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TeamCity 10.0 Release Notes

Fixed issues in the tracker


  • TW-39203 - Support displaying custom server message for new TeamCity versions available message

Usability Problem

  • TW-19273 - Allow to restore database when file is already in config directory
  • TW-44908 - No build steps run if VCS rules include -:. (with versioned settings)
  • TW-47152 - Add note that VCS trigger inherited from template cannot be modified
  • TW-48015 - Few issues with reporting Commit Status Publisher errors to the server log
  • TW-48490 - No visual indication for disabled agent requirements in read-only project mode
  • TW-48712 - Benchmark tab is visible only to users with System Administrator role


  • TW-18244 - maintainDB cannot restore to internal HSQLDB database without -T option
  • TW-23059 - Restore from backup cannot be done without specifying
  • TW-44528 - Commit status publisher - getting a 400 error invalid url from BitBucket when TeamCity configured server URL is not fully qualified
  • TW-45475 - Commit Status Publisher not reporting build status on merge requests on GitLab
  • TW-46152 - Diagnostic page is loading too slow when second node doesn't respond
  • TW-46728 - Requirements and artifact dependencies inherited from a template and both overridden and disabled in a build type become enabled after being reset to their original value
  • TW-46782 - Build uses old settings in 'use settings from VCS' mode when settings root is attached to configuration
  • TW-47174 - Expanding list of run configurations in read-only mode shows "Changes not saved" prompt
  • TW-47724 - [TeamCity/Upsource integration] Personal builds results are getting propagated to revisions in Upsource.
  • TW-47728 - Ruby environment configurator doesn't escape system and environment properties
  • TW-47808 - AWS API get flooded after AMI change (pools with max )
  • TW-48049 - "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" is ignored in 3 contexts
  • TW-48116 - Python version select in python runner is unavailable
  • TW-48170 - Branch filter intermittently disappears on a project overview
  • TW-48171 - Duplicates runner-related DBDuplicatedRowException in two-node configuration
  • TW-48241 - Hide "Download settings in Kotlin format" option for users without "Edit project" permission.
  • TW-48258 - If build is interrupted during SVN agent checkout, subsequent build may fail with "Working copy ... locked" error
  • TW-48264 - Build status reporting to Gerrit is broken after upgrade from 10.0.3 to 10.0.4
  • TW-48275 - Deadlock can occur on attempt to calculate build statistics from several threads (if build statistics calculation takes significant time for some reason)
  • TW-48323 - Commit Status Publisher fails to work with GitLab if either a user/group name or a project name contains dots
  • TW-48332 - Login action do nothing because of disposed internal components
  • TW-48352 - Cannot use "no auth" SMTP access with secure conection
  • TW-48355 - Missing test failure details due to IOExceptions during persisting (wrong test run ids case)
  • TW-48410 - IDEA plugin: Remote run dialog leaks project
  • TW-48411 - Build log size estimate returns wrong value during the build in two nodes setup
  • TW-48446 - "Effective quiet period is larger than set by user" health report is shown when no quiet period is used
  • TW-48474 - RunAs fails if password has '!'
  • TW-48488 - Build Agent trying to delete workspaces for another TFS user
  • TW-48489 - Kotlin DSL compilation error when Template has disabled agent requirements
  • TW-48541 - ChangePassword command fails
  • TW-48555 - TFS agent side checkout fails with: Failed to create workspace: TF14061
  • TW-48569 - Critical Bug Old branches are triggered
  • TW-48602 - Exception when pressing cancel for Bitbucket access grant dialog
  • TW-48631 - Artifact resolving may fail with Read timed out exception when downloading lots of small files
  • TW-48654 - User can change own "Hub ID" and get access to another users's data if user/group sync is enabled
  • TW-48676 - User with "Project admin" role for all projects in a pool can't assign agents to the pool
  • TW-48677 - Diagnostics thread dumps can be saved two times each
  • TW-48681 - Agent side checkout can fail in java mode with TFS 2010
  • TW-48716 - BuildDuration statistic value is not shown on build parameters tab and in add new chart dialog
  • TW-48725 - Build can get no files from the repository in case server-side checkout is used and cached clean patch file is deleted
  • TW-48732 - Password scrambling for DSL doesn't work
  • TW-48741 - Agent push fails, when TC doesn't catch "STARTING" instance status
  • TW-48745 - Build queue merge operation can optimize a build chain even though build queue optimization is disabled for a part of it
  • TW-48773 - Unauthorized agents are never cleaned up
  • TW-48775 - Several Nodes Setup: StackOverflow error when starting Running Builds node on the Tomcat 8.5
  • TW-48777 - UsageStatisticsReporterImpl - Cannot send usage statistics
  • TW-48808 - Refresh button in Bitbucket 'pick repository' popup does nothing
  • TW-48853 - Cleanup can fail with "Unexpected exception MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: SQL error when doing: Commit"
  • TW-48870 - AWS Code Deploy fails to run with NoClassDefFoundError
  • TW-48887 - Interactive credential helper is not disabled during submodules update
  • TW-48904 - TeamCity can assign build to a stopping instance (terminate after first build)
  • TW-48930 - Non-boolean values stored in the database where boolean is expected
  • TW-48942 - Pool exhausted error can occur while one thread adds a build problem to a build and several other threads read problems from database
  • TW-48964 - ConcurrentModificationException in TestName2IndexImpl.cleanupDuplicateTestNameIds(
  • TW-48975 - Reduce the number of calls to AgentRunningBuildEx#isCheckoutDirDirty() from CheckoutDirState


  • TW-48262 - Upgrade Failed (NPE in DisableEditedInheritedRequirementsConverter)
  • TW-48334 - Error message if a "Project Tester" clicks on an project configuration to open build history

Performance Problem

  • TW-48440 - High CPU usage because of several /app/rest/projects calls computing user visible projects
  • TW-48475 - Projects-related REST API queries can be slow-ish (many Project.getParent calls)
  • TW-48548 - Bad performance while opening popups in build configuration settings with Internet Explorer.
  • TW-48670 - High CPU and memory usage on startup when there is many (20k) build configurations
  • TW-48678 - Calculate .net tfs libs availability only once
  • TW-48697 - Since upgrading to TeamCity 10.0.4, users are reporting sporadic unresponsiveness in the web UI (many update agent set last_binding_timestamp = ? where id=? sql queries)