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No subsystemBug CPP-15708 [Android Studio Freeze] FileSymbolTablesCache trying to invalidate all files recursively
Bug CPP-16313 Exception occurs when compilation database project is opened not for the first time.
Bug CPP-16044 clangd doesn't parse cpp files if response files are used to pass arguments to the compiler in MSVC environment
Bug CPP-15707 [Android Studio Freeze] OCSourceGliderComponent taking too long to initialize
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBug CPP-16259 IllegalStateException: Failed to restart clangd server
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-211677 Deadlock/freeze on quitting IntelliJ IDEA
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-211580 AvailableSince annotations stopped being included after Kotlin dependency on IntelliJ changed from to
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-212079 QuickDocumentation is unable to load SVG from the jar file
Core. Run | Debug. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-208525 Changes to my Environment Variables in Configurations aren't saving
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-210783 Couldn't select items in 'Diff Between' window (Deployment/Remote Host Access) with UP/DOWN arrow keyboard keys
User InterfaceBug IDEA-211968 Recent projects menu/list contains paths with non-native slashes instead of project names
Bug IDEA-211955 "Open Recent" shows full path for consequently opened projects
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-196030 Find in Path | Open in Find Window does not work for current file scope with a scratch file
Bug IDEA-176926 All Places scope does not include scratch files and consoles
Bug IDEA-204277 Pinned "Find in Path" dialog is not closed when opening a project in the same window
User Interface. NavigationUsability IDEA-208718 Implement the ability to move right/left on Navigation bar using additional shortcuts
Usability IDEA-207554 Cmd+E/Ctrl+E doesn't work for iterating recent files after Recent/Recent edited files union
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-204446 Structure sidebar flashing content with frontend (html related) files
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-210358 Incoming/outgoing commits are checked on project opening before any manual git remote operation is done
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-211128 Git Log: commit selected in search results is scrolled away and hidden from view after search is cancelled
Bug IDEA-211583 Git file history doesn't follow rename if it was made in a merge commit
Web. Flash and FlexBug IDEA-207927 Error when generating configuration for maven project using flexmojos and flex modules
ConsoleBug PY-33216 Pycharm freezes when viewing array
DebuggerBug PY-35010 Debugger doesn't attach to Flask reloader when the file is executable
Interpreters SettingsBug PY-35141 PyCharm doesn't activate the conda if Anaconda/Miniconda is installed in a non-default location and no other conda available in the system
Bug PY-35914 Can't install packages with conda interpreter when non-default installation path was used for Anaconda
Test RunnerBug PY-35062 Tox output broken for 3.8.3
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-8275 Snowflake won’t load schemas even if other connections do
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-7993 PLPGSQL missing line break before INTO clause of SELECT commands
Bug DBE-8223 DataGrip Quote Identifier incorrectly enclosed variables and parameters for SQL Server. This is not correct syntax
Cosmetics DBE-8355 Different panel height for Generic SQL and Derby settings
Cosmetics DBE-8356 Extra separator between scheme chooser and option tabs in MS Windows
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