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Build 2017.2.6

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47 Fixed issues
47 Fixed issues
  • SCL-7237 Common build code not recognized in SBT child projects
  • SCL-11320 Good code red when type constructor unification needed
  • SCL-12104 Scalameta macro annotation expansion failed if annotation contains type parameter
  • SCL-11143 SBT highlighting: Wrong forward reference
  • SCL-12273 deadlock with calcFakeCompanionModule and desugaredElement
  • SCL-10660 Mark sbt generated sources directories as "generated sources root"
  • SCL-12245 Error when creating new SBT Dotty project
  • SCL-12387 Unresolved code shows Internal IDE Error
  • SCL-10417 Poor performance on Java project which uses Scala libraries (Akka)
  • SCL-10668 Internal IDE error in case of Worksheet is opened (even as non-active tab) during long period of time ( >15h)
  • SCL-12292 after update 2017.2 error (/:dumpStructure) Illegal character in path at index 20
  • SCL-7997 Editor underscores class member in backticks
  • SCL-12222 Project View: show file extension for .sbt files
  • SCL-12224 SBT project is not initialized after git clone
  • SCL-12110 A more generic approach for processing macro-transformed code
  • SCL-12280 Mistakenly unused import with implicits
  • SCL-12026 Add inspection that warns for suspicious implicit creation
  • SCL-11861 Gradle import is (supposedly) broken in new IDEA
  • SCL-11862 Support Maven projects without scala-library dependency
  • SCL-11848 sbt tasks tree lost on reopening project
  • SCL-12064 Implicit declaration type inspection
  • SCL-12218 Empty intention description
  • SCL-12000 build status shows "queued sbt build ..." when building through sbt shell
  • SCL-12242 use StringBuilder instead of PrintWriter in scala decompiler
  • SCL-12111 Type annotation inspection bug
  • SCL-12199 SOE in lub
  • SCL-12195 SOE in ScalaPsiTypeBridge
  • SCL-12221 toString of our psi and scType throws exceptions if not in read action or is cancelled
  • SCL-12059 Cannot see Twirl template decorator in sidebar:
  • SCL-12328 adjust types replaces type with a deprecated type alias
  • SCL-12131 OSX Scala Compile Server - Cannot choose JVM SDK when setting external compile server for scala
  • SCL-11618 Fine-grained settings for the type annotation inspection
  • SCL-12323 Projects with nonstandard build file setup not recognized as sbt projects
  • SCL-11985 Clicking on expand-macro button deletes the whole file
  • SCL-12241 don't parse classfile just to check if it has "ScalaSig" attribute
  • SCL-12011 Scala compiler settings: parse compound -Xplugin option
  • SCL-12264 getResolveScope throws assertion on invalid psi elements
  • SCL-12247 Provide undo icon for expanded elements
  • SCL-12269 parse classfiles in more efficient way
  • SCL-12268 reimplement parsing of scalaSig attribute
  • SCL-11796 show type names in ComparingUnrelatedTypesInspection hint
  • SCL-11773 Wrong "Argument duplicates corresponding parameter default value" msg
  • SCL-12236 Exception and wrong default state of "Specify type" option in Refactoring -> Extract variable
  • SCL-11831 Too long Breadcrumb for constructor definition
  • SCL-12331 failing slow tests: SettingQueryHandlerTest
  • SCL-12332 implicit parameter of type Ordering[SetString] is not found
  • SCL-12232 Excess import after adding a type annotation

Build 2017.2.5

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