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Build 2017.1.19

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73 Fixed issues
73 Fixed issues
  • SCL-11971 Unexpected refresh of a dialog after JDK8-message
  • SCL-11417 When copying Scala code from one scala class to another, Scala plugin offers to convert from Java code
  • SCL-11458 Enum + Method convertation generates incorrect code
  • SCL-11450 Handle Lambda expression on Worksheet output
  • SCL-11453 SBT messages are separated by empty line
  • SCL-11471 REPL Worksheet From time to time I get Internal IDE Error about Read access for Logger
  • SCL-11683 NPE in parsing worksheet arguments
  • SCL-11309 SBT Shell add History commands support
  • SCL-11262 Incorrect type
  • SCL-9119 Good code red: apply call type is not inferred
  • SCL-11314 Support catching multiple exceptions in converter
  • SCL-11402 scala.meta macro expansion fails when pattern matching on annotation type parameter
  • SCL-11361 Text-> Java converter Imports addition can't correctly handle Java Collections
  • SCL-10276 Highlight expected parameters during Akka actor creation actorOf(classOfExample, name, age)
  • SCL-10277 Suggesting Akka props() pattern via completion
  • SCL-10589 'Convert to Scala' should generate 'Unit' methods taking into account Scala settings
  • SCL-11909 Exception in REPL Worksheet after it's execution in 2017.2 plugin
  • SCL-11467 REPL Worksheet trash code on output after "print"
  • SCL-11445 Don't allow remove braces in try statements with multiple statements
  • SCL-9432 Good code highlighted in red: type inference fails
  • SCL-11442 Switch-case convert. makes bad formatting
  • SCL-11321 Handle empty switch statement
  • SCL-11712 Improve Package Object presentation in Project View
  • SCL-11986 Factory method generated without parameterised types in constructor call
  • SCL-11393 Java to Scala conversion doesn't apply annotation settings
  • SCL-11259 Show parameter tool-tips (Ctrl-P) does not work in complex / multi-line situations
  • SCL-4717 incorrect highlight of valid syntax
  • SCL-11523 Debug. Fields named "sp" are shown in variables
  • SCL-11291 Play project does not compile from IDEA
  • SCL-11401 scala.meta macro expansion fails when pattern matching on annotation constructor with Symbol*
  • SCL-11468 REPL Worksheet exception in output if execute code in REPL after regular mode
  • SCL-11469 REPL Worksheet Output panel disappears after click on garbage_button
  • SCL-11691 sbt shell: pick up .sbtopts in launch parameters
  • SCL-11441 Switch-case convert. forgets to add curly-braces to block
  • SCL-11370 When paste Java code to Scala class, converter deletes empty lines before place of paste
  • SCL-7010 Good code is red: Method is more specific than object
  • SCL-11444 Try-catch-finally convert. forgets to add curly-braces to Try block
  • SCL-11796 show type names in ComparingUnrelatedTypesInspection hint
  • SCL-1164 Add ability to infer generic parameters types for method and infix calls.
  • SCL-11313 Wrong super.equals(error) conversion
  • SCL-9942 Wrong error highlighting because of object rename
  • SCL-11475 REPL Worksheet Compilation error at second execution of a same code (pattern matching)
  • SCL-11882 IntelliJ Idea startup time is much slower with scala plugin
  • SCL-11599 SBT Shell `Start SBT Shell` action does nothing
  • SCL-11420 Code completion gives preference to Scala types when writing Java
  • SCL-11499 REPL Worksheet Additional output in second run of the same code
  • SCL-11911 Don't show low-ranked sbt keys in project view
  • SCL-8267 Highlighted errors when there is no error
  • SCL-11865 fix tests for IDEA 172 branch
  • SCL-11494 REPL Worksheet blue arrow points to comment before final expression
  • SCL-594 java.lang.ClassCastException: com.intellij.testFramework.LightVirtualFile cannot be cast to com.intellij.openapi.vfs.VirtualFileWithId
  • SCL-11702 parallel or independent running of build commands in shell
  • SCL-11577 Modify code style ... dialog in "Type ann. req." inspection appears for each warning
  • SCL-11451 Java class with static elements is converted to Scala object
  • SCL-11449 Worksheet fail if it runs in Interactive mode with REPL
  • SCL-10112 3.0.1 plugin contains Play 2.4.2 version
  • SCL-11900 Exception in ServiceManager when IDEA 2017.2 stay some time in background
  • SCL-11720 REPL Worksheet wrong number for "res" after "print" statement
  • SCL-11500 Inspection: private final val marked "redundant" for final classes and objects
  • SCL-11643 While in Scala editor the breadcrumbs ignore background color settings
  • SCL-11992 Exception during introduce variable on IDEA 172
  • SCL-11515 SBT import/refresh doesn't end on error, no information about error
  • SCL-11905 IllegalArgumentException when run println in Worksheet in 2017.2 Scala plugin
  • SCL-11529 NPE in project import
  • SCL-11012 Add one more find usages category for Akka case classes in send/ask positions
  • IDEA-169008 Gradle: unnesessary module is configured on creating a new project; Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.module.impl.ModuleManagerImpl.loadModules
  • SCL-9858 Good code red: Incorrect type checking of result of a recursive method with path-dependent types
  • SCL-11405 IDE creates scala type file in case of Java code copy-paste
  • SCL-10961 FlatSpecFinder is throwing an exception
  • SCL-11822 Internal IDE Error when run simplify_factory_method inspection over the Akka project
  • SCL-11901 Cannot import any SBT project with IDEA 2017.2
  • SCL-10804 Add an option to edit the default template for a scala test file
  • SCL-11268 Artifact index issues

Build 2017.2.2

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