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  • TeamCity 2017.2.1 (build 50732) Release Notes
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See also  TeamCity 2017.2 Release Notes.



  • TW-52008 - Validate external ids of templates in build project feature on loading - the templates must be located along the project path
  • TW-52056 - Docker Plugin: Docker Build should add working directory at least for file content option
  • TW-43528 - Git: to supplort Uploaded Key with teamcity.git.use.native.ssh=true on Agent side checkout
  • TW-52308 - Use dedicated name for SSH client when establishing connections (Git)
  • TW-47908 - On opening step using meta-runner, fill the parameters not stored in the settings with their default values
  • TW-40058 - Fallback to polling if websocket messages don't arrive for a while

Usability Problem

  • TW-52858 - Add warning on Clean-up Rules windows
  • TW-52707 - Confusing server health report (tables have different collations) after restoring backup to MySQL database
  • TW-51928 - Absent "Investigation" on configuration page.
  • TW-52714 - TFS java working mode: unclear "Failed to deserialize message" in teamcity-tfs.log
  • TW-52919 - TeamCity docker plugin should automatically enable DockerInfo tab when docker runner or docker extension is used
  • TW-52883 - Invalid option of snapshot dependency referencing composite build (unclear run on the same agent option behavior)
  • TW-52901 - Fix comment in the beginning of teamcity-server-log4j.xml file
  • TW-52876 - Add root page to .../app/dsl-plugins-repository resource
  • TW-52677 - New progress bar style hard to read
  • TW-52773 - Make area with meta-runner source ineditable when user has no permissions to edit the meta-runner
  • TW-52772 - Confusing "Cancel" button on meta-runner definition page when user has no permissions to edit meta-runner
  • TW-39569 - Provide a link from the build step runner settings using meta-runner to the runner definition page
  • TW-52600 - Improve color schema for highlighted disabled menu items.
  • TW-51142 - Add help icon with a link to documentation on SSH agent build feature dialog


  • TW-52893 - Tray Notifier doesn't start properly
  • TW-52180 - Cannot create cloud profile when TeamCity is started using Java 9
  • TW-52985 - Commit Status Plugin fails to parse SSH URL with slash before org
  • TW-52877 - Parameters in artifact rules of artifact dependencies of composite builds are not resolved
  • TW-53021 - Brocken breadcrumbs
  • TW-24224 - Specified key was too long — TeamCity failed to create a database in MySQL with the UTF8mb4 character set
  • TW-52729 - Docker wrapper on Windows should mounts volumes to C drive in container
  • TW-53011 - Cloud formation template should use utf8_bin collation for the database
  • TW-52917 - Cannot set docker agent name with spaces
  • TW-52598 - Warning on shutdown while restarting/updating TeamCity Server on Windows
  • TW-52215 - Ensure audit can be cleared not to contain username of a specific user
  • TW-52880 - TeamCity creates folder "system\artifacts" if main-config.xml contains backslash in the path to artifacts
  • TW-52870 - Unbalanced blockClosed service messages inside test stdout can affect how tests statistics is calculated
  • TW-50281 - Git agent-side checkout fails with uploaded key in PuTTY format
  • TW-52954 - "XML Parsing error" js error on Agent Logs page in Firefox
  • TW-52710 - A lot of JavaScript errors on Windows Tray Notifier page
  • TW-52694 - `Open in GitHub` link instead of `Open in external change viewer` link
  • TW-52995 - Reading file from Kotlin DSL fails with permission error
  • TW-52921 - script ignores the JAVA_HOME environment variable on macOS
  • TW-52715 - Snapshot dependency cycles check is not performed when new dependency is added to a default template after configurations are loaded
  • TW-52840 - Missing 'Failed to start build' warning on Overview page
  • TW-51684 - Unexpected build problems tree expand/collapse on click
  • TW-52953 - Extensive "Branch selector rendering" logging in JS console
  • TW-52887 - Agent name is not duly escaped on some pages which causes not working links in IE
  • TW-52854 - Wrong alignment of changes on overview page in FF
  • TW-52949 - "Syntax error" JS on agent page in IE browser
  • TW-52757 - Strange behavior of branch selector when project Statistics tab is open from project tabs menu
  • TW-52847 - XML report plugin NUnit report parser should report dll name as a suite name instead of full path to dll
  • TW-52743 - Dependency "last pinned build, on branch abc" looks in <default> branch if no matching pinned build found in the specified branch
  • TW-52769 - No indication of "loading" in projects popup
  • TW-52838 - Move back investigation link to build type and build overview page
  • TW-52836 - Show canceled and failed to start builds not working
  • TW-52932 - "BS is undefined" JS error on Overview page in IE 11
  • TW-48790 - Snapshot dependency can become invalid if it referenced some build configuration which later changed it's UUID
  • TW-52311 - Style Docker Info build tab content
  • TW-52764 - Investigation of composite build configuration fails to resolve automatically
  • TW-36309 - unchecked checkbox value cannot be empty
  • TW-52796 - It is not possible to set default template to the root project
  • TW-52916 - TeamCity UI cannot handle '
    Unknown macro: {' or '}
    ' in plugin runner types
  • TW-47704 - Agent-side checkout via ssh fails due to unsupported key exchange algorithm
  • TW-52775 - Outdated information about Implications of storing settings in VCS
  • TW-52825 - Manually Installed Maven versions cannot execute goal archetype:create-from-project
  • TW-52872 - Username is passed to the build log when build is started during background persist operation
  • TW-51249 - Wrong encoding in generated DSL for non-ascii symbols
  • TW-52868 - Build doesn't fail on custom metric change
  • TW-52703 - VSTS Commit Status Publisher generates invalid URLs
  • TW-52843 - Response 400 is received for getSystemProblems request on overview page when overview page has a large number of projects
  • TW-52803 - JavaScript Error: "Cannot read property 'top' of undefined"
  • TW-52794 - AccessDeniedException in groupUsersPopup.html
  • TW-52816 - JSP error in /admin/editProject.html page
  • TW-52737 - TFS URL support should not clean DefaultCollection in URLs
  • TW-51802 - NPE in
  • TW-52776 - Maven properties from parent project are not resolved in DSL's pom.xml
  • TW-52673 - Local Cloud Plugin does not contain teamcity-plugin.xml
  • TW-52698 - SVN native client 1.9 uses working copy format 1.8, but TeamCity native support awaits for 1.9 format
  • TW-52536 - Outdated Kotlin is used in configs DSL
  • TW-52685 - TFS in cross-platform Java mode reports "TFS subsystem was destroyed"
  • TW-35915 - "Server is unavailable since..." modal message doesn't disappear after server restart (401 status returned): Hub plugin case
  • TW-52551 - Unnecessary src jars in Docker plugin
  • TW-52709 - Exception on the agent on attempt to cleanup perforce workspaces
  • TW-52679 - Error is shown in UI and exception in log if a plugin throws a ToolException in ServerToolProvider.unpackToolPackage
  • TW-52608 - Redundant dependencies in Kotlin DSL pom.xml
  • TW-52611 - To simplify Kotlin DSL pom.xml management
  • TW-41251 - WebSocket connection does not resume after VPN connection to TC was lost
  • TW-44249 - Not all tabs are refreshed automatically after closing a laptop overnight
  • TW-52650 - Setting looks like the option is disabled, while it is not: "Immediately stop the build if it fails due to the condition" in "Fail build on metric change"
  • TW-52193 - Docker Compose: make error more user friendly and hide the stacktrace from the build log.

Performance Problem

  • TW-53006 - Slow publishing of large build artifact can cause several new artifacts publishing requests for the same build
  • TW-52837 - TFVC: after upgrade versioned settings committed slowly
  • TW-52711 - In case of a build chain with large number of VCS roots where only one or two VCS roots have changes checking for changes can take a lot of time due to sequential getCurrentState operation
  • TW-52091 - TFS in Java working mode prevents TeamCity server restart
  • TW-52739 - UI threads can be blocked by repository state persisting

Security Problem

  • TW-52655 - Credentials to publish to internal NuGet feed are not secure enough
  • TW-52731 - TeamCity cleanup can wipe out data directory if path contains "\" on *nix platforms
  • TW-52455 - It is possible to obtains updates of the inaccessible running builds


  • TW-52920 - Improve the UI for pinning/tagging snapshot dependencies
  • TW-52912 - Add border for progress in title of Snapshot dependencies on build overview page
  • TW-52897 - Fix arrow icon alignment on main page
  • TW-52955 - Improve Agent reboot timeout text
  • TW-50593 - Add ability to collapse events log on Docker info build tab
  • TW-52770 - Icon for parameters list can be displayed in the middle of the text area
  • TW-52708 - Troubleshooting tab in Administration -> Diagnostics has a redundant border
  • TW-52768 - Improve text for the link to a meta-runner definition
  • TW-52742 - Template icon is misaligned
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