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  • Calcutta EAP (build 7888) Release Notes
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Build Sequence Improvements

Propagating build failure status through dependencies

Now a build that depends on a failed build will always fail with appropriate text in the build status.

Run build if one of its dependencies failed

An option to run the build or just skip it if any of its dependencies has failed has been added.

For example, you may have two different build configurations, in particular, the first one is intended for compiling your code, the second - for running tests of the first build results'. If the compilation has failed, you will most likely want to skip running tests and save the time. Alternatively, if a build performs some post-build action such as publishing build results on some resource, it should be run after both failed and successful builds.

Configurable build reuse policy

Now you can configure whether to use the already finished/running builds as a source of the build dependencies, or trigger a new build each time a build with dependencies is triggered. The build can be reused in dependencies only if it is suitable for replacement (i.e. it used the necessary revisions and had no custom parameters set).

There is also an option to limit builds reusing only to successful builds.

In the Run Custom Build dialog you can now opt to trigger a build enforcing rebuild of all its dependencies.

Option to preserve artifacts of dependency builds from cleanup

We have also added an option in cleanup rules to turn off preserving artifacts of dependency builds from cleanup. Now for each build configuration you can configure whether you want to preserve or not the artifacts of the builds that this configuration depends on. If the option is turned off, the artifacts will be cleaned up according to the artifacts cleanup policy of the build configuration, however, the builds that are used in other builds will not be cleaned up from history.


After publishing the build we discovered that under certain configuration settings the option to preserve the artifacts is always considered to be false no matter what is set and shown in the web UI. If it is important for you to preserve the artifacts, please refrain from installing this EAP build. The issue has been fixed and correct logic will be available in the next EAP build.

History builds with source dependencies

It is now possible to trigger a history build for builds with source dependencies.

Ability to stop multiple builds from the same dependency graph

When stopping a build or removing a build from the queue, a dialog with a list of all builds of the same dependency graph (as the one being stopped) opens. You can then select the builds that you want to stop.

Artifact dependencies

Patterns of artifacts now support Ant-like wildcards.

  • If you relied on "*" pattern to match directory names, you will need to adjust your pattern to use "**/*" instead of single "*".
  • If you relied on the "*" pattern to download only the files without extension, please update your pattern to use "*." for that.

In artifact dependencies you can now specify individual files from zip-archived artifact in the dependency rules. The complete archive will be downloaded to the agent, but only the specified files will be put into the destination directory.

Eclipse plugin

Now you can select remote run comment from the history of previously entered comments.
Also, a notification on the personal build failure is now displayed.

Version Control Integration Improvements


  • can now label the build's sources even if custom client mapping is specified in the VCS configuration.
  • excludes in custom client mapping are now supported.


  • Subversion 1.5 externals format is now supported.


  • bugfixing and speedup

VCS trigger:

  • now quiet period is more fair, i.e. if there were no changes within the specified quiet period a build is added to the queue for the last detected change and when the build is started no changes collecting is performed.

Open-source plugins

We have opened sources of ClearCase VCS integration and Eclipse TeamCity plugin. We use the repository as our primary storage for the plugins sources and all our current work is done in the repository. The sources correspond to our current state of the sources (that we release as EAP builds).

If you feel like investigating the sources and can propose a patch, go ahead! Let us know what you think in the TeamCity plugins forum.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to add a comment to a build.
  • Ability to trigger a build on all compatible agents: see the last option of the Agent drop-down list of the Run Custom Build dialog.
  • Search by build and pin comments, change set and file revisions is now turned on by default.
  • Project copying improvements: now the project-related notifications for all users are also copied.
  • Duration sub-total is shown for filtered tests on the Tests tab.
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