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IDEA and Visual Studio plugins now have ability to trigger pre-tested commit that will be committed if the builds do not have any new failed tests. This option can help if some tests in the build are failing but you still need to use the delayed commit feature. Please note that for this feature to work properly the build should continue and run all the tests even if some have failed. Support in the Eclipse plugin is under way.

Other Improvements

  • Service messages now support reporting test duration, each messages can have timestamp and flowId, requirements to start and end service message with a newline has been removed. For the details, please refer to the updated documentation section.
  • Changes popup now sorts changes by time (not by user) for History builds
  • More properties are now supported in the VCS labeling pattern. Build number now supports limited set of property references via "%system.<property_name>%" syntax.
  • "Run personal build on agent" feature for Eclipse plugin
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  • "Open Remote Desktop" action for Windows agents. The feature was already present in the previous EAP release, but now we made it a fully-fledged plugin, so other plugins can be written to extend agent details page.
  • Important messages of the build log now try to show all the errors even if there are many warnings before them
  • Tests suites are now handled more accurately: they are displayed in web UI and the same test in different suites is treated as different tests. Please note that if you have a suite name set, the full test name will change and this will cause TeamCity to treat the test as a new one (not related to the test in builds built with earlier TeamCity versions). Thus, test history can start from scratch for these tests.
  • Ability to assign personal build to a specific agent from Eclipse and Visual Studio plugins
  • New types of agent requirement added to allow versions comparison. It can handle various formats of product versions like 1.6.0_02-b06 and others. Actually, try to provide an example of a version format it cannot handle (this should be a a pretty hard task ;)