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No subsystemBugOC-15736Ignore maximum file size limit for library headers
Code: CompletionBugOC-14554Tab completion should correctly replace function signature - same as in Objective-C
UsabilityOC-15961Swift: don't complete internal swift classes
Code: GenerationBugOC-15891Implement subscript with omitted argument name generates broken code
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugOC-12764There is no definition for __IPHONE_OS_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED although it is included to the 
Code: ParsingBugOC-15869Swift 4: Parse where clauses to constrain associated types
BugOC-15907Swift: Parse attributes in type elements
Code: RefactoringBugOC-14918Introduce Function (Swift) refactoring incorrectly qualifying types
Code: ResolvingBugOC-15318Generic arrays of protocols are incorrectly translated into Swift
BugOC-15868Swift: support custom file configurations
BugOC-13405Swift 2.2: resolve for functions named with argument labels
BugOC-15917Resolve members of generic's super types set in requirement clause
BugOC-15938Swift method overloading: prefer candidate with fewer implicit literal conversions
BugOC-13403 Wrong resolve when class name equals to Module name
PerformanceOC-15905Terrible performance of macro conversion
TaskOC-15355Swift: Support module groups
Swift SupportFeatureOC-15658Swift 4: Smart KeyPaths (SE-0161)
FeatureOC-15403Swift 4: Class and Subtype existentials (SE-0156)
BugOC-15978Swift: remove "unsupported" error messages when using Swift 4 features in Swift 3.2 with Xcode 9
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-9146False error "Adress expression must be lvalue" when taking address of a compound literal
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-145517extend selection improvement
FeatureIDEA-176965Enabling Paste Simple from "Paste from History"
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-123295Replace In Path stats are incorrect after replacement
UsabilityIDEA-123297Replace In Path tree collapses after replacing occurrences
User InterfaceBugIDEA-175106pinch to zoom doesn't work on 2017.2 EAP
Version ControlBugIDEA-175916SubVersion File status not updated after external commit.
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-176723SVN View swallows Projects
BugIDEA-170912SQLite issues in SVN Integration plugin (Cannot save settings, No data in Local changes and Repo tab)
BugIDEA-176854IDEA creates wrong path to SVN
BugIDEA-61139Svn integrate file trips over URL with spaces (introduces %25%20)
BugIDEA-83768Subversion: undo of case-only rename on Windows deletes local file, possibly losing uncommitted changes
BugIDEA-150239Commit on subversion after rename results in error
BugIDEA-161117Version Control "Repository" and "Incoming" tabs mask user, timestamp if too wide
BugIDEA-172523Select branch pop-up does not work in Update project
ExceptionIDEA-143641IAE at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.convertLineSeparators
ExceptionIDEA-136700AE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.actions.RelocateAction.perform
ExceptionIDEA-159659Show merge sources - Argument must not be null