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When there is not enough disk space on the agent at the beginning of the build, the docker system prune -a command will be run cleaning the local Docker Caches. The command is run only as the last resort if all other cleaners did not manage to free enough space. Docker Disk Space Cleaner is an extension to the Free Disk Space build feature ensuring a certain amount of disk space for a build.



Service Message to Report Pushed Image

If TeamCity (for any reason) cannot determine that image was pushed, user can send a special Service Message to report this information to TeamCity server:


##teamcity[dockerMessage type='dockerImage.push' value='<full_image_tag>,size:<size in bytes>,digest:<hash>']

for example:

##teamcity[dockerMessage type='dockerImage.push' value='myRegistry/repo-test:17,size:2632,digest:sha256:8dc5a195c3dcdc7c288d16288ff3f9ab1d8a5a230e09afb9c8dc9215e861aa55']