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  • TeamCity 2017.2.2 (build 50909) Release Notes
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  • TW-11993 — Display progress for agent-side SVN checkouts
  • TW-24481 — Smooth out VCS root polling
  • TW-52060 — Provide docker images for Windows 1709
  • TW-52309 — MSBuild 15 in agent docker container
  • TW-53048 — Powershell runner: show script content in build configuration settings view tab
  • TW-53149 — Delete unused personal patches
  • TW-53150 — Ability to limit personal patch by size
  • TW-53501 — Add ability to customise IDE error messages from TeamCity server

Usability Problem

  • TW-47828 — Installed Tools order
  • TW-52632 — "Changes" page: sections are expanded/collapsed by themselves
  • TW-52898 — make runAll.bat more userfriendly (confusing Looking for installed Java.. output)
  • TW-53069 — Branch name on build and history pages is splited with spans so it's hard to copy
  • TW-53464 — Confusing IDE outdated plugin (without authentication support) behavior


  • TW-10952 — Cannot save long passwords for SVN VCS roots: "The password is too long. Please shorten the password."
  • TW-42408 — Wrong revision used for builds in build chain with snapshot dependencies on branch merging
  • TW-47440 — UI can stop refreshing after connection to server lost and restored
  • TW-49988 — Schedule Trigger with "Trigger only if there are pending changes" feature sometimes trigger build with no new changes
  • TW-49996 — Trigger (schedule) can skip triggering a build after trigger settings editing
  • TW-50572 — "JSP pre-compilation failed" in teamcity-server docker container
  • TW-50897 — Broken snapshot / artifact dependencies report does not work for templates
  • TW-51006 — Git merge commits are not matched by checkout rules
  • TW-51094 — Build configuration doesn't checkout the latest commit in one of repositories
  • TW-51698 — Use configured proxy when downloading server update
  • TW-51762 — Can not use scp-like syntax in `vcs fetch url` uri with plugin commit status publisher
  • TW-51918 — Docker shell script for Ant is missing escaping quotes for parens
  • TW-51959 — Merge commit is not used in a build in newly created build configuration with checkout rules
  • TW-52220 — Option to use time-based rotation for log4j configs (server and agent)
  • TW-52254 — Artifacts can't be included twice in same archive?
  • TW-52368 — PSQLException: Cannot cast to boolean: "2" in FinishedBuildsStatisticProvider
  • TW-52668 — Overview page shows '-1 new projects'
  • TW-52694 — `Open in GitHub` link instead of `Open in external change viewer` link
  • TW-52754 — Build starts on an agent targeted for termination
  • TW-52830 — Code Coverage Tab Missing in TeamCity 2017.2
  • TW-52863 — Swabra throws StackOverflowError and ignores it
  • TW-52885 — Cloud profiles. After the project containing cloud profile is deleted the <Deleted> pool is displayed in the Pools tab.
  • TW-52903 — 'Show archived projects' option in project selector doesn't work
  • TW-52946 — No configurations can be reported suitable for remote run, while there are (Subversion)
  • TW-52975 — Can't install/upgrade on Windows if password contains a caret character (^)
  • TW-52996 — Log directory permissions modification operations during TeamCity installation
  • TW-53004 — Getting output report from Inspections (.NET) Runner
  • TW-53012 — Warning on shutdown while restarting TeamCity Server when logs are stored in not default location.
  • TW-53036 — ConcurrentModificationException in VirtualAgentsProviderImpl.getStartableAgents
  • TW-53038 — Error service messages should be displayed when runner exits with non-zero exit code
  • TW-53040 — User can get XML on first login to TeamCity (terms of service plugin is installed)
  • TW-53043 — Server startup error: Unable to put new task into the queue because maximum capacity is exceeded. Current queue size: 9966. Executor info: Thread factory "Low prio executor" {corePoolSize=5; maxPoolSize=25; activeCount=3}
  • TW-53046 — Make docker push detection more robust
  • TW-53047 — Deadlock between VmwarePooledUpdateInstanceTask and VmwareUpdateTaskManager
  • TW-53058 — Error 'Failed to download TeamCity distribution (No such file or directory)' on attempt to download new version
  • TW-53066 — GitHub commit status publisher: no way to find out which user the generated Access Token belongs to
  • TW-53068 — Teamcity agent not using proxy settings when trying to resolve/publish artifacts
  • TW-53078 — Deployments section can show "Deleted build" text
  • TW-53082 — P4 Clean fails the build if there are no files to clean (IE: No file(s) to reconcile.)
  • TW-53084 — "Open in external change viewer" not always open link in a new tab
  • TW-53092 — A lot of 'Successful login for user '' (Super user)..." messages in teamcity-auth.log
  • TW-53094 — Agent Push removes agent after successful installation on Linux
  • TW-53099 — Agent plugin fails to initialize Spring context if have dependency on tool
  • TW-53102 — AWS EC2 cloud profile needs restart on auth problem.
  • TW-53103 — "Unreachable default Template" health report help link opens non existing help page.
  • TW-53104 — Change severity for "Missing Default Template" health item to Error.
  • TW-53110 — <Missing default template> option is displayed only if suffering project contains other templates.
  • TW-53115 — Gitlab Commit Status Publisher ignores global admin permission
  • TW-53151 — Server error while trying to create a project from Assembla SVN repository URL
  • TW-53153 — Project Main Page does not update automatically, need to manually refresh page to get latest
  • TW-53154 — Project id is being cached in a build step and it causes problems after the build configuration move
  • TW-53167 — Incorrect "'Host' header is changed" health report for
  • TW-53175 — Build can use a revision which does not include the revision actual for the moment of VCS root attachment
  • TW-53177 — Double inconsistent newlines in server.xml
  • TW-53178 — Cannot download artifact dependency using reserved value like "lastSuccessful" as build number (used to work before 2017.2.1)
  • TW-53179 — Trailing space in gradle spec causes Task '' not found in root project (Kotlin DSL)
  • TW-53210 — Problem with JSchClient (hanging Git checkout an agent)
  • TW-53221 — Server can hang on startup within Current stage: Connecting to the database (unknown error case)
  • TW-53230 — "Open in Visual Studio Team Services" does not work fine for all Git URLs
  • TW-53234 — Web UI doesn't refresh when WebSocket is closed just after opened
  • TW-53239 — EC2 instance launched from spot instance before profile reload miss user tags
  • TW-53242 — JUnit dependency in pom.xml in Kotlin versioned settings causing settings generation hanging with no error
  • TW-53277 — Original URL might be not available on 404 page
  • TW-53286 — Including build logs into backup can increase backup time for hours (seems that backup is hanging)
  • TW-53288 — Inconsistent REST API muted tests data after unmuting of a single test from several previously muted
  • TW-53309 — Agent Parameters Page: Sort Alphabetically
  • TW-53310 — Inspections build might report no results while XML inspection report is generated by IDEA on agent (two nodes case)
  • TW-53313 — Able to upload two metarunners with same name
  • TW-53315 — The same personal build can be shown twice on my changes page
  • TW-53317 — Enforced settings are not applied if there are versioned settings defined in child project
  • TW-53321 — Cloud profiles. <Unknown pool> should be disabled for editing.
  • TW-53347 — Build with include-only checkout rules uses old revision when detectUnknownMerges logic is enabled
  • TW-53350 — Project disappear from all pools when UUID changes
  • TW-53354 — Error publishing change status to GHE if the http:// repository URL ends with slash
  • TW-53416 — SES plugin. Provide a warning when messages cannot be received due to connection problems.
  • TW-53425 — Argument for @NotNull parameter 'date' of jetbrains/buildServer/util/StringUtil.dateToString must not be null (
  • TW-53436 — Hanging agent-side checkout via ssh
  • TW-53447 — Obsolete files cleaner does not check for server shutdown
  • TW-53468 — VCS root with large checking for changes interval can be not polled by TeamCity after new root creation or server restart
  • TW-53480 — NPE in build log on stop build with enabled torrent plugin
  • TW-53489 — Agent-side checkout via ssh ignores .ssh/config on the agent machine
  • TW-53500 — Branch filter does not work on project statistics page
  • TW-53508 — Eclipse plugin. Provide a user friendly warning when patch cannot be applied due to personal patch size exceeded.
  • TW-53520 — Unicode characters between \u0080 and \u00FF incorrectly escaped in service messages


  • TW-53383 — IllegalArgumentException when running a benchmark

Performance Problem

  • TW-52516 — Slow agent history: tens of seconds to open (lots of SQL queries)
  • TW-52944 — Slow Changes page opening (loading builds statistics, BuildStatisticsBuilder.detectNewTestFailures)
  • TW-53079 — Slow exitCodeProblemAjax.html request
  • TW-53146 — Too long checking for changes/collecting externals due to merge of include rules
  • TW-53194 — To long cleanup (hours) of inspection data in PostgreSQL

Security Problem

  • TW-11984 — Check start build permissions in uploadChanges controller
  • TW-50054 — Project administrator can run arbitrary code on the TeamCity server
  • TW-53016 — Error writing to audit
  • TW-53442 — Several XSS vulnerabilities (reported by Viktor Gazdag of NCC Group)
  • TW-53466 — Stored XSS injection via a build's field
  • TW-53467 — Potential XSS via experimental non-default UI
  • TW-53507 — Domain authentication for TeamCity server under Windows can accept any user with certain (hopefully uncommon) Windows server configuration


  • TW-51655 — Field description does not fit in edit parameter specification dialog
  • TW-52568 — Intellij Tool Provider reports invalid bundled tool version
  • TW-52577 — Build log line is not in its build step block (Java inspection/duplicates finder runners)
  • TW-53126 — Incorrect alignment on agents page if there is only one pool of agents


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