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  • TeamCity 2017.1.2 (build 46812) Release Notes

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  • TW-49958 - Slow background calculation of "Similar VCS root usages" server health item
  • TW-49974 - Limit the number of processed equivalent build promotions
  • TW-50045 - Disk usage can greatly slow down cleanup: waits on lock in DiskUsageSListener.buildFilesCleaned
  • TW-50114 - DiskUsage internal WeakHashMap occupies too much memory and retains SecuredBuildType instances

Security Problem

  • TW-50043 - Repository configuration poisoning via filter bypass
  • TW-50060 - Add clickjacking protection for TeamCity administration pages (/admin/)
  • TW-50065 - Qalys PCI scanner finds two vulnerabilities (XSS on change details page)