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  • Indore 2017.1 RC (build 46446) Release Notes

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Storing Secure Settings Outside Other Settings Files

In this version a new option was added to the Versioned Settings page to store passwords, API tokens, and other secure settings outside of VCS. This option is enabled by default if versioned settings are enabled for a project for the first time, and not enabled for projects already storing their settings in VCS.

If this option is enabled,TeamCity stores some random generated strings in xml configuration files instead of scrambled passwords.  Actual passwords are stored on the disk under TeamCity data directory and are not checked into the version control system.

Generating Tokens

For projects with this option on, it is also possible to generate token for some password via the "Generate Token for password" action available in the Project -> Actions menu. This action can be useful when project settings are generated via DSL (because the UI is disabled in this case) or if someone wants to change the password not via the user interface, but via a commit into VCS.

For now passwords are not inheritable by projects hierarchy. If a setting in a project - VCS root, OAuth connection, cloud profile - requires a password, the token generated for this password can be used in this project only. For instance, it is not possible to take a generated token and use it in a similar setting in a sub project. A new token should be generated in this case.

Proxy Server for Agent-to-Server Connections

If a TeamCity agent and the server are placed in different company networks or if an agent is in a high security network partition of the same network as the server,  it is now possible to configure a forward proxy server for agent-to-server connections.

Ability to Enable/Disable Cloud Integration

In the previous EAP versions the configuration of cloud profiles has been moved to the project level. In this version you can enable or disable integration for a project and/or its subprojects via the TeamCity web UI:

Improved User Profile and Group Pages

We continue improving the TeamCity UI, and now the My Settings and Tools page has a number of handy links on the left to allow for navigation. The general page of the user profile has been modified:


The group page has also been redesigned.

Other Improvements

  • Cross-platform PowerShell is now enabled by default for Linux and Mac OS.
  • The bundled Ant has been updated to 1.9.9
  • Full list of fixes

Disabled Features

We've seen several performance problems related to retrieving commit files names from the database; besides, searching builds by the modified files does not seem to be used much, so it is now turned off by default. If you need this feature, we'll be happy to get your feedback.