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Build 2017.2.3

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13 Fixed issues
13 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12016 we shouldn't import classes and objects if they are aliased in `scala` or `scala.Predef`
  • SCL-12062 Terrible build performance with Scala plugin
  • SCL-12005 MatchError in addImportForClass
  • SCL-12094 Method signature refactoring is broken
  • SCL-11986 Factory method generated without parameterised types in constructor call
  • SCL-12009 reload in sbt shell after starting a shell in another project breaks reload
  • SCL-12007 Overrides search from java shows inconsistent results
  • SCL-12101 Freeze while editing Scala (thread dumps attached)
  • SCL-11780 Found usage misclassified as a thrown exception
  • SCL-11955 sbt 1.0 import
  • SCL-11822 Internal IDE Error when run simplify_factory_method inspection over the Akka project
  • SCL-7793 add auto complete for duration and where code need executioncontext
  • SCL-11131 Search for Instance Creation (i.e constructor calls)

Build 2017.1.19

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