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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin EAP builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.

Or if you cannot do it from plugin settings add "" to custom repositories in Settings -> Plugins -> Browse custom repositories


Build 2016.3.9

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71 Fixed issues
71 Fixed issues
Wiki Markup

* [SCL-10678|] Inspection: replace match { case true => ??? ; case false => ??? } with `if`
* [SCL-10763|] Debugger crashes after encountering an instance of scala built java class.
* [SCL-11103|] Array rendering in worksheet. Regression.
* [SCL-11245|] Debugger skipped breakpoints (no executable code found ...)
* [SCL-10884|] Automatic import for member calls, like `asScala`
* [SCL-9929|] PC sometimes lost precise collection type
* [SCL-11204|] Scala implicit declaration never used weak warning
* [SCL-11339|] batch optimize import aborts if an exception occurs
* [SCL-10792|] Import package is still wrong
* [SCL-10113|] 'Add type annotation' intention not available for procedure-style functions
* [SCL-11142|] Type annotation resolving of inner class of java class is wrong 
* [SCL-10017|] Debugger can't evaluate
* [SCL-9925|] Scala type checker fails with PackratParser
* [SCL-10363|] Cannot run single scala-test when tests use tags
* [SCL-10723|] [Refactor -> Extract method] Type annotation setting for private method depends on previous choice 
* [SCL-10677|] Respect type annotation settings in "create from usage" handlers
* [SCL-10806|] SBT cannot find JVM in Android SDK
* [SCL-10894|] Better UI handling of dependency resolution errors
* [SCL-11099|] Expansion of macro-annotated method fails
* [SCL-11098|] Incorrect expansion of infix types
* [SCL-10160|] cannot create application run configuration from scala object with "Choose main class" dialog
* [SCL-5854|] Wrong highlighting - match returning Either confuses Scala type checking
* [SCL-8887|] Find usages for var class parameters finds all access as read value, no writes
* [SCL-5183|] Wrong type is inferred
* [SCL-10788|] Introduce Variable refactoring does not ignore whitespaces
* [SCL-10969|] AddTypeAnnotation inspection doesn't disappear in some cases
* [SCL-9771|] Categorize apply/unapply usages for case classes
* [SCL-10965|] Incorrect scala.meta expansion
* [SCL-10764|] "Extract method" that was invoked in method definition keeps "Specify type" checkbox unchecked even if default setting is "Add" 
* [SCL-10820|] Find/Show usages fail to detect usage of package private variables which are defined in a package object
* [SCL-10532|] Exponential Slowdown when auto-completing an import (entire UI is frozen for some time) 
* [SCL-11024|] scala.meta macro annotation on objects with apply methods
* [SCL-10722|] Extract method Signature preview initially doesn't respect enabled "Specify type" setting
* [SCL-11120|] UI freeze
* [SCL-10217|] find usage finds fields of wrong classes
* [SCL-11200|] IDEA Ultimate / scala plugin gives warnings that it cannot connect to the compile server
* [SCL-9827|] Error during import of sbt project 
* [SCL-10858|] decompiler is not aware of lazy vals
* [SCL-10974|] Type added by type_annotation_inspection makes code red and breaks compilation
* [SCL-10932|] ScalaTest members don't appear in outline anymore
* [SCL-10345|] Inspection: redundant default argument
* [SCL-9577|] Scala Worksheet Incorrectly Displays "Wrong Forward Reference"
* [SCL-10719|] "Configure type annotation inspection" link gives NPE and doesn't open new window
* [SCL-10743|] Wrong gutter position
* [SCL-6417|] "Type mismatch" when using scalaz validation
* [SCL-10826|] Incremental error highlighting - error not shown for a function call after parameter type has changed
* [SCL-4500|] Highlighting error when mapping list of Int
* [SCL-10218|] highlighting, type checking, and error highlighting not working in scala scripts and scala console
* [SCL-11340|] NullPointerException while running project
* [SCL-8827|] Implicit ToResponseMarshallable conversion not detected inside akka-http complete blocks
* [SCL-10636|] Wrong error highlighting in a Akka-Http project
* [SCL-7570|] Find usages categorizes some constructor calls as "Value read"
* [SCL-10922|] Good code yellow: 'Remove "new" modifier' from overriden case class
* [SCL-11047|] Stuck on indexing with 2016.3
* [SCL-11022|] V 2016.3 Internal build breaks on Linux mounted project directory
* [SCL-8705|] Ever-increasing memory consumption until the IDE crashes
* [SCL-7521|] Highlights error in a good code - sequence of doubles/ints
* [SCL-10624|] akka-http routes dsl regression in 2016.2
* [IDEA-162923|] junit-jupiter 5 messes detection of non-annotated JUnit tests
* [SCL-11004|] Copy past does not work, SOE in log
* [SCL-11105|] IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 Ultimate now showing "Project JDK is not defined" on non-Java project. Please turn it off.
* [SCL-10632|] Method formatting broken when Scaladoc added
* [SCL-11090|] Scala code analysis hanging, SOE in log
* [SCL-11072|] NullPointerException after upgrading to Scala plugin version 2016.3.4
* [SCL-10237|] Good code red: typelevel.cats's applicatives doesn't understand |@|
* [SCL-11005|] Latest version of IDEA 2016.3 scala plugin not compatible with sbt-multi-jvm plugin
* [SCL-11224|] Scala.js false positive: Reassignment to val
* [SCL-10432|] Good code red: implicit conversion
* [SCL-10992|] UI Freeze
* [SCL-8413|] enablePlugins call from build.sbt incorrectly highlighted as error
* [SCL-9877|] akka-http - combined directives not properly highlighted

Build 2017.1.8

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