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Indore 2017.2
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If you’re running the previous TeamCity EAP, you can wait till your server detects that new version is available and check the Administration | Update page after that. To start upgrading to the new EAP build click the download link. 


Note that TeamCity does not enable editing of the project right after the switch to Kotlin format. TeamCity needs to detect its own commit in the repository, and only after that editing will be enabled. Usually it takes a minute or two.


Switching to editable administration UI


for existing Kotlin DSL projects

If you already have a project in Kotlin, then for web UI editing to be enabled for your project, the project should start using v2017_2 API of the Kotlin DSL. For this, your .kt files should be switched to packages from v2017_2 version. To compile this project, you also need to update your pom.xml with the following:


When settings are edited in the UI, TeamCity generates a patch script in a dedicated package ‘<project external id>.patches.(buildTypes|templates|vcsRoots|projects)’, script name is <uuid of the entity>.kts. The patch script is executed after regular dsl scripts and applies the UI changes to the generated settings if the settings are in the expected state. For example, if you change the build configuration name, then the patch scripts checks that the name produced by the regular script isn’t changed and then updates the name. Once the patch script is committed to the settings repository, you can apply its changes to your settings. After that, the patch script should be removed.

Code Block
titleExample of a patch changing name of a build configuration
This patch script was generated by TeamCity on settings change in UI.
To apply it, change the buildType with uuid '5dc8e147-11dc-4cb6-83aa-cfdb2595797d'
accordingly and delete the patch script.
changeBuildType("5dc8e147-11dc-4cb6-83aa-cfdb2595797d") {
    check(name == "Old Name") {
        "Unexpected name: '$name'"
    name = "New Name"


Some of the UI actions will still be disabled for projects in Kotlin:


Docker Support Improvements

  • TeamCity docker integration now supports docker on Windows. For instance, it is now possible to use Docker Wrapper on windows agents if docker is installed there.
  • Now TeamCity reports the Docker server host operating system via the docker.server.version and docker.server.osType configuration parameters on all platforms including Windows.
  • You can now opt to perform the "docker pull" command before starting a build step with the Docker Wrapper.