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  • TeamCity 2017.1.3 (build 46961) Release Notes

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  • TW-41383 - Restore in Oracle can still be slow because of a few tables using long character columns
  • TW-50387 - Memory leak in flaky test detector in case of many restarting cloud agents
  • TW-50539 - Hierarchy of projects in admin area is shown too slow
  • TW-39118 - Log reason for starting full builds reindexing
  • TW-49200 - High CPU and memory usage on persisting a large project/template (eg Root project) when there is many (20k) build configurations
  • TW-49881 - Slow copying of a project (possible reason: deadlock on copying data of muted tests)
  • TW-49947 - Slow REST builds request: seconds to get several builds
  • TW-49977 - Database pool exhausted on the server start: "Create build statistics" locks on "Loading all test names from database"
  • TW-49983 - Slow unmuting of tests: many exactly the same queries to the database to retrieve current mutes
  • TW-49984 - Slow unmuting of problems: slow deletion from mute_test_in_bt and mute_test_in_proj tables
  • TW-50224 - Allow to specify a custom command parameters for "p4 clean"
  • TW-50251 - Asynchronous triggers use normal executor and can delay builds startup
  • TW-50272 - Excessive memory usage in Gradle task execution listener
  • TW-50530 - [MAJOR ISSUE Server ] Server has high CPU and high memory usage
  • TW-50630 - Storing of the items in build queue can take significant time if order of the queue changes
  • TW-50662 - Administration -> Users page takes a lot of time to load due to huge amount of JavaScript