page
TaskIDEA-195193Plugins: implement search
TaskIDEA-196883Run anything: allow to provide completions variants based on the user input
Auto-reported ExceptionIDEA-191293NPE in TrackingPathMacroSubstitutorImpl.invalidateUnknownMacros
ExceptionIDEA-195973NPE at com.github.markusbernhardt.proxy.selector.pac.PacProxySelector.findProxy
ExceptionIDEA-141213IllegalStateException: This function should be called while holding treeLock at java.awt.Component.checkTreeLock
ExceptionIDEA-194581NPE at com.intellij.psi.util.PsiUtilBase.findEditor
ExceptionIDEA-192088Exception when starting IntelliJ
ExceptionIDEA-149660IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacro
ExceptionIDEA-195827AssertionError caused by ReadAction on already disposed project
ArquillianBugIDEA-143282JBoss Arquillian + IPR project format: IAE at StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacros()
Code Analysis. DuplicatesFeatureIDEA-198256Show diff preview in inspection results for duplicate code inspection
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-194409Need way to map inspection class name to the inspection in the inspection configuration ui
FeatureIDEA-129836"Run inspection by name" popup: allow access to full inspection description
BugIDEA-152262Don't report warning "private field is never assigned" for fields assigned via java.util.concurrent.atomic.Atomic*FieldUpdater
BugIDEA-196200"Generate 'clone()' method which always throws exception" throws exception
BugIDEA-27535Inspection, erroneous field "can be final"
BugIDEA-71133Annotation method is incorrectly reported as unused when used in a same file where annotation declared
BugIDEA-55886Wrong inspection and auto-fix for Arrays.asList
BugIDEA-99444IDEA condisers class used when it's not
BugIDEA-144891Good code is red: "Magic Constant" with Calendar.get()
BugIDEA-181933Single regex pattern replace to illegal and not equivalent to character class
BugIDEA-194381Resolved inspection items deleted though 'Filter resolved items' disabled.
UsabilityIDEA-194541Remove close button from inspection result toolwindow toolbar
Code CoverageBugIDEA-197615Test with coverage suddenly reports "No coverage in 'all classes in scope'"
UsabilityIDEA-194483Coverage file is not monitored
Code Formatting and Code StyleFeatureIDEA-155090File level indentation change
FeatureIDEA-162495Add Java Code Style setting for Spaces -> Within -> Enum braces
BugIDEA-180882Code formatting doesn't remove invalid/empty Javadoc tags
BugIDEA-127949"Names count to use static import with '*'" setting off by one
BugIDEA-190114Impossible to configure Java code style for enums that uses spaces within enum constant definition braces
BugIDEA-197964Line shifting by partly reformat action
BugIDEA-183296Wildcard import for specific packages
BugIDEA-163103Wrong static imports order
BugIDEA-152798Names count to use static import with '*' doesn't work as expected
BugIDEA-163459Arrangement has different sorting based on anoymous inner class methods
Code NavigationBugIDEA-165452Recent files should preselect first item if no editor is open in tabless mode
BugIDEA-197278New SE: Increase search field font
Code. GenerateFeatureIDEA-194650Do not use 'Objects.equals' for generated equals/hashCode
BugIDEA-196896No code generation using 'implement methods' or 'override methods'
BugIDEA-194722#macro does not work correctly in velocity templates for toString etc
ConsoleFeatureIDEA-164907Run Configuration console does not support "file:///" URL
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-186962Allow user defined Async annotations
FeatureIDEA-197758Attach to this process action
FeatureIDEA-194862Support project-specific async stack traces in remote configuration
FeatureIDEA-196669Allow to automatically restart remote debug server configuration
FeatureIDEA-194359Support for for Async Stacktraces in Remote JVMs
FeatureIDEA-168185Allow to attach to java processes started without debug agent (SAPIDAttachingConnector)
BugIDEA-196012Compiling evaluator does not rename variables
BugIDEA-195335Incorrect rendering of partially visible lines in Debugger Variables window
BugIDEA-144955Add Field Watchpoint context menu is missing
BugIDEA-156500Debugger does not stop at breakpoint in test with JMockit
TaskIDEA-195192Update debugger icons
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-101663Allow option to ignore whitespace in three way merge
BugIDEA-195754Wrong hint in diff window for function params
BugIDEA-197927VCS: Diff: Unified-viewer renders empty line in the wrong place if 'ignore imports and formatting' is enabled
UsabilityIDEA-46059Version control: the clickable area of "Deleted" editor mark is shifted
UsabilityIDEA-197588Text in Comparison/files view does not wrap in narrow window ("Difference between current working tree ...")
UsabilityIDEA-110057Can't change keymap shortcut for "Compare Next File" in diff view
CosmeticsIDEA-194881Rename Files Merged with Conflicts as it is confusing to users
DockerBugIDEA-193893DockerCompose: can't choose services for the attached yaml
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-180723Parameter name hints completion: incorrect hints are shown in case of nested call (i.e. method call using as argument value)
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-196006Link for files in JavaDoc generation output
FeatureIDEA-195733Show parameter hints for enum constructor
BugIDEA-198066RegEx. Wrong selection with double click.
BugIDEA-193695Quick Definition (Option+Space) writes a space character if it does not work
BugIDEA-194685Add builtin soutv postfix template
BugIDEA-195416Join lines over arithmetic operations should preserve order
BugIDEA-196967External annotations not updated when I edit the file manually
BugIDEA-194238Custom file types comments conflicting
BugIDEA-196224Parameter Info bubble (CTRL-P) disappears immediately if invoked after first dot
BugIDEA-192438Underline is always bold underline
BugIDEA-198113File | Export to HTML: line numbers are displayed incorrectly when enabled
BugIDEA-194100Code folding state resets automatically
BugIDEA-194718Column selection status text is incorrect when multiple window is open
BugIDEA-194473Scope highlighting blinks terribly
BugIDEA-190611Unable to turn on parameter hint for all cases
BugIDEA-189671Editor loses caret (thus focus) after closing one of the two splits using Close (Ctrl+F4)
BugIDEA-196674Escape doesn't delete all carets in string literal with injected language
BugIDEA-121060Multiple carets: comment/uncomment works incorrectly
BugIDEA-194649On navigation to a search result target location is not centered in editor
BugIDEA-197878AssertionError when inserting several lines insted of the one in multiline TODO
BugIDEA-197276Adding external annotation into .class file breaks syntax highlighting
UsabilityIDEA-193635Parameter hints react in a crazy way on incomplete expression
CosmeticsIDEA-186054Text cursor is reset to position (1,1) when code editor tab is dragged from primary window to new 2nd window
ExceptionIDEA-193406TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Editor is already disposed
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-195971Library source soes not match the bytecode for java.util.regex.Pattern
BugIDEA-197802Editor: highlighting for soft-wraps delimiter not always inherits background color from surrounding code
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-144708add static import adds import to inaccessible class
File SystemUsabilityIDEA-192665Annoying "External file changes sync may be slow" notification
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-196638Rows in usage view sometimes get cropped
BugIDEA-193321SearchEverywhere: on scope switching the 'include non-project items' checkbox loses its state
BugIDEA-189354"Find in path" (old style) requires 2 "ESC" pressing to close
BugIDEA-82930Ctrl+R (Replace) doesn't always copy the text selected to "From" box
BugIDEA-184743Button in "Replace in path" old dialog is called "Find" instead of "Replace"
BugIDEA-193455Cannot go from Find to Replace if shortcut was changed to Ctrl+H
UsabilityIDEA-190270After clearing search, the cursor jump back
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-152848Fresh IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 installation doesn't recognize the the exported settings file
FeatureIDEA-135447Remember settings last exported
FeatureIDEA-146459Provide a more convenient way of editing custom file type keywords
FeatureIDEA-99671Export Settings: plugin repositories settings are not exported
BugIDEA-138366Default file types configuration (extensions) is not preserved if custom plugin registers conflicting extension
BugIDEA-192064"Remove from Sidebar" is not persisted across project re-opening
BugIDEA-197838Project leak via animated icon in PluginsGroupComponentWithProgress
BugIDEA-196469NPE error on startup with initial wizard
BugIDEA-186551HttpConfigurable#getJvmProperties ignores proxy exceptions
CosmeticsIDEA-142225File template descriptions are wrapped when shouldn't + better padding in general description
IndicesPerformanceIDEA-159590File-based index stamp changes when the index returns equal results for modified file
Java. Code FormattingBugIDEA-192024Java formatter breaks do ... while onto a new line if it exceeds the hard limit
JavaScriptExceptionIDEA-196599JSUndeclaredVariableInspection quick fix AIOOBE on invalid code
Language InjectionBugIDEA-162596Un-inject action works from the second attempt only
BugIDEA-196513java.lang.AssertionError at "undo" language injection
BugIDEA-153981Injected fragment editor: multiple instances can be opened for the same fragment, but their contents is not in sync
PerformanceIDEA-194117@Language("RegExp") annotation doesn't scale to O(1000) expressions in a single file
Local HistoryBugIDEA-189367Current version is not editable in the Local History of a directory.
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-170297"Batch mode" for IDE updates
FeatureIDEA-114307'Create command line launcher' on Windows
BugIDEA-138195Uninstall progress bar animation doesn't represent the actual process state
BugIDEA-170921Can't uninstall IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
BugIDEA-168582Windows setup stacks on 'Select Directory' wizard step for several seconds
BugIDEA-165190Uninstaller should not remove the files it didn't create
BugIDEA-197938Windows installer: incorrect "64-bit launcher" label layout
UsabilityIDEA-197129Kotlin compiler binaries miss executable permissions
TaskIDEA-189415Bundle Kotlin 1.2.60 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-109935Merge "Inspection Gadgets" and "Intention Power Pack" plugins into IDEA core
Password SafeAuto-reported ExceptionIDEA-195101Login to GitHub: exception on hitting Deny
Platform APIBugIDEA-195319`PsiSearchScopeUtil#isInScope(GlobalSearchScope, PsiElement)` returns true for every non-physical element
PerformanceIDEA-197722Instantiate stubs lazily within file
PerformanceIDEA-181206Unwarranted checks for type annotations at AnnotationUtil.isAnnotated() cause performance issues
TaskIDEA-195486Expose JBTabs instance used by EditorComposite in its public API
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-196383DevKit: support <group> "use-shortcut-of"
FeatureIDEA-197617Extension point for inferred annotations
BugIDEA-194146plugin.xml EP naming checks: tighten rules
BugIDEA-194744DevKit: extensionPoint declaration verification
ExceptionIDEA-183233Exception during offline inspections
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-198136New plugins page shows nothing after pressing Enter for empty search line
BugIDEA-194120New Plugins Manager: cannot select text/version text in plugin details page
BugIDEA-194591New plugin manager has incorrect window size
BugIDEA-196430New Plugins dialog: do not allow to install plugin from disk when it is already installed
PerformanceIDEA-193969Project leak via UIUtil$JBHtmlEditorKit
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-27486Make file templates per-project
BugIDEA-195433Errors on updating sdk
BugIDEA-145808Default File Encodings settings are ignored if project created from template
BugIDEA-192913Stop updating misc.xml with test statistics
UsabilityIDEA-147807Project Structure: Project language level is reverted from "SDK default" to lowest value, if SDK path does not exist anymore
TaskIDEA-85546Introduce constants for the persistent components macros
RegExpBugIDEA-195762Single character alternation generates wrong replacement
BugIDEA-195628Tab in "Check RegExp" should switch focus between lines
Run | Debug configurationFeatureIDEA-197239Report warning when test pattern name does not occur in project
FeatureIDEA-196611redirect file to stdin for Java-based run configurations
BugIDEA-188962"Before Launch" tasks are shared between Run Configuration and its copy
BugIDEA-197127Restart tests opens a new tab instead of reusing current tab
BugIDEA-195937Disable classpath file shortener for java 9+
BugIDEA-132500Run Configuration - Before Launch: Add support for "Debug Another Configuration"
BugIDEA-195693Context help shows 404 page when invoked for a run configuration which don't have special help page
UsabilityIDEA-128651Keep duplicate in same folder when duplicating a run configuration
UsabilityIDEA-181444Run dashboard: toolbar buttons like ShowConfigutations, Restorelayout, Help should be available when some group or deleted RC is selected
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-195166Finding same values does not work
BugIDEA-195278Replacing an unqualified method call fails
BugIDEA-194520SSR: search template finds nothing if symbol with qualifier is used
TapestryFeatureIDEA-51032Support Tapestry 5.1 features: Parameter Namespace and Library Namespace
FeatureIDEA-125433Tapestry tml editor does not recognize library components
FeatureIDEA-26518Provide an easy way to navigate forth and back between a page/component class and its template
BugIDEA-144473Element inside t:content marked red
BugIDEA-181603New > Tapestry > Component / Page operation does nothing - fails with NPE in AddNewComponentDialog.getName()
BugIDEA-103154Good code is red: can't coerce the string to a DateFormat
BugIDEA-111859Tapestry plugin breaks code analysis
BugIDEA-143210 [Tapestry5 plugin] .tml editor doesn't recognize t:upload tag
BugIDEA-107000Renaming incorrectly appends "get" to property references in .TML files
BugIDEA-25877IDEA should not report warning "private field is never assigned" for injected fields
BugIDEA-128473Value of "class" attribute in Tapestry components is always treated as an expression
BugIDEA-90773[Tapestry5 plugin] .tml editor doesn't know tags related to template inheritance
BugIDEA-128498False warning about unresolvable properties for labels
BugIDEA-100346Incorrect red squiggly error line below "-" (dash) characters in TML tag attributes
BugIDEA-98955Incorrect code highlighting because defaultPrefix on @Parameter is not supported
BugIDEA-124505HTML5 attribute parsing throws errors in Intellij IDEA
BugIDEA-152132Tapestry templates: cannot cmd + click to navigate from CSS class name to its definition
BugIDEA-52763Make IDEA understand @SupportsInformalParameters
BugIDEA-85170Code Analysis Fails
BugIDEA-52910Autoinsert pairing brace when typing ${ in tml file
BugIDEA-145014Tapestry project library download fails - codehaus repository is no longer accessible
BugIDEA-106998Tapestry loop 'value' elements are incorrectly marked as errors in TML editor
BugIDEA-135752Tapestry plugin does not support switching between page/component class and tml files in "base" package
BugIDEA-100807Tapestry 'parameter' namespace elements are incorrectly marked in error in TML editor
BugIDEA-100796Properties file editor incorrect highlights keys as 'unused' when referenced in TML file as ${message:property-key}
UsabilityIDEA-135741Dialog window for menu New > Tapestry > Page/Component should focus on Name field
UsabilityIDEA-143514[Tapestry5 plugin] Goto template (ctrl-shift-g) doesn't work for Scala classes
ExceptionIDEA-175988Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.NoSwingUnderWriteAction.a
Task ManagementFeatureIDEA-190710Tasks plugin does not support time tracking for GitLab
BugIDEA-197824Cannot type in "Switch to task" dialog
BugIDEA-184079Switching context by tasks is competing with Restore branch workspace when changing tasks
TerminalBugIDEA-197019Splitting tabs that are console tabs does not work as expected.
Unit Testing. TestNGFeatureIDEA-195047No way to change Expected file from Actual in diff window on <click to see difference> in testng
FeatureIDEA-94400Cannot define TestNG using YAML file
BugIDEA-193318Do not fold comparison results for SoftAssertions in console
UsabilityIDEA-196264TestNG hijacks JUnit Run Configuration?
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-90507Need tab actions close all to the right/ to the left
FeatureIDEA-168887Themes: Ability to customize "speedsearch matching results" color
BugIDEA-193789Settings: Plugins: unable to search in installed plugins
BugIDEA-195177Intermittent tests failure on MacBook with Touch bar in IntelliJ project
BugIDEA-196366Add ability to customize changes browser toolbar in VCS log
BugIDEA-193872New Plugins dialog: search field in "Updates" allows to select plugin that doesn't require update
BugIDEA-197803ContextHelpLabel becomes too wide in project type settings
BugIDEA-197801ContextHelpLabel loses its tooltip after switching to another project type pane
BugIDEA-194051Wrong row height for com.intellij.codeInspection.ui.ListTable
BugIDEA-193862Hard crash macOS
BugIDEA-194208"Add Language Annotation" quickfix appearance depends on the position of mouse cursor
BugIDEA-178692AppServers View: splitter position is not persisted between sessions
BugIDEA-197862No AA in a list (jre 9)
BugIDEA-194018New Plugins dialog: "enable" link is not visible for a plugin with multiple dependencies
BugIDEA-142839ActionCallback.REJECTED.doWhenProcessed results in memory leaks
BugIDEA-197937JDK9 - Wrong debugger toolwindow tab label rendering on HiDPI Linux
BugIDEA-197287Holding shift makes it look like you can click on code you can't
BugIDEA-195603IDE crashes on startup
BugIDEA-195253Project Settings: Assertion Error exception on add+delete incorrect content root
BugIDEA-197853CaptureConfigurable table has wrong cell/row height
BugIDEA-23606application Run/Debug Configuration main class chooser issue
BugIDEA-196109New Installed Plugin page's context menu actions are not DumbAware
BugIDEA-195589Structure popup has weird initial size
BugIDEA-169693No Help Available In Cannot Save file dialog
PerformanceIDEA-198160Non-disposed HelpTooltip leaks disposed project
UsabilityIDEA-195300"Copy relative path" should exist in the keymap, or somehow lead to "Copy reference"
UsabilityIDEA-195309Support Ctrl+Backspace in SpeedSearch
UsabilityIDEA-197645Tools | 'Internal Actions' menu is too long
UsabilityIDEA-198129Mac: impossible to switch to Diff Window with a shortcut after switching to the project
UsabilityIDEA-166944Reopen project: a way to save half a click
UsabilityIDEA-191113Don't show "Background tasks running" if we know the tasks can be safely resumed
CosmeticsIDEA-196183TODO view: trim the ending spaces in the changelist name when displaying it in TODO view tab
CosmeticsIDEA-134373File type icon on windows title bar doesn't reload for non-physical files
CosmeticsIDEA-118069Untidy one-pixel gap between border and toolbar buttons
TaskIDEA-197166Increase click and hover zones for the close button for Manage Recent Projects popup and Welcome Screen
TaskIDEA-195244Merge two 'Version' comboboxes in repository library settings dialog
TaskIDEA-194353Change focus border for field and combo in table cell
User Interface. Action SystemBugIDEA-197877Throwable is thrown when switching files while Current File TODO Toolbar is opened
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-197998Multiline TODOs: multiline values are not displayed in toolbar on macOS
BugIDEA-195921Toolbox buttons are cropped on hidpi displays with non-default UI font size
BugIDEA-195717Clicking directly on the arrow in the intention's menu has no effect unless it's done more to the right
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-186820Escape key often stops moving focus from a tool window back to the editor
BugIDEA-196291IntelliJ is sometimes not persisting files to file system
User Interface. GraphicsBugIDEA-193488Tool windows blur text when slide in/out
BugIDEA-195981Validation errors: bugs
CosmeticsIDEA-197371Add down arrow in "Go To Changed Files" in diff dialog
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-195856IDEA fails to start on Java 10
CosmeticsIDEA-193982Problem toolbar menu item's icon seems disabled when enabled
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-195557Cannot close splitted editor part after switching original editor
User Interface. Project ViewExceptionIDEA-85169PIEAE through ProjectViewTree.paintFileColorGutter() on pasting incomplete annotation inside another annotation
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-160857Unversioned Files in Commit Changes dialog: support delete shortcut (DEL)
FeatureIDEA-66943Add "Revert Commit" action to file history context menu for Git
BugIDEA-190095File Mismatch When Unshelving Changes
BugIDEA-183551Copy As Patch to Clipboard enabled only on files
BugIDEA-106293VCS gets confused if you revert changes quickly
BugIDEA-191782No tooltip for new button containing "ignore" actions in Changes view
BugIDEA-197154Exception when highlighting a VCS file version opened via Browse Repository at Revision
BugIDEA-194895Git annotate: "Number of lines annotated by git is not equal to number of lines in the file ..."
UsabilityIDEA-196963Unclear dialog options in abort/rollback
UsabilityIDEA-195922Local changes: Focusing an empty changelist doesn't remove the preview diff
UsabilityIDEA-140866Conflict in button's keyboard shortcuts in the Code analysis failed dialog
UsabilityIDEA-184616'Reword commit" do not add/alter item in commit message history
CosmeticsIDEA-82955Windows-specific setting name
CosmeticsIDEA-197717Edit Changelist should have default shortcut
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-95494Copy some files from one branch to another branch
FeatureIDEA-133270(Git) Annotate should retain history through file renames.
BugIDEA-170013Git Native SSH with passphrase fails with Permission denied
BugIDEA-149060Modified files in one of repositories are often moved to the active change list
BugIDEA-156454No Unstash of uncomitted changes when cancelling Git Rebase
BugIDEA-196449IntelliJ tries to set git username and email for non-git vcs roots.
BugIDEA-197506Git clone operations are not listed in log
BugIDEA-194286Continue rebase doesn't refresh file status
BugIDEA-196117Have not understood this message, there is a grammatical mistake
PerformanceIDEA-197868Branch listings extremely slow with many remote branches
UsabilityIDEA-167671No simple shortcut for Force push
UsabilityIDEA-197543Native SSH doesn't allow to save the passphrase or the password
UsabilityIDEA-194090Protected branches do not prevent branch deletion
UsabilityIDEA-155587Git action "Checkout with Rebase" has counter-intuitive name
UsabilityIDEA-195155Rebase Branch - Onto box should default to refs/heads/master if there is no tracked branch
UsabilityIDEA-144948Branch list in Git Rebase dialog should include remote branches
UsabilityIDEA-190367Shortcut for git branch by default
UsabilityIDEA-83415IDEA should "git commit" when possible instead of always calling "git commit --only" with paths
UsabilityIDEA-187320"Show history for revision" action name is unclear
UsabilityIDEA-183867Ignore whitespace changes in annotations for git option
ExceptionIDEA-197947ISE at git4idea.commands.GitNativeSshGuiAuthenticator.askKeyPassphraseInpu
Version Control. MercurialFeatureIDEA-187194Add compare action to the branch popup menu for Mercurial
Version Control. SubversionFeatureIDEA-75033Add option to immediatly switch to a new branch when branching from repository location
TaskIDEA-197126Remove "Update administrative information only in changed subtrees" option
XMLFeatureIDEA-108183XML: auto-popup completion for attribute values with enum
FeatureIDEA-64075Automatic XML Schema discovery
BugIDEA-197050IntelliJ doesn't find my namespaces when using autocompletion in an XML Schema file
BugIDEA-115240Tags from scheme helptopic.xsd are not recognized
BugIDEA-195872IntelliJ marks "Element is not allowed here" an Element which is allowed to configure
PerformanceIDEA-193127DomFileIconProvider loads AST unnecessarily
CosmeticsIDEA-75432Duplicate menu entries
i18nBugIDEA-179826Refactor|Rename is unavailable for Resource Bundle in Project Tree
No subsystemBugDBE-6982Intellij hangs when work in database editor.
DB ConsoleBugDBE-6889MySQL execute procedure in console produces "[S1000] Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed" error
SQL CompletionFeatureDBE-2285Completion for sum() and avg() functions
BugDBE-6954Improper syntax completion for functions
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-6759highlight if JOIN aren't paired with ON
FeatureDBE-1456Show warning on DELETE FROM without WHERE clause
BugDBE-6848Unresolved reference for alias in Redshift
BugDBE-6830'ON' is not treated as value
BugDBE-6975Support 'or replace, materialized view, precomputed' syntax
SQL ResolveBugDBE-6947Some MySQL 8 functions aren't resolved
User InterfaceBugDBE-2390Data Statistic Error
No subsystemFeatureWEB-34619Associate WebStorm with JSON files
FeatureWEB-33928Add intention to wrap xml value in cdata block
FeatureWEB-33249Typing quotes/backticks over selected text should wrap that text, not delete
BugWEB-31037Do not report spelling errors for values from bundled JSON schemas
BugWEB-33543Remove Web Starter Kit from the project wizard
BugWEB-34375Live templates: surround with tag inserts superfluous line break
BugWEB-34085Mac OS X keymap is selected if you skip the IDE configuration
BugWEB-34578Spelling 'mistakes' in variable names
BugWEB-10491Add standard framework keywords to dictionary
BugWEB-34624Argument for @NotNull parameter 'jestPackage' must not be null
BugWEB-34299Closing tag is not changed when selecting an autocomplete option by mouse (not keyboard)
BugWEB-33786Add "realtime" to the default dictionaries
BugWEB-31040Add to the dictionary
UsabilityWEB-34438Typing dot or space in import path results in applying selected variant from completion list if module name is selected there
CSSFeatureWEB-34312Add intention action: replace CSS var() function invocation with its fallback value
BugWEB-61CSS optimization bug
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-32860Local class properties/methods not being properly indexed
DebuggerBugWEB-34206Webstorm 2018.2: "Debugger Console" view missing from Debug window with Node 6.x
BugWEB-34407Debugger controls do not work when debugging code executed within a VM
BugWEB-34520Support BigInt type in Debugger
BugWEB-34474Breakpoints are not reached in Karma tests @angular/cli 6.1.4
BugWEB-34483Run/Debug Configurations: .NET Project : Browser/Live Edit. Confusing button in the web address field
UsabilityWEB-33956Auto expanded object properties values make variables view noisy of there is too many object entries
UsabilityWEB-13852Debugger: "Add to Watches" for multiple variables selected in Variables view adds the first variable only
File WatchersTaskWEB-34630Update file watcher template for Babel 7
HTMLFeatureWEB-33951Make rearrange tag attributes available as an intention
FeatureWEB-5082HTML: completion could suggest all valid closing tags
FeatureWEB-8885Reformat code after an "Unwrap/remove" in HTML
FeatureWEB-33921Convert named entity to numbered one and vice versa intention
FeatureWEB-20608Unwrap tag should be available via Alt+Enter as a context action
BugWEB-7228HTML5 Boilerplate breaks HTML completion in .html file
BugWEB-34573Remove Surround with CDATA intention
BugWEB-34363Surround with CDATA item should only be available in XML
BugWEB-34361Convert text to CDATA should not be available in JSX
BugWEB-34356Generate xml tag items displayed multiple times
BugWEB-34358Unwrap html tag works wrong
BugWEB-13095Element names are not spelling mistakes
BugWEB-29360Emmet preview is not working in JS injections
BugWEB-342Surround with tag not indenting properly
JSONFeatureWEB-24731JSON Schema: implement completion for the contents of $ref reference
FeatureWEB-24696Paste into JSON could help with escaping quotes
FeatureWEB-31891Unescape when copying content of JSON string
FeatureWEB-31879Insert comma automatically with closing bracket / quote
FeatureWEB-34368Add completion for "required" properties in json schemes
FeatureWEB-33212Mechanism for providing completion for third-party webpack plugins via json schemas
FeatureWEB-33308JSON Schema inspections: smarter error selection and better targeted quick fixes
BugWEB-32453JSON schema: #ref links are resolved incorrectly in several cases
BugWEB-34538Duplicating items in code completion
BugWEB-34178JSON Schema: Caret is out of the brackets after adding missing property
BugWEB-31894Escaping backslash inside a string in JSON causes spellcheck underlines to appear at random
BugWEB-34369Title from json schema is not used in documentation popup
BugWEB-34354"type": "object" is not always correctly handled by "add missing properties" fix
PerformanceWEB-34304Azure deployment JSON schemas are not properly evaluated and cause laggy code analysis
UsabilityWEB-33453Collect all one-of branches / any-of when none is applicable and show smarter inspections / suggest smarter fixes
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-33892Check RegExp should support lookbehind
FeatureWEB-27961Parameter hints (like in Typescript) in pure JavaScript
FeatureWEB-33343Copy path breadcrumbs to clipboard for JS/TS
BugWEB-33435Imported class member not resolved when using singleton pattern
BugWEB-34425provide completion for object shorthand properties in function arguments
BugWEB-32119Proper support for `@instance`
BugWEB-34337index.js is added to the imports when moving files
BugWEB-32458Renaming variable changes same-named object property
BugWEB-34101`for await` not shown as wrong when used outside `async`
BugWEB-34230Support referencing non-existent files in JavaScript libraries
BugWEB-34394Show introduce variable intention only for the `class`/`function` keyword in `export default class/function`
BugWEB-34377go to declaration for a imported (from a node module) function should take you to the function definition in the exporting module
BugWEB-34595JavaScript: Duplicated options in Surround With action menu
BugWEB-32522JS: wrong function param styling
BugWEB-32584Unresolved function or method error
BugWEB-34641ES6: enable autoimports from node_modules if it contains ES6 modules
BugWEB-34347JSdoc: named @typedef with type specified via @type not accepted
BugWEB-34341Default export is marked as unused when using directory imports
BugWEB-21480Referenced JS Library shows "OK" state after Library is Deleted (or name changed)
BugWEB-24709Move 'suppress for statement' into nested menu if error with quick fix is reported from JSAnnotator
BugWEB-34468Make method static generates extra point in multiline class object
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-34052Exception when rearranging code
BugWEB-34535The short React fragment syntax is reformatted differently than the longer one
BugWEB-33844TypeScript auto import corrupts existing imports when ES6 import/export 'Align "from" clauses' option also reformats code
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-27290Feature Request: more options creating Angular Cli project
FeatureWEB-30064Make 'Unwrap/Delete' work for JSX tags
FeatureWEB-33912Suggest webpack.config.ts files in settings
FeatureWEB-34128Create default run configuration for Vue.js app
BugWEB-27337Webpack: Not existing config file is chosen in settings
BugWEB-28405closure library - code completion for 'goog.provide' symbols inside 'goog.module' is not working
BugWEB-33818Handle TSX type context when converting class component to functional
BugWEB-34076Create default run configurations for React project ( npm start, debug)
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-34117if (a = b) is not a warning
BugWEB-33846Incorrect mismatched query and update of collection with JSX
BugWEB-34384JavaScript Redundant Local Variable inspection false positives on compound assignment
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-33090Move symbol from files without import/export
BugWEB-33986'Replace ?: with if-else' intention should not be shown for const values
BugWEB-34145Field prefix is placed after renaming an interface member
BugWEB-33831'Move ES6 module member' shows error dialog if non-module file references moved element
BugWEB-33646Extract type alias should produce generic type if selection references generics
UsabilityWEB-34440inline constant refactoring should default to removing the constant
LESSBugWEB-34030Less variable should be highlighted if cursor is before "@"
LintersFeatureWEB-25014Feature: TSLint: provide appropriate suppress actions
FeatureWEB-34034ESLint should have a 'Fix current error only' quick fix
FeatureWEB-29829Add ability to use ESLint in TypeScript files without eslint-plugin-typescript
BugWEB-26709ESLint/Standard: JSX content is not suppressed correctly
BugWEB-30174Standard code style suppression comments the line
BugWEB-33883.eslintignore lookup should not go outside of project
BugWEB-32103'Suppress' action for ESLint inspection sometimes generates invalid comments
BugWEB-33619ESLint: 'Suppress for file' action is shown twice
BugWEB-31134ESLint: eslint-disable-next-line generated in wrong positions
BugWEB-33897ESLint --ignore-pattern is not working if file .eslintignore is not exists
BugWEB-33918ESLint: Don't show quick fix for non-fixable linter rules
BugWEB-31449Stylelint error when file is in .stylelintignore
Live EditBugWEB-33214Support Live Edit without Chrome extension
Node.jsFeatureWEB-33571Add node_modules/.bin folder to PATH in Terminal for current project
FeatureWEB-34297Provide means for plugin to suppress NPM install notification
FeatureWEB-29975Feature: completion for previous versions of npm packages in package.json
BugWEB-34602@Vue package is not resolved in the node.js package list
BugWEB-33931runnerw.exe cannot run Node.js script with WSL bash.exe
SASSBugWEB-33505SCSS code formatting breaks with nested namespaces
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-34455Support TS 3.1 mapped type changes
FeatureWEB-34456Support TS 3.1 property assignments in JS-like style
FeatureWEB-33448Intention actions to convert TypeScript parameter-property to field and back
FeatureWEB-32271Inspection for tsconfig.json
BugWEB-34622TypeScript interface field renaming refactoring is ignored with object literals in anonymous functions
BugWEB-34516Autocomplete reporting incorrect type with mapped types
BugWEB-32021Spell Checking Bug in object property names
BugWEB-34554Wrong tsx syntax inspection when comment has tag
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-34119Navigate to source at failure for failed tests (Karma, Jest, Mocha)
BugWEB-34181Karma: make it possible to run test file with multiple top level suites
BugWEB-31143Jest package is set incorrectly if there are two node_modules folders in a project
BugWEB-1699Structure view shows nothing for JS test file
UsabilityWEB-28401Create react app extension: Jest configuration: add Jest options automatically in Jest conf
spy-jsBugWEB-34527"Next call" not recognized as disabled until I arrow-down over them, toggling "filter disabled" won't make them disappear
BugWEB-33832Spy-js for Node.js cannot be started on Node 9.11.0+
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