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Find, Replace, Find UsagesUsabilityIDEA-157440No space between line number and code when exporting found occurences to text file
User InterfaceBugIDEA-172066Toolwindow activates in another project
BugIDEA-172136Search text area has an improper height
DebuggerBugPY-24537Debug console isn't working with IPython 6.1.0
BugPY-24026Debugger skips breakpoint added to the current frame while running
BugPY-23680Error when debugging PyQt application
BugPY-21215"ImportError: No module named stackless" leftover in sys.exc_info()
BugPY-23906Jython remote debugging fails with attribute error
InspectionsBugPY-22808Wrongly suggested returning list of list with unknown type index
BugPY-22763False positive in type checking for typed chained comparison methods
BugPY-22919max() function transmits argument type to return type
BugPY-23634min() from comprehension with unknown items type return list
Test RunnerBugPY-23820unittest generates a bunch of empty lines with no reason
BugPY-23821nose generates a bunch of empty lines with no reason