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  • GET: retrieves the requested data. e.g. usually .../app/rest/entities retrieves a list of entities, .../app/rest/entities/<entity locator> retrieves a single entity
  • POST: creates the entity in the request adding it to the existing collection. When posting XML, be sure to specify the "Content-Type: application/xml" HTTP header. e.g. to create a new entity, one regularly needs to post  a single entity data to the .../app/rest/entities URL
  • PUT: based on the existence of the entity, creates or updates the entity in the request. e.g. supported for some entities, for URLS like .../app/rest/entities/<entity locator>
  • DELETE: removes the requested data e.g. for the .../app/rest/entities/<entity locator> URL

Response Formats

The TeamCity REST APIs returns HTTP responses in the following formats according to the HTTP "Accept" header: