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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin Nightly builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.

Or if you cannot do it from plugin settings add "" to custom repositories in Settings -> Plugins -> Browse custom repositories

Build 2017.3.377

Download Scala plugin for IDEA

12 Fixed issues
12 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12774 Ammonite runner searches resources by a wrong path
  • SCL-12765 Many Ammonite imports in Scala script project are incorrectly highlighted as unused
  • SCL-12772 The Editor cannot resolve $file.<some_folder>.<some_class> imports
  • SCL-12714 Good code is red, abstract type alias in object
  • SCL-12646 "SBT Artifact Search" window should be more compact
  • SCL-12767 Make setting "Treat .sc files as: Auto" more descriptive
  • SCL-12729 IDEA suggests to add SBT deps in not-SBT project
  • SCL-12775 Ammonite run config. doesn't save deleted param.
  • SCL-12647 No place to add dependency after SBT Artifact choise
  • SCL-12781 move scala compile server settings closer to scala compiler settings
  • SCL-12776 IDEA cannot resolve ammonite annotations without imports
  • SCL-12768 Rename "Run Ammonite" Run config. to "Ammonite" Run config

Build 2017.3.357

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