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2017.1 Release Notes

Distribution packagesBugWI-34511Associated file types invoke 32 bit version on Windows and produce error
BugWI-347722017.1 Installer: 64-bit desktop shortcut on Windows was created with invalid symbols (wrong charset?)
BugWI-34479Unable to launch 2017.1 on Windows x64 -- installer installed 64-bit bundled JDK, but offered to create shortcut for 32-bit launcher only
IntelliJ PlatformBugWI-34188New project... from Welcome screen might have noncontrollably wide list area
BugWI-34556IML file is changed when project is shared between PhpStorm and IDEA
PHP CompletionFeatureWI-15676Auto-import: Option to use full qualified namespace in PHPDoc type description
FeatureWI-34446Provide an options to prepend function/constant from root namespace with \ or import them explicitly
FeatureWI-26767Add ability to enable auto-import from the global namespace
FeatureWI-27425phpstorm always enters the function/constant FQN inline rather than adding "use function|const ..." in imports
FeatureWI-35048Insert FQN on completion inside Evaluate Expression and Watches panel
BugWI-34831Using two classes with same name and different namespaces inside one of namespace
BugWI-35246Class is not imported if there's a function with the same name
BugWI-35360iterable is inserted as usual class in namespaced code
BugWI-34913Completion of constants/functions from global namespace omit prefix in case when constant/function from the same namespace already exists
BugWI-26645Auto-suggest with constants used in constructor breaks after a random, short delay.
BugWI-26731PHPDoc autocompletion ignores "Use FQ class name" code style in cases where import can be avoided
BugWI-34584Autocomplete not efficient in array
BugWI-34902Auto Import: avoid import of magic constants from global namespace
BugWI-35052Auto-import of functions/constants doesn't handle conflicts inside a file
BugWI-32953Provide completion for self/static inside anonymous class
UsabilityWI-34914Import of constant/function may change meaning of code
UsabilityWI-35163Inappropriate live template is suggested for autocompletion
UsabilityWI-34559instanceof should not suggest a trait in autocomplete
UsabilityWI-34928Remove functions and constants that can't be imported from completion list
UsabilityWI-31361Allow HEREDOC/NOWDOC to be closed when reusing identifier *before* existing usages
ExceptionWI-35044Exception is thrown on attempt to complete namespaced class in Watch panel
PHP FormatterFeatureWI-10916Align assignment doesn't align shorthand operators
FeatureWI-34630Spaces inside declare statements should be configurable
FeatureWI-12579Codestyle, format writing of elseif statement
FeatureWI-17223Add a code style setting to specify the maximum and minimum blank lines above namespace
FeatureWI-30294Add code-style option without braces after constructor without parameters
FeatureWI-32227PSR-12 — instantinating a class must have parenthesis present
BugWI-34701Line indent for Complex Curly syntax ${some_var} does not work properly since 2016.3.2 (including EAP)
BugWI-12231Blank line rules disobeyed if comment exists outside block
BugWI-26786PHP Code Style : Other > Blank line before return statement doesn't work if there is a comment before
BugWI-30836Do not insert spaces inside declare statements to abide PSR-2
CosmeticsWI-23960Add power operator to description of "Multiplicative operators"
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-32142Unused import: constant aliases are not supported
FeatureWI-32140Unused import: namespace aliases are not supported
FeatureWI-4452New inspection: Detect PHP4 constructors and Convert to PHP 5.3 constructors
FeatureWI-34694Provide detailed message about unnecessary import instead of general not used one
FeatureWI-34804Add void as forbidden class name in PHP 7.1
BugWI-34399Add to use: works wrong if there is a reference in use statement
BugWI-35061False positive: Unnecessary fully qualified name when class is declared in another namespace
BugWI-33090PHPCS/PHPMD: create docker container with parameters defined for interpreter
BugWI-35031False positive: Cannot use 'CONSTANT' because name is already in use for constant's use
BugWI-34401Add to use: doesn't produces broken code in case there is return type
BugWI-34748Case sensitivity with Core classes leads to unused imports
BugWI-34363overidden class declaration inspector and comparison case sensitivity for constructor
BugWI-34910Conflict of import with declared function/constant is not detected
BugWI-34819False positive for float scalar hint inspection
BugWI-35283Usage of alias in PHPDoc as array is not detected
TaskWI-34894Merge "Language Level" and "PHP 7 Compatibility" inspections
ExceptionWI-34525'Add method' quick fix throws Exception
ExceptionWI-34524'Add field' quick fix throws exception
PHP RefactoringFeatureWI-21208Class Refactoring Rename only changes file name
FeatureWI-4274Rename: Rename class -> Rename inheritors: propose rename child classes files as well
BugWI-30768Autoimport can't reuse group use statements for functions and constants
BugWI-34526Add method: Cancel doesn't work
BugWI-35008Shouldn't new __construct inspector fix callers?
BugWI-34724Extract Interface: doesn't import method's return type
BugWI-33451Refactor extract method creates premature return statements
BugWI-19755Simplify FQN: for FQN class makes import undefined
BugWI-23666Rename refactoring of parameter breaks PHPDoc if Keep blank lines in PHPDoc is disabled and Blank lines around parameters is enabled
UsabilityWI-34899Rename file: don't show "Rename class" option if not applicable
ExceptionWI-20091Rename refactoring produces unexpected results damaging code
PHP debugFeatureWI-34407Simplify settings for PHP debug
FeatureWI-21385Import namespaces when evaluating an expression
FeatureWI-13996Provide "Copy Class Name" action
FeatureWI-33585User-defined constants: Provide an option to show/hide them ... or at least group them under dedicated/artificial node
FeatureWI-17975Jump to Classes from the Debugger Variables View
FeatureWI-35051Import namespaces when evaluating an expression in Debug Console
BugWI-32390Smart step into has problem with code has Namespace
BugWI-34403Problems with handling \0 characters in variable and property names
BugWI-34790Evaluate Expression reports a parse error in command when expanding an array
BugWI-34312PHPDebug: Cant step into function when first line is a conditional break point
BugWI-23299Expressions containing namespace separator cannot be evaluated in watchers (in safe mode)
BugWI-34998Xdebug: backslashes should be escaped in 'property_get' request
UsabilityWI-34825User-defined constants: don't add empty 'Constants' node
UsabilityWI-28559Debug console: Make it visually clear where is user input and where is output
UsabilityWI-34777Preserve expanded/collapsed state for 'Constants' between debug sessions
UsabilityWI-7465Allow choosing IP to be sent to Zend Debugger on machine with multiple IPs
TaskWI-26794DBGP debugger should cache "context_names" response.
PHP frameworksFeatureWI-24262'Go to declaration' with PHP class name string literals
PHP langFeatureWI-5731Provide a way to remove unused (not installed/enabled?) PHP extension stubs from completion and all other places.
FeatureWI-27451Support PHP 7 "Uniform Variable Syntax"
FeatureWI-34033Show parameter hint for method/functions calls right in the editor
FeatureWI-33985Metadata: Support new expression arguments for "type" and other expressions.
FeatureWI-34412Provide parameter hint for constructors
FeatureWI-32378Implement `iterable` pseudo type
FeatureWI-7192Control generated "Add method" and "Add field"
FeatureWI-29616Dataflow: should take into account __toString() magic method
FeatureWI-32064Highlight all places where an exception is thrown (for '@throws')
FeatureWI-32063Highlight all places where an exception is thrown (for 'try' and 'catch')
FeatureWI-34262Highlight all places where an import is used
FeatureWI-34477Add Parameter Hints to variables too
FeatureWI-34259Highlight all extended / implemented methods
BugWI-28496">" is eaten only on the first line for $this-> completion
BugWI-34733brace matcher fails on if/elseif without braces
BugWI-34515Else statement and ternary operator produces incorrect matching
BugWI-34512Scope highlighting doesn't work for elseif alternative syntax
BugWI-34509If there is a function with return type double closing curly braces are inserted on pressing enter
BugWI-35030Constants defined improperly using 'define()' are still resolved
BugWI-34758No closing curly brace is auto-appended after elseif and further weird behavior of braces completion in file
BugWI-33577Generate PHPDoc: confusing 'int|null|null' type
BugWI-34579Invalid closing brace always inserted on switch-default-foreach construct
BugWI-35029Constants defined using '\define()' are not resolved
BugWI-34411Parameter hint shows "..._" for anonymous function call
BugWI-35358PHP Runtime configuration: pressing reset button resets the values but doesn't update UI
BugWI-5622Parsing: if/endif: Problems with typing in else
BugWI-7195Switch - typing in new case clause - expecting statement stuck
BugWI-34314False positive on "Default value for parameters" with ::class constant
BugWI-29163Dataflow to: proper handling of global variables
BugWI-34769Namespace alias is case insensitive
BugWI-5586False error in switch - on typing in new default
BugWI-34897Find usage for constructor doesn't look through aliased classes
BugWI-6175False error on if - endif syntax when typing in else/elseif
BugWI-35151Problems with imported symbols with the same name
BugWI-29362Dataflow: doesn't know about anonymous class with parameter
BugWI-34841alternate syntax (if - endif) brace matcher fail - further brackets are not autocompleted
BugWI-5015PHP reparse: typing or changing a declaration after namespace or adding namespace causes "good code is red" until file completely reparsed
BugWI-34906Undefined variable: Argument that is passed as a reference into a constructor is marked as undefined
BugWI-8108Resolve and find usages has issues for use aliases
BugWI-34518Short array syntax destructuring does not allow for key in foreach()
BugWI-19138Class keyword isn't allowed in instanceof expression
BugWI-34920Find usage for old style constructor doesn't look through aliased classes
BugWI-34254Incompatible method declaration warning because of annotation in interface
UsabilityWI-35357PHP Runtime configuration: Provide notification/warning when Core is disabled
UsabilityWI-35356PHP Runtime configuration: Pressing Alt-A select "Advanced settings" instead of pressing Apply button
UsabilityWI-35355Navigate to PHP Runtime by pressing F4 on PHP Runtime node in External libraries
UsabilityWI-35402Navigate to PHP Runtime by pressing F4 on a package inside PHP Runtime in External libraries
UsabilityWI-34586generate phpdoc does not add null annotation for typed parameter with null default value
UsabilityWI-566Highlight current scope for alternative syntax
TaskWI-33237Split embedded stubs into modules
ExceptionWI-34469Exception is thrown on generating constructor
PHP project configurationBugWI-34845Dot is added as PHP Include on project creation, causing PhpStorm to index the whole home dir
UsabilityWI-35275Sort "include path" alphabetically
PHP templatesFeatureWI-26501Support basic PhpDoc in Blade injections
FeatureWI-35254Blade support includeWhen Directive
FeatureWI-34628Blade: support @component and @slot directive with nesting
BugWI-31069Blade: support injection in @inject
BugWI-34627Blade: support injection in @includeIf
PHP testFeatureWI-34957PhpUnit 6 test case is not recognized
FeatureWI-16350Codeception testing framework integration
BugWI-34992Codeception: < 2.2.6 doesn't support running a single method
BugWI-34993Codeception: versions for PHP 5.4/PHP 5.5 are not supported
BugWI-33587PHPSpec: provide better error reporting for wrong path to phpspec
BugWI-33594Behat 3.2.0+: if there is undefined step the suite will hang
UsabilityWI-35279Provide error message in case PHP version is not compatible with PHPUnit version
UsabilityWI-33555PHPSpec: Class that doesn't ends with Spec in PHPSpec file doesn't provide additional output to test log
UsabilityWI-34972PHPUnit 6: create file templates for new version
UsabilityWI-34334Renaming interpreter from Test Settings lead to <no_interpreter>
UsabilityWI-32845PHPUnit: cache and show in ui detected phpunit version
ExceptionWI-34335Exception is thrown after import of test configurations in 2017.1
PS specificFeatureWI-34643Support regex in "Allow replacing copyright if old copyright contains" field
FeatureWI-35284Provide option Ignore imports and formatting in Diff dialog for PHP
BugWI-34180Project Templates: List in Tools | Manage Project Templates is nonscrollable vertically
BugWI-32605New project dialog is not scrollable on Mac OS
BugWI-34269Resize New Project dialog that is invoked from project view
BugWI-34641Regexp to detect copyright in comments not working
UsabilityWI-34596Disable the warning about immutable stubs
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..FeatureWI-5276"Download from..." option for deployment
FeatureWI-21111Support copy (with copy-paste and drag'n'drop) in RemoteHost
BugWI-34600Download From ... server selection popup has label for upload
BugWI-34601Deployment popup doesn't have Download From ... option
BugWI-33778Save passphrase checkbox doesn't reflect the actual state
BugWI-34796Download from... in ProjectView always uses default server
BugWI-34427Sync with deployed encoding problem
BugWI-35179Support drag'n'drop between Remote Host and Project Files/Test tabs of Project View
BugWI-26878Cannot connect to pure IPv6 host from Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
BugWI-33253Download project files will trigger "auto upload external changes"
BugWI-34851Empty password ignored (sftp)
BugWI-34664SFTP authentication fails because of unsupported request format
BugWI-35183Log to File Transfer toolwindow remote to remote transfers
BugWI-35190Remote Host panel is not refreshed on D'n'D operations
BugWI-33753Password saved as passphrase
UsabilityWI-33783Remove Anonymous option from sftp as nonexistent
UsabilityWI-22133dragging files from remote host to project folder removes them on the server
UsabilityWI-35191Remove, creation, renaming and permission change of folders and files are not logged.
UsabilityWI-33859'Application-level' concept isn't described anywhere
CosmeticsWI-34396after commit: Upload files to
TaskWI-35178Remove dialogs from drag'n'drop and copy-paste between Project View and Remote Host
PHP InterpretersBugWI-35118Filter or encode unicode characters during detecting php info
BugWI-33042Don't allow creation of two interpreters with identical names
Php IntentionsFeatureWI-34755Inline add method/field fixes
ExceptionWI-34497Exception is thrown on field initialization
Plugin: Joomla!FeatureWI-34501Joomla support: Joomla! boilerplate update
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-166499Stream API migration: support array filling in a loop
FeatureIDEA-168089New outline for text field components with invalid values
BugIDEA-167799HiPDI menu arrows are too small for Darcula/IntelliJ themes on Windows and Linux
BugIDEA-162314Scrolling menu should update position of expanded submenu
BugIDEA-166669FileTypeRegistry.FileTypeDetector should not be skipped for large files
BugIDEA-144000toString() Generation Settings dialog hides fields due to missing vertical scroll bar
BugIDEA-163567FileChooserFactoryImpl.createSaveFileDialog doesn't use native file chooser
BugIDEA-164945ALT-F1 - "Select In" broken in 2016.3
BugIDEA-164295Please fix com.jetbrains.jsonSchema.impl.JsonSchemaResourcesRootsProvider#getAdditionalRootsToIndex().
BugIDEA-164610Quick documentation should escape angle brackets at the value of a String field referred via @value (javadoc tag)
BugIDEA-167089MacOSX: support tcsh shell for loading environment variables
BugIDEA-164286IDE doesn't start after updating 2016.3
BugIDEA-167950Freeze on entering emoji to UI Designer
BugIDEA-167880Dump data to file adds / to filename
BugIDEA-164996Certain fonts don't show all characters for Keymap shortcuts
BugIDEA-161746In Hierarchy view Enter key does nothing
BugIDEA-167541Font baseline is shifted down for default font settings
BugIDEA-164522Failed to run IDE
BugIDEA-150834Darcula Theme Corruption in non-editor panes when a custom editor scheme applied (Solarized Dark / Light in this example)
BugIDEA-165012Impossible to drop images and files onto IDE background in oder to open them
BugIDEA-165949[hidpi-jdk] IDEA main frame doesn't restore its bounds on the second monitor when reopened
BugIDEA-165714NCDFE at com.intellij.cloudConfig.StatusBarInfoManager.connectInstance( on "Enable Sync" action for JBA cloud config
BugIDEA-165843PyCondaPackageService — defaults must be not saved, check roaming
BugIDEA-164745Focus runs away in few seconds after closing second project
BugIDEA-168919Deadlock on startup
BugIDEA-163463Stream API migration: type argument before map appears sometimes when it's unnecessary
BugIDEA-164396Navigating to Class, File or Symbol by Name doens't work in Windows
BugIDEA-165197NullPointerException in IndentsPass may break plugins
BugIDEA-164584IDEA 2016.3 error on startup
BugIDEA-165879Unguarded section in DocumentCommitThread that leads to spontaneous assertion
BugIDEA-158165go to type popup layout is broken.
BugIDEA-167627Reference search doesn't work for files added via AdditionalLibraryRootsProvider
BugIDEA-166321Setting 'reopen last project on startup' doesn't work
BugIDEA-165820JBE Cloud doesn't update sync info for plugins if "Sync plugins sylently" disable on machine, where change has been done
BugIDEA-166475Cfml must have "Tabs and Indents" settings of its own
PerformanceIDEA-164230Lazy state loading for the folding model
UsabilityIDEA-116137UML Diagrams: Distinguish between public and private/protected methods
UsabilityIDEA-164993Support for macOS special character (emoji) insertion popover
UsabilityIDEA-165002Can't Disable Message: Remote desktop detected, Animation disabled
UsabilityIDEA-166959Can't see full path to project in welcome screen
UsabilityIDEA-155075Why file template settings are marked as per-project?
UsabilityIDEA-162382OpenInBrowser controls overlap the merge ones (>>, x) in the Merge dialog so that they are not clickable
CosmeticsIDEA-167361Tip of the day, goto-message, missleading.
TaskIDEA-168385Widen Balloon API for new error selection feature
ExceptionIDEA-167186PicoPluginExtensionInitializationException: com/intellij/ide/SelectInTargetBase
ExceptionIDEA-163112update failed for AnAction with ID=CloudConfigStatusInfoAction: org/apache/commons/compress/archivers/ArchiveEntry
ExceptionIDEA-164698Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.EditorsSplitters.a
ExceptionIDEA-169114NPE at first Idea Community start (in ComponentSettings.isTrueSmoothScrollingEligibleFor(
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-86086Suppress "Mismatched query and update of collection" inspection for configured types doesn't work
BugIDEA-163701No warning from enabled inspection after refactoring and changing inspection profile settings
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-93206"Final" keyword added by intention has wrong formatting.
BugIDEA-124868@formatter:off/@formatter:on markers are not respected in injected code
PerformanceIDEA-166411Twig plugin freezes on .groovy.twig files
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-75328GotoRelatedSymbolAction: improvements
UsabilityIDEA-161069Show special gutter icon for 'implemented via sub-class' methods
ConsoleBugIDEA-163699NPE in ConsoleViewImpl.flushDeferredText
BugIDEA-167431Console filters can no longer change foreground text color
BugIDEA-167094Can't remove first char in user input
PerformanceIDEA-165325version 2016.3 extreme slow console
Custom JREBugIDEA-163419Provide property file for IDEA with Jetbrains Runtime build numbers for trunk, EAP and release builds
BugIDEA-166384provide a utility method in IDEA to support JRE-166
DatabaseBugIDEA-158495When deleting a row in database browser I get: [22P02] ERROR: malformed array literal: "[Ljava.lang.Object;@464a0aae"
BugIDEA-128226Import data sources manually duplicates them
BugIDEA-169176SQL file is being read only partially when running
UsabilityIDEA-103996Misleading diagnostic message when importing data sources
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-168070Allow to use expression as a Capture key
FeatureIDEA-162947Add ability to use lambda expressions in breakpoint conditions
BugIDEA-162765Do not display "target JRE version does not match project JDK version" alert when project SDK differs from module SDK
BugIDEA-143277Debugger: Smart Step Into can't find a line with lambda, while Step Into can
BugIDEA-156783"Evaluate expression" dialog does not work for lambda expressions
BugIDEA-150317Debugger: Evaluate dialog: Expression Mode button shows wrong mnemonic
BugIDEA-125392Breakpoint "Pass count" should take condition into account *first*
BugIDEA-163825Smart step variants from another line
BugIDEA-164040breakpoints are not reached
BugIDEA-163334Memory leak in jdi code
BugIDEA-164680Exception when creating Class Level Watch with stream().filter()
BugIDEA-167264Cannot get to SunFontManager$ in debugger
BugIDEA-164317Android Debugger opens decompiled class instead of Java source
UsabilityIDEA-162951Esc must cancel template first, then close breakpoint popup
UsabilityIDEA-167143Invalid focus switching in variables window
UsabilityIDEA-156493"Evaluate Expression" – underlined character conflicts with "Paste from History"
UsabilityIDEA-152214Xcode like way to disable/remove breakpoints
TaskIDEA-168930Rename Capture to Async Stacktraces
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-167631Open all files which are modified in the current branch
FeatureIDEA-166528Window "Difference between master and ... (Local) versions in ...
BugIDEA-125065Wrong highlighting colors in "Compare left and middle panel contents" invoked from merge tool
UsabilityIDEA-168873Line endings when comparing with clipboard
CosmeticsIDEA-162384Merge dialog: conflict change background (light-pink) is too pale - invisible on some displays
ExceptionIDEA-167185AE at com.intellij.util.xmlb.MapBinding.deserializeList
DockerFeatureIDEA-168519Dockerfile variable improvements: highlighting and usage
FeatureIDEA-152660Docker Log console does not support ANSI color codes
FeatureIDEA-153202Docker plugin - select visible containers/images
BugIDEA-168191|| missing as operator for Dockerfile RUN command
BugIDEA-162764Docker: wrong item is selected when trying to configure server
BugIDEA-159223Support direct connection via unix:// on Mac OS X
BugIDEA-152530Docker api url is wrong for Linux
ExceptionIDEA-158428Throwable: Dockerfile detection is already registered
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-165174Go to column on the current line?
FeatureIDEA-164079Feature Request, with patch: Caret painting attribute customization
FeatureIDEA-165437Extend selection: ability to select anonymous class body without class reference
BugIDEA-164889IDEA reports OOM when switching to its window with heavy text in clipboard
BugIDEA-166498Incorrect border effect in editor with new hidpi
BugIDEA-162169Unwanted editor autoscrolling down when dragging selected text
BugIDEA-165112Select next occurrence puts caret before parameter hint
BugIDEA-165577Sibling multi-cursors are merged into one
BugIDEA-166581Incorrect font rendering in vcs change preview (new hidpi)
BugIDEA-166059Corrupted zero latency typing with the new hidpi
BugIDEA-164189Wrong line count in status with selection end at left margin
BugIDEA-167082IDE hangs every 5-30 minutes while editing the code
BugIDEA-168069Join Lines throws array index out of bonds on an empty file
BugIDEA-168666ImmediatePainter works incorrectly with emoji input
BugIDEA-162922Enter action produces 2 undo operations
BugIDEA-164143Auto Indent Lines changes selection if it does not start at left margin
BugIDEA-166967Extend selection doesn't surround comment words with apostrophes correctly
BugIDEA-168209Quick doc window is not closed from the first attempt
BugIDEA-166403Backspace does not remove indents and new lines in scratch files
BugIDEA-161409Folded imports region opens when imports are added
BugIDEA-163134Editor sometimes hangs when moving parameters
BugIDEA-167937Documentation window gets focus on second Smart Type completion
BugIDEA-167630Backspace > Unindent to nearest indent position option doesn't work as expected beyond the line end
BugIDEA-72989IDE Editor — Buggy Supplementary Plane Unicode Symbol Support
BugIDEA-165306Multiple caret Copy and Paste gives inconsistent results
BugIDEA-166208Selection expansion skips a step: method without comment
BugIDEA-165337Copy-paste from IDEA to TextEdit and back loses line breaks
BugIDEA-167667Unexpected substitution during block selection paste in java
BugIDEA-168452Backspace does not change cursor position
PerformanceIDEA-163569Editor hangs when joining multiple lines
PerformanceIDEA-166747Freeze after calling duplicate action repeatedly
UsabilityIDEA-167473'Quick Documentation' doesn't work on a method call if there are several applicable overloads
UsabilityIDEA-163970Extend selection in block comments
UsabilityIDEA-160652Move line causes inlays refresh
UsabilityIDEA-167366When you enter Ctrl-Ctrl Down arrow to enter column mode, then while holding ctrl do shift right arrow, does not move to next word boundary
UsabilityIDEA-167931"Quick Evaluate Expression" with default mouse shortcut adds multiple carets on Linux
CosmeticsIDEA-148843A letter may appear on both sides of the caret
CosmeticsIDEA-67480Font baseline is shifted for Consolas font
CosmeticsIDEA-168931Add live template for 'prsf'
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-167096'Too Many Occurrences' window appears too early
BugIDEA-166240Unordered line numbers in the "Find" panel
BugIDEA-168276"Find in path" doesn't change the directory to the selected one
BugIDEA-165473Find Usages results tool window scrolls erratically when removing result items and Group by usage type option enabled in view
BugIDEA-164537Rerun "Find Usages" ignores specified scope
BugIDEA-162320IDEA stuck after calling Find in path during indexing
BugIDEA-167872Find results from different files are merged
BugIDEA-169060Find in path: Home+End keys not working in text field
BugIDEA-167436Rerun 'Find Usages' empties first tab
UsabilityIDEA-168982New Find/Replace in tab dialog: Add spacing to checkbox list
ExceptionIDEA-167571Argument for @NotNull parameter 'scope' of com/intellij/psi/search/LocalSearchScope.<init> must not be null
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-166807IntelliJ does not recognize and deletes project shared file templates
BugIDEA-167444Deletion of css dialect or template data language left an artefact and causes an IOOBE
BugIDEA-166892NullPointerException on startup
BugIDEA-166362Show warning notification concerning outdated boot java runtime
BugIDEA-167914CLion IDE fails to start on FreeBSD
BugIDEA-163039Editor > General > Auto Import settings should really be per project
BugIDEA-166402incorrect warning
BugIDEA-166179Font size is not preserved after updating to EAP build
UsabilityIDEA-166720Please sort lines in Settings - Editor - General - Console - "Fold console lines that contains"
CosmeticsIDEA-167421SQL Dialects Settings: the path to specific file/folder uses incorrect slashes on windows
ExceptionIDEA-169363Internal error on stating RubyMine EAP
IndicesUsabilityIDEA-162546Add an explicit assertion when querying indices during VFS event processing
ExceptionIDEA-165396Don't start indexing after the project is disposed
JavaScript. DebuggerBugIDEA-160102JavaScript Debugger: "Copy Watch"creates buggy code
Language InjectionBugIDEA-161233Spring Data: reserved words are not highlighted in native Oracle query, MERGE highlighted as error
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-149164Separate installers into 32 bit and 64 bit versions and bundle the appropriate JRE
FeatureIDEA-158522Bundle 64-bit custom JDK on Windows or add an option to the installer to download it automatically
BugIDEA-154945During uninstallation IDEA should clean up created Windows registry entries
BugIDEA-166428Unable to launch 2017.1 on Windows x64 via Start Menu shortcut -- it points to 32-bit launcher
BugIDEA-149511Add jre64 to IDEA bundle
TaskIDEA-161255Update Community edition icons
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-164902PersistentStateComponent does not preserve order of 'Set' fields.
BugIDEA-166007Tolerate plugin.xml errors when actions aren't instanceof AnAction
Plugin Support. ArchitecturePerformanceIDEA-162976finding previous sibling over stub tree is slow
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-162102Allow including into module directory located under excluded folder
FeatureIDEA-156888Simplify JDK setup for new projects
BugIDEA-166580Change made to project library declaration is not stored
BugIDEA-166461Cannot revert module language level to 1.8
BugIDEA-167087Pressing cancel in Project Structure|SDKs|Sourcepath|'+' file chooser dialog results in confusing dialog box
BugIDEA-167092ConcurrentModificationException while opening another project
BugIDEA-146295Gradle import removes inspection profiles, codeStyleSettings, dictionaries etc.
BugIDEA-147530ModifiableModuleModel#newModule should always create a new module from scratch
BugIDEA-168764modules.xml is not updated if module path is changed
BugIDEA-157933"More settings" option doesn't reappear if I unchecked "Create Project from Template"
BugIDEA-167495Java project language level change is not consistently updated for PsiFile
ExceptionIDEA-162397Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.ProjectStructureConfigurable.apply
Project ViewBugIDEA-162583"Changed files" not available anymore in "Project" tool window. Instead "Tests" is listed twice.
BugIDEA-160131Consider adding roots provided by AdditionalLibraryRootsProvider to External Libraries
BugIDEA-164074Exception using "Select Target" popup menu
UsabilityIDEA-160381Project Tool Window sorts case insensitive: folders starting with capital letters at the top
UsabilityIDEA-150047Disable file centering in project view with "Autoscroll from source" enabled and double click
RefactoringBugIDEA-166346gap rename the block variable when on the "Show parameter name hints"
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-168864Run Configuration - dirty state is not changed after adding any action to Before launch section
BugIDEA-166448Missing '&', '_' characters in Rerun/Stop buttons' tooltips
BugIDEA-162766EnvironmentVariablesTextFieldWithBrowseButton doesn't fire change event when env variables changed.
BugIDEA-168777"Debug" button disabled forever
BugIDEA-139688Shortcut for terminating (CMD+F2 on mac) multiple runs doesn't work
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-144052When "Settings repository" is enabled changes in 'Path Variables' aren't saved to default path.macros.xml file causing errors in build process
BugIDEA-153381Settings Repository:NPE com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.CommonShortcuts.shortcutsById during Overwrite Local
BugIDEA-167284Settings repository: unstable sorting order in live template causes unnecessary commits
BugIDEA-153369Settings Repository: platform dependent toolchain path should be omitted during overwriting local settings
BugIDEA-138631Read-only sources of settings
UsabilityIDEA-163756SettingsRepository: dialog prompting to enter authentication token is shown on IDEA closing unexpectedly
ExceptionIDEA-166041IllegalArgumentException when open the project
TerminalBugIDEA-164411Terminal does not read .zshenv
UMLBugIDEA-117020Weird db UML diagram name in the recent files popup
BugIDEA-111263saving UML not working ?
BugIDEA-149615Class modifier is missing in the diagram
BugIDEA-91121UML class diagram : note disappear / are not saved
ExceptionIDEA-167095NPE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.GraphUtil.setBestPopupSizeForGraph
ExceptionIDEA-151169PIEAE at PsiUtilCore.ensureValid() on deleting a class with field, shown on UML diagram
ExceptionIDEA-157595ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException clearing default parameter value of new method
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-164566implement JDK-managed HiDPI mode
FeatureIDEA-167606Add utility drawSelection method for component's outline
BugIDEA-168194Huge gutter icons in latest 2017.1 EAP
BugIDEA-161281Find in Path dialog: Mnemonics misbehaviour on OS X
BugIDEA-162563Action menus do not have icons under HiDPI linux
BugIDEA-167459[windows] balloons text are cut in multi-dpi-monitor env w/ new hidpi
BugIDEA-164290File structure popup quickly disappears when called via Find action
BugIDEA-162119Configuration wizard UI theme IntelliJ is not corresponding with IDE theme Default on Mac
BugIDEA-165004Memory leak detected: 'com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.FocusManagerImpl$FurtherRequestor
BugIDEA-168068Project leak via com.intellij.ide.util.PsiClassListCellRenderer#INSTANCE
BugIDEA-167548Can't click on "Use external annotations" checkbox
BugIDEA-167018Cannot drag-and-drop in a just opened project until no files are opened in editor
BugIDEA-149734About Dialog: link from "VM by Oracle" leads to site
BugIDEA-158577Visual artefacts in completion in evaluate dialog
BugIDEA-161023Hide exception notification balloon when clicking on exception submitter blinking icon
BugIDEA-164031Actions are disabled in modal dialogs
BugIDEA-167579After popup resizing first click on items inside doesn't work
BugIDEA-163604command + mouse wheel zoom stops working intermittently on macOS
BugIDEA-155785Lots of IllegalStateException: cannot open system clipboard in the log
BugIDEA-167825Active project window is hidden under already opened projects
BugIDEA-145974Incorrect search by name popup
BugIDEA-161294Find Usages: "Read Access" icon doesn't fit on hidpi linux
BugIDEA-155088Double click on tree's expand icon triggers double click listener
BugIDEA-165448[hidpi-jdk] windows: sized text "floats" under kbd cursor on 200% scale
BugIDEA-163839Editor's tabs D'n'D ignores drop position
BugIDEA-163336FileTextField memory leak
BugIDEA-47906alt+i (shortcut to press the commit button) does not work on the commit dialog
BugIDEA-168315Component.getGraphics() should not be used to get scale for the HiDPI API
BugIDEA-163033Broken layout in Plugin Update dialog under HiDPI
BugIDEA-149457Bookmark gutter icon does not scale
PerformanceIDEA-168535Concurrent access to tree set leads to hang
UsabilityIDEA-166252Horizontal scrollbar is not shown when needed
UsabilityIDEA-123421File chooser without path bar
UsabilityIDEA-163026AutoScrollFromSource delay is unconfigurable, and unpleasant
UsabilityIDEA-163845Ctrl+Shift+A dialog prevents selection while searching
CosmeticsIDEA-165564Breadcrumbs do not use ligature setting
CosmeticsIDEA-162750EditorComboBox text of "Git Repository URL" in Clone Repository dialog is cropped
CosmeticsIDEA-168345Gutter misaligned to document contents when scrolling to the end of the file
CosmeticsIDEA-161501HiDPI linux - Determinate / Indeterminate progress bars are scaled differently
CosmeticsIDEA-167612strange highlight of settigns > appearance & behavior > notofications
CosmeticsIDEA-166188The label is located lower than it should
CosmeticsIDEA-166908Speed search border has no antialiasing
TaskIDEA-165402Toolwindow initialization takes noticeable time during project loading without visual indication
ExceptionIDEA-167624Find Action popup can not be closed on Welcome Screen; NPE at com.intellij.ide.util.gotoByName.ChooseByNamePopup.dispose
User Interface.DarculaExceptionIDEA-135796Cyclic component initialization: com.intellij.ide.ui.LafManager
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-164836Collapse/Expand Commits in push window
FeatureIDEA-163332Allow selecting/deselecting the repository root checkbox via Space if commit line is selected
FeatureIDEA-162845Allow openning commit window when only unversioned files present
BugIDEA-164613Apply Patch dialog: use combobox background for the new label
UsabilityIDEA-166504Branches popup: make more... element expandable with Enter from keyboard
UsabilityIDEA-166503Branches popup: show only favorite local branches if there are too many of them
UsabilityIDEA-168473Enable Store on shelf base revision texts for files by default
CosmeticsIDEA-164753Reword a VCS setting
CosmeticsIDEA-131099VCS: "Do you want to add.." wording
ExceptionIDEA-168750Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.command.impl.UndoManagerImpl.undoableActionPerformed
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-154714Git Push - warn or block before pushing a new branch
BugIDEA-168257Deadlock in vcs
UsabilityIDEA-90550'Push rejected' yellow notification popup stays even after second succesful push
CosmeticsIDEA-164814Incorrect Message Wording When Applying Smart Merge With Unresolved Conflicts
Version Control. LogFeatureIDEA-148416VCS Log: User filter popup should contain all known users for first-level speedsearch
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-163966Merge P4CONFIG files in all parents, if Perforce 2015.2 is used
BugIDEA-164617Cannot activate version control tab for Perforce
CosmeticsIDEA-145188Perforce shelve: Revert icon in "Perforce Shelved Changes" dialog is misleading
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-113567Subversion1.8: cleanup invoked from file context menu fails with error
BugIDEA-129671OK/Cancel actions switched on warning of Subversion move of "trunk"
XMLBugIDEA-167726PyCharm's XSD does not resolve the extension base when base schema does not have a namespace
BugIDEA-163906Incorrect XSD validation result in editor
BugIDEA-156292In XmL Editor view Idea does not accept a seemingly valid XML
ExceptionIDEA-164859Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.NoSwingUnderWriteAction.a
No subsystemBugDBE-3150single quote not escaped when copying DDL
DB ConsoleFeatureDBE-4134show method separators help
FeatureDBE-4204Change console color according to current database/schema
FeatureDBE-3063Show query time taken in status bar
FeatureDBE-1481Option to hide toolbar in database console.
BugDBE-1884RAISE NOTICE not displaying timely
BugDBE-4161placeholders in stored procedures are not replaced
BugDBE-3623Too many warnings in PostgreSQL crashes DataGrip
BugDBE-4136Editor database toolbar is not restored on closing and reopening .sql file
BugDBE-583PostgreSQL: Commit does not trigger Synchronize
BugDBE-762SQL Server. Invalid line endings of the text sent to the server
BugDBE-1806Error Message using DB2 Driver for Informix Database
BugDBE-3509Connection disconnects or errors unselect selected line in query window
DB IntrospectionExceptionDBE-4089DataSource using pgsql-ng driver causes kotlin.KotlinNullPointerException
DDL\PL EditingBugDBE-666DB2 for AS 400: opening Procedure/Function editor fails
UsabilityDBE-4025Auto-Focus on modify column
Data DumpBugDBE-3990H2: missing quotes in generated SQL insert statement for binary column
BugDBE-3926Ability to execute directly to file/clipboard
TaskDBE-3525Dump schema/database with extractor to one single file
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-3373Allow to skip some columns when importing data from a CSV file
BugDBE-4177Error when copying tables with TIMESTAMPTZ fields
BugDBE-3537Error when trying to use the table editor in DB2
BugDBE-3306Display error cause when importing
BugDBE-2724Postgres array of money[] does not display correctly in output
BugDBE-3125Null field cannot accept empty string
BugDBE-3549In results tab line spacing don't calculate correctly
IDE GeneralBugDBE-4000DataGrip does not support setings repository plugin to sync IDE settings
BugDBE-5410xDBE: excluded directory can't be included back or detached
BugDBE-3978Editor theme preselection isn't smart
BugDBE-4086Generate POJOs.groovy setter problem
SQL CompletionFeatureDBE-3194Create smart option auto-qualifying completion
BugDBE-3323Completion for H2 sql does nos suggest the FROM keyword in SELECT
BugDBE-4146Code assist in row filter of table editor generates qualified name of columns breaking filtering
UsabilityDBE-3820sql: allow configuration of lowercase table alias name suggestions
SQL EditingFeatureDBE-45Insert statement inlays
BugDBE-2938Cannot avoid automatic string splitting in SQL files
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-4093escape characters in string not seen as word break by spell checker
BugDBE-3297Unicode not supported in SQL
BugDBE-3920Support Inline table functions starting with CTE
BugDBE-3956Incorrect arguments order for array_prepend in PL/PGSQL
No subsystemFeatureWEB-25281JSON Schema: support 'pattern' for checking property value
FeatureWEB-23847Add support for command line parameters for react-native-cli
FeatureWEB-24551Add ability to run ESLint for the TypeScript sources files
BugWEB-24265JSON schema: allow $ref as a top-level reference to definition
BugWEB-24874'var' JS inspection suggests replace 'var' with 'const' in for loops
BugWEB-24269The underscore in node_modules is interpreted as a shortcut key
BugWEB-24813Can't run TSLint
BugWEB-25724Missing completion for current property in package.json
BugWEB-24808"Type is not allowed" for a stylelint package in package.json
BugWEB-23260JSON Schema relative references are not being resolved correctly.
BugWEB-25360package.json dependencies & devDependencies issues related to json schema-based support
BugWEB-24911Strange errors when using flow-typed with flow
BugWEB-24968JSON Schema: specific navigation case json -> json schema with deep allOf - oneOf
BugWEB-24965JSON Schema: navigation from property names in package.json to package json schema does not work
BugWEB-24210Internal TS Lint Problem
BugWEB-25099Docker volumes outside C:\Users
BugWEB-25332JSON Schema: only the last applied error is shown instead of all errors for the same value
BugWEB-19429Fat arrow after function() does not produce error
BugWEB-25331JSON Schema: only single error occurrence is shown
BugWEB-25335JSON Schema: "not" type is not validated
BugWEB-25334JSON Schema: completion doesn't suggest null
BugWEB-23441Suggest inserting 'use strict' / Syntax Error not being caught
BugWEB-24526.eslintrc.json: accept 2015, 2016 etc.
BugWEB-24178"Unable to save settings: Failed to save settings. Please restart webstorm"
BugWEB-21364JSON Schema:Unable to create relative references to local files
BugWEB-24508Inspections does not work
BugWEB-25244Throwable when open color picker
BugWEB-24702Respect "Use semicolon to terminate statements" Code Style option when "Add braces to arrow function statement"
BugWEB-22819ESLint and .vue files
PerformanceWEB-24768Indexing a large .js file causes IDE to run out of memory
PerformanceWEB-25208Deadlock while JSon schema editing
PerformanceWEB-24880ES6ExportDefaultReferenceSearcher unstubs declaration's file on highlighting usages in a current file
UsabilityWEB-25617Module Dependency Diagram: indicate which elements are imported/exported from a module
ExceptionWEB-25315JSON Schema: java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException on editing value for "pattern" property
CSSBugWEB-22895PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: arithmetic symbols are not colored
ExceptionWEB-24917Throwable when choose color
CoffeeScriptFeatureWEB-23853Coffeescript: add support for new import/export syntax
BugWEB-19531coffeescript destructorisation errror
BugWEB-18985CoffeeScript preview window incorrect size
DartFeatureWEB-20870Per project Dart SDK settings
FeatureWEB-20645Debug "Dart Test" executed by the Dart VM
FeatureWEB-23979don't show errors from the IntelliJ parser
BugWEB-25629Source Maps not working when opening Dart project in Browser
BugWEB-25706Debugger should show exception information for "watches" instead of "collecting data"
BugWEB-25047Dart's Coverage package update broke cov collection
DebuggerFeatureWEB-25186Cannot set break-points in .vue files
FeatureWEB-23955debugging react native always attempts to run react-native run-android
BugWEB-25012Node 7: React native debugger does not work
BugWEB-24721Angualr2 with Angular-cli (Webpack) VERY often break points are missed and the only way to fix is use ;debugger keyword
BugWEB-23582console.log displaying wrong content after duplicate lines
BugWEB-25717Docker debug does not work on Mac
BugWEB-24960MessageError when 'Copy JSON'
BugWEB-15998Karma JS debugger does not suspend on breakpoints with the browserify + istanbul preprocessor
BugWEB-25061Node 7: Stopping at breakpoint opens a new read-only editor (Windows)
File WatchersUsabilityWEB-25695import file watchers should default to the same file as export file watchers
UsabilityWEB-25249Error when adding new Pug watcher
HTMLBugWEB-11711Different coloring in namespaced attribute with error in html vs php
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-23096Support JavaScript generic/template types in autocomplete
FeatureWEB-12902provide code folding for case blocks
FeatureWEB-24393Add support for PsiReferenceContributor in JSReferenceExpressionImpl
FeatureWEB-3865Go to Test for JavaScript
FeatureWEB-23511Fix action 'Split into declaration and initialization (and move to scope start)' for destructuring
FeatureWEB-25303name property of package.json should default to the name of the directory it is created in not "application-name"
FeatureWEB-22120Missing parameters when generating abstract method bodies
FeatureWEB-25101Colors and Fonts: provide separate option for the arrow function sign
FeatureWEB-24675Support `import()` function
FeatureWEB-18471Generate file from missing import
BugWEB-20926ES6: syntax error not detected for missing call to super in subclass
BugWEB-25709Module Dependencies Diagram: require statement is not shown as child element
BugWEB-23935ES6: Find Usages doesn't work for modules exported with `export default <name>`
BugWEB-25033Troubles with JS libraries in multimodule project
BugWEB-24930JsDoc @augments ignored
BugWEB-17483ES6 import resolve error
BugWEB-25567'Inject with comment' does not work for object literals, class members,etc.
BugWEB-24596Should autocomplete await keyword in variable context
BugWEB-25223Arrow function and object - Parsing errors for correct code
BugWEB-24969Unexpected warning "Element is not exported"
BugWEB-23841Flow checking gives wrong warning & errors in interface files
BugWEB-25231False error "expected =>" for Flow typecast
BugWEB-25439Module Dependencies Diagram: no icon for the specific require statement
BugWEB-24976CommonJS: exported properties are not available in completion after module re-export
BugWEB-25336'Create field' quick-fix produces invalid code
BugWEB-25449ES6 Import Code Completion does not match CommonJS
BugWEB-24576Smart completion of "typeof" type variants should respect quote settings from code style
BugWEB-25456Module Dependencies Diagram: correctly recognize raw imports
BugWEB-25453Module Dependencies Diagram: provide "Jump to ..." action for the listed imports
BugWEB-25451Module Dependencies Diagram: imports from TS definition are shown differently from ES imports in JS file
BugWEB-24881Extend Selection doesn't support javascript es6 "``" syntax
BugWEB-25041Exception when extracting variable used in decorator
BugWEB-25463Module Dependencies Diagram: HTML: recognize CDN link if it's resolved via External library
BugWEB-25462Module Dependencies Diagram: HTML: recognize image included via "img" tag
BugWEB-25464Module Dependencies Diagram move/drag redraws it for the whole project context
BugWEB-14170Unterminated Statement in enum with comments
BugWEB-19495JSDoc: This type string _sometimes_ causes an error
BugWEB-25129JavaScript Intellisense is useless
BugWEB-25693Module Dependencies Diagram: no icon for element for specific import statement
BugWEB-17651Split into multiple declarations removes comment
BugWEB-17099CommonJS: module functions not available when re-exporting module instance
BugWEB-23394Next method doesn't work for prototypes
BugWEB-25251JSDoc is converted to parameter's type when call 'Split into declaration and init'
PerformanceWEB-18670Optimize memory usage for references having several resolves
UsabilityWEB-25466Module Dependencies Diagram: make shorter the shown path to minimize width of the tab size
UsabilityWEB-25438Module Dependencies Diagram: hide "Diagrams" action for excluded folder and it's content
UsabilityWEB-25455Module Dependencies Diagram: provide separate popup shown for the empty context
CosmeticsWEB-25738Module dependency diagram: do not show closing quote on the imported element
CosmeticsWEB-25560Module dependency diagram with Darcula
ExceptionWEB-25703Module Dependencies Diagram: NPE is thrown on invoking diagram
ExceptionWEB-25437Module Dependencies Diagram: AE is thrown on project closing
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-25019"New line after (" in JS function calls should ignore multiline parameters and take into account only line breaks *between* parameters
FeatureWEB-14310Add support for Google JavaScript style guide
FeatureWEB-19523No 'Wrapping and Braces' alignment code-style options for JavaScript 'new' expressions
FeatureWEB-24357JavaScript Code style: Space between async and () => {}
FeatureWEB-24556Reformatting option to add, remove, or leave alone (default) semicolons
FeatureWEB-22782Add formatting options to insert/remove trailing commas in Object Literals, Function Declaration Parameters, Function Call Arguments, ES6 Imports/Exports
FeatureWEB-19143Remove last comma in json or js arrays/object automatically
FeatureWEB-22612"Reformat code" is unopinionated on TypeScript generics
FeatureWEB-12581New JavaScript formatter option: split variable declarations in lines
FeatureWEB-3558JS: Code style for string delimiter
BugWEB-24389Flow: Some flow type syntax confuses the formatter
BugWEB-25637code formatting of class member properties breaks TypeScript rule TS7008 ( when noImplicitAny is true )
BugWEB-14952JS formatter removes line break before double inversion
BugWEB-24927'Make static' breaks code or highlighting depending on settings
BugWEB-25312Incorrect indentation in JSX using ternary operator
BugWEB-25222es6 destructuring indentation issue
BugWEB-24126Flow: provide correct formatting for union and intersection types
BugWEB-24786Wrong indent after 'Extract++'
BugWEB-25235destructured parameter defaults do not obey the alignment formatting options
BugWEB-25218'Use semicolon to terminate statement' is not applied inside 'script' tag in html file
BugWEB-21215Inconsistent indentation when object is first parameter of function call
BugWEB-25247'Align parameters when multiline' ignores destructuring parameters
BugWEB-24853Formatter doesn't follow the formatting rules when formatting Flow type annotations, also reports valid Flow type as "error"
UsabilityWEB-25551Show HTML code style when you search for JSX
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-25757JSON schema completion issues (tsconfig.json)
BugWEB-24095Add option to pass environment variable in React native configuration
BugWEB-25128React native debugger: template app can't be debugged
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-25172Provide import suggestion from .jsx to .js
FeatureWEB-24181Automatically enable linters
FeatureWEB-24241ES6 feature: new intention: convert forEach iteration on array to for..of loop
FeatureWEB-24074Add eslint-compatible suppression options
BugWEB-25712Invalid Inspection / Unable To Suppress - Selector matches unknown element
BugWEB-25398Throwable when inline variable
BugWEB-23290Duplicated warnings for non-imported element
BugWEB-24268Imprecise highlight of unused value in ES6 destructuring assignment
BugWEB-25605Eslint warnings stopped working in 2017.1 EAP
BugWEB-24736Potentially invalid usage of this in getters/setters inside constructor
BugWEB-24256Do not show popup with other errors after ESLint fix
BugWEB-24926Standard Code Style: correctly setup rules from preset
BugWEB-25611eslint does not work on windows
BugWEB-24748JSCS: 'Fix current file with JSCS' doesn't work from Inspections Results toolwindow
BugWEB-23920Magic Number inspection should not apply to JavaScript Object key/value pairs
BugWEB-24938ESLint command line error messages are not shown properly
BugWEB-25750Intentions: restore "Check RegExp" action
BugWEB-25721"Missing import statement" warning for existing import statement in JavaScript
BugWEB-24686Inspections: do not suggest "Convert '' to 'for..of'" in case of conflicting error with "Unfiltered loop"
BugWEB-25162ESLint: 'Fix ESLint problems' action is missing in .jsx file right-click menu
BugWEB-25309convert to template string produces invalid code if contains a string argument with newline character.
BugWEB-25234"Content of collection is never updated" is wrongly reported on Sets
BugWEB-24948Linters auto detection: if local package is installed always set path to local not to global package
BugWEB-24413'Fix all' for 'Missing import statement' breaks the code
BugWEB-25140ESLint highlights incorrect line when line is too long
BugWEB-24630Convert to class intention loses getters and setters
BugWEB-24887False 'missing module dependency' violation
BugWEB-24318Inspections: "Convert require() to import" breaks formatting and removes used imports
BugWEB-19149Warning about "Potentially invalid usage of this" when accessing property in ES6 generator
BugWEB-25127Unable to disable broken ui-router state tracking
BugWEB-24609'Convert to let' adds redundant export modifier
BugWEB-22864False positive "Element is not exported"
BugWEB-25104Wrong warning about usage of reserved word in destructuring
BugWEB-24672Inspections: "Convert '' to 'for..of'" is shown twice for each code construct in Inspection Results
PerformanceWEB-24567Editing is slow because of 'missing Import' inspection
UsabilityWEB-8057Magic number inspection covers base 16 radix argument
UsabilityWEB-24305ESLint: when file-level message is shown, edit config file option should be available (when config was explicitly set)
UsabilityWEB-23970Confusing error message when IntelliJ cannot parse .eslintrc.
ExceptionWEB-25686PsiInvalidElementAccessException when call 'Insert import' inspection
JavaScript. PredefsBugWEB-24611Predefs: recognize Object.values(obj) correctly
BugWEB-25241Buffer.from pointing to wrong method Array.from
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-24184ES6 refactorings: implement '' to 'for..of' conversion
BugWEB-24742ES6: convert to class with a commented function property: null assertion
BugWEB-24920ES6 - not correct actions in the Action Menu for Arrow functions with Destructuring objects as function parameters
BugWEB-24204Respect "Use semicolon to terminate statements" Code Style option when converting `var` to `let`/`const`
BugWEB-25481'Compute constant value' doesn't support ES6 template strings
LESSBugWEB-20921Add support for valid HTML syntax for including LESS/SCSS in <style> tags
Node.jsFeatureWEB-25626Suggest versions with ~ and ^ in package.json
FeatureWEB-25514Support for n (virtualenv for Node.JS)
FeatureWEB-25775Show the latest version of the package in the documentation
BugWEB-25372Do not suggest packages in devDependencies that are already listed in dependencies
BugWEB-22230Node.js: correctly check path to the global npm packages installed into the not default location
BugWEB-18368Fix label width in NW.js RC
BugWEB-25154[node][es6] Using quickfix to import exported function fails when import is present
BugWEB-23181auto complete of a generator function declared into an object adds a *
BugWEB-24956Package.json: Ctrl+Mouse hover doesn't show description for scoped npm packages
BugWEB-24958Package.json completion: default list for empty line should suggest most popular packages
ExceptionWEB-25679NodeModulesDirectoryManager - Recursion prevented when computing FileIndex extension
StylusBugWEB-13549Stylus: Red code: support @supports at-rule
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-12611Enforce types in TypeScript
FeatureWEB-24057feature request: autocomplete typescript function callbacks
FeatureWEB-13214Request: improve TypeScript code style flexibility
BugWEB-24711Fix 'Split into multiple declarations' for enum
BugWEB-11466Typescript: "super" keyword syntax checks are incomplete
BugWEB-24740IDEA fails to properly link classes imported using modules in Angular 2 project
BugWEB-24895typescript format enum incorrect if adding auto semi colon
BugWEB-9583TypeScript: Code Style: wrappings for Extends/Implements don't work
PerformanceWEB-25450Losing or very slow TypeScript type information after some time
Unit TestsBugWEB-25599Jest: always detect appropriate package.json with jest options
BugWEB-23102Mocha: file is not recognized as spec file if there is no describe() definition there
BugWEB-25591Jest: it() is not recognized as test definition until it's wrapped into describe() statement
BugWEB-25582Jest:RC: no validation for empty "Jest package" field
BugWEB-25583Jest: failed test output differs from the result in console
BugWEB-25587Jest: RC: "Configuration file" list is not propagated with the new added value until RC reopening
CosmeticsWEB-25596Align labels to the left in Jest and Mocha run/debug configurations