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Making user a system administrator

1. Enable superuser in REST
create a file <TeamCity Data Directory>\config\internal.properties with the content:


(add the line if the file already exists)


2. Get authToken
restart the TeamCity server and look into <TeamCity home>\logs\teamcity-rest.log for a line:

Authentication token for superuser generated: 'XXX-YYY-...-ZZZ'.

Copy this "XXX-YYY-...-ZZZ" string. The string is unique for each server restart

Get super user token

3. Issue the request
Get curl command line tool and use a command line:

curl -v --request PUT http://USER:PASSWORD@teamcitySUPERUSER_TOKEN@teamcity:8111/httpAuth/app/rest/users/username:USERNAME/roles/SYSTEM_ADMIN/g/?authToken=XXX-YYY-...-ZZZ

"USER" and "PASSWORD" - the credentials of a valid TeamCity user (that you can log in with)SUPERUSER_TOKEN" - the super user token unique for each server start
"teamcity:8111" - the TeamCity server URL
"USERNAME" - the username of the user to be made the system administrator "XXX-YYY-...-ZZZ" - the authentication token retrieved earlier


More examples (for TeamCity 8.0) are available in this external posting.