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  • TeamCity 2017.2.2 (build 50909) Release Notes
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  • TW-53149 - Delete unused personal patches
  • TW-53150 - Ability to limit personal patch by size
  • TW-53501 - Add ability to customise IDE error messages from TeamCity server
  • TW-24481 - Smooth out VCS root polling
  • TW-52060 - Provide docker images for Windows 1709

Usability Problem

  • TW-53069 - Branch name on build and history pages is splited with spans so it's hard to copy
  • TW-53464 - Confusing IDE outdated plugin (without authentication support) behavior


  • TW-52368 - PSQLException: Cannot cast to boolean: \"2\" in FinishedBuildsStatisticProvider
  • TW-53500 - Branch filter does not work on project statistics page
  • TW-52220 - Option to use time-based rotation for log4j configs (server and agent)
  • TW-52885 - Cloud profiles. After the project containing cloud profile is deleted the <Deleted> pool is displayed in the Pools tab.
  • TW-53520 - Unicode characters between \u0080 and \u00FF incorrectly escaped in service messages
  • TW-52975 - Can't install/upgrade on Windows if password contains a caret character (^)
  • TW-53489 - Agent-side checkout via ssh ignores .ssh/config on the agent machine
  • TW-52903 - 'Show archived projects' option in project selector doesn't work
  • TW-53508 - Eclipse plugin. Provide a user friendly warning when patch cannot be applied due to personal patch size exceeded.
  • TW-42408 - Wrong revision used for builds in build chain with snapshot dependencies on branch merging
  • TW-51959 - Merge commit is not used in a build in newly created build configuration with checkout rules
  • TW-51006 - Git merge commits are not matched by checkout rules
  • TW-52668 - Overview page shows '-1 new projects'
  • TW-53392 - Show a user-friendly error in teamcity-server.log instead of EOFException with a stacktrace
  • TW-53321 - Cloud profiles. <Unknown pool> should be disabled for editing.
  • TW-53425 - Argument for @NotNull parameter 'date' of jetbrains/buildServer/util/StringUtil.dateToString must not be null (
  • TW-53277 - Original URL might be not available on 404 page
  • TW-53468 - VCS root with large checking for changes interval can be not polled by TeamCity after new root creation or server restart
  • TW-53242 - JUnit dependency in pom.xml in Kotlin versioned settings causing settings generation hanging with no error
  • TW-53416 - SES plugin. Provide a warning when messages cannot be received due to connection problems.
  • TW-53480 - NPE in build log on stop build with enabled torrent plugin
  • TW-53455 - NPE in UsageStatisticsReporterImpl in teamcity-server.log
  • TW-53310 - Inspections build might report no results while XML inspection report is generated by IDEA on agent (two nodes case)
  • TW-53210 - Problem with JSchClient (hanging Git checkout an agent)


  • TW-53438 - Unexpected error on trying to view user profile without system administrator permissions.

Security Problem

  • TW-11984 - Check start build permissions in uploadChanges controller
  • TW-53185 - Make sure command line remote run tool sends Authorization header when it uploads personal patch to the server
  • TW-53016 - Error writing to audit
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