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  • Indore 2017.2 EAP3 (build 49972) Release Notes

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Once you switch the project to new API and check in the changes, TeamCity will detect and apply them and after that web UI editing will be enabled.

Notes on patches

When settings are edited in the UI, TeamCity generates a patch script in a dedicated package ‘<project external id>.patches.(buildTypes|templates|vcsRoots|projects)’, script name is <uuid of the entity>.kts. The patch script is executed after regular dsl scripts and applies the UI changes to the generated settings if the settings are in the expected state. For example, if you change the build configuration name, then the patch scripts checks that the name produced by the regular script isn’t changed and then updates the name. Once the patch script is committed to the settings repository, you can apply its changes to your settings. After that, the patch script should be removed.