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If a user reports problems with the detection of Rubies installed with version manager, we need to debug it (works since 2018.2.1 EAP). 

To do so, a user should start an IDE and open Help | Diagnostic Tools | Debug Log Settings (or find it via search action).

In the dialog opened, a user should put a logger id to enable debug logging:

  1. RVM -
  2. Rbenv -
  3. Chruby -
  4. Asdf -

Then a user should click OK and restart IDE.

Now logging for respective SDK refresher is enabled, and the log should contain entries like this (for Asdf):

2018-07-30 16:57:18,237 [   7350]  DEBUG - nagement.asdf.AsdfSdkRefresher - Refreshing sdks

We need such a log to try to determine what went wrong.

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