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  • TeamCity 2018.1.1 (build 58406) Release Notes
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  • TW-49655 - Can not create New VCS Root from URL with uploaded SSH key (Git)
  • TW-55061 - Make TeamCity docker images multiplatform
  • TW-55697 - Provide docker images for Windows 1803
  • TW-55698 - Report more specific distribution type for docker images
  • TW-55751 - Meta-runners with clickable link in description not possible
  • TW-55831 - dotnet shared compilation services (remaining in memory) prevents cleaning of checkout directory

Usability Problem

  • TW-30438 - JDBC drivers: include into dist package or download
  • TW-37386 - Display redefined resources from parent projects in Shared Resources tab.
  • TW-39183 - Add link to create new VCS root from the versioned settings tab
  • TW-47876 - Sort resources by name by default
  • TW-54261 - "Build queue was paused" warning is updated with a delay
  • TW-55424 - Unclear "contains duplicate resource definition" health report
  • TW-55604 - Confusing "Show instructions for manual JDBC driver installation" link when JDBC driver is already loaded.
  • TW-55719 - Add an ability to collapse instruction for manual JDBC driver installation
  • TW-55805 - NuGet package indexing: write readable Project ID in teamcity-nuget.log
  • TW-55819 - Add 'Start' button to cloud agent type overview page
  • TW-55821 - New Artifacts Icon keeps appearing
  • TW-56091 - User without "View agent details" permission can sometimes see links to view agent details pages


  • TW-40816 - Too many open files / Agent process keeps handles to maven artifacts
  • TW-54336 - Build canceled due to "Unexpected finish" is not re-added to queue when it is part of a composite build
  • TW-54429 - Custom Maven path not displayed correctly in UI if defined through parameter in Maven step
  • TW-54918 - Read-Only node should not try to recover build logs
  • TW-55028 - Read-only mode. Diff view should work correctly.
  • TW-55038 - Read-only mode: do not show "You do not have enough permissions" message for each agent pool
  • TW-55158 - Maven project information fails if <prerequisites> is defined in pom.xml
  • TW-55169 - Amazon ECR connection: align fields
  • TW-55508 - Incomplete information in agent status popup if agent was enabled by the server itself
  • TW-55559 - Build type is missing on read-only node while it exists on the main server
  • TW-55628 - React UI sends REST requests to the server even when the user is logged out
  • TW-55631 - JS error on test details info page
  • TW-55654 - Wrong time is displayed on a build line (shifted by an hour)
  • TW-55660 - Build tags enclosed in <> are not visible on build results page
  • TW-55661 - Warning outside of investigate/mute dialog
  • TW-55671 - Build configuration status on build type overview page should take into account the branch selected on the page
  • TW-55677 - Amazon ECR connections doesn't support registries in other amazon accounts when cross-account delegation is enabled
  • TW-55681 - .NET CLI: Fails to detect configuration on Linux if HOME environment variable is not defined
  • TW-55682 - ECR Connection setup form requires Access key ID when using default credential provider chain
  • TW-55686 - Read-Only: exception when build type external id is changed
  • TW-55694 - Swabra fails to save directory state to snapshot file
  • TW-55703 - Only the first published NuGet package is visible in NuGet feed
  • TW-55706 - Kotlin DSL for Free Disk Space build feature should not require requiredSpace property
  • TW-55707 - Kotlin DSL: DSL Generation fails if build names start with numbers
  • TW-55709 - Reference to External id is not replaced in the multi-line fields
  • TW-55712 - Cloud build agents - AWS GovCloud/China (Beijing) "Specifying tags during instance launch is not supported in this region"
  • TW-55714 - Incorrect option <All branches> is shown in branches selector on build configuration branches page
  • TW-55715 - JS error on attempt to save build counder in case when build type is read only
  • TW-55716 - Docker step: saved settings aren't cleaned when I change docker command
  • TW-55723 - Downloading artifact dependencies fails after upgrade to 2018.1
  • TW-55727 - Additional arguments for the Docker build are removed on save
  • TW-55733 - Custom build step order does not work for build steps from default template
  • TW-55736 - InstantiationException: bean image not found within scope on agentDetails.html
  • TW-55737 - NPE in ServerStatisticsDataHolder.getLast
  • TW-55757 - ReSharper Inspections: unable to pass --caches-home command line argument
  • TW-55759 - Exception in viewDockerCommand.jsp: Illegal child tag in "c:choose" tag
  • TW-55763 - Versioned Settings fails to commit when format Kotlin
  • TW-55764 - Hide uncompressed transfer option as it is no longer supported
  • TW-55814 - Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection error in case when agent uses https to communicate with server and there are http proxy parameters specified
  • TW-55817 - Formatted Plugin details no longer formatted in Admin plugins page.
  • TW-55829 - Warning for enabled user registration does not dissapear
  • TW-55832 - Quick link to configure project's roles from the project settings is missing
  • TW-55833 - NuGet feed contains packages from archives
  • TW-55838 - vmware plugin should poweroff instance if it doesn't stop gracefully in time
  • TW-55844 - Project settings import fails when settings in VCS don't contains some sub-project
  • TW-55849 - Add validation for "Shared Resources" name
  • TW-55857 - Remember me cookie does not work on R/O server
  • TW-55858 - Queued build with requirements having parameter references in them may not start
  • TW-55876 - Visual Studio / MSBuild Tools 2017 is not detected when cache packages located on non C drive
  • TW-55897 - Cannot use build number/format with colon character in docker runner
  • TW-55920 - Eclipse Plugin Error with Eclipse Photon (4.8)
  • TW-55922 - UnsupportedOperationException during PowerShell selection
  • TW-55927 - Integer overflow in teamcity-maintenance.log
  • TW-55947 - The dotnet CLI plugin does not take in account global.json files during the definition of the .net SDK version
  • TW-55957 - java.lang.AssertionError; while processing request: GET '/viewModification.html?modId=-1&personal=false'
  • TW-55974 - No locks can be displayed for a shared resource from enforced settings template
  • TW-55977 - Build step autodetection detects step "Custom script: call gradlew.bat" in Gradle projects
  • TW-55996 - Agent-side Git checkout can fail with "SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate"
  • TW-55999 - After upgrade to 2018.1, build can use much older revision than the one expected when Git and checkout rules are used
  • TW-56011 - REST API does not handle per project view agent details permission correctly
  • TW-56019 - AJAX request can cause browser basic auth password prompt when authentication is handled by REST
  • TW-56022 - Invalid Kotlin patch committed by server in case when template has not empty description
  • TW-56033 - Fix connector name for manual on "Database connection setup" page.
  • TW-56042 - Update copyright for maintenance tool
  • TW-56051 - Read-Only: don't show group checkboxes for tests on the Change Details page
  • TW-56061 - Projects stopped compiling Scala after upgrade to 2018.1 (build 58245) using IntelliJ IDEA project runner
  • TW-56077 - CloudFormation Stack Deployment Fails due to reference to invalid AMI


  • TW-55535 - Exception in teamcity-server.log on trying to download JDBC driver in case of network problem.
  • TW-55962 - Error while opening agent pools page if per-project agents filtering is enabled
  • TW-55963 - AccessDeniedException while opening agent pools page if per-project agents filtering is enabled

Performance Problem

  • TW-55433 - UI freezes on Firefox
  • TW-55676 - PushedImagesRegistryCleaner can work for hours trying to find build artifacts directory
  • TW-55713 - Overview / project page with lots of builds is slow until react UI rendering is disabled

Security Problem

  • TW-55704 - A change in the settings can corrupt unrelated projects' specific settings
  • TW-55992 - CSRF-like attack is possible
  • TW-56025 - User without "View agent details" permission can view agent details


  • TW-42480 - Wrong .properties files syntax highlighting on Diagnostics UI
  • TW-54525 - Obsolete horizontal scroll can appear in custom run build dialog on Parameters tab
  • TW-55568 - Vague +/- icons in build log (retina screen)
  • TW-55638 - "All history" link isn't highlighted anyhow on mouse hover
  • TW-55675 - Improve instance types sorting in UI


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