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Go DebuggerFeatureGO-3313Better representation for maps
FeatureGO-5697Debugger "Evaluate and Log" not working
FeatureGO-5721Make copy action work on nested watches
BugGO-4264Debugger does not handle Scan for bufio.NewScanner(os.Stdin) but Run does
UsabilityGO-5180Debugger will only show so far of a nested value in variables view
Go EditingFeatureGO-4845Add .sort postfix completion
FeatureGO-5687Merge 'rre' and 'rrv' postfix templates into one
Go GeneralTaskGO-2451External tools integration path filtering doesn't work in Windows
Go RefactoringsFeatureGO-3002Extract variable: handle multi-value return in single-value context
BugGO-5692Symbol has to be moved together with its doc comments
BugGO-5694Usages have to be updated when moving to another package
No subsystemBugIDEA-182889Shortcut conflict: Rerun & Refresh
BugIDEA-192799Winp exception in the log
PerformanceIDEA-172762ProjectRootManagerComponent$1.fileTypesChanged on AWT causes 30-60s freeze
ExceptionIDEA-192088Exception when starting IntelliJ
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-175161Javadoc formatter joins lines incorrectly
DebuggerBugIDEA-94049Debugger: Return ability to set field watch point via alt+gutter click
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-187715Local history ignore encoding settings and show wrong diff.
UsabilityIDEA-90565Diff View:git: do not show LF|CRLF when I have option "automatically convert line separators" on
Editor. Code CompletionUsabilityIDEA-144321LookupElementProximityWeigher should work for all lookup items that have PSI
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-191750Expand selection (ctrl+w) doesn't work correctly for case statements
JavaScriptBugIDEA-190826@NotNull method com/intellij/lang/javascript/nashorn/library/NashornJSLibraryProvider$1.compute must not return null
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-187763Register our IDE for compatible file type on macOS
CosmeticsIDEA-161414"Profiling agent is not enabled" should not be a WARN log entry and / or chatter to the terminal
TaskIDEA-192182Extract sources of java annotations to separate GitHub repository
TaskIDEA-166447Provide separate application icon for EAP distributions
Password SafeUsabilityIDEA-191264Uncheck remember on push credentials dialog by default
Platform APITaskIDEA-192805Clean up values set by Look-n-Feel
Meta IssueIDEA-175637Check in tests that PSI text can be parsed back to a similar PSI structure
Plugin DevelopmentBugIDEA-163694Devkit: fix IdeaPlugin DOM
BugIDEA-191217Devkit: "Element should be registered in ..." false positives
TerminalBugIDEA-118871Integrated terminal doesn't scroll to bottom on "movement-keys"
UsabilityIDEA-186170Enter key in terminal doesn't scroll down
CosmeticsIDEA-126617Resizing terminal moves caret
User InterfaceBugIDEA-191122"Captured Snapshot" notification's "Show in Explorer" link does not work when IDEA is installed on alternate drive letter
BugIDEA-192055Focus goes nowhere after breakpoint popup
BugIDEA-192691Wrong title of JetBrains Privacy Policy window
TaskIDEA-192417Provide an API for adding status bar widgets
Version ControlBugIDEA-192203keymap "Xcode" not found warnings on startup from Git4Idea & hg4idea
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-75835Init Git projects submodules automatically or by asking user at least?
BugIDEA-192800Allow force push is available in Find action but does nothing
BugIDEA-192906Git Push with Rebase puts all changes into the Default changelist
No subsystemBugDBE-6451DataGrip: Execution of SQL command does not ask for colon-parameter values if not whole SQL command is selected
DB ConnectivityUsabilityDBE-6321Postgres: if database in connection parameters differs from the database selected in Schemas tab IDE may fail to connect
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-6409MariaDB schema discovery fails with: Unknown column 'purchase_date' in 'field list'
IDE GeneralFeatureDBE-6502YAML plugin in DataGrip
UsabilityDBE-6405Query plan fails for sub-queries in sqlite
SQL EditingFeatureDBE-2647Custom Parameter %VAR% not working when wrapped in single quotes.
SQL GenerationBugDBE-6473"Request and copy original DDL" action fails
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-521Psi aware brace highlighter
User InterfaceCosmeticsDBE-1851Clearer connection status indication
No subsystemBugWEB-32040Missing support for JSON in Prettier
BugWEB-32769Webpack config rejects automaticNameDelimiter optimization setting
BugWEB-33007Folder is automatically being excluded, cannot be undone
BugWEB-32985Documentation popup: gear icon overlaps with the text
BugWEB-33002'Change signature to match and update call' removes 'new'
CosmeticsWEB-32801Webpack option schema has a wrong link in the inspection description
CSSFeatureWEB-24774Support inline comments in PostCSS
FeatureWEB-32672WebStorm doesn't recognize backdrop-filter
FeatureWEB-25011Colors and Fonts/CSS should have it's own field for class and attribute identifiers
BugWEB-26828reformating CSS with :host >>> subselect ends up with :host > > > subselect
BugWEB-26368CSS '/deep/' combinator causes 'unexpected token' error if it's the first item in selector list
BugWEB-22895PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: arithmetic symbols are not colored
BugWEB-22894PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: Tag name is not colored
BugWEB-24619BUG: PostCSS code completion doesn't work right before an &-sign (Ampersand).
BugWEB-22893PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: unknown-at-rule cannot be colored
BugWEB-28165Wrong CSS syntax check for @apply rule
BugWEB-24628CSS: string literal with backslash as property value is not parsed correctly
ExceptionWEB-22810"PSI and index do not match" exception while editing CSS
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-32778CoffeeScript "code reformat" change semantics of the string tag
BugWEB-32793Class as prop value error: unexpected indentation
DartFeatureWEB-32909Provide code completion when editing Dart breakpoint condition and in Evaluate Expression dialog
FeatureWEB-32957Dart Command line app / Flutter app debugging: make 'Evaluate Expression' available not only when paused on a breakpoint
DebuggerFeatureWEB-14403Drop to frame / Restart frame not available in JavaScript debugger
BugWEB-32921Turn off breakpoints when run js with coverage
BugWEB-32714Debugger steps into node_modules even if "Do not step into library scripts" is enabled
BugWEB-32851Debugging Karma tests with karma-browserify not working sometimes
BugWEB-32908Can't resolve breakpoints in webpack 3.X project
BugWEB-32389Assertion failed: Debug tool window not initialized yet!
PerformanceWEB-31775Debugger: false stops in same-named files cause delays when debugging
UsabilityWEB-32843Node.js global.console has duplicate logs in Console tab when Debugger Console tab is hidden, when debugging
UsabilityWEB-32810Add to watch is not always possible in JavaScript
JSONFeatureWEB-32826JSON schema: Provide quick fixes for schema incompatibility errors
BugWEB-32852JSON schema switcher: correctly map built-in and local schemas when remote sources are not allowed
BugWEB-32853JSON schema: do not remove manually added schema on schemas reassign
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-32924Better default values for object literals, tuples, arrays and functions
FeatureWEB-32919Support 'import.meta' metaproperty
BugWEB-24263Scratch files don't support ES6
BugWEB-32006assignment to es6 class properties are considered redefinement and marked as unused (possible 2018.1 regression)
BugWEB-32790WebStorm decides to stop accessing .d.ts files for es features for a project
BugWEB-32971Do not show 'with' keyword on top of completion
BugWEB-32691 'Implement missing members' for object generates redundant comma
BugWEB-32966No completion for `async` keyword after `=` in function expression
CosmeticsWEB-32663Remove "Implement methods" for objects without contextual type
ExceptionWEB-32917Mac. exception in JSUnusedGlobalSymbolsInspection
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-29105JSX in vue uses HTML indentation settings
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-30481Code completion for Vue events and event modifiers
BugWEB-32583Vue project generation fails with @vue/cli 3.0.0-beta.9 and later
BugWEB-32949Exception when renaming methods/data in .vue files
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-31568"Create derived class / implement interface" intention action
BugWEB-32839Wrong warning var' variables cannot share name with block sc...
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-32838Rename should not change default re-export
BugWEB-32849Move module member: dependent member highlighting in dialog has wrong color
BugWEB-32829Introduce var: wrong caret position after introduce variable /var postfix template
LESSFeatureWEB-24450Copyright plugin: support Less, Stylus and PostCSS file types
BugWEB-20921Add support for valid HTML syntax for including LESS/SCSS in <style> tags
LintersFeatureWEB-30482Apply code style from ESLint JavaScript configs automatically or show notification
BugWEB-28870Support for "extends" in TSLint
BugWEB-32991Code styles from ESLint config inside package.json are not applied
BugWEB-32110Allow comments in specific JSON configuration files
Node.jsFeatureWEB-28587Understand module field in package.json
FeatureWEB-32689Understand esnext field in package.json
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-32847TS. Suggest inline implementations for abstract classes in the completion after the "new" keyword
FeatureWEB-32997Suggest static factory methods based on expected types
FeatureWEB-31453'Create from usage' should be available on import/export statements
FeatureWEB-32988'Is not accessible' inspection and quickfix "Make constructor public" for private/protected constructors
FeatureWEB-32945TS: completion after 'new' should assign higher priority if contextual type is a supertype
FeatureWEB-31994TypeScript: Make method protected (on call from derived class)
BugWEB-32792Typescript: quick documentation doesn't show properties of type aliases
BugWEB-31742Typescript. Incorrect type inference for array after ternary operator
BugWEB-32241Generic TSX component tag without any attributes is parsed incorrectly
BugWEB-32788TypeScript return value checker erroring when using indexable types
BugWEB-32989Classes with private/protected constructors are suggested after "new" word outside their visibility zone
BugWEB-32965Incorrect unresolved 'super' in case of object literals
BugWEB-33001Bad "Must be lvalue" inspections in typescript
BugWEB-32524Traversing base types for non-implemented members doesn't take into account type members from aliases
BugWEB-32952Incorrect errors with class expressions
BugWEB-32943Error about non-implemented members is not shown for unnamed class expressions
BugWEB-32593TypeScript: Renaming an interface member doesn't rename usages in curried functions
TaskWEB-33010TypeScript: remove "rxjs" from default blacklist
TaskWEB-33013TypeScript: enable excluding js sources for node modules packages with typings
Unit TestsBugWEB-32653Can't run Karma in @angular/cli 6 project
BugWEB-32883Cannot run karma tests in @angular/cli 6 project with multiple targets
BugWEB-9523An issue of running Node.js task & karma server at same time
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