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More details in our blog.
  • C++ support
    • (star) Continue with the overhaul in the major areas
    • (star) Extend support for C++17
    • (star) Fix bugs and regressions
  • Performance
    • (star) Reduce IDE freezes
  • Project model
    • (green star) Decouple CMake from CLion; start preparing a project model API
  • Editor
    • (green star) Code fold of control flow statements (if/else, do/while, for, switch)
  • Remote development
    • (green star) WSL support
    • (green star) Remote debug via SSH (w/o gdbserver)
  • Debugger
    • (star) Hex view
    • Memory view
  • Tools
    • Support for Google Sanitizers
    • Clang-Tidy
      • (green star) Tuning default profile (set of enabled checks)
      • (green star) Support for options and configuration files
    • Support for CTest (likely will be ready for 2018.2)
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