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No subsystemBugRUBY-18828Duplicated argument name
IDEUsabilityRUBY-20332Enable module auto-creation on explicit user request
ExceptionRUBY-20249Closing Ruby project with modules may throw exception
InspectionsBugRUBY-20286RuboCop Error
BugRUBY-18816Ruby require keyword arg inspection
UsabilityRUBY-20400Add RuboCop: prefix to annotation texts from RuboCop
RefactoringsBugRUBY-18477Rename refactoring for class doesn't rename corresponding Rspec file
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-20371wrong indent in blocks when typing (with indent relative to expression start)
BugRUBY-20198wrong indent inside "private def method_name" when typing (indent relative to expression start is on)
BugRUBY-20390Too much indentation in RSpec with setting 'Use indents relative to expression start'
RubyGemsBugRUBY-20215Install Bundler is shown for plain ruby app even Bundler is installed
No subsystemBugIDEA-181581SSH logs are incomplete
DockerFeatureIDEA-167859Allow using files with environment variables to run Docker container
BugIDEA-181697Docker run config - Support `--network-alias` option
UsabilityIDEA-177938Docker: Enable Docker item in View | Tool Windows menu
ExceptionIDEA-181090NumberFormatExcetion for duplicate default option
IndicesExceptionIDEA-181620Sorry but parent: Application is being disposed so the child: {} will never be disposed
Java. InspectionsBugIDEA-181729Java Instance Method naming convention adds a warning for whole JSP files
JavaScriptBugIDEA-181156Order of sourceFilesUrls elements in JavaScript library configuration file randomly changes
Plugin ManagementTaskIDEA-171552Allow using methods with Kotlin interfaces in signatures from plugins with their own version of kotlin-runtime library
RefactoringBugIDEA-180637GUI problem on refactoring module on pressing forward button
User InterfaceBugIDEA-174258Painting progress bars eats CPU
BugIDEA-181171Test progress should green/red according to the result of the tests
DebuggerBugWEB-28311Meteor: debug doesn't work with meteor 1.6
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-28791React autocomplete doesn't work with Flow generic React.Component<Props, State>
BugWEB-19755ES6 implementation of JSDoc defined interface
BugWEB-29512JavaScript/TypeScript: File Structure doesn't show Inherited members
TaskWEB-29497JavaScript: rework "show expression type" UI
LintersBugWEB-29372Standard formatting only honors package.json at project root
TypeScriptBugWEB-29282typescript 2.6 support
BugWEB-29405Wrong typescript error when comparing imported enums
BugWEB-29568Optionality from the key-providing type is not respected in mapped types
BugWEB-29393False positive incompatible types
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-26153Unable to specify Node interpreter options for Jest run configurations
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-5379Doesn't show index sort order in table list view, always shows as ASC in Modify Table
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